What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been Old Dog New Tricks May 15 2020

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been Old Dog New Tricks May 15 2020

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  1. Paul when people start to talk shit or don’t like something that your doing and I have watched your channel from the beginning it means your doing great and please keep the vlog coming and screw this old bag of expat they’re just jealous. big congrt on the one million view

  2. In regards to America where an older American man can meet a decent, fun an interesting woman the chances are Not Good, Almost Impossible.
    You help these guys get the courage to start fishing out of a new pond… THANKS..

  3. Mr Paul.I think you have the best channel on youtube about the PI.I will be praying for your son and you and Mae!God Bless and best regards from NC.

  4. Paul it may have been your mother was suffering from depression. I know this from family members who suffered from mental illness and drank or/and did drugs to deal with it because people didnt talk about mental illness much at that time and still dont today even though its gotten a lot better these days. You mentioned your son overdosed he also could of been suffering from depression as well since it can be genetric. I bring this up because maybe your mother was in a lot of pain and didnt know how to fix it so she drank as a escape and maybe didnt mean to cause you so much pain because i agree with you she probably did love you very dearly.

  5. Sorry to hear about your son. At least you know he is still alive. Long time listener. I am the same type of person to always try to fix the problems of others. I have not progressed to the next level, I would have had to say something. Hahaha. You have a great day

  6. Hey Paul…sorry about your son…one of my two sons has had big problems with drug also. I’ve enjoyed your channel since I first discovered you several months. Keep on doing what your doing!

  7. Thank you for sharing from your heart Paul. I just turned 60 and can personally relate to much of what you have been through. It’s reassuring to me that it’s possible to “teach an old dog new tricks”. Appreciate all your efforts 🙏

  8. Just heard that you got hit with a typhoon. Hope all are safe and well. I can relate to your parents, andcyour situation I can’t talk about mine as it gets to unbelievable. Life is grand but hey we are still here!

  9. This is exactly why I don’t hang around with other gringos when I’m abroad …. If I wanted to put up with that shit I would just stay in America ..

  10. Paul Christians are persecuted in many different ways.. your two friends prove it. As for your childhood you were lucky coz you had your dad… I wasn’t that lucky.. All the trials in our life is God’s way of shaping us. All you can do for your son is to prey for him. I lost a 32 year marriage coz of morphine and vicoin my spouse was addicted to… so I know Alot about the subject.. I rejoice.. I don’t cry coz I know God has purpose for me.. Regards

  11. Hey Paul.. Keep on” Truckin” .. “It is a long strange trip.” but You are doing great , still growing and learning over there in Duma.. I can relate to everything you spoke of, and wish I could speak so honestly and open as you do…thats why your fame is growing so fast…. focus on the important stuff,not the little things…I am sending prayers to your son. and to you and your family all over..Hope to run into you on one of my visits..Temp locked down here in Newport Bch, Ca , driving me crazy,, John

  12. Paul, I can relate, on so many levels. I think we all have a screw loose somewhere; but it is nice to see that the screws can be tightened up.

  13. Hi Paul, I concur with you wholeheartedly! In a succinct way, life is too short to listen to garbage from those fools! I’m from Southern California myself and when you mentioned Coronado, you got my attention as I can see the bridge from my back yard. But excellent analysis of life. Hopefully, on my next visit to the Philippines, we can shoot the breeze together. Keep up the good work!

  14. Paul, I am sorry to hear about your childhood. Alcoholism is a family disease, it doesn’t just affect the alcoholic. As far as people liking everything you do or say, good luck, I even don’t try. I am not so pigheaded that I don’t listen to other people but when it comes to making a discussion. It is you that suffers the consequences if you make a wrong one, not someone else. You also can’t fix people You can advise them but they have to fix themself. When someone criticizes me I fall back on, my name is Donald Duck and I don’t give aaaa darn, lol

  15. Paul, I give you a lot of credit for opening up about your family…. I’m just a few years younger and believe me… I understand… with lots of love, hurt, success and disappointment…. God Bless my new friend…

  16. There jealous of you love your thoughts and videos! I wish I your courage I’ll be coming back the Philippine s god bless as soon as this virus is over I miss my filipino family so much . Hang in there and keep posting

  17. I grew up with alcoholic parents, same thing, hated coming home from school. I was always in trouble for something I had, or had not done. Ended up leaving home at 16, and moving out of state when 20. Only way I could become normal was to get away from the family.

