We Might Have Just Found our New Philippines House Rental (BEIGE Paint, Palihog…)

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  1. Everyone has their own personal taste , Some here say they like it, i dont….. dont like the layout and the stairs, Bring down the price by ,,,,,2000…..opinion

  2. Upstairs for hosting Ned’s cockfights? On your 6 month contract get a guarantee on the future renewal rate so you don’t put a lot of work in repairs for nothing….

  3. Home is a keeper – very nice . Definitely get screens on the windows . I agree – why put the shower and toilet together ? 😲
    Congratulations – on your new home. 🎉

  4. I don’t no how long it’s been up for rent ,so if your first in I would go for it ,it’s a lot of house in a good area snap it up it will go fast I’m sure and great value .

  5. Woodwork in the kitchen and bed is nice looking but the rest of the house looked like it was last decorated when Ned still had hair. A deep clean and repaint should fix it up to be much better.

  6. Upstairs for recording studio need more music for your lady 🙂
    Also video production area
    Nice place
    Id take it in a second anything is better than below zero weather here in CT.USA

  7. Sibulan…hmmm. Are you sure you’re not right underneath the jet corridor? I would take a look at the date on the air conditioners. They look to be more than 10 years old and may not even work. There’s built-in filters too, so take a very close look at that! It seems like there’s quite a bit of corrosion damage on the water fixtures too, and the fact that nothing’s been maintained in there is a red flag. Those big mirrors may be two-way mirrors also, given that there is a camera on the outside, there may be hidden cameras behind the mirrors. You mentioned the previous tenant went back to Germany. Why? Check with the local Kagawad, and also ask for the nearest cop shop to get some idea of the traffic and crime rates nearby.

  8. Upstairs storage/mega pantry. Small yard may mean more walks to burn off dog’s energy. Screens a must. No excess rooms for in-laws visiting ! If location works for you, might be the best so far. Take care.

  9. Did you sign yet? Pm me unless you still gotta be down there, I am 10 min from Tagaytay in a gated 150 sq meter 2017 house.. there is an even bigger one for about what this owner wants.. I pay 25k rent furnished .. we are building a house here in the subdivision. There is fiber by pldt and converge and up to gigabit. Anyway followed you for too many years and never messaged you. You’ve come so far man! Take care if you aren’t interested in suntrust verona silang, ps renting a Orabella, the one for rent is a Luciana. Look up the subdivision: )

  10. You and I started looking for a house about the same time. We also both have new borns only couple months apart mine just hit 3 months old. I found a 3 bed 3 bath 4 car port large outside kitchen mostly furnished. Everything is kinda dated and needs paint. I had to remodel one of the bathrooms to western standards because I need to take a dump in luxury. I also had to install some split-type aircons and change all the lights out to leds. But worth it because I was able to rent the house for 10k peso’s.

  11. Looks good Ned. Negotiate down a little, wood all looks like mahogany which we normally pay a fortune for outside of ph.
    A coat of paint and get CC a something to stand on to reach the cupboards and the only deal breaker is glass internet.
    Best so far!

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