We Need A Health Certificate ใบรับรองสุขภาพ

Vlog#818 Today is my 16th day of our mandatory 14 day quarantine. A happy day here in Thailand. We need to to get a health certificate to be able to get out of the house.
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  1. Hi Chuck, I’m a Texan in Ching Mai. Wondering about your living space, rent etc. I know the area you’re in, I was in Lao before moving here to CM. Are you able to connect with me offline? Have some questions. Thanks.

  2. Hi Chuck, I’m a Texan in Ching Mai. Wondering about your living space, rent etc. I know the area you’re in, I was in Lao before moving here to CM. Are you able to connect with me offline? Have some questions. Thanks.

  3. Chuck, maybe I didn’t pay attention but I didn’t understand the need for the “health certificate” – is it for foreign or domestic travel or just for your quarantine at home? Oops I think you answered that above, so it was because you were quarantined when you returned from Koh Chang?

  4. I left there 1 month ago and saw this coming. It got real when I hit Taipei and everyone had masks. Since I’ve been gone I do nothing but worry about the mouths to feed. I hope i can make it back by September but we will see. I’ve watch quite a few of your casts and you seem to have confronted similar situations and respond to them like I do. I’ve been intrigued with the place in many ways. The only pressure I feel there is in immigrations and driving other than that I feel more at piece there than in the states. I would like to bike more there like you but I’m in Jomtien and I dont gamble with my life like that. I’ll have to wait until I move to Laos where it isn’t quite as congested or crazy. I must say you were spot on about Terminal 21 toilets. I was shocked. Thought I was in the cockpit of a 747. Lol. If you ever have the chance checkout Luang Prabang Laos. Kwangsi falls is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Keep up the good casts. Take care. Doug from Olympia WA.

  5. 90 day reporting is suspended , however a lot of confusion over extensions , even Thai immigration is not 100% sure about the amnesty for extensions for retirement visa etc , as usual the announcement by the government is open to interpretation

    1. Had a knee replacement because of a wicked skiing crash..Dr. had me use sitting leg press for part of therapy..found one fitness club (CM) that had one but dues are 3000baht per month..anyway, get the gist ofthe reply…lol 🙏🏻✌🏻

  6. You can’t call that lockdown! People in and out of house constantly. 🦠Food still coming from outside! 🦠No 6ft space between outsiders 🦠

  7. Great video once again Chuck, it’s always appreciated that you keep us informed as to what’s happening there, myself and my wonderful lady friend Mali from Phichit town near Phitsanulok also enjoys watching . Doug from Sydney Australia.

  8. Great addition with Paige chatting. Chuck you worry too much. Learn wisdom from books and stuff then share it. You have obviously succumbed to the boredom but have not (seemingly) found ways to overcome it apart from sharing what we all feel. You’re tougher than you know. Dig deep and don’t let this define you. Use the audience to help you help them define themselves.

  9. I watch YouTube on my TV using the Roku app. Overnight the ability to flag and thumbs up or thumbs down videos on YouTube through the Roku app has disappeared. Now to do any of that I have to go to the YouTube app on my cell phone. Thought you might like to know in case your stats started getting kind of wonky.

  10. According to the media in Australia, an agreement has just been made that when international travel starts up again the arrangements will be that you will need a medical check and home isolation for a week before you leave and you will be required to have 2 weeks quarantine on arrival at your destination in both directions and that will stay in place for at least 12 months from the date that international travel officially restarts. As to when that will begin has not been agreed yet….

  11. Pump: they make a pump with a universal connector that looks like a cordless drill. Problem is everything there runs on 220 not 110. mmm.

    As for lock down. We are in week 3 of 6 here in Michigan. Most of our cases are on the east side in 3 counties (Detroit area). State’s 2nd largest city Grand Rapids (where I am) has a few cases. We have a lot of people who just cannot understand what 6 feet means. Stores are limiting people to 1 cart, 1 person. And limiting items. Many stores are having difficulty keeping shelf loaders (people to put the stuff on the shelves). And shoppers are just plain RUDE here now. Still other stores are shutting down because workers would rather quit than risk exposure because of stupid shoppers. Oh well. We will get thru this sooner or later.

  12. I like these lunch time sessions because they are spontaneous & insightful as you calmly voice your thoughts. More so than if you are talking directly to the camera.

  13. I took many phone calls and 2 trips to the ministry of health but I did get health certificate. When dealing with the Thailand government patience is a virtue. Last day of my 14 day quarantine in America , sadly America has been ravaged by covid19. Stay home and stay safe, WORLD STRONG.

  14. Big respect for your work and videos , you are so lucky to have Paige by your side , she is so strong person in this freaking times all over the world .
    Sawatdee krap .
    Chokdee krap .

  15. No song khran this year. I wouldn’t regret that if i were there now. I don’t like these days. People are only drunk and drive like crazy. No matter where you go they splash you with water. I had that once in Bangkok. I hated it.

