We Gave An Extreme Home Makeover To A Korean Grandma Making $2 A Day | THE VOICELESS #30

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  2. Just started watching your shows since the lockdown in Melbourne . Amazing deeds you and your crew n volunteers are doing . I didn’t know with such a wealthy country like South Korea there are elderly citizens doing it tough . God bless you all

  3. This is my first video that I have seen of her and damn she is hunched over really bad. Does she had a degenerative back condition or has she just ruined her back through working with some kind of bad posture? It looks very tiring to just be bent over so far all the time.

  4. Whoever you are and what your group does. I’m glad humanity still exists. I think Korean older generation is similar to Greek. They are too proud and strong to ask for help because they went through a hard time and don’t want to burden their children. Greetings from Greece.

  5. She is clearly a hoarder so there is a high likelihood that she is suffering from depression and possibly other such mood concerns. I hope she gets the needed help for that.

  6. Can someone take her to a chiropractor or something?
    U guys should have built her a shelf outside the house so she can put things there.
    The stuffs she hoard shouldnt be inside the house coz its unhealthy for her.

  7. From New Zealand 🇳🇿 2020, you guy’s are amazing. I’m so proud of you guys with love 🌹😉🇳🇿♥🇳🇿& respect.

    All the way from New Zealand 🇳🇿.💜💛🌿🇳🇿😉🌹💚💙

  8. I’m glad they also add monthly pension after giving her the refrigerator n tv, I’m worried that she couldn’t pay the additional electricity bill

  9. OMG I’m so glad they didn’t just throw her stuff away, I was afraid of that, which is known to be a coping mechanism with people who hoard certain types of items. At least they made sure to include her with the cardboard and also made storage places for her to put things in.

  10. $20k might not be a lot of money in US but it definitely is a lot of money in Korean consider 1 US dollar = 1000+ Korean money. Without question some of her relatives gon come to take care of her until they “STEAL” that money

  11. First, I want to say thank you for sharing her story and for caring for her so dearly. I just came across your videos and watching all three touched my heart. It’s a shame that someone hit her and didn’t tend to her medical need (I’m not sure how insurance works in Korea)… I truly hope she is safe and well during this pandemic.

    I work in the social service field and in the US their are programs that have a worker called a payee. The person manages the elderly, disabled, or mentally ill person’s income. They make sure their bills get paid and they also make an allotment for a an allowance so they can have some spending money. I hope she will be able to live in peace and security for the rest of her days.

    I needed to see this for so many reasons. Sometimes working in my field workers deal with injustice to say the lease and I have been working on healing after an awful employment situation that lead me to contemplating changing fields. This video encouraged my heart and I know that I will obtain employment with a healthy employer that will value my heart, gifts, and talents. I will think of this lady when I needed to be reminded of active hope, optimism, and perseverance!

  12. This is amazing! :’D Maybe a chiropractor could solve her back problems, so she can walk straight? Dr Ian at Gonstead Institute fixed many similar issues.

  13. i cry every time they do a special on madame yoo mann. it makes me appreciate my mom more and just be like you know what, my mom does care about me. it really does change your outlook on relationships with your parents. i think that an underlying message in the video unintentionally is yo man, appreciate your parents while they’re still alive. call em every once in a while and check on em. know what i mean?

  14. Bless her, such a sweet lady, and bless you guys for doing such a selfless act. What on earth happened to those 5 children though? A mother is for life, not just for pocket money and food! It’s very sad our old people live such lonely lives, my mother lives with me, my grandparents also lived with us until the needed supported living due to wheelchairs that weren’t suitable for our flat, the grandchildren and grandparents really benefit from this type of close social living..we will all have so many special memories, even when we think we are burdened..it’s not so much a burden as a special gift of time..

  15. This is why we need socialism. Nobody should live like this or rely on charity to live a decent life. She also needs health care. I hope she is well during Covid-19 times.

  16. Watching this video made me so emotional right now, and all I want is to take good care of my Mom until her last breath .Thanks to asian boss for giving us this kind of content amidst of all the non-sense and toxic videos and infos in any social media sites.

  17. What a beautiful way to show appreciation to such a lovely, kind lady. It puts a smile on my face to see her radiating joy. May God truly bless you all!

