We Handed Out 10,000 Masks To Homeless Korean Elderly During COVID-19

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  1. If our challenge resonated with you, donate whatever you can here ► https://korealegacy.give.asia/campaign/klc-help-feed-our-elder#
    For all the behind the scenes and more insight into the elderly poverty issue in Korea, visit ► https://www.mogao.io/communities/community/mogao/9353/10000-mask-challenge:-we-pulled-it-off!
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  2. So heart breaking to see all these elderly people go through such difficult times like this. You’re such an inspiration Asian Boss. Your program is truly an eye opener.

  3. It continues to surprise me simply how many people are reliant on food kitchens in Korea when there is soooo much food waste in restaurants and homes across Korea. I hope life for the Korean elderly improves. xx

  4. 12:37.
    Why i am crying 😭😭.
    அப்பா அம்மாவை அனாதையாக தவிக்கவிட்ட எந்த மகனும் வாழ்க்கையில் நல்லா வாழ்ந்ததா சரித்திரமே இல்ல டா.😈😠………

  5. I always wonder what it’s like to be in their shoes, to be homeless, old, and in the middle of the pandemic where you are constantly in danger to the risk of death. It’s mind boggling how they’d risk their lives for food every single day, and as the guy mentioned, they don’t mind getting up at 6AM in the morning when the rest of us have the luxury of sleeping in. So, please donate to this cause. It’s something that could happen to any of us.

  6. Hey im just asking, so there is a video that tells about how korean cannot give money or help homeless people because it is considered “supporting the country to be poor” by society. Is it true?

  7. Elderly poverty issue, mabye one day you could touch on the fact Korea is not promoting outside adoption, so all these orphans live thru poverty til they have to be on their own in poverty, and the adoption cost is enormous adopting a Korean child, so that makes it difficult also. I was one of the lucky kids. And Korean families don’t adopt Korean kids because they think it ruins the family.

  8. a sad reality that a lot of elderly people are living in poverty, even in a progressive country like south korea. what more in less developed countries? and of course, poverty is not limited to the elderly, there are also families and kids living in very challenging economic conditions 😢…what we can be hopeful for is that in the midst of the difficulties, there are people who help and care. may generosity spread like wildfire; that people be fueled by love and kindness to do good, be in small or large scale.🙏

  9. God can’t be everywhere to help
    So he made the *Asian boss’s members* kudos to y’all great work keep it up ♥ sending loads of love from india ♥

  10. What pisses me off the most, is that a country whos tradition it is to speak to elders formally, they have such a disregard for the elderly homeless.

  11. Thank you guys for making this kind of content. After watching this my heart moved on doing the same thing. I’m 19 y/o now, hopefully in the upcoming years i could help unfortunate people and make their life a bit easier. Thank you for raising awareness to the world, kindness is truly a beautiful thing.

  12. Tears of Joy knowing good people in this time doing amazing things. Thank you for taking care of our history and culture, without them we wouldn’t be here. Ahéhéé shik’ìs (thank you my friend)

  13. This made me cry. I want to do everything i can to make sure my parents never end up in the streets alone and homeless when they’re old☹️😭

  14. Thank you Asian Boss! One of my favourite YouTube channel ever!! Watching this make me more grateful for where am I staying at right now. Making me not wanting to take life for granted. Suggest to give out good quality cloth mask instead, can be use longer then 7 non-reusable mask.

  15. I hope there was better alternative for packaging than plastics. Plastic gloves, plastic cover for food and masks. And that too for > 1k everyday.
    Wow, Korea has lots of elderly people depending on free food.😯 Why are there so many? Did their children abandon them?

  16. Knowing Steven was close to my neighborhood is exciting (Seongnam!)

    I would love to help with this kind of thing in the future, but I don’t speak Korean.

  17. For reference, Seongnam is considered a wealthy city (It has the Korean silicon valley — Pangyo/Bundang), and a box of 50 masks is like 6$ So these people must really be very very poor 🙁 Where are their kids to take care of them — so frustrating.

  18. When they said that they’ve been wearing the same mask for over a month or more got me teared up. Here where i live everyone has new mask but they don’t even wear it correctly instead they let the nose exposd or they cover they’re chin.

  19. Thank you. It makes one think of how much more meaningful our lives could be without spending one extra hour in our phones or buying unnecessary stuff…

  20. the intentions may be right… you are killing those poor people faster.
    The medical truth is, we are better off wearing NO masks. Breathing in exhaled c02 is NOT healthy. There’s a reason why the human body gets rid of it. use some common sense ffs.

  21. I never expected Seoul to have this many ELDERLY homeless people. Countries like Japan and South Korea are so successful you never expect them to have the issues that the rest of the world has.

    I hope the Korean government does something better than subsidizing soup kitchens for these elderly, especially under the current COVID pandemic.

