1. Kudos for taking care of cat.. the fact that you took the cat to a veterinarian. Was a proper thing to do many people don’t give a s*** to let the cat die

  2. Stress management that is not well manage reflects in our subconcious behavior that can have a negative impact in our mind and health overall. Change the mindset in the moment and take deep breathes allow the process to redirect good energy, although this takes time and practice… Shout out to the cat. Eeep Eeep Hooray…Cat strong.

  3. I’m known as very laid back. But—when tech starts acting up and I have to call the call centers—–and have trouble solving my problems, you don’t want to be around me. Think we all have different things that can set us off.

  4. Hello Ned. Well as an animal lover too I can feel your pain. That was a accident and you just can’t predict where deaf cats are going to choose to rest. Bad timing, not your fault. You know this. As for being able to control yourself as the situation becomes frustrating and unnecessary…… That is a tall order. I’m the worst about letting my frustrations escalate my actions and my mouth. It happens to me and I can’t seem to STOP, count to 10, breathe. This is really hard thing to control. But perhaps it can be mastered. I used to easily fall into “road rage” when shat upon by another asshole on the city interstate. But I have learned to ignore the rude-ass habits on the motorway and it feels much better when I get where I’m going. So maybe there is hope….but…. I’m sure that comes with age. You will get better, I’m sure of it. Try not to be too hard on yourself. EEP will be just fine. You have already given her more time to live than she was destined to have. She is the lucky one!! Thanks Ned.

  5. When I am in the Philippines, I accept that things move slower and I am relaxed. I am trying to apply that feeling now to where I am in the US. Things in the US have slowed down very much. You have to make an appointment if you want a store clerk to help you find the right electronic devise , You have to wait in line 6 feet apart outside some stores and wait for someone to leave before being able to go in etc. … I am learning that things in the US are not going to go as fast as they did in 2019.

  6. Once you hold that baby in your arms, your child, the reality of being a Dad will hit you like a truck. It will make changes in you. You won’t even realize what some of the changes are for a long time. They’ll be good changes. The kind of changes you are wanting.

  7. When you have a child you realize what pure love is, and that absolutely nothing else in the world matters! Not work, not other people, not the world around you….nothing! All you care about is loving and caring for your child. You learn patience and materialistic things are superficial (like when they draw on the walls or put stickers all over the nice furniture). You learn to see the bigger picture of life, and family is everything. The safety, happiness and success of your child is everything.
    Some people never reach this level but if you do you will have a much happier, loving, fulfilling life.

  8. Financial Stress is the worst…If You don’t have much financial stress than everything else is manageable-You need to exercise regularly especially cardio (Treadmill, walking outside,etc) Doing 100 push-ups a day won’t hurt either. Live long and prosper dude – You are with your loved one ..I am stuck in USA while My all time favorite Human is in P.I. As soon as I can Fly in to P.I. I will be there to live (likely next spring) Make a shitload of Lemonade with Life’s Lemons!

  9. It was demonetized because you are trying to kill cats. Obvious oversight on your part that must be addressed by hundreds of hours of therapy. Or, suck up to the cat and wife to make amends and turn on the damn lights. Puppies and rainbows, Ned.

  10. My last trip end 2019 4 months visit 6.2 earthquake Digos city after shock many . Lost her debit card found later long story police reports etc In line bank 7 hours to pick up money another wasted day how much more can i take screaming 1 yr old day and night sister baby who live next door same house only block wall separate . Hospital system sucks in general 5th hospital to get a brother a bed Bleeding lung different hospital mri to show TB not cancer. 700$ with philhealth play money gone. Langage barriers good luck my friend I feel your frustration cant get a tourist visa I gave up until 2021. I must learn patience or we war as a philipina calls it ha ha hang in there patience required Philippines Bud brown get it ha ha

  11. Ned, I went through the same issues, but now I stop and think, because I know how it is going to end, and so do you! Just stop and think about the outcome, since you already know what it is going to be. Reflect on the negativity you are about to have to deal with, take a deep breath, clear your head of the negativity, and use your intelligence, which I see you have plenty of, to visualize how you would rather have the outcome be a more favorable one, what it will take to accomplish it, and by that time you should be more calmed down and breathing more slowly, and just do what you visualized. After a few times, it won’t take long to automatically do this without thought and you will live longer with the reduction of stress and anxiety. And thank yourself, take a big deep breath, and enjoy life like it was meant to be.

