We Interviewed The Philippines’ Top Police Officer About COVID-19 Lockdown | STAY CURIOUS #21

Special thanks to Lt. Gen. Eleazar for speaking with Asian Boss, making this the first time that anyone from the Filipino National police talked with a foreign media.

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  1. As of yesterday, the Philippines moved into a General Community Quarantine, which is a more relaxed version of the lockdown than the one described in the video. Asian Boss is the first foreign media to have interviewed such a high profile police officer in the Philippines, so hope this gives you the kind of perspective you wouldn’t be able to get from Western mainstream media.

  2. petition to do a part 2 but an interview with an average filipino, maybe a lawmaker who can give u real insight on whats happening in the country 🙂

  3. Is anyone else wondering how the live video is so high definition and clear considering the Philippines has the slowest internet in the world and how they put a rotating watermark for a live video

  4. I have a friend from the Philippines and she mentioned that sometimes the police would shoot people that they saw out of their homes.

  5. Many of police members died because of covid 19 for saving us .We can see what we have lost but we will get better after some time

  6. Lt. Gen. Eleazar is right about how the Western media critics how strict and militarized the Philippines in implementing ECQ but the irony is that it’s the West which has the high cases of COVID.

  7. Thank you Asian Boss for showing a perspective that mainstream western media will never show. There are always two sides of a story just like a coin has two sides. Never trust mainstream media that only shows one side of the truth. Their goal is to push their own agenda just to stay relevant.

  8. As a Filipino citizen, I just have to put it out there that the government has done absolutely nothing to deal with the coronavirus in the past 2 months that we were in quarantine. The police are even worse considering that they have the gall to commit crimes in broad daylight. They arrest people for no reason, shoot down innocent civilians, and even go as far as to rape people in prison while the virus is ongoing.

  9. Hey, Asian Boss. 🙂 To get a better perspective on how this lockdown affected the population, y’all should also interview the citizens.

  10. 11:50 I think one of the reasons is because some of us are just stubborn. It is somehow infuriating, embarrassing and unfortunately, you could get used to seeing that.

  11. It looks like he’s reading…
    Like the questions were sent in advance..and have prepared his answers..
    Just saying…..
    Thank you for this video ASIAN BOSS.

  12. Asian Boss, I have a request that I hope you will fulfill, because black Americans feel like Korea has been very silent on the issue despite their news agencies being here. Can you talk about the black lives matter protests, please. From what I’ve seen of some news agencies, there’s mainly been a focus on the looting and despite much of it starting with non black people smashing in windows, they have made an effort to mainly focus on black ppl looting and have juiced stories to detract from what’s really going on. Perhaps I am wrong, but can you please do a show about it and Koreans reaction, maybe informing them of what’s really happening?

  13. I think one of the answer on Marie’s question at 14:15 is the Government need to deploy personnel because it’s hard to contain the population of more than 110 Million. Marami sa kanila matitigas ang ulo at di sumusunod kaya kailangan idaan sa puwersahan.

  14. Wonder if the people in Philippines will have a completely different take on the lockdown. Would be interesting to know their point of view.

  15. I don’t really think that the quarantine is highly militarized here in the Philippines, if anything it’s a little too loose.
    And the WESTERN MEDIA doesn’t have the right to accuse our government, since they are not fighting the pandemic properly themselves. The numbers show. Western countries are at the top the list of the most infected nations. Stop criticizing others and do something that can actually save people’s lives. And media is supposed to be based on facts not on assumptions and accusations.

  16. Foreigners don’t have the slightest idea of how stubborn Filipinos are. It’s easy for people, both poor and rich, to badmouth officers as well. You can’t reason with them. The average Filipino, give as many layman info as you may about COVID 19, will stay uninformed of the gravity of the pandemic, hence the need for stricter implementation of rules.

  17. “And there are rumors…”
    “Reports saying…”
    Yeah. Western journalism has really gone down these days. It’s not like those incidents are even hidden or written in a foreign language, they are all reported IN ENGLISH. Extensively in the local media. Down to the exact details. And yet when international media talk about the Philippines, they always say everything in vague terms like “Quarantine violators have been shot” without specifying who, where, when, why, and how. Not even how many.
    Both people (yes, there are only 2, AFAIK) that have been shot were threatening the police – one tried to attack the police with a bolo knife when he wasn’t allowed to pass a checkpoint, the other was a suicide-by-cop from a former soldier with PTSD (he served in the Battle of Marawi a few years back) who acted like he had a gun in his bag. They seem hellbent on portraying the Philippines in the worst light possible, which is ironic given that in terms of numbers, the Philippines is actually succeeding. With a death rate right now on par with Japan at around 900 deaths. A far cry from any of the western or Latin American countries. And unlike China, we can’t fake the numbers.
    Not saying the cops and officials aren’t corrupt. There are extreme examples of corruption. From that general who held a birthday party in the middle of lockdown. To the cops who were fining residents for stepping one foot outside their house without a mask, to cops raiding private condos and pointing guns at families for people being out in the private gardens, to local officials siphoning funds from the aid meant for poorer citizens, to Duterte’s minions trying to shut down a national TV broadcaster. But overall, we’re NOT being gunned down for violating quarantine.

