We helped to feed a beggar’s kid in Saigon.

Thanks to Dariusz Maziarz.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=P3GHTNEDA3JM6


  1. I think an addict would not buy new clothes. They only think next high. Maybe she was an addict and lost her teeth but after kids got off drugs. Your humor A+++

  2. Gum racket is cheaper to get into but harder to sell because its basically hoping for someone to pity buy. The lotto racket on the other hand is easier to sell because they’re offering something of value and a greater chance someone would buy. However the lotto racket in VN requires you to buy the ticket up front and only profit once you sell a certain amount. There are times when they are stuck holding those tickets.

  3. Troy don’t change for some people’s satisfaction! do what you want (they’re YOUR videos!) and the right subscribers will follow. But i do agree with the other guy that your fan base would potentially be larger? 🤷‍♀️ Anyway stay you.

  4. Her kids are so cute they look happy and healthy full of energy I’m not sure if she is on drugs but she didn’t seem high maybe you can straight out ask her if you give her more and see how she replies but she seems to be taking care of her kids so it was good to help her out and really good for the kids

  5. I really appreciate what you are doing. I’m a student and it’s the end of the month so I’m pretty broke, but I just send you 10€ to support my fellow Vietnamese. I hope more people are inspired by your videos and send you money.

    1. Duc Nguyen, Can you please tell me or show me where I can get the background music at the end of this video? Thank you ahead.

  6. even if she s on drug just help her because she has 2 children to take care i don t see an ADDICT taking care of her children they just do what they want

  7. I 100% agree with the comment from CentralScrutinizer @0:15 I’ve been saying the same thing. The 4chan, toxic type humor doesn’t help. Sure, there are some immature people that like you making fun of elderly people, or disabled, or skinny, or homeless or mentally challenged or overweight, or poor, or the less fortunate….get my point? You’ve ridiculed all kinds of people for not being to your standards. It’s immature and weak minded. I looked at an old video title or in the thumbnail that said something like “…Full Retard…” or something to that effect, with a mentally challenged girl in the thumbnail.

    Then you start your videos with “bloody” nam, that for many may not be bad, but it just has a negative connotation.

    I guarantee you most people come for genuine, uplifting content, which the majority of your videos are, but you add immature jokes/translations, and ridicule at less fortunate and that’s why you’re stuck at 3k views for so long. Take a deep look at yourself and ask why you think it’s funny or amuses you to belittle people or be negative so often.

    And no I’m not a snowflake or a white knight, but humor has its place…and clowning the less fortunate just isn’t funny unless youre a toxic person.

    Let your good qualities shine, hide your bad qualities and work on them.

    1. @seven52nine like I said, I’m all for some humor, but not when its belittling or mocking the less fortunate, poor, crippled, homeless, etc. He’s done it a lot…so I do feel my feedback is warranted. And if you like and stayed for that type of humor, then I don’t know what to tell ya. His humor is kibd of like if someone was to make improper/immature racial asian jokes. It just aint cool/funny.

      Anyway, he’s welcome to block me or delete my comments. Thats what you get with social media, people will give opinions. Im not the only one that feels that way. Im trying to help him though, albeit thru tough criticism hoping he gets out of a 4k view slump, so that he can both help himself more, and others.

      I enjoy the majority of hos content, and given praise a bunch, but always call out the negative or insulting stuff as well.

    2. Some valid points, however, he must be doing this so that his channel grows and hopefully help more people. Also, some of these terms have become derogatory in modern times. However, they were used in the past (maybe still used) to describe a condition.

    3. Cardiff Giant perhaps the advice is wise, perhaps helpful.

      However, I will say that while I’m a new follower of Troy’s documentaries, I wouldn’t have stayed and seen 40 of them if the humor was absent and it was all pity plea Sarah Mclachlan style. There are plenty of Sally Field types to follow and support. I see Troy has been doing his good charity support for over 7 years. Only a handful that visit this channel ever have even visited a 3rd world place much less supported strangers in one.

      Again, good advice probably is what you issued but it was a bit berating and venom filled without warrant in my opinion.

      How about sponsoring an episode perhaps? Your contributions can even dictate a script or niche.

      I have seen Troy spend weeks searching for specific persons on a sponsor request before finally succeeding and giving.

      He gives of his heart, his presence and his future or counter opportunities with this golden effort. A bit of levity is necessary.

      I don’t know if you have ever served in a high, high stress job like soldier or police or ER or fire fighter. One way to cope with the reality of humans and our behaviors is to find comedy, even dark comedy to cope.

      Just thoughts.

  8. I don’t think she is an addict either, just having a hard time. You did the right thing. She probably did pay some to back rent, how else would they have cleaned up and changed clothes, new or not. So again, you did good Troy.