    1. @On Little Things If you are that stupid or that unintelligent than all the explaining in the world is not going to work! Some people need to go back to school and I don’t mean utube classes! Get it now Little Thing or are you just trolling me like the troll you are?

    2. @M Ladd why? Still a valid question! That’s Thailand for you. If too much pain, always options. Alright, alright, alright!!! Farang, Farang, Farang!!! He he he he he!!!!

    3. @On Little Things I just spent three posts trying to explain to you why! This is the last time I will try! If you have a problem comprehending what i said than please ask somebody to explain it to you! Do you have a name?
      But of course you do! So does Chuck! I’m saying, try to understand this part! Ok? CALL HIM BY HIS DAM NAME AND NOT FARANG! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HE HAS EARNED THAT! BYEEE….

    4. @M Ladd and.​let.me.be.blunt, its.the.western neurosis to.try.to impose their.​norm and.past experience​ on.other​ people​ life.

    5. @M Ladd still.​ the.​ same.​question.​ Why.sad! Chuck.is.not sad.​ Its.you.who is​ sad.​ You.can show.​ your.opinion without degrading.Thais.​ What​ do.you.​ mean by.​ “after.​ all​ what​ he.​ has.​done for.​the.family.and.community.and he​ is​ still.​called.Farang”. What.was that! And.​ respect.is.earned.​ It.has.been.given by.Thais.​ Why.did you.degrade them!

  16. Nice vid again..oops I failed to mention that I am also from Texas City..not too far from you when you are back on our side of the world.

  17. Love your videos, Chuck ! You have the life style that I’m looking for too but I have to work few more years untill my retirement and with all this issues with the Coronavirus I’m not sure if Portugal will not go straigth into another deep financial crisis. All the best to you and Page

  18. Enjoy your freedom Chuckee even if it’s just going to the store, fortunately (?) I have been able to go to the stores and on the river fishing, I can still get chimichangas (shredded beef 😋) from my favorite Mexican restaurant but it’s not the same without the regular group of friends and pitchers of Modelo flowing, but we have been doing a lot more bbqs lately so not all bad. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

  19. No, no, no. Just stop eating carbs. Protiens and vegetables will get you there. I eat peanut butter (nutty peanut butter/protien) at night to curb my sweet tooth, but it burns fat at night when I am sleeping. Up to you. I have coffee in the am if you want to skip a meal.

  20. Well happy Thai news years anyways,I almost got Killed in 2004,while riding my bike to town a little girl threw a pail of water right into my face and not being abler to see I ran 1″ from a telephone pole.

  21. I’ve just been told today we start teach in May, but online. I’m located in Muang Surat Thani, so apparently not everywhere the schools are closed due to covid

  22. Only because you said you were in a good mood, but…”Chuck adapts to Thai culture, motorcycle +mask but no helmet”. Hope things worked out for your health certificate! (and please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help out the school kids)

  23. Surprised you do not have a rechargeable portable electric pump or one you use on your truck.car they are very cheap on Lazada. The one thing I don’t like about Thailand is no dinner knife for eating, everytime I visit I have to remember to pack one, and take it with me for eating out.

  24. After all this is over, our “new normal” will be a way of life for a long time. Maybe not in the outlying districts, but in the big cities. I think the best way to think about this “Social Distancing and sheltering at home to keep safe is like being given a huge bowl of Skittles but you’re told that 3 of those skittles are poison. Think you’d be digging into that bowl or steering clear of it? The scary part is that you could be feeling great, but un-knowingly passing on the virus to others. So be patient and stay healthy. In the mean time, our first responders are desperate for all the supplies necessary to help others and our President (A-hole) keeps pretending that he is doing a great job.

  25. So glad I managed to get out of there March 7th even though my visa was good till April 26. Very lucky to get a flight. StillThailand MUCH SAFER than the US right now where Im very paranoid. I think the Thai’s are playing it very smart compared to the US on this virus thing. Stay healthy.

  26. If you want to lose weight over time don’t do anything drastic like skip meals or starve yourself, just keep on biking hard, lift hard with your weights eat what you like just don’t eat as much of it as you usually would. And that’s only if you want, right now you have good muscle mass and the stamina to go on huge bike rides so you’re fine in my opinion.

    It would be cool during this period being stuck in your province if you took us on little trips to the Nakhon Phanom back country, maybe look for little hotels in villages or smaller towns, practice your Thai with some locals, see their chickens, that sort of thing.