  18. i like the way she smiles every time, this tells us not forget to smile even if we are going through our hardest times of our life, although i don’t live in south korea but really appreciated the work done by asian boss and the team and i just dont understand that who tf are these people who disliked this? there isn’t any reason to dislike it

  19. He’s such a good son personification- – I feel like this when I see my parents reusing things over and over again until its really broken down. I try to get my parents new replacements, or things that would help them with whatever tasks they like, but they never do…. -_-”’ Old Asian people are truly creatures of habit. Hopefully, Madame Yoo uses the new things like the new stroller, and for once enjoys what’s being gifted to her.

  20. That’s not renovation that’s cleaning her place. Sure it looks great but painting over mold won’t kill it, it will grow back. They didn’t add insulation so it will get extremely cold anyways, there’s no heat retention. Everything they did was aesthetic but not actual help, it will go back to the other conditions in a couple of months. It’s modern but doesn’t suit her needs either…

  21. She’s such a doll. It breaks my heart that she has 5 kids and cares so much for them, yet not once since her online journey have we seen a single one of them. They don’t have a lot of time left to enjoy her sunshine presence in this world and they don’t even help her or see her. Inexcusable.

  22. My grandma passed away about 2 months ago, and I couldn’t even visit her grave because of Lockdown. The good thing was her children took a good care of her, they never let her live alone. Watching this grandma making $2 a day and living like this hits me hard.

  23. Awe, she is such a special old lady. This really warmed my heart. We need more of this sort of thing in the world, instead of the violence and hate.

  24. Hey, don say bad things about her previous condition of the house. I think it might’ve been better to consults those issues behind the screen, as this video has 2 million + views

  25. and here in my country, the government trying to take donations from the citizens to poor people into their wallets. They even hire people for faking as poor people and claim donation money as well

    well, hope this grandma will be able to live a better life from now on

  26. i hope continuous financial support is given for her. because she needs to pay the electric bills and water bills. and how about medical support

  27. 외국인들은 한국인들이 차갑고 무례하다고 생각하지만 실제로는 평범한 사람들과 같습니다. 저는 인천에 살고 한국은 친절한 사람들이있는 나라입니다

  28. This is amazing. There are many interior designers you give such lush remodels for people who have abundance, it would be nice for them to see this and incorporate this into their practices as well. Big, extravagant remodels are fun and all, but there are so many with so little. You have done such a good thing for Madame Yoo- I will donate and subscribe so you can help more people. Thank you for doing this!

  29. In the first video, she mentioned that she was 82 and that her two oldest sons don’t have jobs. She said they told her they were still studying, that’s why they couldn’t help pay to take care of her. But, they would be old themselves and have families. So, how could they not have jobs? It sounds like they are making excuses not to help her. That’s just my opinion based on what I’ve seen in the videos. It doesn’t mean I’m right. It’s just my speculation.

  30. The one thing I really hated living in Korea for 8 years, was to see so many old people neglected by their children. Many Koreans who make good money would simply dump their parents in old age homes and visit them a few times in a year wearing formal suits, dresses carrying a bouquet. I never understood how could one do that to their own parents. In India we always keep our parents with us till their last breath. Of course, there are exceptions with modern age problems and following Western culture where people are getting rid of parents by sending them to old age homes esp. in big cities. I know it sounds amusing to western folks to live with parents, but that’s just a cultural thing in some parts of the world.

  31. i really like how the architect said to listen to the grandma’s opinions first although she personally wanted to throw the trash all out :))

  32. this kind of content deserves a lot of viewers, like and advertising. it doesn’t matter if the purpose is for getting money from youtube. but giving the good deed to anyone who need is the most beautiful content in youtube

  33. I don’t care if I hate my grandmother or mother, I’ll be damned if they living in a pile of trash. She’s moving in with me or getting a better home

  34. In my memory i remember our government (korean government) helping people who actually need it and giving people free tuition or living space but i not really sure about it….

  35. Damn! 140 lbs of cardboard for only $3?! This is what she does every day for her money? Stuff like this is why many immigrants come to the U.S. and that’s what many Americans don’t understand.

