What Do You Think Tatay??

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  1. I’ll go back to my original suggestion, “pond liner”.
    It’s a one shot deal, over and done with verses messing around with tarps and paint with God knows what’s in it.

  2. Hi, the fever could be from the shots he received, or I do not know how old he is but he could be teething, look at his gums and see if the are a little swollen, if so he is teething, I had two sons and I had the same problems, turned out both was suffering from the shots and both were teething, what a mess, will keep you on your toes for sure, lol

  3. Fever maybe from his teeth coming in. They get that way just before the teeth come in. You gotta feel around in their mouth. Signs are a lot of drooling and chewing.

  4. Its not a lime in the sense of the word Brian its called a “dayak” and they are really good and not that common because of soul suitability. Its a phillipine equivalent of a lime, and are Very in demand and expensive in high end bars in most cities. We have two here, and more in our Mindoro property, bit slow to grow, need a bit of fertiliser, but when they take, they produce a lot of fruit ongoing. Our favorites phillipine citrus

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