1. Sorry if a dumb question but can Carabao milk produce cream, can you make cheese and butter and Yoghurt from it? Not really in the realm of ”’Dairy”’ if the answer is no.Personally I have never seen or heard of Carabao Butter or Carabao Cheddar Cheese ?

  2. Great you found it!
    Think Charlie might be riding to school on his own Carabao one day? Nah ! Lol.
    Be good, when you get a proper look around.
    My friend here, from washington state, used to buy gallons of Carabao milk from a place here in pangasinan and freeze it , Sadly they are not in operation now, thanks to lock down, perhaps later?

  3. Big Charlie Lot Of Milk Look Kuya Red Red Chocolate Flavor Get Some For Tatay William Godbless MB Farm Family And Ate Gin Gina Jhen Sandy The Whole Colaborating MB Farm Thank u ❤️❤️❤️

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