  12. Learn to identify your stress triggers, we all have them. This will take time. When you are under stress your body will go into a flight, fight or freeze mode which is evolutionary. Learn to stop and breath or count or whatever works for you. Whistling seems to work for me. Rarely in today’s world do you need to react quickly for survival, even in the Philippines.
    BTW you are under a lot of stress right now so forgive yourself, plus you handled the situation quite well after the unfortunate accident.

  13. My filipina wife has more difficulty with this than I. Several years ago I started asking myself a question when things weren’t going as desired. “Is the action I’m going to take going to improve the situation? ” When the answer is no then I find a new way to react. Frustration never helps and it always makes things worse. Always! So for ones sanity it’s best to learn to reacted differently.

    It’s not an easy transition and it took me many years. I am now much happier. Good luck.

  14. Ned please do not feed your animals cooked chicken bones. They can splinter and perforate your pets inards which can result your pet to die or huge bills for you. Raw is much safer.

  15. What, children can be a cause of stress? I didn’t see anything about that in the instruction manual that comes with the kids.

    Wait until you begin to lose sleep. Then get to the age of: Why? Why Why? Then get the look’ your preteen gives you.

  16. When everything goes wrong, go fishing. The worst can happen, you catch a fish for dinner. Or go diving, watch birds, ….. Nature will bring you down and calm.

  17. I have lived 34 years in Asia, 31 of them in Thailand and now 3 years in the Philippines, It took me years to learn anger management, anger always lead you in to trouble, in Asia anger is not the solution. sitt down for 5 minutes and gain self control again. There is nothing you can do with the culture here so its like fighting with a ghost, you will always loose. Relax take a beer 🙂

  18. Maybe some meditation why do something you will be sorry for or possible hurt someone you love with words or actions.Get that bad shit out of your mind n body because we know it’s not you brother. I hope the kitty will be ok

  19. News Flash! Ned, your not perfect, your human just stop beating yourself up. That is the real first world, Western problem you are suffering from. Stop beating yourself up!!!!!

  20. Ned I’ve been here for 2 years now and really do well with most everything except driving. I bought a new car and it really frustrates me how every bike, motorcycle, tricycle, truck and car is out to get me. All I can do is curse them in the car but that irritates the wife. Oh well, I do try to remain calm and get through a day without cursing but it never happens. 😎🇵🇭😷

  21. Wow Ned we are alike i actually am very bastos i do get annoyed and swear alot always thing go so slow in the Philippines i need to slow down and just live in the bad old world we are in im always in a bad mood and i dont know why my wife puts up with me i have to learn to just keep to my self with these problems that is why im always alone in my room door locked to keep every one out even when im there in Philippines i hate noise like it Quiet all the kids know dont anoy the fat Australian man me !!!!!

