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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Rob have they switched on 5g yet……i heard that Wuhan was one of the first places in the world that switched it on at the end of last year……….

  2. Take away alcohol sales, and you’re asking for domestic disputes. I worked in the beer business for 30 years. People celebrated in their beer and they cry in their beer. It is a recession proof business. All it’s going to do is give thousands of people anxiety and thousands of people will lose their jobs.

    1. @Bill JThe punishment for violating curfew is 40k baht or 1 month in jail or both. Some areas have higher punishments. But it seems there is one universal constant…you can’t tell kids anything.

  3. No alcohol that would be the final straw for me it’s only beer and YouTube that keeps me from going insane o no just heard there shutting down you tube lol

  4. Hi Rob.
    I’ve been binge buying Chang yai!
    I’ve got 6 boxes of 12
    Big C already stopped selling it in Pattaya.
    I bought it from a warehouse near my condo.
    Beast wishes from me here.

  5. What is happening in NYC is awful. The funeral homes can’t handle the number of covid victims. I feel for everyone the world over right now and especially for the good people of The Big Apple. Hopefully, the numbers stay low here in Thailand so you all can come and party when it’s over! Good luck!

  6. I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh since late January, and today was the 1st time it rained. I was about to head out and I was like, “WTF?? There’s friggin *WATER* falling out of the *SKY* …? How is this even possible?” *LOL*

  7. Hey Rob I was able to get ahold of some Leo’s in Texas and noticed they are 11oz vs 12oz beers here. Is that true for the ones in Thailand?

    1. opposite, there’s been 1.6 million total had it and then there’s 1.2 million still “active” cases meaning 450k have either died or recovered from it.

  8. Rob I’m glad it is raining in Thailand maybe it will wash the virus out of Thailand…. Rob I was thinking about Jessica Rabbit what is her status? Do you see or talk to her ever anymore?

  9. Cheers Rob. Keep up the impromptu housebound vlogs. Not an idea setup but better than having a drought of 20 seconds. ;-]. Glad it lashed it down over there. Hope loads more rain comes your way. ;-]

  10. I’m in contact with people all round the world because of work. Two days ago was on a call with someone in Orange County. Not only do they not have a lockdown, but almost no closures there. Life as normal, which defies belief.

  11. Rob, Here in the US in New Jersey, you cannot find a mask, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or nit rile and or latex gloves! Not one! And of coarse Toilet paper is hit or miss in stores, I guess everyone has the poops over here… Great video, stay safe.

    1. Make your own bum gun. Go to a home improvement store. Buy a sink sprayer, 3 way hose adapter that will fit water lead to toilet. extender hose. Then connect it all to the water lead for your toilet. Toilet works, and you don’t need toilet paper.

  12. Florida hurricane is coming it’s going to destroy 90% of the city.. hurricane party!!!! Ya from Florida originally they crazy. Mom went to south Florida to stay with my aunt was like there is more cases there! Florida

  13. I have a friend in Sweden. She didn’t answer when I asked why are the swedes acting like normal times. Especially if they are accepting foreign airlines. Thought they.were wiser than Florida.

    1. We’re not exactly living as usual. High-schools are closed. Half the work-force work from home. Most restaurants are closed. Not much entertainment, since gatherings are restricted to 50 people maximum. But no shut-down. The phocus is on social-distancing and common sense to flatten the curve.
      We missed the opportunity to come up with a firm response in the early stages of the pandemic. Like so many other western countries.

  14. Dang, literally the saddest Ive felt for someone in quarantine was the moment he said, “I’m re-watching Friends”…. No one should have to do that.

  15. Hopefully with all the money and minds being invested…mankind can find a game changer when it comes to our battle against virus…like penicillin and bacteria!

  16. Please keep doing these Rob even from your home. Always nice to get an update from a friend even a YouTube friend that doesn’t know me. 😁

    1. Been following Rob for 3 years now & found the community (commenters) here pretty supportive of each others. All thanks to Rob for bringing us together.

