We Tried Our Best For Her, But Failed

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  1. Oh . so sorry Brian … you did your best for her. I can hear the sadness in our voice . It’s so nice to help people in the baranga ( not sure i spellled that right ) God bless you Brian 💞🙏🏻💞🙏🏻💞

  2. As a farm boy myself, the attachment grows I know. You definitely did your best Brian, as I see it, there was nothing else that could be done. Very sad

  3. Well I was hopeful she was gonna pull thru cause she was out in the open an moving around.but there’s always more coming,I dunno where this pheumonia bug came from ,cause that first year all was good.

  4. Sorry Brian, was hoping with you. You and your wife are good and caring folks, God has great things in store for you! I believe they will be manifested suddenly. Blessings on you and yours!

  5. You can only do what you can. Like you said, you did the best you could. Thanks for your updates on this and everything else. Stay safe there all of you.

  6. I know what u mean my dad raised pigs and my job was to feed them at 7 yrs old, farm kids learn to work early in life and he taught me to get up an hour early be prepared for anything and how to take what was given. u love your animals I was given a heifer to watch over it was mine, the deal was I could keep the heifers more heifers than bulls.
    , well god, bless me with more heifers my herd got up to 14.

  7. Unknowingly, I ended up feeding 3 hogs for 3 days for our wedding. Unknowingly, they butchered them at my house in Negros Oriental the night before. I heard their cries as they were killed. I could not eat them at our wedding. It still pains me to recall it.

  8. That’s how it is in the Philippines in the provinces. Here there is no vet with an abundance of animals and no doctor for people. The doctor for people has to cover 3 provinces they don’t even have a thermometer only the one they put under your arm. Only thing they do is give a IV with saline solution if you are very sick you have to take a 4 hour ferry ride to the city to go to a hospital that has actual doctors. And the person that goes to the hospital there family has to go to pharmacy to get the supplies the hospital needs to treat you. The larger cities have good doctors and supplies the smaller cities and provinces do not. It’s not easy to live here. For people or animals and now with in house lock down your not getting transported to a larger city. Sorry about your pig.I love dogs and they have a rough time here. They breed. None of the animals are sprayed or neutered. They make babies all the time and many die of hunger and sickness. Sad, but it’s life here.
    Pigs you can get an injection with vitamins. Other medications you can forget about here. In the USA they shoot the pig in the head to kill it for processing, here they kill it with a knife. Here pigs are very popular on birthday party’s. They have a large birthday party and a pig roast if they can save the money for the cost of a pig. Far cheaper to go to the market and just buy pork. It’s a tradition and it makes them happy. The people here are good people and they deserve a pig roast for their birthdays. A lot of people do without here and the one luxury of a pig roast is not asking for to much.

  9. Brian you did everything that it was in your power to do. I have to admit I was surprised how much this upset me. Still the little lady gave it her best try. Keep trucking big man.

  10. So true about illnesses on animals… pneumonia is a killer
    We have used a recipe of whiskey and mollases at first yrs ago at first sniffles… appreciate your giving hearts… farmer to farmer

  11. At least you did all you could do mate, the lockdown has limited a lot of things we need for our animals. It is always hard when you lose any animal. Take care

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