we’re just trying to get home.

These coming weeks are going to be tough but we will weather the storm together. Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe in this time.

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  1. I’m currently in Cusco, Peru. And there are no commercial flights back to Europe. I’m waiting for government flights, but in the next 5 days is nothing.

  2. Honestly, I needed to watch this video. I live in Australia and I got to Colombia on March bc I wanted to visit my family and friends. Colombia didn’t have any covid19 cases so I felt it would be okay to travel. However, it’s a virus that spreads quickly and now I’m on self isolation with mum. I’m glad I got to travel to be with her. This situation is crazy as I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back home. At least, I’m making the most out of this situation being responsible and waiting for the best.
    Saludos a Katy 🧜🏼‍♀️

  3. Dubai airport… damn I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time in that airport waiting for connecting flights! I’m glad I’m not there now, though.

  4. I’m sorry but on March 8th (when you left to go on further holiday!!) Austria for example had only a few hundred cases but was still announcing their strict measurements – universities and schools closing the same week, social life restrictians following the end of the week and much more – and in a time like this you get the idea to fly to Bali? I’m sorry but just as wake-up-call they shouldn’t have you let back in the country…
    Yes I’m guilty of travelling in the Covid-19 times aswell as I underestimated that it would be this big of a pandemic but that was end of January till Mid February – even that feels foolish to me now…

  5. How could you have planned a trip in feb -March while the virus was already out there ! Seriously! Poor kids no ideas of responsibilities! And after that you tell people stay home! Oh please!

    Damn, you guys have no idea… in korea people are not under lockdown. they go out, go to work, achools, enjoying the weather. 66% of people who got sick are recovered already, and its pretty safe over there.

    nothing like italy… or spain… or the USA. THERE is really unsafe and they dont know how to handle the situation at all

  7. Learn how to use a mask. No point of wearing a mask if you dont use it to cover your mouth and nose, and you should release one of the ears to temporary take off the mask, not pull it down.
    Also, you need eye protections. No point of wasting a N95 mask when viruses can easily enter your body through your eyes.

  8. I can’t believe these comments. these people’s lives are abroad. they make a living abroad. they were abroad when this pandemic started. how can you blame them?

  9. I can only imagine how scary it was to get stuck in another country while global pandemic! 😱
    I had a full on break down sitting on my couch in the comfort of my home when it finally hit me that this shit is real and the longer it lasts the scarier it gets. I can’t even picture myself being away from home (which is also Canada), feeling scared and stranded! Happy you came back safe and sound! Love your videos, big fan of you guys! Such an adorable couple 🥰
    Stay healthy guys and plan your next epic vacations from your couch for now, that’s how I keep myself sane 😁🤘

  10. Either you’ve been living under a rock or have a total disregard for the safety of everyone in the world, no matter of the case if you get stuck in a country that in you own, you only have yourself to blame for not recognizing the signs and not taking this epidemic seriously. Because of people are not taking this seriously and not practicing the guidelines strictly, its only prolonging this epidemic and making more people even sick.

  11. 1:50 Don’t educate us about Covid-19 when you yourself are irresponsible by traveling in the midst of a global pandemic.
    Tbh I rarely watch travel videos, and I’m not your subscriber, but you’re one of those people who could be a carrier to the elders/people who already have health complications, and I just want to express my two cents.

  12. Crazy guy wanna catch virus and underestimates it. I work at the airport here in Spain and I underestimated it and I caught the virus beginning of March but thx god I survived. People dont care and take it lightly until it happens to themselves. This virus is airborne and can catch just by breathing breath of others even standing very far with nano particles floating

    1. Wrong. The virus is a health risk definitely, but not airborne. The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. To protect yourself, clean your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Stay safe & informed x

  13. I totally get you! I’m from Brazil and I had a try booked almost a year ago to New Zealand and Australia. After all the money that we had put on and the covid still not being a pandemic thing (March 9th), we thought we should just go. The first 3 days in NZ where just fine, as you said, we could see that some people were wearing masks, but nothing really major had changed at that time. We were taking our own precautions, as washing hands and using the hand sanitizer. Was not until we get to Australia that the real crazyness started, a day after we arrived the borders stared closing down and the pandemic was declared. Our flight back to Brazil was not until the 26th, and we had a lot of flights booked all over Australia. Luckily we did a couple of good decisions and had a lot of luck! We decided to cancel everything and stay in Sydney where our flight as booked to leave and tried to change our flight to a earlier one, that we could make it without any major problems. (Which I had noticed that is being really impossible to make if you don’t pay a lot of money and if you find a flight). Is essy to say you should not have gone there, you should not have traveled, but they don’t know is that we said this to ourselves 100 times while we were trapped. We were concerned if we could get back home, if we would get the virus or worst, if we would spread the virus, we were concerned we our family back home… my mom was alone at home, would be really had for her to do this quarantine alone…. well, just stay safe everybody and I’m glad you guys could make it!

