We Lived Like a BILLIONAIRE for a WEEK – Most Luxurious Country?

Ever wondered what it would be like to experience the best experiences money can buy? This video is a childhood dream come true; to truly live like a billionaire for a week and to try out some of the most expensive and luxurious experiences that the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has to offer.

Watch our last visit where we experienced Dubai’s MOST EXPENSIVE ($66,000 in a week) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sAgglqMSBA

Featured Experiences
– The Emirates Palace, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque, Balloon Adventures Dubai, Platinum Heritage, Al Bait Hotel Sharjah, Ossiano Restaurant Atlantis Dubai

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  1. pls visit AMANPULO the most expensive private luxury island in the philippines located at Sulu Sea, many hollywood stars visited there like Britney Spear, Michael Jackson, Beyonce , Madona , Mariah Carey,Tom Cruise , Brad Pitt , Angelina Jolie and Billionaire like Bill Gate and many more including local Celebrities only rich people can afford to go there hahahah

  2. lets not get it twisted, Dubai is SHIT. There is no soul, no culture, nothing to experience except for the concrete jungle built by slaves. There is literally nothing worth seeing in dubai, its a fake place for people with money to spend on shit.

  3. OMG Wow you spoiled your GF. Save money ..save your money that is so luxurious for a short relationship. I think if you pay $400 per night in a hotel it is good enough my dear.

  4. I feel humble that i could do all these things but donโ€™t have time to do so, life is a roller coaster in so many different ways its hard to keep up.

  5. Whatever goes up will go down…When petrol will be depleted Dubai will have to rely only on tourism. There are some rich tourist but not all. How will dubai cope with so much spending & grandeur to maintain???

  6. wait so you paid for this from ur own youtube revenue and bank on the revenue from the vid or did you get sponsored? how did you afford it? please i wanna know

  7. I actually thought kATHY was arabic with her accent,and then as i am caribbean i realised she has a bit of a venezuelan accent,but what clarified my speculation was when she mentioned in the video she was from Peru..

  8. Just finished the video, the content was really good. But I see most of the comments saying “we are so poor” etc. And took this video as “our life sucks” Well folks, you need to thank God (if you believe) that we are healthy and we do live this life. Unfortunately when you are born, we cant decide how we are going to have our life! but when we get older then its all on our hand. What you do in life, cause these people who are so rich didn’t just get that like this….. Its all about the hard work. Then you decide if you want to treat urself like this and have so luxury life or not!
    But believe in yourself, and every person matters in this life and every human-being have a Story!

    Best Regards

    1. youre really full of shit lol, almost no billionaire is that way because they “worked hard” for it. Our capitalistic world is literally built on inherited wealth, its why the vast majority of people who probably still work hard for a living will never break into this absurd lifestyle. These youtubers got lucky, plain and simple, theres literally hundreds and thousands of others like them who will never experience this because someone simply got there first.

  9. If this was me, I would have find a cheap hotel experience the country from a regular personโ€™s perspective and then donate the remaining money letโ€™s say $50k to poor people…just me…no point of wasting money this is not happiness for me. My happiness is to bring happiness to 100-1000 poor families with that money …again donโ€™t judge it is my dream…

  10. I work for the hotel industry all these Vloggers send emails prior sales team asking for complimentary if not find a fault in the room to get something free also going to the extent of black mailing staff to post negative post of the hotel online .

  11. Surprised… Iam pretty sure you Never met a billionaire … Actual daily routine of my billionaire friend, what I see is:

    7:00 – wake up (took some pills )
    7:30 – go for a jog (at his residence park)
    thn get shower n all ,get ready 4 Office.

    9:00 – whole family meeting, – very light moments (in the meantime , security men switch on rolls royce AC, 15 security guards load up in 2 pilot vehicle.
    9:30 – Left for office
    8:00 – come back home.
    had chat with family , drink whisky, had dinner sleep…

    Surprising Facts

    They wore APPLE WATCH….
    they Travel alot
    Family never travel TOGETHER.
    Never been to any Club discos (though they arrange big parties at their mansion).
    They are very very smart . but they are boring.
    They love cars
    they negotiate slot…lolz

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