Well, That Certainly Freaked Me Out – Existing Foreigner Visas “Cancelled”

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If you are in the Philippines already, you are apparently good. A government official released a Tweet yesterday that freaked out a few hundred thousand foreigners in the the Philippines – including yours truly.
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  1. I had to go to the government webpage and double check when I saw the other post’s heading lol 😂.

    Probably safer here then back in the states.

  2. That operation orange video was funny. I watched it a few times. lol! as soon as the weather warms up in the cold climate countries, that virus will be knocked out. Good update Ned.

  3. Hi Ned, thanks for the info. I read this morning that the USA is considering ordering Americans home with a deadline to get back or you have to stay where you are. THIS NOT OFFICIAL it was stated in a report from an unidentified State Dept. source. Any thoughts? Heard any rumbling?

  4. Thx for the clarification as that notice caused us some consternation this morning. Currently in lockdown in Puerto Princesa Palawan with no way to get out anyway. FYI I received an Advisory notice from BI stating that foreign aliens whose visas expire during the lockdown will have thirty days to file application for extension of visa from the date of lifting of the quarantine period.

  5. well good to see you are ok in Aus things are getting strange,Closed borders my partner there visa application no longer valid so she is not allowed in Aus ,we need to just have patience hope and pray things will settle down
    I have followed you for some time like your honesty and great attitude ,also wonderful talented partner.you lucky man! keep safe God bless Chris

  6. Ned I think you will find the Philippines has effectively closed the border which means if you are already there you are fine
    If you are married to a Filipino national you are fine to return there with them but otherwise you will only be allowed entry under special conditions eg. Medical yes coming to help.

  7. My problem is I am in Siquijor and my visa is up April 3 and i can’t get to Dumaguete. I am thinking I might get an agent to do it but don’t know how. Any thoughts? Help?

  8. Thanks Ned believe it or not there is good news close coming for the stock market these big range days are a sign of a bottom coming,I’m hearing stringent rules coming for U.S to stop the spread here quarentine to home no work thats just a rumor at this point but it all good to stop this .Ned take good care of yourself n Che Chi with your new one.Thanks god bless all

  9. I think it will take years for the United States to recover from the economic Devastation that will come as a result of all that’s taking place year.

  10. Thanks for the update Ned. the flight ban will put me into overstay so it will be interesting for sure. I hope my agent comes back to work early. I guess my ACR-I is toast though.. I am in CDO My sweetie says BI is Closed I will make a pass by when it is close to time and see what I can work out if they happen to be open there.

  11. Foreigners… I have been following the BI Facebook account for my updates which seem to have been consistent with their updates. I am not worried for now. Will see in future. I am saving all their posts. Be safe. God bless you @

  12. My advise is make sure everyone’s passport and all Identification documents and cards( And I mean ALL your documents, the more the better, even keep the receipts)
    is kept safe and protected, treat them like your life depend on it.
    best to have enough ID documents on hand incase you need to get emergency passport for example other wise we might end up in BI detention through error because consular services are also going to be limited and might go down.

  13. I live in Ormoc City, and the BI office is in Tacloban. I am not allowed to drive there currently. My NBI clearance is in Tacloban. My 13A application is ready for submission, but how does it work now? My Visa doesn’t run out soon, but I like not waiting to the last minute.

  14. Hey, Ned. Just wanted to add to something you said at the very end of this video.

    I had read an article about using alcohols (isopropyl and ethyl) as an antiviral disinfectant. The authors suggested that the 70% solution was preferable to the 90% – counter intuitive to many I would imagine. The 90% doesn’t have enough water to allow for efficient penetration of the cell wall, simply leaving that part toughened and resistant. The 70% allows for a better entry through the wall and to the area of the cells that need to be affected. Just passing this along for what it’s worth.

    Thanks for keeping us current in this turbulent and oftentimes confusing time.

  15. Under 10,000 deaths in the whole World, Yet the Flu kills 16,000 a year just in the USA alone…. Over reacting governments or is this a pre test of whats to come?

  16. polio. bubonic plague . swine flu. a flu. scarlet fever lots of pandemia that kill millons in history so nothing new under the sun … only now we can fight the disease better

  17. Love your vids Ned.. positive attitude and always a sense of humor. Respectfully, more like an upcoming depression that US government doesn’t want to talk about or hear about. Being forward thinking and honest, the last time we had 20% unemployment was 1930.
    You and are the same age Ned, remember how cool the malls were in the 80’s? Do you imagine many US malls will reemerge or ever gain long term traction again? This will certainly be the death null.
    On a brighter note.. you will be fine, you have a super gorgeous wife and what will be a super super cute baby soon after this madness smooths out. Best wishes N to the E to the D.. Curt

  18. Hi Maybe it change’s tomorrow😂 Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 20)— Foreign nationals currently in the Philippines will not be forced to flee the country despite the government’s directive to cancel existing visas, the Foreign Affairs Department said.

    In an advisory Thursday night, DFA clarified that the newly-signed visa suspension policy “has no impact on foreign nationals that are already in the country or on holders of visas issued by other government agencies.”

    “Those foreigners currently in the country are allowed to stay until they depart. The BI (Bureau of Immigration) is currently addressing issues like expiring visas based on their directives,” the department said in a message.

    Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. revealed Thursday that all Philippine embassies and consulates will temporarily stop issuing visas to all foreign nationals— and that all previously approved entry documents are “deemed cancelled.” Visas of foreign spouses and children of Filipino nations, however, will remain valid.

