We Sold 3 Sows Today

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  1. I hate to ask … i’ve been in hospital … i wasn’t able to keep up with videos for a bit …i’m almost afraid to ask .. how is Petunia ? oh please tell me she is better .😭💞😭💞

  2. Piggies❤️💔Were❤️💔
    Happy❤️💔 With❤️💔
    Brian❤️💔 And❤️💔
    I Know❤️💔 You❤️💔
    Lo❤️ed Them❤️💔…
    I Feel💔They💔
    They💔 Were💔
    Going💔 To💔 Be💔
    With💔 You💔
    I Feel💔Thats💔 Why💔
    She💔 Went💔 Back💔
    Into💔 Her💔 Pen…💔
    I Feel💔 They💔 Are💔
    Because💔 They💔
    Their💔 Time💔 Is💔
    Short💔 There💔
    Pigs❤️ Are❤️ Smart❤️
    And❤️ Have❤️Deep❤️
    Feelings❤️ As❤️
    You❤️Already❤️ Know❤️

    THOUGH❤️ IT’S❤️
    NOT❤️ YOUR❤️ FAULT❤️
    YOU💔 HAVE💔 TO💔 DO💔
    TO💔 DO💔…

    What Is Confusing is you had mentioned that if you could sell all the pigs Today or Maybe you said Tomorrow… I have to go back and check …you would do so…
    Then after you said you were going to keep❤️ a few❤️…
    Does it depend on how bad your hardship💔 is(?) And how much money they offer you?
    I H❤️PE You’re❤️ Able❤️
    To❤️ Keep❤️ A❤️ Few❤️…
    BIG HUGS❤️❤️❤️

  3. Those pens are too small and it’s cruel. Sell them all until you learn to transition from ice cream seller to farmer. Animals come 1st before profit shame on you!!!

  4. Brien I’ve been in upper Mgr in the food business all my life and I have a suggestion for you.. I think you should produce hams.. Smk hocks.. Bacon.. Etc for the retail mkt.. It’s very easy and doesn’t require lots of start up capital.. From what I gather these items in the php are very expensive and of terrible quality? Just a thought for you.. God bless

  5. Brian some of the comments aren’t obviously from someone that understands the ups and down side to farming, or animal husbandry, keep trying to reduce your costs as best you see fit, don’t let the knockers win.🤗🤗😁❤️

  6. We are all happy that you are selling your animals, as you obviously can’t look after them properly, they can’t have a worse life whatever happens to them. Hope you finish farming shortly

  7. It’s good to see something being sold and some actual farm income. Keep marching on sir.
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  8. 3 less mouths to feed Brian, should just say my dear wife says 7 week piglets cost 3200 pesos now locally. What a difference from last year before asf hit the area, around 2k or even less then.
    Read they have Culled 350,000 pigs now nationally.
    And many pig farmers aren’t restocking, locally t,he pangasinan government is going around giving farmers 1000 pesos for their Culled pigs. And pork in the market is 300 a kilo!!
    Thank you China!!

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