We Raised $100K For Single Fathers In Korea | ASIAN BOSS

Last year, we were able to capture a heartbreaking and inspirational story of Ji-Hwan, who, despite his own financial struggles raising his daughter on his own, was running an organization to help other single fathers in Korea. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you should watch it first to understand the context ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=486bxVeDpIo

He really wanted to see us again and show us how he used the money to help fellow single fathers. If you still want to donate, you can visit his crowdfunding page here

He also wanted to throw a surprise event for one of his single father contacts, so we went to see him.
We want to thank Bae Jin-Soo for sharing his story and wish him all the best for him and his daughter Surin. If you want to share your own heartwarming stories in a super positive & informative online community, you should check out our new community app called Mogao. It’s a community full of supportive, intellectual curious individuals from all over the world. Download our app here:
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  1. We want to thank Jin-Soo for sharing his story. If you want to share your own heartwarming stories in a super positive & informative online community, you should check out our new community app MOGAO. On MOGAO, you can interact with intellectually-curious and socially-aware individuals from all over the world ready to take action and make a difference. If you are sick of negative mainstream social media, you can download our app here:
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  2. If I have 5 accounts I will set all my accounts to subscribe Asian Boss.. They’re so helpful to other people. Proof that humanity is still here, and what we can do is just do it and share to other people to do the same

  3. Wow, I really needed this. Everything going on, to see this incredible amount of good just warmed my heart. It’s lovely to an update on Ji-hwan and his organization. I’m so happy for Jin-too and Su-rin….I can’t even imagine what they’ve gone through but I’m relieved that they’ll be ok

  4. Asian Boss, the Story of JI- Hwan haunted me so much. I’ve always wanted to know what happened to him and how he’s doing. His message for his daughter made me lose a bucket of tears. I always had a space for this man and his daughter in my heart. Always praying they get what they deserve. This follow up story put my little heart into rest. Thank you. Thank you so so much. I can’t show how much I appreciate this. God bless you guys. ❤❤❤💕

  5. Asian boss and Ji-hwan you guys are the best. I’ve never commented on youtube but you deserve all the love. You guys are a blessing for all these families, Thanks you very much. ❤️🙏

  6. man .. this story make me tears 😭 how can she walk away from that beautiful baby ! man be strong for that little beautiful girl ! God bless you and her ! I have 4 kids of my own I love all their are my life my everything !

  7. what kind of law in s. korea is that? many process you had been through to legalize your child even they are blood related, if they not meet the government requirements they will thrown in orphanage? as long this single parent is capable to take care of their child, why not let it be? i hope they change this kind of system. so hard to take care of a baby w/ out a mother, aboji fighting! thanks for ji-hwan organization!!!

  8. 3 months in that Dorm. I cant imagine what it was going through his mind day in and day out walking through the dark halls. Every day he must stay motivated for his baby.
    The new place is so much better. Nice view too.
    Ji-hwan – what an amazing man you are. The strength you had to go through hurdles and struggles. Still able to have the energy to help other.
    Asian Boss – You all are truly doing an amazing job covering these stories. I love the follow up videos even more.
    Everyone who donated – it shows that even people you dont know you will help others without needing an award, recognition and special mention. Just doing it because of their good hearts. This is just 1 out of millions of stories to prove there are indeed great people out there.

  9. Being a single parent is hard enough but not being able to register your child..oh man. So sad.
    I feel bad for the dad who’s doing his best.
    I’m glad AB highlighted this and donation to help them poured out.
    Good job, guys!

  10. I salute to all single parents out there! I just wish the so called billionaires will donate a portion of their wealth to the ones who are needing help. Not bickering on some issues that doesn’t make sense.

  11. This is THE most heartwarming and inspirational story for me this year. That’s coming from a single parent in the West. I guess I shouldn’t complain as much knowing the difficulties my counterparts have in Korea. Thank you Asian Boss. More stories like this! Cheers to Jihwan as well ❤️🥂🌸

  12. I watched this video and cried. I watched the previous video and cried even more. Ji-Hwan has taken the bad hand he was dealt and used it to create so much good in the world. Truly an inspiring story. I don’t have a ton of money right now, but I’m going to donate what I can spare. I’d only waste it on something stupid anyway.

  13. This video touched my heart a lot. It reminds me the unconditional love of my father who is already in heaven for me. Good job to mr. Jihwan and his organization for helping the people in need. and thank you Asian boss for sharing this. Thank you and more power.

  14. Now little baby Surin can move around and work her muscles. What a sweet story. There are still good people in this world. I just said yesterday, is there any good news in this world?…Well here it is.

  15. I watched the single father one and she should be very proud of her father one day she will watch these videos and see how much he did for her and many others

  16. I don’t know why still there are many people that criticize Asian Boss. No matter if they see this kind of Youtube’s content like some of you said, it is also truth that they did help a lot of people and even changes the life of many struggling people. Please just see this in a positive perspective. Fighting Asian Boss!!!

