We were told NOT to travel here (Is it that bad?!)

We were told NOT to visit Jakarta Indonesia and this made me want to see it even more. Let’s find out if Jakarta is really so bad. Learn a new language today with Babbel: http://bit.ly/BabbelLostLeBlanc Sign-up for a 3-month subscription and get 3 additional months for FREE.

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  1. In Jakarta they are pumping ground water that is why its sinking and its official are in denial. Most cities are building so many high building but those cities are not sinking. The cause is Jakarta is using pump to pump out ground water that cause the land to sink. its actually a no brainier.

  2. u should go search for “Kai island” its really a hidden gem in indonesia, even the locals didnt really know it! its like all u can imagine of the perfect island and beaches, its located at maluku island. and it has 7km beach sores in spesific seasons, look for it!

  3. 25 “Dua Lima” LOL he means 25000 “Dua Puluh Lima Ribu” hehehe! Thats good to visited Pari Island and the beach is called “pantai pasir perawan” in english become “Virgin Sands beach” anw you guys so amazing.

  4. If your going to Indonesia you need to first visit Jakarta, then there are many more places to visit for very cheap heading down the country toward bali

  5. Darn Corona virus! I should be in Thailand just now having fun and making videos with my new camera. I just hope the airline and travel industry can recover from all this. Keep well everyone, thats all that matters for now ;0(

  6. Short trip to Jakarta is my guilty pleasure. It is like going to Vegas for us boys. Book an apartment in Sudirman, get one of those chauffeur (supir) to drive you around for days from early morning till early morning the next day. Good food, cheap spa, great nightlife, huge malls and I can speak the same language as them. Nice people too. Tip more because they are honest hardworking people. In Bali, you go cheap on people but not here, I would give them more than usual.

    1. @Phantom Warrior it’s best for 4-6 pax. I don’t have the contact but you can try to look out some some great deals online or maybe try asking an Indonesian in Reddit. Ask for a “Supir (chauffeur)” not a car rental.

    2. @Phantom Warrior daily is higher as usual, it is a 3 days 2 nights price sum. Petrol and tolls included. It is a good thing since he knows the area, traffic is bad and he waited for us in the club’s parking lot up till 5am in the morning and picked us up again at 12 noon for lunch.

    3. @Phantom Warrior A 3 days weekend mini van all included would cost us $150 last time I went there but it is a friend to friend price. That’s including tips for the driver who is his nephew

  7. 8:50 Sea levels are NOT rising ! This is one of the biggest lies told by climate alarmists. Sea levels can’t rise only in specific places, it has to rise everywhere. The land is sinking. Climate scientists have been telling us for 30 years that the Maldives were going to be under water by now, but oh by the way, the Chinese government is investing $20 billion to build resorts on those islands.

  8. I went 2 times 2017,2018. I like it even if its just like our manila still there are interesting things or differences like the street foods, places to visit and transportation how to get to those places.

  9. Jakarta is the Big Durian. 😬. Nice vlog 👍. Once when the New Indonesia Capital City was completed, you should visit and absolutely cant wait the vlog, in 2025? 🤔😅

  10. Bahasa means language in indonesian
    Bahasa indonesia is indonesian language.
    So when referring to the language you should just call it indonesian

  11. You probably will not see this comment but just remember it’s illegal to do a sponsorship without saying it’s an ad. I checked the description too I didn’t see you mentioning it was paid just tryna keep you out of trouble. Btw I saw you in the recommended today and I’m loving the content

  12. I was there for 2 weeks, and i can’t go anywhere far because of traffic jams, so i saw 5 km radius, is nice to be in the city, but you cannot experience it. (Metro is being built )

  13. I’m an Indonesian, for me personally, Jakarta is my last choise for travelling, just simply because its very crowded and the traffic jam are crazy. Thankyou for saying nice thing about Jakarta 😅
    Usually people just go straight to Bali when they come to Indonesia

    And yeah, thousand islands (pulau seribu) is a wonderfull place, try to stay little longer and explore that place more 😁

    And I think only in Jakarta you could find food from around the country 😅

    Nice to see your vid, and stay safe. I hope this Covid can end soon.

    1. @XYU hahaha oke don’t get me wrong.. you’ve been right ’bout the murder. But that was 22 years ago, if I’m not mistaken that called SAMPIT RIOT and yeah thats pretty scary.

      Nowdays, thing just get better here (from my point of view). No more religion riot in big scale like that again. 😁

    2. @XYU idk where you get that news but me personally never hear of that (yet). Can you be more specific about time and place? I’m courios 😁

  14. Whoever told you not to come to Jakarta, they are close minded people( I bet you they only know Bali!).So either you love or hate it.

  15. Starting to like his journey 😍 but i saw him with a girl 😢 it breaks my heart so soon😭💔..
    Joke😂 New Fanbie here🙌🙋

  16. Why you not try to visit kediri… Kediri city was so unique you can visit mt kelud and you can enjoy the kampung inggris.. Or English club in kediri…

  17. Finally, you visited Jakarta, Chris, even for few days. Hope you enjoyed.

    Since you have been living in Bali, i think you should visit Jakarta again in the future to explore more.


  18. I went to Jakarta back in 2016 to visit a friend of mine, and I most say I got in love with the city, and I even love Jakarte more than Bali to this date…Bali was just to touristy and over priced for me…

  19. Hello! I saw you lived in Juno hotel and then went to 1/15th coffee which is quite far from the hote. How did you end up in that restaurant? Jakarta seems fun!

  20. You are a complete idiot to be traveling anywhere. Young and dumb. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid. Next you will be crying for your home country to save you and bring you home.

  21. I would only spend a few days there. There’s so much more to Indonesia and the traffic is completely trash. Public transport is decent though.

  22. Hi. Hope you come again to Jakarta and i will take you arround the bauty of Jakarta you never see. So im sure that you will make new Video with different title, and for sure better one!

  23. I was very surprised to see the title on your vlog. It seems you wrote the wrong word for Jakarta. I see you enjoy the holidays, if you say Jakarta floods and all kinds, it seems like every other city also has a similar condition in some locations. so don’t ever make a statement not to visit Jakarta. honestly I feel uncomfortable with your statement.

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