  18. Had no idea she was Filipino and German. She speaks better Tagalog than me, and I was born there. Wonder how her German is.

    Hope all Filipinos around the world are okay. Be safe, wash your hands.

  19. You forgot to add murdering fascist pig to the title. Thumbs down and unsubscribed for supporting someone who pushes an agenda of shooting people in the streets.

  20. As a Filipino, this upsets me so much. We have the longest “quarantine” among the ASEAN nations yet we have only tested 1% (afaik). They’re implementing harsh quarantine rules yet they’re not aggressive in mass testing. They’re relying on the military to pacify the people who are just trying to get by. The person who was shot was a former soldier who was mental issues due to his history of being a soldier. He was shot even though he was surrounded by 4 soldiers and the people around the situation already pleaded with the soldiers that he has a mental issue and that he’s harmless. The former soldier actually complied but the soldiers actually shouted that “they don’t care” and shot him. Then they proceeded to plant a gun in his bag to justify shooting him (allegedly). Meanwhile a senator and a high police official broke quarantine rules and they were given “compassion”. The urban poor are also largely affected as well as the working force since the system is working against them. The protocols are confusing af. There’s still a lot more to unpack but this guy isn’t really reflecting the actual situation in the Philippines. Kudos to Asian Boss for bringing light to the subject.

  21. Hey Asian boss, I wonder if it’s possible to get people’s thoughts in Asian countries on the George Floyd situation and the protests and such happening around the world. I know would be a lot to consolidate into just 1 video, but I think it’s important to address the perspective that Asian people have on black people. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to these topics!

  22. Those Eyebrows… those pair can kill! LOL
    Edit: Thank you very much @Asian Boss for this great content. At least someone from the Foreign media (Not owned by any news companies that tend to steer away from the truth. Good Job!

  23. Asian Boss, THANK YOU!!! I truly appreciate this piece as the Philippines have been badly bashed and put down over & over again internationally. I just wanted to add that due to the decades of oppression of the Filipinos, a lot of the informal settlers living in Manila are uneducated and with that they lack understanding and the discipline to abide by the law. Because of the city’s very dense population, the speed of infection would have been a lot worse if there was no strict implementation of the law and police & military presence. It was NECESSARY and it is proven effective with their current number of cases. Their main purpose was so save lives by implementing strict movement to prevent the spread of the infection. People from the outside looking in do not understand it because they do not know the reality on the ground. But these service men are also part of the frontlines who are out there risking their lives for the sake of their countrymen. The West is a different culture and they do not understand the ways of the Philippines and black propaganda are propagated by the Western media to further insult and put down the country. I just don’t understand why they love to criticize, meddle, provoke, tarnish the country’s image, & create fake news. Unless they have a bigger interest and that is to keep the people oppressed so that they can feed on the fat of the land as the Philippines is so rich in natural resources and is sitting on tons and tons of gold and untapped resources like deuterium, natural gas, cooper you name it. We don’t know if someone is already extracting those from underneath the islands. There is so much more than meets the eye and you would wonder why so much bad press on a developing country that was once 2nd to Japan in its economic power in Asia and was forcefully brought down to suffer and now is being forced stay at the bottom. Where is the fairness in that?

  24. make a video on how Filipinos get by during this pandemic with very minimal aid from the government. i think that will be a different story.

  25. This strict implementation of rules and law is a Filipino culture, at least 50-60% of Filipinos loves this strict governance, you have to try living in a filipino household for at least a year or more to better understand. We’re not like other countries where people are so entitled of their freedom, we’re not raised like that. Most of us filipinos we’re raised in a strict family and environment. Well there are times where people disobey the law cuz some Filipinos because that’s how they grew up and they want things to be easier for themselves. It’s just like filipino parenting. Once you are in your parents house and they have implemented rules, you need to follow it no matter what happens cuz if you don’t, trust me you’re gonna be depressed for a few days or you get beaten. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl same thing applies to both.

  26. It’s funny how they use “community quarantine” instead of “lockdown” when in fact they’re stricter than any other countries who uses lockdown, except China😂🤣

  27. You should talk about the new anti-terror bill, we need more eyes and aid from as many countries as we can, the bill is a joke, it’s full of undefined terms and giving them way too much power, if that bill pass they can arrest ANY One, even if it’s a critique or a joke.

  28. Great interview 👍 and very informational don’t see that on local or cable News in the 🇺🇸 now you need to interview someone in Vietnam 🇻🇳 see how they are doing. Stay safe.

