1. show all GREEN DEEP are sign they feed good !!!! and nature offer signal colour deep green and resistence at disease ,,,,,,,,,when tree not resistence at disease problem are with food tree not suficient ///////compost ,vegetable become food for tree and legums and in time sand land become BLACK LAND ,,,,,,,,land BLACK sign rich land production and good life ……TATAI put tree banan surround house tacke care and he have free banana ,,,,,,,nature take care and offer production on small space and not consume PESOS —-consume compost ,some work. When you love tree they feel !!!and offer double production …..love offer insurance !!! insurance into nature are very importance ,,,,similar social human beigns insurance have big importance !!! PROTECTION are sign continue LIFE !!! and offer PEACE ,,,,,into PEACE all things work good

  2. at all tree function ,,,,,,or fish what remain bones ,head for phosphorous feed tree and not buy chimics . Or what remain of at vegetable for not cooking similar food for feed tree , trash vegetable under soil eliberation minerals for tree ,,,,,,,,,,vegetable eliberation toxic material chimics if mixed with plastic !!! ,,,,,,never throw vegetable ,sell eggs or what not need of at fish are good for feed tree ecologic ………wuth complex chimics put sorund only hand chimics circle diametre one meter and incorporation inside soil chimics at 15cm deep , doses over norm chimics arrive into fruit AZOTATE and affect liver reason nitrate ——ecologic fruit triple price !!!

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