  36. This is a beautiful story ❤️❤️❤️ she’s a lovely lady ❤️❤️ from Melbourne,Australia 🙂 thank you for helping her I love this

  37. God damn i love her, i wanna meet her and shake her hand like I want to shake kobe bryants…. she seems so warm and generous, i pray for her wellbeing, and that no on does any harm to her. She’ll be loved by god in heaven 100% 😅

  38. I feel so spoiled, she deserves so much more… Her smile is so contagious, just seeing her smile and laugh, lights up everyone elses mood. I wish her all the best…

    *Thank you so much Asian boss xx*

  39. This is awesome, now she needs a treatment to get her back straight again and new teeth. Then it would be 100% perfect to have everything fixed.

  40. Imagine having and raising 5 kids and end up living like this and by this I mean alone and still working at 82 only making 2 dollars a day

  41. It took way too long for YouTube to recommend you guys to me. I’m in the middle of watching all your other videos and it’s been really eye-opening. Keep up the good work.

  42. I would rather sell my organs than to see my own parents living like that. I’m so heartbroken how coldhearted her children are. Even if you have no money you could at least take care of her and help her tidy up go to a doctor….

  43. This is such a heart warming video.. grandma is so lively and joyful. You guys did an amazing job. God bless you for greater tasks even more. Thank you Asian boss❤❤❤

  44. her laughs, how she want to do all for herself and help others no matter what remembers me of my grandma, she was such a lovely woman who died happy
    This cute strong woman deserves all the love and peace, god bless her 🙂

  45. this made my heart smile. i remember watching her story a while ago and it broke my heart!thank you to the kind souls who helped her, may god bless your hearts

  46. It is nice they are doing this for her but if she does not change her habits, the hoarding will happen all over again and the place is going to be awful to live at. I hope they gave her some insight about that off camera just to let her realize how spacious her home can actually be without all the unnecessary junk.

  47. This is sad. Where is her family? Why aren’t they here to take care of her? If I knew of a way to get there, I would have taken care of her like she was my own grandmother, which I use to do before my dad lost custody of us and she had to move back in with him. I’ll be seeing my grandmother soon… I just hope someone checks up on madam Yoo often, because my heart aches for the fact she is alone and accidents can happen, even if she doesn’t do much. Anything can and will happen and it is making my anxiety spike.

  48. This warms my heart knowing that there is people who care for her. Being in that environment sucks, so I’m so happy that she got to get a better place during the pandemic. <3

  49. So much tears while watching this video.😭 my mom lives alone because my parents broke up and i live with my dad, her house is not that good too, i hope when i graduate and have a job, i can help her to live on a good house. Im so inspired…

  50. I cried through out the video. She is soo lovely and happy and looks life in a positive way and the fact that she said she can use the money given to her to help a lot of people, she is a genuine person. The fact that she is living alone kills every inch of me. I dont want my mom to be alone when shes at this age. Ill be with her everyday..
    Asian Boss, u guys are angels. Thanks for doing this and helping out.

  51. that is so nice of you to take on projects that make ppl happy. hope you can make more and more and until the world is a happy place. although impossible but you make it possible

  52. Madame Yoo deserved this renovation. I pray that God keeps her safe, during this time of uncertainty. May she be blessed with so much more. Asian Boss you did amazing!

  53. Scrolling through the comments has made me realize that the way society views parent-child relationship is saddening. It’s a parent’s duty to care and provide for their child. Even if they’re in a bad situation, if they don’t provide enough for the child then they are bad parents. But when grown ass children (who were raised by their parents) are in a bad situation during adulthood, it’s not their fault that they can’t take care of their parents.

  54. Sad she was saving all that cardboard in her home, making her place more messy, so that she could sell it. But she only got $3.40 USD for them.

  55. The host is THE most handsome and gentile man! Wow 😍 bless you for caring for this beautiful woman! I wish I was her neighbor so I could go visit her and keep her company, enjoying her beautiful light. ❤ 🇰🇷

  56. In a world dripping with history our elders should be a priority instead of an option. To see Madame Yoo as happy as she is should serve as an example that her gentle soul and warm laughter should be treasured and not forgotten about

  57. If I’m a billionaire, I will spend my money to help all poor people out there. I’ve always dream this; if I become a billionaire, I will build a building that is for poor or homeless people. The building will have enough facilities so they can live happily and comfortably. Pray me so I can become a successful person😊

  58. Thank you so much Asian Boss for looking after her, not just once but thrice already. And for the people who donated and helped to make this house renovations possible, may God bless you all.

  59. To everyone that say don’t blame her children before we know their backstory. I know we can’t just judge her children base on a video,but still just leaving her to live like that is like leaving her to die. no matter what happen between them she still raise them. Even if they don’t want to take care of her anymore at the very least they can give her some money on a monthly basis don’t you think?