  27. I remember your sagely advice Chuck “Anything you do in Thailand takes 3 trips, #1 booked appointment, #2 paperwork they forgot to tell you ahead of time, #3 The `officer’ you need to see is ALWAYS mysteriously never there when you need something to be signed off.. I suspect they do this on purpose, to allow them more time to review your documents & ensure they don’t get into trouble for signing a gov document. Our last trip to Thailand to get myself added to the house card & drivers license was a nightmare of back/forth trips and nearly a week to complete.. but.. another sagely advice from you is *sigh* “This is Thailand”.. 55555

  28. Soy Mafia sending flies to hassle Chuck, I like it! Only the kindest people allow you in their house and introduce you to their family! Can I just say four words: Thank you! I did not need to use the other two words, I will save them for another time. If you never read another comment from me, no harm done and no drama! However, I hope you read this comment. Watching you here in the UK under lockdown, it makes it easier. Let’s all remember there are more good and positive people in this world. So negative and bad people always remember we have more people who like us and they only matter.

  29. I am watching the progress there since I have a girlfriend in Sakhon Nakhon. She does not speak much english so she only tells me to not come now. I hope we can meet when I am able to visit her. I am in Florida, in a rural area, and not an area very infected by the virus. Air travel may not be good for a while yet. Thanks for the videos.

  30. If you put a cigarette lighter power outlet on your bike, they make these little 12v pumps I used on my motorcycle. Keep it under the seat.

  31. Just a bit of feedback Chuck, I’m watching all videos 100 percent of the way through.
    Many tubers having the same issue. Google lies.
    Those needing income have gone to livestreams.
    Good luck!

  32. Great content bro,i love it when page laughs so classic,food is the currency there lol you should know that.check out my channel for upto date thailand vids and anyone wishing to grow their channel try this amazing tool i found https://bit.ly/2RdYVWD

  33. Hey Chuck, about the weight loss… I know everyone has an opinion and not all are helpful, but… I have had really good luck with a book/diet by Dr Rob Thompson called the Glycemic Load Diet. He does a great job of getting into the “why’s” and not just the “do it” stuff. An accompanying pocket guide the Glycemic Load Counter (Dr Mabel Blades) is helpful but you can skip the recipe book. If you can’t get there, I’d be happy to send them. Keep the great vids coming, almost out of the woods. I haven’t canceled my July trip. I hope I don’t end up eating my airline ticket and hotel costs. Later friend.

  34. Oil and clean them roller shutters…Better do what the man says. Food!
    Funny how certain Trumps., Italians, Japanese and Borries seem to pooh the idea of trashing their economies over a fake virus. The test was born in ’84. The inventor said ”don’t use this for C type viruses” Manipulated figures. I work 7 days a week at hospital..
    Only roll out old folks down in the lift where the private ambulances park.. (The black ones)
    They went in for, maybe rheumatoid arthritis.. But the test will say you & me got it. It’s in all of us as part of our immune system.. It’s like trying to explain 911 was an inside job all over again.. I’m getting old and don’t care anymore… You kids go mess around!

  35. Seems all are locked down in some shape or fashion. Our return to work for the state of Georgia changed from April 1 to May 1 and the Governor asked for an extension for the state of emergency until May 13. We shall see. Stay safe.

  36. Chuck, I’ve been watching your videos for a few months on and off and I have to say, a lot of them are about food. And you seem to know a lot about food. Now my question to you is; have you ever heard of a Poutine, and do you know who makes them? Anyhow, if you do want to try it out, make sure to get the best cheese curds around. Love you guys, and home this COVID19 stuff stops, just like the H1N1 did, way back….

  37. So looks like Phuket is shut down airport and bridge closed except for food supplies. They have a lot of cases of virus. Things in Nevada not too bad. The biggest problem real lack of testing no way to know how many people sick. I think we are up to 200 deaths this Saturday. Been staying home for over 3 weeks. Walk my dogs late at night like 4am nobody around safe that way.

  38. Hmmm mother-in-law looks after you better then wife?? Wow Paige is talking more in the last 2 videos than I have heard her talk in all the videos put together haha. Sometimes things change here every hour grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr someone please make up my mind. Good luck at the hospital. Stay safe and stay healthy

  39. Hi Chuck, I am really enjoying your lock down because we are hearing Paige talk a lot, and that is great… Just a heads up, here in Victoria, Australia as of this morning we have had our lock down extended to the end of May. No going out at all unless it is for food shopping, health or care, or if you are working. All restaurants are closed and only some are doing take away, Pubs, entertainment venues are closed, as are churches and Mosques etc etc. Police are actively enforcing not being out or being in a group of more than 2 people, and it is something like a fine of $1600. All our state boarders are closed and you can not cross unless you live there and then you still need a permit and will have to quarantine for 14 days.
    Looks like its not going away for a while mate, so stay safe………

  40. 111 new cases in a day, compare that to 30k cases in USA. Thailand has done well to have acted so quickly and be so proactive. Fingers crossed they are able to contain and limit the impact.

  41. liked it better when you just talked, new – lets eat and pretend to have a semi private conversation does not work, page isnt on board, this coming from one whose followed you for quite a while.

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