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  2. Y’all still scared of a 99.9% recovery rate virus that takes out old people and those with multiple health conditions. May as well stay locked up forever like good boys and girls

  3. *I hope it ends soon*
    Can’t even stay inside for a couple of months

    Y’all are like the people who don’t pay taxes… you’re just prolonging the situation… just do it and get it over with

  4. Asian Boss and Bill Gates is the collaboration we didn’t think we needed. This interview is very informative than those they produce in media and televisions.

  5. Just fantastic to hear from Dr. Kim again. Really enjoyed his first visit to Asian Boss and appreciate his professional insight into what we might expect moving forward with the vaccine. Thanks to Asian Boss for allowing us to enjoy this special presentation.

  6. Thank you so much for this informative video. I truly appreciate all the work you do.

    I hope you have a patreon or a shop to support your business more!

    It is very unfortunate how people in my country are very ignorant about this virus. I went for a walk distancing from other, and I saw a lot of people maskless not social distancing.

    When they see people coming they put their mask on. How does that help……?

  7. What’s the point of interviewing in a country that is still behind in vaccination program and has not developed it’s own vaccine yet that too with the same person?……interview in those countries that have developed their own vaccines and are recovering…..like usa,China,russia,India,uk

  8. Can I just thank all those who have made donations to save this channel? Like y’all been a life-saver not only to Asian boss crew but to all the fans and active followers of this channel!!!! THANK YOU!!! God bless!!! 🙏💜

  9. I’m lucky enough to live in the US which is finally stepping with vaccines and mitigation, and I really hope that our country can at least vaccinate enough for herd immunity this year. But as someone that works in live entertainment and has been out of work for almost a year, I truly hope this is over sooner rather than later. My mental health (and financial situation) cannot take much more of this.

  10. The Chinese government censored all the Chinese websites that published the genetic code for the virus within a day or two after they were posted online.

  11. I actually don’t see the virus controlled with ANY kind of vaccine. At ANYTIME.

    The vaccine causes the infection of the macrophages and monocytes. Without killing those very important immune cells.

    When the antibodies coat the virus, the macrophages and monocytes will engulf the particles. The virus escapes from the phagosome and goes onto infect those cells.

    The cells become virus manufacturing facilities. The virus buds off and when the antibodies interact with those particles will result in additional macrophage or monocytes will become infected. The virus can replicate faster than antibodies can be produced. When the antibodies finally disappear, the virus will be able to then infect the mucosal cells themselves.

    The only real hope lies in the fact that an individual’s innate immune response will take over. The innate response comes from the response of the helper T-Cells. Those T-Cells will destroy all virally infected cells. Including the infected macrophages and monocytes.

    The key in fighting the infection depends on the response of the innate response. And when a person without antibodies gets infected, the virus goes directly into the mucosal cells. It takes time for the adaptive immune response to get going. So the additional time is a good thing. The innate response has more time to bring the infection under control.

    Once the antibodies are produced, the virus has the upper hand. And those who already have the antibodies are the most at risk. Which means vaccinated people are at the greatest risk.

    We must restore everyone’s immune response. The way to do that is to remove the use of mercury from the dental armamentarium. Sweden and Norway have already done just that. While Sweden has had trouble, they have never locked down. And their numbers aren’t nearly as bad as the US.

    For anyone who desires the vaccine, go ahead and take it. And just watch what happens. You aren’t protected. At all. With enough time, you will still come down with the disease. And when you do, you will likely be worse off. Your innate response may still be able to overcome the virus. But there is no guarantee. You will experience antibody dependent enhancement of disease. And you won’t have as good of a chance of fighting off the disease as if you picked up the disease in the first place.

    There has NEVER been an effective vaccine for HIV. Not even partially effective. The reason for that is that HIV does the exact same thing that SARs-CoV-2 does. The antibodies which latch onto the virus virus causes the infection of the macrophages and monocytes. It then goes onto infect the T-Helper cells.

    This is an RNA virus. As is HIV and the flu virus. It is very transmissible. There will NO effective vaccine for it. I will say it again. There will NO effective vaccine for it. NONE. NADA.