    To me she doesn’t deserve to be abandon alone like this considering she raise 5 children

  60. i hope the rich Kpop idols could help grandma 🙏

    and i could feel that the host is really a kind hearted person, Godbless you more sir ❤️

  61. Honestly can’t believe I just recently found this channel. I’m half korean and have been living in Seoul for about two years now, and it’s crazy to see all this different insight into the people’s lives I might see daily. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  62. We all can clearly see the excitement, thankfulness and happiness just from her look. She is such a nice person. Her children did a very horrible thing to her, my heart aches 💔

  63. I don’t know what happened before but her children are cruel. The facts is she gave birth to them and they don’t even care about here

  64. Where are her kids grew up and left their mom what kind of people leave their parents, i mean why she’s so alone..not right. Who leaves such a cute granny she so lovely 😢😢😢 I’ll never leave my mom alone..please people never forget your elders they give you birth sacrifices for u in the end u leave them for success..how mean!

  65. Seing her in that poor situation breaks my heart. Here in Philippines most of the family takes care of their elderly even after they have their own family. Godbless to this channel for helper her..

  66. damn… so Parasite was based on real life? I still couldn’t wrap my head around such places existing back when I was watching the movie. I believed Hong Kong could have it because of their cage apartments and the high cost of living but… not South Korea. I’m shocked.

  67. I don’t understand the children how can you be so selfish? How can you sleep at night knowing your mother is in this condition and yet she still wants to looks after them that’s what true love is about this video made me cry how nice it was

  68. I’m glad the money raised will go towards HER needs. I have a feeling she gave the initial donation to her children. I don’t want to hear that she’s still collecting boxes. She can walk for exercise, no more boxes! And hopefully a caretaker is coming by weekly for wellness checks.

  69. I really want to hug her she reminds me of a lady who was almost same old as her I used to visit her often once I bought her a biscuit parle-G(indian cookies) and she really liked it so whenever I visit her I take the biscuit with me, but one day I got the news that she died I was so backed that I couldn’t get over it for some time, and today she really reminded me of her😥

  70. Please if you have your mother or your grandmother or someone else in the family abandoned like this and you watch this video or read this comment. Call and visit please, it’s never too late.

  71. ” I can help a lot of others with that money.” – Mad’am Yoo. She’s still thinking of others and not only keeping the money for herself.

  72. Remember even how bad your mom is, shes the reason you are here. How your sons/daughters gonna treat you are based on how you treat your own mother 🙂

  73. This was such a heartwarming story. Madame Yoo seems like such a nice person. She was so grateful for everything that was done to her home and got so excited about her new stroller. She can live a better life in her home now.

  74. Man, I love this channel. When I’m feeling down about the state of the world and the inhumanity,
    I can always come to this channel and find something to rekindle my faith in mankind. 🙏

  75. I’m so happy I came across this video update on her!! I was literally balling my eyes after watching the first one. I’m so glad that this renovation happened and she is in better living conditions. Thank you for doing this ❤️

  76. Right now I’m kinda losing hope on what’s happening right now but after watching the 3 episode of madame yoo it makes me feel better. I love the way she being positive despite of her age and what’s happening on her life. Thank you as well AsianBoss.

  77. Madame Yoo is such a sweet lady. Please keep checking in with her. I like the food donations you give to her to make her life easier

  78. Not trying to be rude but I am very glad to have been raised from a culture that is so family-oriented. Even when children here grow up to be adults and have their own families, they are still so dedicated to taking care of their aged parents and elders. It’s our way to thank them back for giving us life. As a daughter, I can’t imagine letting my own mother live alone for five years so this story really hits me hard. No matter what you’re going through in your lives please cherish your parents especially when they’re near the exit of life.

  79. I just wish her children won’t show up all of the sudden and try to take her money. A lady nice like her will definitely give it to them.
    And that happens a lot .

  80. Only God can repay your act of kindness toward this lovely grandma, Asian Boss. I don’t care if you believe in the highest power/God or not, but i do believe in it and i will pray for the best thing in your life, the least i can do for you. You are truly My Boss, My Hero. Much ♥️ from 🇲🇾!