  9. Bless you Troy, am new follower from Canada and watched most ur of videos since last night. It’s very inspiring. Am wondering how bad it would be for those during pandemic. I want to sent cad $ to you. I hope my little contribution would help a kid to stay healthy during difficult time. It’s there anyway I can use WesternUnion?

  10. Such a soft heart a mother has for her kids.

    I see very lean, poor health mothers in Vietnam give so much to their child. It is bittersweet.

    1. maybe she never went to the dentist, maybe she had caries, maybe she ate too much candy and red coke, maybe she used to do boxing….

  11. This lady is not an addict. Actually she looks healthy to me. Vietnamese people are smaller in stature, anyway. Vietnamese cuisine is healthy to me, a lot of fresh salad. A lot of people work out to get that slim. Drug addicts have a dark circles around their eyes, hagged, etc.She does not make enough to buy drugs, she said as soon as she sells something, the children eats it. Wonder what her husband is doing; not looking after her.

  12. If thats an addict then ask what she is taking because she looks really good compared to the addicts around here.
    For once, addicts wouldnt be selling they would be stealing or panhandling.

    1. Yeah most the time I think it’s accurate but sometimes you’re really curious what was said and it’s a joke or not. You don’t know 😅

  13. It is my personal opinion only. Don’t rush to judge a person from others comment, Troy did a right thing to know more this lady in person instead of listen to one of the man. If she addict on drug, there are other easy ways for her to make fast cash instead of selling candy with two young kids on the streets in the hot Sun. If someone need help to survive and your heart is going to help then help. If People made mistakes, did things wrong in the past and now they want a better life then forget their past. If we don’t help they still survive and move on. Thank you Troy and donors for helping others and bring happiness to them

  14. Her mannerism afaik isn’t that of a druggy, but considering that dude said she was and she lost her teeth, I honestly think she is, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve help imo

  15. I was a drug addict for 15 years. I’ve been clean 31 years. I always had a job, a house, a car. Ironically I’m homeless now and sober. LOL! But I drive a truck for work and live in it. I’m doing it to save some cash. Kinda hard since corona rolled into town. So what are the signs of an addict? I was one and had a home. Now I’m sober and I have no home. In the USA it’s a bit easy to tell a meth user. Sores on their face and body. But being homeless doesn’t mean unhappy and a failure. I’m happy and have a goal in life. My heart melts when I see these 2 beautiful children . I wish they could go to school and have a home. And a bicycle like those other kids. But life isn’t fair. Kids in the USA being abused physically and sexually and they may have a home and go to school. So appreciate what you have when you have it. But put your self worth first. You will always have yourself. Material things always come and go. Another great video!

  16. People will start recognizing you as a charitable hero in Vietnam soon. I’ve been the Vietnam and people there are so nice and hardworking I just want to help them they are worth it.

  17. get a cheap drug swipe test and let her do that. ask first wether she is addicted. if she say no then tell her to help her get the rent ready but she need to finish the test. cost only some seconds to do.

  18. Thank you Troy for helping them. Can someone please tell me or show me where I can get the background music at the end of this video? Thank you ahead.

  19. Better have somebody that say like it is or with dark humor and help , than sing songs and go without make-up on Twatter and doesn’t help for shit.
    You go Troy and his Donors , you guyz are the light some people need.

  20. You are an educated adult. If you are curious, just politely ask what her situation is and whether she is a drug addict. But I understand. Your Vietnamese is not as advance as your English so you can’t really communicate your curiosity to her without potentially insulting her and getting backlash. So what’s going on? How did you end up here selling gum? Where is your home? Where are the children’s father(s)? What happened to to your teeth, if you don’t mind me asking? Did you get into an accident or something? ……….

  21. Xin chao and I think you helped a very deserving woman and hai children ! Also not believing she is has a drug problem. Those 2 children are just so normal and sweet it is heartbreaking to think they are having to live hour by hour feeding themselves selling gum and lotto !!! She is behind on rent so she can never get out of this rut !! How much in USD is she behind on rent and or owes her aunt???? I was number 12 kid born months after my Dad died and have been fortunate and have worked my ass off my whole life because I was adopted and so so fortunate these videos really are very important to me. This mother is genuine and deserving and just certain of it. I don’t know how to do it but somehow I will learn how so you will be able to help her out of this situation. CAM ON TO YOU TROY and all the other Viet making videos which help so many beautiful people all over Vietnam.

  22. I don’t think she is a drug addict, but it’s always better to err on the positive side and give them the benefit of the doubt. Many drug addicts have mental health issues, thus using alcohol and illegal drugs to self-medicate.