  17. 안녕하세요 ! 너무 감동적입니다 ! Moved me to tear.. Much thanks to ASIAN BOSS for showing the world the real life stories. With such a low birth rate in the country, every baby is a precious gift not just to parents but to the nation too. Hence all little ones need to be well taken care off. 
    Life is not about wealth, fame, me and my family but what have you done that have made a positive impact on others, especially the next generation.
    Much admiration and respect to MR. KIM JI HWAN, whose organization has been helping the single dads relentlessly. Your work is a tough one but I believe with passion, you will achieve your mission ! 힘내세요 !! 파이팅 !!
    To MR. BAE JIN SOO, it will rain for a while but not all the while. Press on and wait to see the beautiful rainbow after the rain with baby Surin. 
    I sincerely wish all of you blessed with good health and happiness…
    나는 당신에게 모든 행복을 기원합니다…

  18. This single father is making a history, making big steps of leap of faith for a still stereotype Korea. May the government sees and recognize his efforts. May the people of Korea open their hearts to realities of divorce, single parents, adoptions, and orphans….But i an literraly crying.

  19. Here I am not finding one guy in their mid 30s who do not get scared when I tell them I want kids after we get marries (I mean, surprise 🙂 and then I see these incredible fathers who shatter all the prejudice and myth about irresponsible men or how men can not take care of babies, you always need a mother for that. I can’t even put in words the respect I feel for these parents who may struggle financially but their love for their kids can be seen in their eyes and heard in their voices.

  20. I s n o r t e d when she asked if I remembered the video on single fathers. Sis I cried enough for three days the hell you talkin about “do you remember”

  21. As a mother I just don’t understand how a mother can leave her child like that at all. I’m sure she has her reasons as to why she felt it best to do that. But still the audacity. I’m STRUGGLING trying to make a baby and to see that these children are abandoned like that just breaks my heart. At least these children have such caring fathers who is willing to go through so much for them. Thank you so much Asian Boss for making a difference!

  22. I hope when Surin watches this in the future whether it be 10, 20 or even 30 years later, she realizes how much her father has done and how much I love her 💜 you adorable bright little girl.

  23. First video: cried a lot.
    This video: cried some more.
    These dad’s messages to their daughters broke me both times. Beautiful. 😭❤

  24. Thank you Asian Boss for making it possible for stories of hope and resilience to be shared, and for facilitating practical support for these single fathers. It made me cry – especially seeing how grateful the dad was for the hand up. Baby Surin is gorgeous, and even though she’s only 9 months, I thought she was looking at her dad lovingly when he was being interviewed. Pure love right there!

  25. “Even though I might be older than other dads, I will protect you until the day I die.”
    Oh my god, my heart can’t take it! I cried so much the screen looked blurry. ❤😭❤😭❤

  26. 저런분들 보면 참 안타까운게 태국여자랑 같이 살면서 아이가 바로 태어났을때 바로 출생신고를 해야되는건데 왜 안했는지 의문
    태국 여자가 이미 다른 남자랑 혼인신고가 되어있는 상태면 안그래도 절차가 복잡해지는데 도망가 버리고 난후에 찾으면 더 오래 걸리지
    아무것도 확인이 안된 상태에서 아버지쪽 주장만 일방적으로 받아드릴수도 없는거고 어머니쪽 의사도 들어봐야되기 때문에 그런 절차가 필요 한것임
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  27. 좋은일 해주시고 해외에서도 배우고 도울수 있게 해주셔서 감사합니다~ So grateful for this company and its community!!

  28. It’s nice to see single dads get help too. Single moms have it really tough too, but usually different ptoblems. Legal help is usually more needed for men and its very expensive, so I think that is one of the most important things this organization is doing. It’s fantastic to see good people receiving help like this, becsuse it feels it will really make a difference. It’s what they need to get on their feet and because they are hardworking and with a strong will I believe they can take care of themselves later on.

  29. Words wont be enough for the kindness you all have . I’m privileged to see so many beautiful beings out there every time when I click on Asian Boss in contrary to the society we all live in today. You all prove that the world can still be a better place to live in, if we continue to grow gratitude within ourselves.
    From the bottom of my heart, God Bless You all!

  30. I want to hear the mother’s side of the story. Where was he living before? Why did he end up in a student dorm? Sounds kinda of fishy.

  31. “We were born to love each other, everything else is sn excuse,” ~Paulo Cuelo.
    Last years video touched my heart, & although my pay was garnished, I had to give something. I sincerely appreciate this follow up story, it warned my soul.
    Thank you Asisn Boss for being the example of love, one story at a time..

  32. I burst into tears when this man learned that apartment is fully paid for 1 year. As a parent I realized that I would never make it by myself. My wife is a trooper. I love her and my baby girl ❤️. Props to Asian Boss for inspiration.

  33. I’m so happy to see these kind of stories on this channel. I enjoy seeing different stories like these around the world. We would love to only show happy stories but that is not the real world. It just shows we are more a like than we are different even if we don’t speak the same language.

  34. this is so beautiful, but ASIAN BOSS should donate too, if a person donates a dollar they could donate another dollar… or give them the money earned from this video.

  35. cam I take those babies,they are so cute…..awwwww….bring them to me in Africa.. awwwww..so cute
    .aigoooo…look at those pretty cheecks

  36. I’m amazed at what people with a kind heart is able to do, Many people say that money changes people; but I disagree, I think MONEY reveals WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

  37. I’m not even watching a kdrama but this is really a tear-jerker. Thank you guys for being a huge help to people like these. They’re the kind of people who gets stressed everyday where and how to get daily necessities and where to get the food they eat. Being able to lend a hand to them, you somehow eased their worries for the time being. Thanks Asian Boss…

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