we broke up and it saved our relationship

Sometimes it takes heartbreak and time apart to give a relationship a chance and Katy and I agreed it was time to open up about our breakup. To celebrate “2 years” together, Katy and I visited Cempedak Island, an Indonesian private island off the coast of Singapore and truly an incredible escape.

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  1. Hey guys!! Sorry for the delays recently. This isn’t my usual video but it’s a good opportunity to open up and share some real personal stuff and I appreciate seeing all these supportive and kind comments! I have been working tirelessly with my team to finish Lost Creator Academy and get it launched with roughly 50 videos… It’s been way too crazy but it’s finally all done and my FREE 10 video content creator boot camp is launching Feb 15th so if you wanna get into the boot camp, sign up right here: https://lostleblanc.com/lost-creator-academy
    I’ll be launching my next video on Feb 5th so I’ll see you then 😉

    1. This is perfect. Thanks for being real, vulnerable, and honest. This is a great video. And the confessional at the end is a beautiful addition. A relationship is a decision you make every morning to be better for someone. Make that someone you first, then share the love.
      Can’t wait for the next adventure!
      Lots of love !

  2. To be always together … if you make it right und you build the life and work around the relationship, then it will be something a lot of people be jelous about it. So don’t say “no time”, it is like breething, if you stop you die. See it that way!

  3. love the ending discussion about your relationship. My wife and I are going through the struggles as we speak to try and balance life and our travel business. Love the words of advice and you 2 make a very good couple. Keep it up.

  4. *Carlos* my friend… Take some time off for yourself , break the routine a little , take some special time for your girl put your FULL attention towards her, from time to time

  5. “There’s only 6 others like her and unless I come across…” – that moment when you realised you went somewhere else with your words than intended 🤣

  6. I am so appreciative that your shared your story! I broke up with my ex after 4,5 years because of some of the same problems. We where together all the time and eventually she kept swearing at me and be negative about my passions and I kept trying to please her. It was just too much and in the end I couldn’t do it anymore but the most important lesson was that it’s important to have that offline time and also you should not try to change your partner but just love them how they are. I found out we where too different about stuff I am very passionate about. Also both partners should be equally interested in working on the relationship. Eventually it’s gonna be okay as she has moved on and I am trying to enjoy my time with all my passions without being told I am too much 😊✨

  7. I love seeing you guys get a chance to relax and take a breather. Your always going going going and I’m happy that now you’ll have a home base I Bali. You guys deserve it. Congratulations on your two years and working through your struggles. 🙂

  8. thank you guys of sharing your story with us, real life must to be brought into socialmedia wolrd so you have my respect here. Wish you all the best in your love journey together

  9. Just so you know this real video makes you guys more of couple goals. I’m not sure that’s the right thing to say because I’m not sure it’s what you wanna hear. But hearing you have a real relationship makes it more desirable and more exciting. I am sorry that you guys went through the downs but I am so excited to see your ups. Love you guys as a couple and as individuals. Whatever happens you guys were great and are great together. Work on yourself and work on lifting up each other but like you said that’s reality and no one is perfect. Xoxo

  10. She’s wack looks like a good digger 🤫. You would be blessed to spend time with your love one. Just said you miss the same things that annoyed you wow. Talk to couples who can’t afford trips due to money and kids in the mix.

  11. This is transparent and real and most of all a video I can appreciate. There are a lot of couples out here on YT that come off fake with the nonstop forced smiles and goo goo ga ga, I love you 100x in 1 video bs. Real couples are not always in the best mood and that’s normal and perfectly okay.

  12. Probably that was the time your video editing quality dipped to an all time low.? I cud see videos were just being uploaded for the sake.

  13. ALWAYS REMEMBER ,that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.mistakes are made for you to learn from it and do better,relationships are hard because it needs to be so you can know whether he or she is the right person.business and making a living will get in the way you just have to know how to make it work both ways for the better.

  14. Wow I broke up with my BF 3 years ago for 4 hours. They were the longest 4 hours of my life. I am so glad he came to get me. We are stronger than ever.

  15. I don’t follow a lot of travel vlogs but yours I enjoy. I am happy to see that you are still together. You two are beautiful together. Keep on working on it being honest and communicating. This way you will work through a lot and then we still get to enjoy your productions with both of you there.