  23. Nothing is black-and-white on those mean fucking streets. As to the woman, There is nothing there that screams of drug abuse, but that is only an opinion based on a video that’s only 7 minutes long…. the kids appear to be in good shape so whatever you give her will continue to help the kids directly. Her babies will benefit from your good will. Stay cool Bro’.

  24. I think its just because shes poor and maybe uneducated so neglected brushing teeth for many years. that will rot them out of your head quick too, i dont think she is a druggie either… and im good at picking it believe me nicewvid

  25. 6:28 “Differences between lotto sellers and people roaming the streets”. In the UK they have a program where the homeless sell a magazine called The Big Issue. They do the pre filtering so you can be 90% confident when you buy the magazine the seller puts the money to genuine good use, whereas non sellers are just drug addicts. The premise is that just coming in to pick up the magazines means they are not 100% wasters.
    Lotto sellers in vietnam probably pass a sort of initial filter too.

  26. She moves very smooth her gait is very relaxed if she were high she be moving more jerki more knee bouncing. Some people have a higher rate of tooth decay or could be from past drug use. I’d say not using at the moment. God bless you and your family aloha

  27. Troy, your humour is a big part of this channel. It might not be to everyone’s taste but you can’t win ’em all. Keep doin’ your thing fella.

  28. Kids are nice and fat. The more so, healthy and jumpy happy. In the real world, a addict’s habit comes first not the kids. In this case, even if she was a addict, it seems the kids come first before her drug habitual need. I support her not because she has missing teeth or because someone said she was a drug user. But because the kids body weight and behaviour is a good tell-tell sign if their mother is a substance/habitual user. So, yeah, give her 2,000,000 VND [$142 NZD] next time. By the way, if the mother tell the kids not to “BUG” you, isn’t that a good thing?

  29. Bat Burgers! Taiwan! Im looking for Taiwan! Ah man laughed my head off. I would say in your epilogue you hit the nail on the head you always put your kids first i dont know if she’s a single parent if she is that probably explains her appearance and i don’t think she’s a druggie its probably due to lack of food sleep etc looking after the kids. Stay safe Pal.

  30. Poor dental hygiene and bad food choices will lead to tooth decay. Didn’t appear to be a druggie to me. Either way, the kids are innocent. Keep up the great work Troy!

  31. I dont always agree with you, but for the record i think your funny as shit, i also dont think your in it for YouTube fame. Also great video! I live in San Francisco and work with the homeless, i can tell you shes not a druggie for sure!

  32. with the skinny mums, on the road, with many little children, and no father….maybe,
    just maybe,
    instead of handing out charity cash..
    you should consider handing out condoms ?!?!?!

    1. seriously..a poor woman isnt going to spend a dollar on condoms when she already has feeding kids…but she will go with the first male vietnamese imbecile who promises her “some better fortune “…for a short while.

  33. That alley.., it did seem you were being lead through a narrow maze, reminded me of an abbatoir entrance, a bit sketchy to say the least. Maybe she was upselling, … but,… did they lead you there to mob you ? There was a wheelchair, did not see if there was someone stuck in a house, the lady may have known some neighbour in dire straights…. difficult situation also intriguing about the lady when you left the Alley she seemed different. Very courageous of you to go there, it seems few strangers are likely to. Good on you Troy. The Family selling gum, the kids looked to be a happy handful, very unlikely she was other than a struggling Mum doing her best . Keep up the good work.

  34. …….Well….folks….agree or disagree? Is the unrelated, confusing, somewhat humorous text holding back Troy’s channel? Don’t be a constipated koala….express yourself.

  35. Nah I don’t reckon mate, and the kids are bouncing around looking fit and healthy so she’s taking good care of them. As far as your added text “onya mate” cracks me up to see some Aussie humor dropped in there. What you do is very psychologically and emotionally draining. Using humor is a relief valve. Look after yourself mate the poor of Vietnam need you!

  36. drugs are not the only way to lose your teeth young i have never done drugs i lost all my teeth at 27 due to a work accident and here in the states there are a lot that has lost them for many reasons other then drugs. teeth are not a reason to use to tell if people do drugs there are a lot of other ways to tell if they use.

  37. Missing teeth , well that’s a giveaway but she does not look like she’s on the Greer now Maybe before . The kids seem to be well looked after .

  38. Good Samaritan. Have been following Troy Nguyen from 2016, the year I paid a short visit to Hanoi. Viet people are the best.Still there is no corona casualty in there. A great Nation.

  39. Bro…I’ve only following your videos & the admirable deeds you’re doing that many of us can’t or simply in situation(s) that doesn’t permit. God bless you!!!
    With regards to wether or not you’re giving to the right person who needs help or under dire circumstances…if you’re giving from the heart & benevolence, then that should be enough. Cz I believe a giving, charitable heart is one that doesn’t judge or prejudge!

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