1. your day trips out
    with Rizzutos Family, Gladys and Philip to look and comment at local businesses and local features is great and worth watching. Your inquisitive nature looking at how local businesses operate and make a peso is very interesting. The Dragon farm visit was good, shame about the dairy and not being able to look at the cattle. Keep up the good work and I will keep watching and I am sure others will.

  2. Initially I thought the staff were a glum unhelpful bunch…..but that guy was super knowledgeable and obviously passionate about what he does and was more than happy to share some of that…..kudos to him. I’ve never tasted DF, guess I should give it a try but it ain’t a bargain here where I am!!!

  3. They should give you fruits for free for giving them advertisements!..what’s wrong with this people?..it’s free advertisement..they should be grateful!..
    You guys should do some marketing of your channel like hotels, restaurants…they should give you discounts or even stay for free in exchange for making a vlog on their business…you can travels and have new contents also…

  4. brian the branch’s of dragon fruit will have a skinny little nodule every so often. cut it at a nodule then place in a glass jar with water 2- 4 inches deep, place in the sun. it will root after a while, then plant

  5. Tropical cactus they do like water but good drainage. I wanted to grow some but they don’t like 100’ plus temperatures. Yuma 119 in summer won’t work … oh well the lizards 🦎 do well.

  6. It’s the first time for me to see a plantation of dragon fruits in the Philippines, your so blessed guys may be you can get back to my channel πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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