  22. Extreme social injustice is a common trait of the modern world, inside and between all countries. And then there are people who own more money than they could ever spend, choosing to ignore the truth.

  23. nice work, but i doubt this will instigate the feels at there government, instead of you guys doing this , the government should . it is sad that people these days still have to be homeless , especially when u served and worked for your country , then u get old and become baggage , they will drop you , thats just wrong.

  24. I’m surprised Korea doesn’t have more welfar programs for seniors but I also don’t know enough about their gov policies and what not- it’s sad to see esp with how much respect we often show and give elders

  25. Such an amazing and encouraging video to raise awareness to the covid 19 situation and the elderly 😊 you are all doing a brilliant job and God bless all the people involved with creating not only this video but to all those volunteers that are involved aswell 👍😊🙏🏻

  26. You guys are the best ,this moved me to tears. I will try keep sending money as quick i can to support you guys./greetings from sweden.🇸🇪🇸🇪

  27. I really wanna help people when I grow up. I don’t want to be rich but I want to become sufficient enough so that I can help the people in need. Pray for me that I succeed.

  28. You guys make my heart warm. I cry evertime I see something like this that you guys put out. Some have children. Like how do you just leave your parents..like idk. N other are disabled n prob couldn’t pay bills n…im just so hurt. But you guys are like a ray of light. God bless you guys

  29. It’s really heartwarming to see this I hope that you continue doing this and help more people specially the elderly and young people who are abandoned by their family and who can’t work because of illness. Keep it up!!!🇵🇭

  30. I’m not a Korean but I was busy watching K-pop and k-dramas never realise that Korea has poor people too.. Asian boss is always my favourite channel

  31. “A small act of kindness can be a very big help for some one”.

    You all are doing great job. We should help each other.We all going to die one day but we should try to make it worthwhile .

  32. WHAT – one of the richest countries in the world and no elderly/homeless plan in place so they have to take to the streets?! That’s embarrassing! That’s third world…:-)….Being a “new fan” to Korea, kinda disappointing too…..

  33. its been very interesting to se a different side to the city of seoul i have never witnessed before was completely ignorant to (the slums and run down areas). very inspirational work, thank you and stay healthy

  34. This is just so sad. I love my grandparents and I’d be devastated know if they were homeless out there and struggling, especially during this time. I’m sure these elderly have family, so where are they? They should be taking them in during these trying times.

  35. That was such an amazing act. I am just teenager from Malaysia but these small acts of kindness that your videos have shown just inspires me to be a better person. Keep going and never stop Asian Boss!

  36. I just really can’t wait to get older. Hope that when i’m in highschool, i can be able to somehow join Asian Boss. And somehow, i can be another “nobody” to little by little change the world.
    Love and respect from Vietnam.

  37. Watching this video just breaks my heart. It hurts me to see so many homeless/poor elderly people. Thank you, Asian Boss, for being a light in these dark times. It is a dream of mine to one day travel to S. Korea and volunteer at KLC. Keep up the life changing work you guys are doing! <3

  38. Thanks for all that you guys do, Asian Boss! I donated for the first time in a long time and will try to maintain ongoing support!

    I’m happy to give up small things in life if it means giving to those that really need it! Cheers from New Zealand 🙂

  39. The irony is that they are doing a disservice to these elders and homeless. By spreading lies that this virua is so dangerous, people will actually even help each others even less .

  40. As an Asian, I can’t understand how can there are so many elderly homeless in rich country and Asian country where family is important. If few of them are normal, but a lot of them, how can that be

  41. Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions are destroying us. Covid-19 itself? Not so much. 99,8% survival rate and still the agenda goes forward without question.

  42. all that use of plastic though…is all gonna end up on the streets and in the ocean. would love to see it changed out for either paper bags or biodegradable material. but still a great job ofcourse very selfless

  43. There’s no reason for people to be homeless anywhere in the world, all governments should provide housing. Am I the only who thinks this way? Housing should be a basic human right.

  44. My heart goes out to all the elders.❤
    Why, in what reality is it ok to abandon your elders like this? Especially now, during this pandemic.💔
    Asian Boss are truly selfless humans, I wish you well.~💕🌸

  45. So disheartening to see so many homeless elders☹️ I’m reminded of my grandparents and couldn’t imagine them living in poor conditions. Glad you guys are doing something to help out🙏🏼

  46. The very reason why I’m subscribed to this channel because of their balance, they talked alot about latest issues but also do good deeds. This channel deserves more subscriber.
    Things like this keep my feet on the ground and I really looking forward to the days when I have the means to help other people too.

  47. They were needed to Korea when it was developing but now when they gave everything to the country they recieved nothing in return even to pay for their meal. I feel angry and disgusted by the government.