  81. Pause at 2:46
    Most beautiful genuine smile

    8:19 the cutest voice of Madame Yoo 😍

    Let’s not forget 8:33 , I want to give her a hug 🤗

  82. we’re both asians but it gets me when you speak in such gentle tone.i felt that you cared so much for her and yet granny dont even want to bother you. i dont understand your language but i understand you speaking with love

  83. The renovation is awesome but I noticed that there isn’t anywhere for her to sit except for small stools. The renovators should’ve put at least a comfy arm chair. It’s really important that she has a place to relax with the job she has. 6:51 you can tell that she was feeling relief when she sat on the couch.

  84. I swear to god, if her kids one day pops in a video and comes up with a lame excuse. Don’t be surprised when I end up on the news for murder 😤

  85. This kind of person knows well how to thank God in the better way, she keeps smiling and never blamed her children about her situation, and she knows eventhough her children didnt help her but there will be another hands come to help her. She still thank God for every single thing she has gotten… what a beautiful strong woman with a beautiful heart. Stay healthy and keep inspiring us. And thank you for all donators for the generousity God bless you All… and Asia Boss team…. you all Rock!!!~~ ^^ Stay Curious

  86. I am crying cos my 95 year old grandpa and 80 year old grandma live with us.. I am 23..i wash my grand pa cloth bathroom do everything.. Make his breakfast which oatmeal he eat every morning.. His medicine on time.. Evening tea on time.. Heat water for bath everything do for him.. He is old so all time irritate us but love us we love him.. My grand ma live with my uncle in same building. They live separate cos they fight all time so solution 😁😂live separately… But grandma come my flat every after noon.. They also take good care of her.. Sry for my bad eng…

  87. Allah never forgive those children … 5 children and no one with her… Allah gives most respect to mother after allah.. 3 times bigger than father.. Allah say if she ill evil different religion never ever leave her untill she death…

  88. I sincerely hope that this took longer and you edited it down to just 3 days… because any renovation done on a place like this in this amount of time is going to be very superficial. I mean, even just a plastered wall will take 2 weeks to dry 😮

  89. It’s so heartwarming that your helping her she only makes $2 it’s so sad she has s small home but untill you help it becomes a hole different home ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥺😭👍

  90. What if there is a flood in her area. The reporter said that it is often flooded inside her house. So it means she needs a clean drainage or tool to secure her house to not be flooded. Have a Good day!

  91. Watching this, broke my heart and I’m so thankful to God being one of the luckiest Mom and Grammy in the world. My 4 children and grandchildren loves me so much they always look after me though i still earn my own keep. They pamper me a lot and gets rattled when they hear I’m sick. They always check on me though some of them lives abroad, they always keep in touch. Filipino families are of close knit tribes and we always take good care of our elders whatever economic status.

  92. Omg she is just adorable that beautiful face and smile.. she’s a joy💗💗💗 I hope she has someone looking after her going forward and not just because there is money involved. I would gladly look after the darling. She is precious and reminds me of my 97 yo aunt who we sadly lost last year, she smiled constantly and was grateful for little things and was a joy to be around. I hoper her family wake up and realise how precious she is!!

  93. Thank you for sharing your wonderful video. It was a pleasure to see such young people respecting and helping the elderly. Your team made a huge difference in this womens life!!! For the rest of us ( myself included ) we forget that we have more than most and there is always someone worse off. God bless this desr lady and your team!!

  94. The whole time I was looking at this poor women’s posture! It will only get worse if not dealt with, her whole body will suffer. Please guys help her with this too and well done for the amazing help so far. God bless!

  95. She said she’ll help a lot using the money donated to her. She has a loving and pure heart and I hope her children will not just take away that money and food giving to her, hence they should help her out, too. God bless to the people who donated and to the Asian boss’ team.

  96. I’m so sad for Madame Yoo that her children haven’t been able to help her significantly. But it’s absolutely AMAZING that Asian Boss and everyone involved remodeled, cleaned, and improved her home!!! Your compassion and the generous contributions blessed Madame Yoo tremendously. Thank you for being a godly example, for making a huge, positive impact and for being a testimony and blessing to many around the world. May Almighty GOD bless you all. Please check up on her to see how she is doing, and give us an update. 🙏🏻❤️✝️❤️🙏🏻

  97. The first thing she said after hearing she would be receiving 20k USD was “I can help a lot of people with that money.” How selfless? An angel ought to swoop down and take her to heaven directly. ❤️

  98. This video left me with much needed happy tears. This man was so kind and good with her. He’s doing the good that he wishes to see in the world 💕

  99. If you all commenting here cared for the homeless people living near your homes, this world would be a better place. All you guys do is lie on your couch and pretend to care for people living thousands of miles away. Disgusting. You guys are using others sorrow to find emotional gratification by pretending to care. The video is great btw. kudos to the team who did it.