  18. Hi Paul, looks like we both have similar scenarios. Life can be really tough at times. I hope your son gets the best treatment and good followup. I will pray for him. Re the bad comments on your videos you had. Send the guys over to me here in Australia and I will feed them to the crocks, they love eating people like you described ! Chris <><

  19. before I ask myself why someone does not like me; I first ask myself why I give a fuck, I feel in the same in my life, sorry about your son Paul I know its hard and like all dads we want the best for them but a grown man needs to learn for him self and make that change for him self.Keep strong and enjoy your next adventure you own nobody nothing but your happiness

  20. Love you Paul, praying for your son. You did look a little (understandably) frazzled, I have 3 kids so I relate. On the topic of your “friends” – Email seems to embolden people, and bring out there worst. I look forward to reading your posts each day and your sharing has made me part of your life. Sadly I am 25 hours away, so I PP you a Jackson, look forward to one day buying dinner for the 3 of us.

  21. Paul don’t let what those 2 guys get to you you are a great guy they don’t like what you say they don’t have to watch it And Paul what you said about your life story it’s pretty much was my life but it wasn’t my Mom it was my Dad and I was married to the same woman for 40 long years and all I ever did was all trying to make her happy it was never good enough I was tied of it all my life have changed 100% since I been living here in the Philippines with my girlfriend soon to be wife she made me look at life in a better way.life for me now is a lot better. So my point to you is stay happy you can only make yourself happy.

  22. got back from USA after 40 yrs. did my share of cocaine during my younger years. thanks God i never OD’ed. why would you take any of those comments from your SO CALLED FRIENDS? be nice tell them go FUCK YOURSELVES IF YOU DISLIKE WHAT YOU HEAR!!! i’m a few years younger than you but i still got a temper!

  23. I was a man who helped everyone & getting exploited, because of my weakness. Could not even find a steady long term girlfriend, I was just that weak.
    Got into my 50’s & everything changed, I’m still pleasant but I will state my opinion & no how to say NO. People respect me now, woman are chasing me & it’s me who won’t commit to a relationship. I say you live at your place & I live at mine, I’m not going have big daddy government sleeping in my bed, just to be divorce raped.

  24. great reflection Dog.
    that’s why you got NEW TRICKS, new skills, new perspective…
    same here!!!! this is my new home 🏠
    i’ll bet money those two with the Stop bullshit love trump!!!
    bossy, vindictive, hateful.
    you had the right attitude response, bro.

  25. As a professional counselor I must say you have done well my friend. You have evolved from the Robin-hood syndrome to a mature and caring realist. As with any addiction the most important thing to change is your mind and environment. As far as the two opinionated individuals…One must never forget that opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one and most of them stink. LOL Most importantly is to remember that you are only responsible for your own stinky butt. LOL. When I retire there one day we will need weeks just to finish a conversation. Love you brother. God Bless.

  26. Paul, I see all of your posts. I did not notice what set off your “acquaintances” enough to reprimand you, and wish you would pinpoint the vlogs in question? Very interested.

  27. A message from one of Paul’s subs to the two guys who bitched about his Youtube channel. Here’s a giant Double Barreled MIDDLE finger to both of you! Keep it up Paul!

  28. Best to ignore them. I would not waste my time having coffee with them. I did not come to the Philippines to impress expats. I enjoy not hanging out with them. I enjoy my peace. Sorry about you kid.

  29. The reason why I like you channel your a person I could set down have a beer and laugh all afternoon . As for your buddy’s that are bitching . Tell them opinions are like assholes everybody got one 🤣

  30. Becoming an expat…in a way, does great things…..1. It does outstanding help to realize,reflect,and adapt…2. It cuts out,immediately the stress that comes with an American, the life of keeping up with the Jones’s 3. After 1 and 2, it gives you the opportunity to start fresh, in attitude, manners, temperament. I can not thank my decision to move to a foreign country enough for the growth in myself,and how I react,and deal with issues in life,relationships….ofcourse you leave family,kids and friends behind….but in the many times I’ve gone back to California, at no point did I ever feel I’d want to move back to that life,or have regrets with the choice I made to live in Asia. Perhaps I’ll move back if I get too sick or too old to take care of myself……..but only then….until then the visits I make back,do me good to re enforce the choice I finally made to GTFO ..lol

  31. Houch😅 Thank God for the new Paul, you got me nervous there. Now is time to live your life 😊. Subs keep rising👍God bless you and your love ones.

  32. Thank You Paul. We all love you and feel ya. Not think Ya. I have simular stories but not as good as yours. Lol Take care and GOD bless you and your Baby May.

  33. Well, you know how I responded to them OD. I’ll need some relaxation therapy if I can ever get there. I’m fortunate to have a pretty good kid. Not to embarrass you, but your success is because you have a quality that echos for many of us. Everyman, if you will. Sorry, I wax poetic. Too strong is as stressful as too weak, as daughter dear might agree. “Let those among you who are without sin…” Anyway. It’s late and I’m abed. Occupandi temporis, all. The fool who rushed in.

  34. Hey old dog Paul, new subscriber to your channel and have really enjoyed catching up on all your vids. It would have provided better context if you told us what these two acquaintances took issue with in your videos. Maybe expanding on it would be good topic for the next one.

