1. i live in china were they eat more pork than any other country and can’t find a ham, they like to add flower to there links- So i have to make my own pork sausage

  2. Bang goes any thought of a Diet!! Lol.
    They had a big tourism meeting in Panglao( tourism secretary there ect), the other day, talking about reopening gradually!
    Hopefully that store had enough in stock to supply the Panglao resorts!!
    Didnt notice any New Zealand legs of lamb, major source of eating pleasure !!
    Very cheap that beef!
    When i could still travel, used to buy 2.5 kg chunky Crinkle cut frys all the way from Idaho, In our nearest SM store
    When’s the big Cook out? Might drop by lol.
    Enjoy guys!

  3. Suggestion, contact “The Aussie farming in the Philippines”. He raises pigs and make killer bacon, sausages etc. ya got the pigs make the bacon and sell dude.

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