    At least with actual infection, an IgA response will be initiated. IgA does not induce anywhere near as potent an opsonization response. And the innate immune system is required to successfully overcome the disease. Immunization stimulates the adaptive response only. And when the adaptive response is pre-triggered, it puts the innate response at a huge disadvantage.

    I, personally, will NOT take the vaccine.

  12. Thank you all so much! Very insightful and succinct. I will be sharing this with a lot of people who don’t come from a scientific background and need this information.

  13. I disagree, I think a few years is an exaggeration. Just because right now the developing world doesn’t receive much vaccines doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way for a few years. The US, Canada and the UK will have like 7-8 times more doses than necessary to vaccinate their entire population.

    The pace for the third world is going to improve significantly at some point.

  14. Expecting selfish Americans to quarantine around traveling is so hilarious to me. My dad has gone on like 5 trips since the pandemic started and he has never done a 14 day quarantine and there’s no way to enforce it. I only argue with him to try and change his mind about it once a month now, cuz I just can’t take it anymore

  15. As the saying , you learn something new everyday but in this case …much more…. Thanks to Asian Boss for having this awesome interview and the latest updates of the current situation…… Stay safe everyone..

  16. What?, HIV & cholera pandemic….I hope those idiots from government will not use those 2 to continue to kip lockdown.😂😂

    And no, this pandemic (lockdown) will never finish. First, they said “flat the curve for 2 weeks”, then they said “protect the NHS”, and now “zero case” (wich is technically impossible). When people that need hospitalization will go down they will find another reason….

  17. so sad to see you partnered with bill gates. this scumbag does not have our best interest in mind. he just wants to sell his antivirus crap once again and he’s using your credibility to do it.
    it’s a shame you had to sink to this low.

  18. So if someone has already gotten corona they don’t need the vaccine right? So 30 million fewer Americans would need the vaccine. That should speed up the process quite a bit

  19. Just wondering: why would it be mandatory to have a covid vaccine over a flu vaccine? Or any other virus that is just as deadly or even more so. Why is covid-19 different? There are so many anti vaccine people. To force them to go against there values in order to travel and such seems wrong to me.
    I’m simply trying to learn so if anyone could answer that would be greatly appreciated :-).

  20. Unfortunately Bill Gates is of dubious ethic. His end product speaks for itself. It’s unfortunate you had to take his money, but thank you for telling us. The vax movement needs a better promoter.

  21. “Take these damn masks off”…..Sir, I’m not being funny but why isn’t your honoured guest wearing a mask ? …….Hmm, does he know something we don’t?……With all due respect, I think there’s more to the mask mandate than meets the eye.

  22. *”If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that.”* -Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference.
    You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

  23. My assessment of covid19. In 2018, Trump administration (seems it was John Bolton) dismantled the office of Global Health Security and Biodefense in the National Security Council for cost saving measures (“streamlining”). Covid-19 likely started in Wuhan province of China. China not wanting to hurt their economy, downplayed it to the world while it took severe measures at home. Even though US politicians were given a briefing on the severity of Covid19 in early 2019, Trump downplayed the severity of it on national TV (which is reasonable to not cause panic), but did not seem to know how to respond in a productive way to get the populace prepared & give a unified message. It seems to me, Trump in trying to avoid responsibility, passed the buck to individual states, instead of taking charge to make this a federal issue like he should have. Trump knew that covid-19 could be a marketing optics nightmare, so he tried to avoid it with a laissez-faire approach. On the other hand, Trump’s administration did initiate a joint public-private Operation Warp Speed program, which helped facilitate the faster development of vaccines for covid-19. Despite this effort, he still tried to do image/optics damage control by denying how severe it was, repressing the damning statistics coming in, and helped to spread non-scientifically verified remedies, which further helped confuse the populace (mostly his base of supporters). So kind of a mixed bag by Trump, but I’d say it leans much more heavily in a poor & incompetent response.