  100. All you youtubers doing these acts with your money gives me hope for humanity ! Keep doing what yous do. Much love and respect from Canada

  101. How do we let this happen to people, human beings living in such bad conditions. Thank you guys for helping her, where ever people come from. No matter where that is in the world, no one deserves to live like that. We are all one race, human beings and we need to do better. For ourselves and each other, otherwise how can the world get better.

  102. What a lovely lady. Given more money than she has probably ever had in her entire life and all she thinks about is how she can help others 😩❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy she now has a lovey home to live in ❤️

  103. Is there a way to fix her back after her accident? Like surgery? It hurts my heart to see her crouching all the time, I literally cried🥺

  104. Beautiful video I can see you both love this lady hence all the generous efforts your whole team did to transform her space and life. THANK YOU from me personally.. Great job!!!!

  105. It would be nice to get some similar wallpaper with flowers and ladybirds as a memento. Or custom painted as wallpapers are just horrible.

  106. Brb crying 😢 that was awesome wish they gave her her own place, but still nice of you all! Bless y’all and the lady 😢 hope when I get old ppl are just as nice to me lol

  107. it is really awesome to see the younger generation of Koreans doing nice things . my dad is Korean and in the age 68 and from what I noticed about the guys his age they have so much ego and care too much of reputation and respect and won’t do nice things for people out of there own good if it wasn’t going to go un noticed

  108. This vid just breaks my heart, here i am living in a warm house, plenty of food, etc and poor souls like this are left to live in squalor, I think we are letting our elderly down globally, we owe them everything yet they are the ones suffering. Thank you to the production team and Asian boss for helping this lady out.

  109. She reminds me so much of my grandma. Always trying to laugh. The complete lack of teeth. The hoarding. And also, my relatives abandoning her and refusing to help. Well, unless we pay them, right? Can’t help their mother unless they’re given money. I wish this Madame Yoo the best!

  110. Holy crap that’s really nice! Didn’t realize how spacious her house was, she deserves to be happy!
    I’d really like to get her a dehumidifier if that helps with the humidity problem 😊

  111. While I am very happy that this got done and I am grateful for the people who have helped her, I wonder how long it will last. She seems to be a hoarder. She is cute as a button though.

  112. I cant imagine having my mom live by herself like this. I told my mom a while ago that when I get my own house she can live with me. Ill take care of the bills as long as she washes the dishes hahaha

  113. I have met a poor aged man in my area whoz old and crippled. On my way to work i give him food still feels so bad that i couldnt provide shelter also his only sister abondoned him he sleeps roadside and if want to move him to old age home no body agrees to take him even charity brothers refused. I wish i could bring him home but my family wont allow me coz they fear govt.. I pray God keeps him safe and by seeing this video i got emotional

  114. Hong kong too have these bow shaped ladies, holding trolley in lower posture deforms their back bone, need trollies with handle much higher so that they dont need to bend while pushing the cart.

  115. You’re really doing a great work in helping those who needed the most.
    I felt happy for the grandma and at the same time felt bad too as she’s living alone. How I wish I’m living be in Korea so I can visit her often to keep her company. Her jolly mood despite her condition is contagious…

  116. I don’t understand why her children cant all put some money in and rent/buy a cheap house so they can all live together and help their mother its absolutely ridicules even if they don’t have time to look after her let her be around family in a proper safe home

  117. Bless her heart and every single person who was involved helping her. When it comes to her children well… I hope thet burn in hell leaving her alone in this situation

  118. As sympathetic as I am to Madame Yoo, no one knows the WHOLE story other than her living conditions. So why not be thankful AsianBoss did something instead of bashing her children, grandchildren, relatives, etc. It’s a 14 minute CLIP into someone’s life of 82 years and now everyone thinks they know everything.

  119. In one year the apartment will look the same again.. her kids do not help this woman because she just dont want to keep her rooms clean. by the way the music sucks.

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