  14. Glad you and Katy made it to Canada safely. We escaped The Philippines via Hong Kong back to Melbourne on March 25 so I can relate. Crazy times!

  15. All these people saying you shouldn’t travel during a pandemic. We ourselves were travelling in the midst of the outbreak, 12th of March till 2nd of April, not because we wanted to spread the virus but simply put: We would lose all 5K that we invested in our travels if we would cancel on our own request. Even now we are out almost 2K extra because of cancellations that happened during our travels that we did cancel ourselves for safety reasons. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the airline companies that even when calling to return home earlier were just asking more money in stead of helping the people. We are currently at home, doing self quarantine like asked by the government; reading up on stories of people going over the border to go shop or spit on food, … So, we’re the baddies?

  16. I have never come across a more self-absorbed person in my entire life. I mean the entire world is in lockdown and he’s just ranting on about getting home. Selfish, irresponsible and just nasty to have been travelling during this time. Unsubscribed!

  17. This video highlights how naive you are. Travelling during this time is the obvious one, but also: 1) you don’t need to be wearing an N95 mask (let alone any mask) and should be reserving the supply for us front line workers who need them, and 2) while wearing a mask and in an airport touching your face every minute and removing your mask defeats the whole purpose of wearing one and actually increasing your chances of becoming infected and spreading this virus (I am a physician, and this is a fact). Having travelled the world and met so many people you think you would have more insight.

  18. Stop making money .ur life is more than this hope u guys are safe and sound and happily reached at ur home. Must important . get tested and go in isolation mode

  19. See I can understand like not really thinking much of it at first. I don’t really blame them for being hopeful, because at first I didn’t think it was a big thing, I didn’t realize how bad it was until my college announced it was closing. Personally I didn’t have any updates or any news about corona (other than it was in Asia and then Europe) until it hit the US I don’t think anyone was prepared

  20. “So my worst fear has come true… we are stuck here in Switzerland”

    Your worst fear is being stuck in Switzerland?

    For what it’s worth, while commercial flights from Europe declined they never stopped and there are still now daily flights out of Switzerland. Canadians stuck for example in Tunisia (where I was before I got out) had no other choice than to pay $1500 for an official repatriation flight organized by the Canadian government. So, count your blessings.

    1. Simple Pleasures Nope, sorry. I was stranded in Tunis at this time not knowing when I could get a flight and while it was frustrating it was definitely not my worst fear. But hey, if you’re not melodramatic you cant sell your videos. No one clicks on a video titled “Mildly Inconvenienced in Switzerland”

    2. TychoAtreides when your hands are full of stuffs and uncertainties are lurking around yet your miles away from home. def u would feel the same…

  21. I went to Australia from turkey on the 5th and noooo one cared surprisingly and especially doha my stop over like hardly anyone wore masks

  22. Man, I hate how all these flights and vacations are being cancelled. I was supposed to be in the Azores this week, but that’s not happening.

  23. I dont understand why you did not listen to the PANDEMIC warnings before you left? It doesnt matter if you get your news from facebook news or online. If you hear about a pandemic that right there should tell you that you have to stay home. Doesnt it ? I realize you would come up to a different decision NOW AMD you’ve learned from this (which is perfect) but what was your thinking before?

  24. Hi Lost..I followed your story and included an image from this video in my cover of Celine Dion’s “Courage,” recently posted on youtube. I credited your post in the video. Thank you for sharing your story. Feel free to share the video in your social media channels. Best of health! https://youtu.be/p8xZIFD_un8

  25. Watching this video was like having a flashback to three weeks ago when I was in the exact same situation you guys went through. Me and my sister went from having a great time exploring Cartagena de Indias to become increasingly concerned about Covid 19, even though Colombia only had a couple of cases (and by that point none in Cartagena). After our original flight got canceled (on the same day as yours did) we went through the same steps you show on the video and the stress of not knowing if we were going to be able to board our next flight was almost unbearable. We spent 48 hour on three different airports only to get back from Colombia to Chile. Covid19 took everyone by surprise, and I think people don’t really understand what it means to be stranded on a foreign country.