  24. I had covid already and I literally didn’t even know it. (Male, White, 32, Good shape, Pack a day cigs.)

    Is taking the vaccine still necessary for me to help other people? Or should I not use one up anymore?

    Most my friends were completely asytematic aswell and are now arguing about to take or not to take the vaccine.

  25. I am taking part in the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine trial in the US that he mentions. What I know so far as a participant, is that theirs is as effective as Pfizer and Moderna. Thank you for this information presented in a calm and intelligent manner. Very welcome after the last 4 years

  26. And after all this , with the 0.6% lethal rate , we can all die from poverty , I lost my job and everyone around me lost it too and we live on 534€ here in Greece , you are all neo Nazis forcing us this into us

  27. Why didn’t you ask him, why for more than a year there is no evidence that this “virus” has been purified and the genetic code has been identified ?

  28. The lucidity of the guest in this segment is really an event to take notice of and appreciate in respect to the validity of the information he provides. Thank you for making this presentation possible.

  29. I find it interesting that this TOP vaccine expert is telling the viewers to wear a mask, yet he’s not wearing one!!!! Oh, the irony is RICH on this video!!!!

  30. In March 2020 I was in NYC in the height of the pandemic & the information regarding Covid from this channel helped me protect myself & my family. I am so glad this channel was saved!

  31. Why is nobody talking about the fact that it’s not even proven that the vaccine is 1) working, 2) safe (both long and short term and 3) necessary.

  32. Wow. We still have MERS, SARS and other diseases. This will be around a bit longer than scientists or health care professionals believe. It’s like flipping a coin and calling head or tails. It just spreads the fear propaganda not calming people.

  33. There is a great video of a guy that simulated how many people should get vaccinated to eradicate the virus and it’s more then 60% of the population.

    Edit: from 30% to 60%

  34. How about we don’t let people put animals crammed with each other wich is the best way to develop viruses and on top of that they give these sick animals antibiotics that just make antibiotics resistant viruses!

  35. So sad that in some countries social distancing and staying home is so hard for them bc they r so selfish. I think that it will be significantly reduced in countries that have the responsible culture thingie. Like china, korea Japan, i think Canada etc. were ppl is way more civilized and emphatic towards others.

  36. With every haitus esp.what we’ve encountering right now, takes years of studies and Covid-19 is evolving.IDK,maybe some years,someday their is a miracle.Just never loose hope🙂
    Btw,I really like him a lot.Wish he was my prof.b4😔

  37. Right now, due to corona virus safety measures, your immune system is not getting its usual dose of bacteria and viruses required to strengthen itself over time. This is a problem for herd immunity for other dangerous diseases. Once lock down measures are removed, you will see a lot of people get really sick.

  38. Brilliant guy. Calmly and politely explains that America’s lazy president and his band of boneheads screwed up.

    Excellent video. Thanks for posting.

  39. LOL! I worked for New Port Vaccine Labs, you’re being poisoned, period. Anyone who doesn’t research ingredients PUBLIC AND PRIVATE, has a personal responsibility to do so. Everything in life is a personal choice, you have free will, and ignorance is YOUR CHOICE.


  40. Hello, I am interested in a video about the Japanese Olympics minister Mori comments on women. Could you please make a video about the position of women in Japan?

  41. The problem started before covid19 when 99% of the population didn’t care about looming pandemics enough to pressure government to prepare. But now the 99% cares, you won’t learn anything from this.
    History is billions of dead people who died because they weren’t interested enough to care about looming problems.

  42. I love, love, love that Bill Gates sponsored this video!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing. If you didnt feel accomplishment by reaching your GoFundMe goal, you should CERTAINLY feel so now!! Way to go Asian Boss!!

  43. A long term study showed vaccinated had more illnesses than non vaccinated.

    Point I am making, big pharma has an incentive to keep you sick and you’re silly not to consider it otherwise.

  44. Hey everybody I’m Yoshi from Yokohama 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    I miss traveling. I want to travel to Asian country 🥺

  45. I KNOW MORE THAN THAT “vACciNe” expert

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