  48. I have to confess that at first when I read the subject line, that I was feeling oh please no, don’t exploit some poor elderly on video so you can make a film handing out masks for your own self-profit. But after watching this vid, I have to feel that you are making a genuine positive impact and have a good cause. And it was worth watching this film. God bless those elderly living in a most difficult and harsh life situation, no matter where around the world. God bless you guys for going out into the street and coordinating, to help them, there in South Korea.

  49. I don’t get it, for a country whose culture is to respect their elders, how can there be so many homeless elderly people?? What is the main reason behind this? Where I come from, we might not be as developed as other places but I have never seen an elderly who is homeless.

  50. The dark side of korea… different from what we see in K-drama !!! Even the rich countries has its own flaws so stop being boastful about how rich is your country if some sectors are suffering from poverty.

    Love lots from the Philippines a country infested of corrupt politicians.

  51. Hey Asian boss. A fan from India. Can you please make a video about relationship of India and Japan. Including marriages and relationships. Much appreciated 🙏 ☺. And really happy for what you have been doing for such a long time .

  52. Watching this vid gave me the question, why is the homeless elderly rate so high is Korea? I know that in my Chinese culture it’s tradition to house your parents in your own household, or do your best to help them once you join the workforce/when they retire. Is it just extreme poverty everywhere in Korea even in the workforce age (which is really something not shown in western media/korean culture in the west), or is it their kids neglecting them?

  53. This generation of elderlies worked so hard to make South Korea such a prosperous nation. The government should subsidise their medical care and provide free masks during this period!

  54. This is sad, I thought Korea was a rich country, how can they did this to their elderly? Is there’s no funds for retirement program or something?

  55. I wouldn’t expect SK to have 10,000 homeless people so easily accessible in Seoul. That’s kind of embarrassing for such an industrialised country, especially considering they’re elderly.

  56. The world forgets about you when you get old, it’s so heartbreaking. We must continue to fight for change and better lives for elderly individuals. Thank you for your hard work and may it continue for many years to come!

  57. Asian Boss, Thank you for the kindness you give to help other people’s life. I personally really proud of your team. This world really need more touch of love and kindness. God bless you.

  58. I don’t know how to say biggggggg thankkkkkk youuuu
    But you guys really done good job …… When I complete my study I will be same ( an I will do my best) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. I can only imagine the suffering that homeless people all over the world are going through due to COVID. You guys are angels for doing this.

  60. Korea should not follow the US, a wasting of money buying arms and paying the american armed forces. It should stand on its own, the country would not prosper if western government are interfering. Get rid of them !

  61. Beautiful and meaningful work. How wonderful to see you guys going around feeding and helping the elderlies to stay safe, while providing them with clean masks. God bless you all. Stay safe!

  62. First thought in mind: they don’t deserve living like this especially in their old age😔😡 the inequality of this world makes me so depressed and mad. What y’all did is so generous but it’s depressing how so many others in the world are homeless and suffering everyday

  63. When will Asian Boss cover about war time victims r@ped by South Korean Army? Lai Dai Han women have been demanding apologies from your government.

  64. for all the teams in Asian Boss, I know maybe sometimes you think you don’t do enough for the society or what you do isn’t good enough but please know that you are heroes, you are one of the reasons human decency triumph, your actions save lives. I can’t thank you enough

  65. heartwarming..you all touched a thousand lives there..I’m a Filipino but i do thanked you all for that kindness you all have ever done there with your own people ,nationality and for those old people who really needs help in this tough time.May you all blessed and live a healthy life so you can help and touch more lives on this pandemic.Godbless you all.ill pray for everyone.😇🌠🌠🌠💛💛💛💖

  66. I like the way you act, not only in this time of emergency but always, thats why i subscribed, it’s been a long way from your beginning, this show us that, we can do better anywhere in the world, so what are we waiting for. Wish you all the best. Remember to keep safe not only for you but for your community, for you family for all.

  67. South Korea is such a prosperous country yet somehow they’ve left behind the homeless, elderly, and/or physically and/or mentally disabled individuals. It’s really a shame that South Korea’s government isn’t doing more since clearly there are still tons of people in need. In that regard, it’s amazing to see what Asian Boss is doing. Keep it up! 💯

  68. Korea should legalize doctor assisted euthanasia for the elderly. *Several European countries such as Switzerland and Belgium have legalized doctor assisted euthanasia for the elderly, disabled, terminally ill, and in some cases, even just severely depressed people.* ~ So elderly people who can’t take care of themselves anymore and do not want to spend the rest of their lives rotting away in a assisted care/retirement home have the option of being euthanized fast and painlessly with the help of doctors. ~
    That is my retirement plan