    But don’t mind the haters you are acquiring a pretty good little following here of people that like what you have to say

  35. You Know I Get Ya Paul. My mom was a major problem & my youngest brother was an addict & almost OD. We now have the Good Life’s deserved here in the Philippines — but, on different Islands !! Thanx/Salamat Again for your You Tubes !

  36. Paul you’re right, life is too short to worry about what other people think of you.

    Sorry about your sons drug addiction. It took my sister-in-law losing her kids to the foster care system and spending one year in Los Angeles county jail in order to get over her drug addiction. She’s doing OK, made peace with three of her four daughters but she still is a goofball, a sober one, but still a goofball. We keep her at arms length.

    I’m glad you’re in the Philippines with a Good young woman to keep you distracted from all the chaos happening in the United States.

  37. Well said, Paul. You are 100% correct, especially with dropping the issue with your two acquaintances. Not worth your time. Not worth the breath flowing out of your lungs.

  38. Unfortunately, you can’t please 100% of your viewers. Your real friends know where you are coming from with your videos. Good video Paul.

  39. Just want to say that I listen to you as a podcast my converting it to MP3 while exercising. You have a real easy going way about you, enjoyable, interesting, and super easy to listen to. As an X-pat myself probably looking to retire in RP, your insights are most appreciated.

  40. Hi Paul Thanks for sharing your journey through life. Wisdom comes with age. I have travel the same path and found out the only person I can control is myself. When I meet people I alway try to profile there personality so I can have a healthy relationship with them or run away from them. My daughter refer me to a book “ When the body says No” to help me when she believe I had a trauma in my life. One of the chapter resolve the issue. Your videos also remind me and teach me to be a better person dealing with issues that might arise. I wish you the best and hope your son get well soon.

  41. Hi Paul very sorry about your son,I hope all will be well with him. I much enjoyed your story and you deserve some good in life. Well said about those 2! Take care Paul.

  42. Paulio hope your son will be ok. Thats on him though. Grown man makes his own choices in my humble opinion. I tell ya , you strike a nerve with your tales about your life as I have experienced the same doubt, fear, shame, loneliness etc. Invisible man syndrome. Keep it up buddy. Would really be interested in a video that shows how much you make at 1st from you tube, both you and Maeday. How you get the money etc… Take care bro, stay safe.

  43. Wow, you really bared your soul in this one. From my watch your videos, the more I like you. You’re absolutely right, life is way too short to worry about what other idiots think. Be yourself, and people can take it or leave it. This world is full of negative, angry people. When they show you who they are, pay attention to it and distance yourself from them. Keep up the good work my man!

  44. My middle son has had drug and alcohol problems. He just got out of rehab a few months ago. I had to deal with it with my ex-wife. Alcohol. I poured over 600.00 of alcohol down the sink. My ex still got custody and it really effected my middle son. It’s a tough nut to swallow, and what makes it worse is when you spend every bit of your spare time to help these people, they neither want or except your help until they are at the bottom of the pit. Sometimes you just have to turn your back to get them to wake up. Hope your weathering the typhoon ok. Maybe it will blow the virus back where it came from. Take care Paul. Regards to Baby Mae.

  45. Magandag Hapon Po! As Fathers we do the best raising our kiddos. One day he will hit bottom and decide to Live Life.
    Maybe this is it, it is up to him, he has his life in his hands. I wish him the best in his recovery.
    Keep living life, don’t let anything or anyone keep you down.
    Salamat for sharing.

  46. Again sir Paul, thank you very much for another life lesson. Now that being said I would love to know exactly what was said to you. I did read a couple of people state they did not like that you were having a small gathering at your house during this time of quarantine. One even pointed out that everyone the breaks the quarantine rules should die. You get all sorts of weirdos in this world and they’re walking freely amongst us. I recently have been put down in public and of course I’ve been mulling over what I should have, could have and would have done in response. I see now what I should have been doing is just going on with my life and not give people so much control over my emotions. Thank you again.

  47. Me and my wife have enjoyed listening to your channel for the past two months. Your very well spoken complimented with a sense of humor. Good combination when it’s just you and a rooster on the coach that still carries the show and leaves us looking forward to more. Keep it up!

  48. Same for me but it was my Dad and not my Mom who kick our ass. The only good thing he did was make us so afraid of doing drugs or anything else wrong we never did do it. I hope all goes well with your son but I know from experience with friends that you don’t stop a drug user until they are ready to stop hope your son is ready because no one will make him do it. As for your so-called friends sending you messages, it’s your show your life. Take care, Paul

  49. Praying for your son Paul….keep your head up you will never satisfy everyone I can say your videos are great and funny…..Cant wait to meet you guys when I get there…Coffee on me!!

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