  16. I have a really awesome business plan that relates to this video. In a nutshell it is an element of surprise travel app. I would love to speak or chat with you about it!

  17. I just like how you guys opened up about your relationship. I also like how honest katy was explaining her part or sharing her thoughts about relationship/their relationship. I can sense how sincere she was. God bless you both.

  18. You gotta watch out for cam….how dare he question your girl about if she really finds your dancing attractive? Couldn’t be me, I’d check his ass as soon as I got back to the states..rich or not

  19. This video is very emotional for me… I’m commenting to say one message: make sure you still appreciate what you could’ve lost. Sadly I do not have the joy that you have. I’m in the process of “getting over and moving on” from the greatest love i ever had. We were together a bit less than a year, but the bond was deep. We grew from being afraid to get into another relationship to spending every day together as some of the happiest days I’ve ever experienced. On my list of ideal partner traits, she met almost every item. When we broke up, my stubbornness kept us apart and I had hoped she wold learn to not judge me so deeply. Instead of conversing about what I had hoped she would learn, I thought I had time. Long story short I did not realize what I had lost until she was gone. She’s now gone, quarantined in her house with someone else, NOT ME. I don’t believe i will ever meet someone I can connect that close with again, but i say all that to say this. I’ve experienced the chemistry and deep bond that you two are able to convey through your channel. DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. You almost lost it once, fight every day against anything that might challenge to solidity of your relationship. You have something beautiful, hold onto it forever!.. Let tears breed joy.

  20. Thanks for sharing…you are right, no relationship is ever perfect and you have to accept the good and the bad! As long as the basic foundation is good, things will always work out. Take it from a couple that’s been together for 45 years! Best to both of you.

  21. Wow watching your video in the beginning I’m like why doesn’t my boyfriend do this with me or celebrate our 2 years relationship because we have but then watching the end I really appreciated this video, because a lot of us most likely compare our relationships with other couples that seems PERFECT and when you guys said there’s no relationship that’s perfect and it’s just up to both of you to work things out, building each other up. so Thankyou for making this video 💕

  22. I seriously believe you together are the brand, awesome apart as well but definitely unbeatable together. You sound very mature, you are great role models for a lot of young people out there striving for the facade of pure unrealistic perfectness they see on social media platforms. Thank you for keeping it real with your fanbase!

    From the bottom of my heart I wish to see your last name on her one day because you two belong together. Love you a lot! Stay blessed ❤️

  23. Incredible Video you two, there is no better way way for people to get to know you than to open up. We all go through these hardships, but one thing that never gets told is the better situation we end up in after that hardship. Its great to reflect and talk about these things

  24. people find a lot of what he is saying cute, but i saw so many problems in many things he said, it is like he is still waiting for someone else because she is just an almost, he said things that people in the comments find cute, but they are actually not cute, he said things like, “she has so many qualities i want to see in my wife”, but yet she doesn’t have all que qualities to be your wife? “unless i come across…” mmm… he is still waiting for someone better

  25. Very Good post Leblanc makes you look a lot more human and likable as too many “we have a perfect relationship” wont win you many friends…way better….

  26. That’s super authentic and I appreciate you guys for filming it. My fiance and I actually started dating thanks to a dramatic fight, ever since then, when it happens, we kinda bless them every once in a while, because they show we still care. There’s no 1 formula, just listen to your gut and do you. Sending you two much love from Israel!

  27. Good video, being honestly it’s the best. Well done guys to forgive and understand each other that’s the hardest thing. Best wishes 😎😎

  28. You were downright emotionally abusive, even from the little of your life your videos showed, towards Laura. Glad, for Katty’s sake, that you have matured enough to not do that anymore.

  29. Once you get to the actual talk about relationships, this becomes a video of exceptional value for people. Yeah most won’t identify with the path that you two have followed, but the sentiment and the desires are similar. Also, you’re both so articulate and sincere… it’s really refreshing.

  30. Man pl. dont get separated u both r made for each other. We want to see u together all the time. By the way u belongs to which country and whats the nature of your business?

  31. Bro how do you travel the world???
    By your own money????
    by freee???
    Can you explain plz i need to know
    I am from India there is no one like this as much you travel so i need to know can you reply me plz

  32. She is so beautiful man. You are the most. Afortunado man of the world. And god bless you guys. Both of you guys. And live. For ever and love. Guys

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