  19. Did your Mom go through the whooping cough epidemic in the States? My uncle mentioned that this is his second time going through a quarantine in the States. The first was for that. That was back in Oct of 1938.
    I just want to get back to the Philippines. I hope this will all die down soon and we can travel back there. I am praying that the actions taken so far will prevent the spread of this amongst the poorer population in Manila. I just don’t think enough test kits are available and not all cases can be reported. In South Korea, they tested thousands and did social backtracks on all those found infected. Not a mass quarantine, but those that tested positive and those that had contact with them were quarantined.
    Stay safe! Keep your distances!

  20. I live in Cebu City and my balcony overlooks the Mactan Straight and the flight path..If the shit really hits the fan which can happen for the reasons you mentioned.. I will keep and eye out for the c-130s and shoot you a e-mail when I see them…The c-130s will have a bunch of bad ass Marines probably at least a thousand locked and loaded to secure Mactan, Clark and 1 of the terminals in Manila…Then the American, Delta, and United Airlines will fly in and pick up all Americans…Always good to have a bug out bag…They will also secure boats to pick-up people at the piers. :0)

  21. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/travel-advisory-alert-global-level-4-health-advisory-issue.html
    The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period. U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel.

  22. Ned, Ned, Ned. You failed to follow Ned Doctrine #598.6////If the poo hits the fan, wait six hours, have a beer, and then find out what is really happening because it is constantly changing.

  23. Has anyone said anything about how long the shutdown and visa thing is supposed to last or before it will get revisited? I’m getting tons of conflicting info here in the states and I need to get home to Cebu.

  24. I wouldn’t want to be in the Philippines at this time. With all the Chinese traveling to the Philippines long before Duterte implemented the lock down I wouldn’t be surprised that many have been exposed. Filipinos have few resources for medical care. Most can’t even afford a doctor visit. The country is congested and most Filipinos depend on trikes and jeepneys so social distancing is near impossible. Every government office I’ve visited has been excessively crowded. Most homes are small and have large families sharing a small space. If one member is exposed it’s likely that all will be exposed. Sanitation is a major problem as many don’t have bleach or even running water. Testing kits are almost non-existent and the government can’t afford them nor can they afford to treat the patients. By the time most are diagnosed they will either have recovered or died. I’ll just pray that I’m wrong but it doesn’t look good for the Philippines.

  25. They are Not going to kick Foreigner’s our…. Duh
    It would create the possibility of spreading this half azz cold
    Then they would be looked upon as Evil and Lose Face

  26. Philippines right now is safer compared here in the States..my hours have been cut off, a lot of people are jobless due to shelter in place imposed..its probably better to stay in the philippines for now and just wait this thing out..

  27. use this time to Get as much extension as you can, BI will give you an extension past what your normal stay should be. Just bring your passport and cash and dont worry about this shit for another 6 months.

  28. 75,000 cases by June? There are already 3 times that if not more than that in the Philippines. Let’s be serious, things are bad here in the USA and we are testing for it..not to mention this has been going around since December. The Philippines could have hundreds of thousands of cases by now

  29. Being in the frontline here in the US is tough. 10% of patient we tested are positive and It appears as hospitals are making protocol on PPE according to the shortage of mask not because the virus is not proven airborne. My advice to you is isolate your wife since she’s pregnant, instead you go out and get what you need then stay at home as much as you can, you shouldn’t have to worry over there because you’re in an open environment. Practice strict hygeince consistently. “Small gathering” can be risky too because you don’t know who they were exposed too, so let your wife stay away from everybody until this die down the last thing you want your pregnant wife to get sick in Dumaguete healthcare.

  30. Have lived in Dipolog for a long time (at least as long as you in Duma) BI office here manned out of Ozamis and is closed. Spoke with them on Tuesday and they advised that no extensions being issued right now. However, due to this closure being mandated by government, no fines will be made, and that they will contact people requiring extensions by phone once situation changes.

  31. Oh please don’t give China any credit. They are the reason for this shit getting so out of hand. Also I hope the Philippine president don’t kick you out. it will kill their economy just like what is happening to Thailand with how they treated the western retirees. Now that China isn’t there their are screwed. our prayers are with you and all the Philippines.

  32. NED what is that SCMP. dont be confused there are sector now in phil pilitics thatvare trying to create confusion by disseminatingvfalse infos

  33. Thanks for the clarification, I’m here in Boracay, was panicking after yesterday’s video! My shares have lost £38k since last month!!

  34. They have drastically increased the number of tests here in the US, so it goes to figure that the number of positives will increase as well. In a few days we’ll have a more accurate reading on the population in general, and then it will be time to pray that the curve starts to flatten out sooner, rather than later…I pray that in a couple weeks we begin to see a slow and steady improvement here in the US…if we are only shut down for another couple weeks, I think we’ll bounce back fairly well. But if we are still on the up side of the curve in 5 or 6 weeks, the US and the world will be in deep trouble…as for me, I’m still working every day, and thankful that I am…stay safe everyone

  35. I have a flight to the US in a few days from Manila, I’m currently in Angeles. Does anyone know if traveling to Manila by car is a problem.

  36. I’m still here, on balikbayan privilege, so I’m good until December if need be. But I’m hoping it’ll be all a memory by the end of this month, and we can go home in July as scheduled.

  37. I’m still here, on balikbayan privilege, so I’m good until December if need be. But I’m hoping it’ll be all a memory by the end of this month, and we can go home in July as scheduled.

  38. they will kick out any foreigner in about few month… lock down will be not end this year… if u think there is a piss weak virus blamed for all this?? wake up !!! agenda is a different…

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