  22. wow. YT demonetized this Video. Talaga? did you find out why? I have been a long time follower of your channel and subscriber. And well, this is why. Videos like this. You cant really explain or even begin to rationalize how frustrating it can be here at times in the Philippines. And really sorry to hear about Eep, your cat. It was an accident. Brown outs happen here. I have encountered one for say 7 hours. Not so fun. I bought a big rechargeable Fan made by “firefly” so at least i have some comfort from the heat. And also a nice Rechargeable / solar LED light which has 40 hours of battery life and solar panels to charge it during the day. Power banks of batteries for my cel phone and keep my laptop plugged in a charged. I still need a UPS back up for my router.. (Good idea !!) and i really liked your review and idea of having the emergency power back up think that runs from your car battery. At least you could probably keep your refrigerator running as to not have your food spoil. and a fan. router and say electric fan working. I moved here to retire early, and enjoy life, sunsets, surfing and the beach in general. And that is what i do on my limited retirement check. I’ve lived here now 6 months and well, being a 4 minute walk to the beach, surfing (although flat alot of the time), sunsets, walks on the beach and not having to work do outweigh the occasional brownouts. There are other challenges here. And i have thought to reach out to my subscribers.. (only 119) on “what to do?” things i life here. Like a bank account. I have researched it. Did everything I was supposed to. Got an ACR card, brought pictures of myself to the bank, my passport, even my drivers license. And BDO said “no”. Sorry, we dont issue new accounts to a carrier of a “Tourist ACR card” I mean really. And then i read online that banks will open an account if you just bring two forms of id .. say Passport and driver’s lic. I mean really. i never heard of a bank not wanting someones money. Incredible. I’m not trying to do any business here. I just want to be able to pull money out without having to pay 250 pesos each time to just get $200 dollars. So my thought is.. get a local bank account. Can save say $30 in fees each month. But well the question is where? So i thought i would reach out to you.. maybe your personal email would be better? My email is on my Youtube channel “about me ” section. Or maybe to one of your subscribers any advice on what bank i can open an account with to get an ATM card? maybe some banks are better than others? I live a retired life here in La Union Philipines. I also am a Vlogger, but not as good as you. I try to put out positive videos on living here in the philippines. Things to do, surfing, spear fishing, share pretty sunsets and bikerides… even some cooking. I really admire your channel and videos. My goal. is to have the longest comment ever! on any of your videos! 😉 i think i may have did it! huh? anyway.. if anyone gets to the bottom of this super long comment.. please, any recommendations or good banks to join would be appreciated. Keep up the great videos and the positive vibes. I wish you lived closer.. would totally be down to meet you and your lovely wife. Cheers, Mark in San Juan La Union.

  23. So you heard children can be a cause of stress eh? Father of 7 here Ned. Think of this as the last three words many last flight passengers hear … “BRACE! BRACE! BRACE!”🤣🤣🤣

    I will give you a hint. It has to do with a salesman. Thats what I said. A salesman. From Texas. He will teach you how to sell, but thats not really whats important. He will teach you how to roll with the punches, with a fantastic point of view! To stand up after being knocked down, brush yourself off with a silly grin, and remount you stead. A well formed heart of a real warrior. You will be amazed how much better your life outlook will improve, and scary battles will simply become challenges! Zig Ziglar. Look him up! He might become the best friend you have ever had!😎😎😎 Hang tough there rookie!

  24. we just got 2 puppies from a neighbor’s litter. i constantly worry about crushing one as i walk around as they are always at my feet waiting for scraps to hit the ground. they know i’m the one with pork chop tidbits lol.
    so yeah i used to be a wreck back in the world, hurry here hurry there, but no more.
    retired, no rushing anymore, sleep in, let asawa do all errands, go mercado, etc.
    i’m blessed so i just chill on the roof. with my buddy Mr Miguel.
    glad to see you’re ready for fatherhood.
    i see you’re broadcasting from same room, i thought in one previous vid you guys had found a beachfront apt with private beach and had moved????

  25. My problem is that people are being groomed to accept oppression and there is nothing i can do about it because their minds have been hijacked by government and the media.

  26. I’m the same why man, “anxiety & frustrations” I like things done efficiently and swiftly. In those SE Asian counties it just doesn’t happen that way! hahaha Just gotta find out your best way to chill…. good luck. 🙂

  27. Don’t let wife clean litter box not good pregnate.because germs in there.they say could harm baby cat feccies Ned read up on it.google it

  28. I was rushing like that and broke a stray puppy’s leg! What a sickening feeling! I felt guilty for years, but she forgave me faster than I did! That was long ago yet I’m 60 now and last month, while rushing to slide the patio door shut to block my neighbor’s weekly late night karaoke, I slammed the door on my finger. We can all do better. Thanks for the life lesson about first world problems….I’ll use it when I move to the PI in 2 years. Go easy on yourself, we’re all only human.

  29. Don’t be so hard on yourself, allot of people including myself do the same thing and feel just like you and sometimes we have consequences that we feel bad about after we lose control a little. I also have similar traits and also cats with disabilities here in Davao. I try to always improve myself for my wife and family but sometimes I feel like I came up short. We are all just people and have failed at times and have faults don’t beat yourself up just try be conscious of what we need to work on to be become better. Your not alone, God bless.

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