What Driving in South Korea is Like

Xander goes on a drive in Seoul, South Korea and discusses what it’s like and how it’s different from driving in the UK.

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    1. @We Fancy Haha yeah I understand that.
      Great Video tho! I’d love to see more driving in Korea Videos, especially since I wanna move there soon

  1. This is why even though I have my international license, unless I’m in the countryside, and Busan, you will RARELY catch me driving in Seoul. Between the delivery drivers and taxi ahjussi’s, they make my anxiety rise through the roof!

  2. I’d love to watch more Driving in Korea videos, I’ve always wondered if there is any kind of car culture like we have in the US or like there is in Japan.

  3. I learned to drive in the USA (same about the signs using English other than borders) on a manual and then the car I drove in college was a 1996 Nissan Maxima whom I called Maxine she was a great car. I loved driving the highways where I grew up always made me feel like a race car driver as I shifted through the curves. I still miss that car. This all seems very similar to the US. Do they have tolls? We have tolls for heavily used roads into and out of cities, we also have the entrance ramp then the exit immediately following I believe it’s called a cloverleaf, (90% sure) . That’s dope!

  4. I see Xander and Haeppy are starting a We Fancy insurance company! Wow! Then I’m assuming it’s going to be very fancy and genuine!

  5. The roads and highways in Korea are oddly similar to parts of Canada (specifically here in Alberta), though the taking only right turns is a little strange I think, I thought it was pretty common to be able to take a right-hand turn on red when safe to do so or when otherwise stated

  6. A lot of this sounds like Houston to me L O L tho I don’t think we’re that dickish when it comes to letting people merge, etc.

    1. Driving in Korea is tame compared to other countries.. like china.. or south east asian countries where road lines and signs are completely ignored.

  7. That would be an amazing series to watch!!!!
    Australia is the same with the tow truck, they beat the fireservice quite a lot because they illegally listen to scanners

  8. In the US there are mainly only intersections (no huge roundabouts like in the UK which seem 10x more dangerous to me since half the time you just have to get out into it and hope no one’s coming if it’s large and you can’t see around the corner), lots of stop signs (which is good in residential areas), and we also have on-ramp then off-ramp which causes so many headaches! I agree with everything you said about the downsides to on then off! Also, right hand turns are usually permitted on reds, but we have special left-hand turn lanes (to deter from doing u-bangs, since if someone wants to turn right onto the street that you u-bang onto you might get into an accident). We don’t have congestion/pollution tax (though you do have to get your car tested to make sure it doesn’t emit too much greenhouse gas), but most states have tolls that they put on major freeways/highways (luckily the state where I’m from doesn’t have that, but they are proposing implementing it). The US state that I’m from has pretty nice drivers (in terms of skill and politeness), because even if people get pissed internally that you jumped two lanes of traffic to get from the fast lane to the off-ramp they’ll still let you over (most of the time) and won’t intentionally try and cut you off (because they don’t want to cause an accident and ruin their car!).

  9. I would love a series on driving in Korea. I love seeing how other countries deal with certain issues and I think this series has the opportunity for very very beautiful videography.

  10. I’d watch another driving video. I’ve been living in Korea a few years now and refuse to drive.😅 People drive crazy. We’ve been hit at least 3x in the time we’ve lived here. (Only minor fender benders) My husband has been on me about getting my license but I just don’t feel comfortable driving here.😖

  11. bruh, get this dude to 10,000 likes! That said, it seems like South Koreas road infrastructure was patterned or designed to be similar the the U.S. I could def relate to all things in this vid (except the lack of stop signs) as familiar and normal. Round-abouts in the US or fancy-schmanzy special decorative features usually in local municipalities with their placement governed more by the local City Hall rather than the Departments of Transportation. Most everywhere there are intersections with free right turns on red and yield/turn signals to make Left turns on green. This was a great vid. I kept seeing a Kia Sorento to Xander’s Left and I think I saw a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe.” Which leads me to wonder, what vehicles are considered popular/common in South Korea and what do they consider their Luxury Brands?

  12. The reason in England all the signs are English because English is the international language what are they going to put 50 different languages on the Sign.

  13. *Laughs in Texan* driving in Texas is insane 💀. We use the left lane in highways as a passing or “fast lane” so if the speed limit is 75MPH then that lane is like 85-90MPH. If you aren’t going that fast people will be tailing you until you move 😭. Do you guys see pick up trucks or jeeps in SK? What’s the mist common type car?