  17. Hey Rob “go with the flow watch the show and let it go” I’m a new expat from America enjoying my first month here in Thailand. I’m dealing with the heat, the virus, self isolating here in rural Issan. I’m tuned into YouTube and enjoying the Thai Vlogger’s. I think the rain is due here tomorrow. Looking forward to that and I’m counting my lucky stars that I’m here debt free and healthy. Think I’ll stick around just to see what’s going to happen next. We are the blessed few who have have made our homes here in Thailand.

    1. Research before show your intel.
      13 April is Thai new year. People drink party together that mean Virus spread easy.
      Thailand have less infected everyday , this is the most important period of Thailand
      that they will have less infected or get more infected and out of control.
      So, the gov shut down alcohol until the end of April.

  18. Great news about the rain Rob. My partner’s family needs rain sooo much in their farming village in eastern Thailand near Surin. Let’s hope it rains there too!

  19. Enjoy the rain! As an Irishman who lives in Arizona and got married in Phuket in July I know how you feel. Spent my wedding day in a wool suit in extreme humidity. Next day the heavens opened… it was a wonderful feeling….even if the rain hurt a little. Stay safe and I hope to meet you in person in 2021!

  20. Australia already has restrictions on alcohol sales and Australians are still returning from overseas daily , we shouldn’t let them back at this stage but what can we do , they have to be in complete lockdown for 14 days though . About 1/3 of our virus cases came from Aussies on cruise ships that we let return here 🙂

  21. The water shortages will need MONTHS of sustained rain to replenish reservoirs! Glad you can find positives in very negative circumstances right now!

  22. I would have LOVED to be “in the room” when Rob realised how many US Dollars he received! 3000SEK (Swedish Krona) = $301.00! …..He’d go ballistic!

  23. After hearing Rob’s comments about lack of information on the English side had my wife (Thai) get the latest government announcements and translate/ summarize them. I hope it helps you learn more about the alcohol ban and other information. https://wyechannel.net/. Stay safe everyone

  24. The lock down is fine. It’s the world semi-depression that is going to be rough. Prepare and have B and C plan in place. Take care. Would love to travel there to see if I would like to live there in retirement. I like the culture changes and cheap food and beer. Great video.

  25. No, It is not opening up, but we hasn’t a lock down as many other country’s. We have restrictions. We recon that people use their common sense and do as we are recommended to do. So right now 10 000 confirmed and 900 dead.

  26. Hey Rob…if you’re looking for a good movie to watch for an hour 45…try to find “The Ghost Writer”…
    It’s on YouTube for free here in the States but I don’t know if it’s available in LOS…anyway…directed by Roman Polanski…stars Pierce Brosnan.Ewin McGregor and a few other A listers…Very Hitchcock
    styling and visuals…DEF worth a look!
    Stay safe and take care of each other:)

  27. no alcohol is just crazy ,i am sure i got this virus in january in pattaya as i was surrounded by chinese ,i had the flu but i beat it by drinking large amounts of gin and tonic,it beat malaria and i am sure it can beat this made up flu virus,we all know now this is a lab made virus that was released ,we need a human cull as there is no real wars anymore

  28. Hey Rob.. just a thought about Kev.
    Imagine his fun filled life the last 4 years… ignoring this last year.
    Doing fun things and seeing magical places. Remember the HUGE White elephant that stopped just in front of him at minute 9 on his Surin parade video, like divine providence.. his Christmas day at Koh saumu island, his pride at reaching 30,000 subs at his hideaway party, .. COUNTLESS fun moments like those fishing trips at his favorite fishing pond etc etc.
    What a COOL way to live on his terms. What a cool blessing, versus the way he described the dreary last few years when he worked in the UK.
    I think it’s cool he had those 4 or 5 years.. and I think it was cool he had a loyal friend like you.
    .. Curt in San Diego

  29. The numbers of people dying of flu like problems/respiratory issues are looking about average compared to recent years. It’s the same all over the world.

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