  29. I’m from the Philippines, and as for me I am satisfied with the ongoing quarantine. I am just thankful for the government most especially to our President who I bet got so much going on with his mind with this current crisis we are facing today. I follow the precautonary measures, respect the public servant and pray for the betterment of our country and for the world. This atleast for what I believe, I’d be able to truly help.
    Many has died, and instead of complaining I am hoping we start on cooperating, really.
    Also praying for the discovery of the vaccine soon.

  30. Asian Boss is an eye openner to our government specially when you interview Doc. Kim about COVID19. South Korea now is our role model in such fighting COVID19.

    International see our law is so strick with pertain to implementing the precaution of COVID19, but if you think about it, if hey did not do it right a lot of FILIPINOS will be one of highest deaths. Other country were been so relax about their precaution even richer country like US and Europe but see the deaths is so huge because of relax law and people want freedom. In the PHILIPPINES we set aside that for us to beat COVID19… Foreigners tend to be in the PHILIPPINES because they saw our government that do their best to protect everyone from COVID19. We thank our leaders for such strick law to fight COVID19.

  31. he didnt even bother to correct her usage of lockdown in the rest of the vid :))) Stop fooling yourselves. Its obvious that its a lockdown

  32. Other countries were able to beat it thanks to mass testing and contact tracing while we are waiting for a vaccine that might never come.

  33. So the question is when will the government implement mass testing! It has been months since the quarantine started and the number of cases is getting higher than before. The solution that they keep giving us is to stay at home and obey the rules but there are no changes in the number of cases that we’ve been seeing. The government just sugar coated words to make them look like they are really doing something to prevent the spread of pandemic. I admit that the quarantine is effective but other than that wala! Give us some proper solutions. THEY SAID THAT THE CURVE HAS ALREADY FLATTENED WHEN IN FACT IT WAS GETTING HIGHER AND HIGHER, THEY APPROVED THE START OF CLASSES WITH NO PROPER SOLUTIONS TO COMBAT THE VIRUS! AND THEY THINK THEY’RE DOING A GOOD JOB? WITH ALL THE ISSUES SURROUNDING THE IMPLEMENTING OF STRICT QUARANTINE RULES AND OTHER POLITICAL ISSUES ESPECIALLY THE BUDGET, WHERE DID THEY USE THE MONEY? MASS TESTING IS NEEDED AND THEY IGNORED IT SAYING THE PRIVATE SECTORS ARE THE ONE THAT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT?

  34. During lockdown
    “we ordinary people will not die from covid but we will die from hunger”

    Lockdown lifted
    “what’s happening? The government has betrayed us. They are letting us all die”

    Filipino’s = stubborn, stupid and ignorant people. No hurt feelings just stating the facts. We filipino’s love to do things that the government forbid us. And when things go bad we vent our anger to the government saying they mismanaged the event. Just stop complaining and comply, please.

  35. he should have mentioned in the interview that one high ranked cop celebrated his birthday violating the same quarantine policies they impose upon people, whereas an old fisherman was detained by the cops for 12 days because he was looking for food for his kids and one guy had PTSD and was shot by a cop right on the checkpoint alleging the victim acted inappropriately…

  36. National Government – Incompetent, so many failures, politicize everyone and everthing that’s against them.

    But SOME LGUs (Local Government Units) are doing better than national government.

    Cebu City conducted mass testing. The city’s confirmed cases eventually rise becoming the 2nd epicenter in Ph, but 90% of their cases are asymptomatic.

  37. Don’t make me laugh with that ‘strict’ implementation. It is only strict when it comes to the marginalized! Did they punish those in the higher up for breaking the rules? Did they? No! The senator and the pnp general broke the rules but are they being punished by the law? Since they keep saying that ‘no one is above law’ they should held them accountable for their violations.

  38. Slightly disappointed in Asian Boss for giving a platform to an incompetent and corrupt government division of the Philippines. It is never good to just learn of what is happening in a country from government officials because more often than not they have an agenda to paint a picture different from the harsh reality. To get a better picture of the Philippine’s experience and reaction to COVID-19, it might be more appropriate to use your platform to raise the voices of the citizens, especially those who have suffered the most from this pandemic and the lacking actions of the government.

  39. Thank you for Interviewing this police officer. Please interview Filipinos from various socioeconomic backgrounds to know what really is happening from the perspective of ordinary citizens.

  40. I’m from Malaysia and in my country the military is also helping to enforce Movement Control Order (MCO) aka “lockdown”. I think this is necessary because there are a lot of selfish and stubborn people who are not cooperating with the authorities in controlling this pandemic. They are just unwilling to sacrifice like the majority of us are doing. I’m not sure if the violators of lockdown in Philippines can be categorize as such though.

  41. I already forgot the generals opinion. Just looking at Marie’s face is a worthwhile time to finish the interview. What a very pretty and pleasant face to look at.

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