  26. What exactly its their “job” or contribution to society? It was totally irresponsible and selfish to be traveling when people were already dying in Europe by the hundreds and borders were being closed

  27. What kind of a rock were you living under that you didn’t know by February that the situation was getting worse.
    Travelling intentionally in March for leisure was plain selfish and stupid. Morons.

  28. To the people saying they were irresponsible. If you haven’t been outside of your country at all during the beginning of this virus to where it is now, then you don’t have any room to talk. I live in Vietnam and was traveling through Myanmar when the virus was starting to get more well known. We knew about it in Vietnam, but no one expected it would get this bad. They had not put out any travel restrictions yet. While I was in Myanmar I then started seeing more people talking about it on Facebook. I made the choice to cut my trip short and return to Vietnam. By that time, in just 2 days, they had banned anyone with a European passport from entering the country, since I had a passport from the USA I was okay to enter after a medical check. Mind you, in Myanmar at the time, no one in the country was even talking about it. They had no cases. People were moving about freely and the cities were still very busy. No one was even wearing masks. I was because I had come there from Vietnam and we always where masks here anyway. There were plenty of people in Myanmar who were watching this virus get serious through posts online. Many including myself had to figure out our next move and change travel arrangements at the last minute. I’ve made the choice to stay in Vietnam and not go back to the States because the virus is far worse there and it is being handled quite well over here. The point is, for people who travel regularly, many of us were in the middle of travel when this happened. No one knew how serious it could get, but I will tell you, when we started realizing it, we got somewhere and stayed put. Not everyone is just travelers, some are expats like myself. Many people didn’t have the money right away to hop on a plane to go back home, they had to wait until they received their next paycheck. It’s so easy to call someone irresponsible and say what you would’ve done, but until you’ve been put in this situation, you really have no room to judge.

  29. It’s April 16, 2020 and I’m still in lockdown since the middle of March. I’m in New York which is, needless to say, has been and still is, a Hot Spot for this horrible virus.

  30. Yeah … I’m really disappointed watching this video, Christian. I’ve followed you for years and always thought you were more insightful of a person than this. Your Switzerland trip shouldn’t have happened at all. And tbh, I don’t even know why Kati came to Canada. She’s … not Canadian.

  31. … I as far as I know most of us were working in a non essential job in March, while the virus was becoming pandemic, so were they, traveling is their job. Additionally, they followed government recommendations to return home when recommendation was made. And there are risks world wide, and there are countries with more health care resources… I would like to be somewhere i feel like home and safe. It was risky yes, but I think i understood their decisions

  32. Why did you decide to go for travel in a middle of a pandemic ????? YOU TOOK A PLACE IN THAT PLANCE OF SOMONE THAT REALLY NEEDS TO GO BACK HOME .. just because you GIVE S%#t about the pandemic .
    Hope you fell really good in you home and around your family cause not everyone had the same luck .

  33. In Brazil we do the opposite, if the Governer says something, we just ignore and keep the quarentine, Bolsonaro is so full of shit , it’s embarassing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. You kinda underestimated the virus. Don’t really blame you for it, but you could’ve avoided that trip. But glad you are back in Canada safe. Hope quarantine went well for you. Cheers!

  35. Im shocked you still travelled in March?! At that time it was already bad in europe so why on earth would you still travel there seems extremely nieve

  36. Sorry you had to endure all that stress and uncertainty. I don’t think anyone could have predicted what this would turn into.
    We recently immigrated to Vancouver, we managed to get onto a repatriation flight from South Africa and are also in isolation at the moment. Strange time we are living in.
    Good luck for the dry months ahead!

  37. So many people are coming for Lost Leblanc in the comments. I think we need to extend some mercy. There were many many people who did not realize the seriousness of this outbreak until strict government interventions were ordered.

    Hundred of thousands of people did not realize just how serious this is.

    Please remember we are all human. This is an unprecedented time…
    It is normal to deny, resist, or not fully realize the weight of the information provided initially.

    Our own world leaders didn’t act or realize the weight.

    Please remember to be kind

  38. I cringe when someone says “listen to your government”! Humans are so incredibly gullible and naive. All these comments almost make me lose all hope for humanity. Open your eyes people.

  39. Hey, can somebody awnser my question . I want to go to norway in 30 days for work from lithuania i would be working with a contract there would this reason be adequate for the airlines to let me board the plane and go there the flight has 2 layovers in sweden and then in norway the upcoming flights are scheduled and im thinking could this work. The region has no cases so far

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