  69. *Korea should legalize euthanasia for the elderly like Switzerland did.* In 2015, A woman from the UK named Gill Pharaoh went to Switzerland in order to receive doctor’s assisted euthanasia, even though she was extremely healthy. ~ Gill Pharaoh, age 75, who worked as a nurse, and wrote two books giving advice on how to care for the elderly, was not suffering from a terminal disease.~
    She said she had seen enough of old age to know that she was “going over the hill” and wanted to take action to end her life while she was able to do so.~
    Speaking before her death in Basel, the mother of two said her experience as a nurse, including working in nursing homes, had shown her that the reality of old age was “awful”.~
    She told The Sunday Times: “I have looked after people who are old, on and off, all my life. I have always said, ‘I do not want to grow old. I do not think old age is fun.’ I know that I have gone just over the hill now. It is not going to start getting better. I do not want people to remember me as a sort of old lady struggling up the road in a wheelchair”.’

  70. Great job. I didn’t know there were all these homeless, hungry seniors in Korea. I wonder what happened to their families? So nice of you guys to help.

  71. Who could dislike giving elders and homeless masks?

    Thank you for helping them Asian Boss. You are one of the few journalist groups that are both honest and caring. ❤️

  72. Thank you so much for helping The elderly My former Tae Kon do instructor must be smiling down upon you I’m a senior citizen and thought only The United States of America Left behind the elderly I’m wrong as usual!! COV 19 is gobal praise God for his children blessings The elderly 🤗🤗

  73. This video is really hard for me to watch… it must be si much harder for them to live, and for you to film. Thank you for always doing something, and thank you for telling their stories. I’m heartbroken tho 💔😢

  74. i, myself am a korean that lives in the usa. i think this is so sweet for you to do this. korea is such a rich country that many people don’t even know there are so much of the homeless. lots forget that my country was considered weak during many time periods

  75. I guess I was ignorant but because Korean culture respects their elderly in general figured homeless elderly wouldn’t be a thing. Praying for the Pastor, all involved organizations, volunteers and of course those in need.

  76. 😢Horrible…korea is such a rich country..shame on them..in a time like this…thats the people who made korea rich and the goverment do nothing for them?…not even give them masks…and 3 free meals every day??…that should go without saying….they spend Billions of dollars for there army… nothing wrong with that…and cant build enought Houses for a appartement for every homless elderly?…thats not cool…thats sick…and thats the bottom line….

  77. Meanwhile, Trump is running around America being a contagious Virus and the GOP are letting him so they can ram in an unqualified nutcase as a supreme justice.

  78. Many experts, politicians, scholars believe 21st century is going to be “Asian Century”. To make this a reality 3 countries should come and work together – China, Japan and India.

    Below are the reasons I would like to mention –

    1. Nominal GDP wise top 3 Asian countries are China, Japan and India. In terms of PPP, the order is China, India and Japan. For a rising Asia, these 3 countries should join hands.

    2. In terms of Forex Reserve, the Top 3 Asian economies are China (>$3 Trillion), Japan (> $1 Trillion) and India (> $500 Billion). Surprisingly these 3 nations are also top 5 in the World.

    3. China, Japan and India also has 6 (JPX, SSE, SEHK, SZSE, BSE, NSE) out of World’s Top 12 biggest Stock exchanges in terms of Market capitalization. Imagine the enormous potential if we create something like Euronext in Asia.

    4. China, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan are always featured in top 10 nation Fortune Global 2000 companies’ country-wise list. We can learn from one another’s business model and grow together.

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    9. In modern World, we need a good rapid transport system (MRT). China is a leader with 40+ cities with Metro followed by distant 2nd India and 3rd Japan. This sector too needs collaboration with more research and technology transfer.

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    Now coming to the “Chindia” scenario as coined by Mr. Jairam Ramesh, China’s economic liberalization happened in 1978 under leadership of Deng Xiaoping. For India this happened 13 years later after collapse of close ally Soviet Union in 1991 under leasership of PM Narasimha Rao (when Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister). China has chosen the manufacturing path which slowly made them export driven manufacturing juggernaut. For case of India after fixing Y2K bug and with highest English speaking population outside US has become “Back office of the World”. Our path is different, political system is different, demographics is different but goal is same. China being an early starter has almost alleviated the poverty and moving towards a developed nation. India is slowly catching up. With 1/3rd of the World population, “The Dragon” and “The Elephant” should dance together.

  79. Hi Asian Boss, can you please interview Indonesian kids, college students, teachers, or lecturers about how they deal with their educational things since all schools, campuses, institutes, etc in Indonesia are being closed due to COVID-19?

  80. Asian Boss has always come through with relevant, enjoyable content, while also giving back to those in need… genuinely has always been a 10/10 channel ๑ ♡〃✦ ♡ ✧

  81. Wow this is amazing , love your channel and the great things you do seriously, such a heartwarming experience. Even tho I don’t have much to give , i feel like it important yo try.

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