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Did you know that in Korea, it is mandatory for anyone who has come from overseas to self-quarantine for 14 days? We were curious as to what that was like, what sort of supplies you receive, and how quarantine life is like in general. Two of our Asian Boss members Tina and June have recently flown into Korea and are in self-quarantine themselves, so we jumped on a call to see what it was like for them.
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  2. Asian Boss is the best. You are very inspirational and even I started vlogging. Guys please check​ out my videos. Thank you​ so much❤️

  3. I love Asian Boss. Your channel​ always​ brings something new. I even started vlogging. Guys please help me gain some subscribers. Thank​ you so much for you help and support❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. It’s crazy how one virus has put the entire world on pause. Feel sad for all those lives that were cut short due to this virus and I hope we find a cure before we lose too many more.

  5. Ohhh…sacrificing for the greater good…wonderful concept but in reality (where does it stop). Personal freedom is an invaluable thing. There is a fine line here, when we cross it…there might be no return. Asian Boss, thank you so much for addressing this subject. I know our countries are trying to protect their citizens but at what cost? I hope this ends soon but I know our way of life has been eternally altered.

  6. This is a perfect case study of what happens when people quarantine correctly and the federal government is supportive and when it isnt. NYC has lost 12,509 people from coronavirus and Seoul has lost 2 people as of 4/28. Do the damn quarantine america this isnt just about you

  7. Interesting and informative video. I did not go to my undergraduate and doctorate graduations. It’s overrated IMHO so don’t feel too bad. Worry about your health more than anything. Health is everything at the end of the day. Look what matters the most amid the COVID19 pandemic.

  8. Orwell just reincarnated himself and renamed the virus COVID-1984.
    “Those would would sacrifice security for liberty deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

  9. That app is a big breach in privacy. But the intention is to keep the spread of the “c-virus” in check. In the grand scheme of things, it is good, but I do think it’s a bit excessive to be arrested or fine so much.

  10. If you’re a foreigner they’ll deport you if you break quarantine, not send you to jail. Also, passengers are informed of these quarantine measures before flying to Korea so they have the choice to comply or not.

  11. I was supposed to go to Korea this Saturday, but I had to cancel because I would have to go to a government facility and pay $1400 for 2 weeks there. It sucks because I normally stay with my boyfriend’s family but I can’t for some reason.. If you could cover what it is like for people like me and those who did stay in that gov’t facility that’d be awesome. Also, does anyone know how long it will be like this for foreigners? It sucks that I do not know when I will see my boyfriend ever again.

  12. In all seriousness, why does she keep on mentioning the first amendment(Freedom of speech and religion) when in another country and how does it relate to the corona virus?

  13. The government sending that grocery box to everyone who enter Korea? Omg Indonesia can’t even feed their own people but then choose to quarantine everyone, jobless, here in Jakarta

  14. yea staying at home sucks for me… having dreams, not sleeping well.. i am actually alone and separated from family… and its gonna be like this for me at least another 3 mths of no body… and to add.. i have to sell my house and car to move closer to family… economy is bad… to sell a house and car… gonna take a loss… i know for sure my mental health is down…

  15. Really insightful. Once each of the AB reporters get through their 14 days….are they able to delete the tracking app and just assimilate back into South Korean society? Or are there more regulations that they will need to follow?

  16. About a month ago(maybe more) there was a young woman (a member of the cult that widespread COVID in SK) who was tested positive and quarantined to some kind of self-healing facility for ppl with no symptom. She broke quarantine rules and shared a drink with a person who lived nearby not notifying her status and made fun of ppl who went after her to bring her back to the facility. At that time there were no strict quarantine rules and no app like that. After that incident, most Koreans agreed to put more value on public health over privacy issues.

  17. If a foreigner break quarantine, not send to jail, not pay any fine so far, if you are foreigner. just will be deported because all from abroad made the agreement of 14 self-quarantine with Korea government at the airport when you arrived. it was a promise for passing immigration, so if you break the promise, the agreement would also be broken and will be deported. that is fair rule in personal opinion
    at the beginning, some foreigners ignored the rule, A Englishman traveled many sites for 3days even though he had symptoms already then he got positive, not only this cases. the government made the rule stricter

  18. Let’s say that I don’t have a cell phone and I want to go to the ROK, could I travel there ? Let’s further say that I do land without a phone, no phone no tracking, then what happens ? All hypothetical of course, but I am curious.

  19. I guess Google /fb/ apple are trying to create an app similar to that…
    Yea not happening. Americans distrust google/fb/apple before the virus because of shady practices.

  20. I’m in New Jersey and we were hit hard, but I’ve seen no information indicating that the virus is airborne. I’ve been walking outside every day and there are a ton of other people walking and riding bikes and kids playing outside.

    That app sounds awfully intrusive. Welp, won’t be going to Korea anytime soon. Never trust anyone who insists sacrificing your rights is for the “greater good”. Tina, would you get in the boxcar to the FEMA camp because a government official told you to?

  21. We haven’t even had a real quarantine here in Florida and people are protesting saying our freedom is being violated, imagine if we needed to download an app. I think all hell would break loose, even the virus would run

  22. Tina is so cute!! Her reaction to June saying the call from the government being the only human interaction he got @12:21 is so sweet. She clearly seems like an awesome person.

  23. … just curious if there’s any sort of quarantine process for stopover flights heading to another destination? Or if this is only for those arriving to SK as their destination ? Also, it would probably be good to just bring a 2nd back-up phone that is usually not your primary phone, and then if so, can one buy a short-term pre-pay phone service for only 1 month for example?? Also, yes bring some comfort food with you!!

  24. Thanks to YouTube…got to know the world…as if one is directly having the conversation…and thanks to Asian boss for keeping updated…India should learn from Korea …❤

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