  14. Is it similar to the way nyc traffic is? In terms if the driving experience generally speaking? Cuz nyc driving experience can be dangerous as well if ur not used to the area lol

  15. *it detects accidents done to your car*
    Does he have any idea how many “swipe n runs” (parked car hit by moving one)this thing will alert for?!
    I cant tell if itd help greatly or exhaust resources..🤔😶

  16. I’ve seen too many kdramas to know that everyone in Korea drives like maniacs. 😂

    Roads and signage looks very similar to what we have in the states. Large green signs with white writing. Stop signs are typically for more pedestrian heavy areas or rural areas where having stop lights would be impractical with the amount of traffic that is normally there.

  17. Filipino taxi drivers also drive like that lol. Drives me nuts especially those around the airport area.

    More Driving in Korea videos please! Stay fancy 👌🏼

  18. I live in Texas so driving is a necessity for a lot of us but I would never, EVER drive in Korea (in the city) based on the horror stories my friends have told me. *shudders*

  19. Would be interesting to watch a “Driving in Korea” series 🙂 I have a question for you. When I first came to Korea back in 2012 as a pedestrian I was kinda terrified of Korean drivers and delivery motorbikes, because they did not respect anything and, as you’ve mentioned, I witnessed a lot of accidents back in those days and I did not see much improvement for the two years that I lived there. However, when I came back in 2017 it kind of felt as if there had been a great improvement in the way people drive nowadays, much safer. I am not saying the are the best drivers in the world these days, but compared to several years ago I do feel safer now. Taxi drivers though… Still the same. Since you drive frequently in Korea and you’ve been there for so many years, would you say there has been a noticeable improvement in the way Koreans drive nowadays?

  20. I remember my first time riding in a taxi in S. Korea…slamming on the breaks, speeding, & cutting off buses/pedestrians are the norm. No joke. Public transportation, hi there ^_^

  21. I would definitely watch that series! When I was in Korea I noticed a lot of similarities to Canada but also some differences and I would love to see how WeFancy explains everything

  22. I think the most annoying thing for me would be lack of roundabouts and manual cars (i hate driving automatic!) I used to hate driving in the UK (coming from Europe) but now weirdly, I love it. I would definitely watch more driving videos but Xander for god’s sake PLEASE don’t take your eyes off the road lol

  23. The road signs in Korea have English for an unhappy reason. In case the unthinkable happens, and foreign (mostly US) military needs to travel quickly through Korea because of an invasion, they want the young English speaking drivers to be able to navigate the road system.

  24. Definitly more videos about driving in korea. License in korea, prices of cars, the car rent thing & as a foreigner to just rent a car, is it possible…!

  25. I remember that video you made when you were talking about taking the driver’s license test.
    Do you know whether it still is as easy?

    I looooove driving. The last year I had a car I drove over 50.000 km. I sold it because I thought I’d be moving to Seoul, but sponsor changed his mind (that’s a whole different topic haha).
    So … yeah! Definitely interested in a driving series in Korea!! I’d also be quite interested in having a closer look at road signs…

    Thanks for this one!
    Take care 🙂

  26. I’d love to know more this it’s so interesting! A lot of the rules sound similar to how it is to drive in the US except the highway exit it’s sort of a mix of both in that respect here. I’m curious as to what you meant by the diesel thing? Also are there tolls on all the highways or just some or not at all? 0.0

  27. Honestly this is very interesting. I’ve heard about Korean roads and how easy it is to get into an accident especially after Simon and Martina mentioned their friend got into a really serious car accident years back. I would why their driving culture is like this… would be interesting if u guys can ask the taxi drivers & citizens who drive, why the culture is like this!

  28. About the car colours, I think I read somewhere that it might be about social status. A colored car is (supposedly) cheaper than a black/white/silver one, so if you’re driving a colored car it could be seen as in “you can´t afford a more expensive car”… Not sure tho.

  29. 1. In the US you can turn right at a red light, unless there is a traffic sign stating otherwise.
    2. People not letting you into their lane happens in the US too.
    3. Drive in NYC and you’ll see people in large vehicles cross lanes into smart car size spaces.

  30. Have you ever tried driving in Turkey as an European? Nopr not a good idea since trucks do what you described with taxi drivers. I had to stop and switch seats with my dad

  31. After watching a few of your videos, especially the one a couple of years ago about *Dating in Korea* – you guys are AMAZING!!!!! Of course having a 15 year old beautiful daughter whose dream is to study in Korea University and pursuing her Fashion and Modeling career is very helpful. Very detailed explanation in your videos-thank you for that.
    About the driving- looks like no rental car for me when we in Seoul. Taxi is fine too. Thanks again.

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