We Asked The World’s Leading Vaccine Expert About COVID-19 Vaccine

We want to thank Dr. Jerome Kim, the Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), for sharing his expert insight on the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. Visit IVI’s website for more information: https://www.ivi.int

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  1. Why aren’t we using the killed live virus approach to vaccines? We actually don’t need a vaccine that prevents the disease, all w need is one that blunts the severity and keeps people out of the hospital…and morgue.

  2. I am always impressed with the content on Asian Boss. It was so refreshing and uplifting to listen to two professionals have a great conversation about a serious matter with no posturing just a great exchange of information. I think when asked what a professional is in the future this clip should just be presented. 45 minutes went by in a flash. Thank you!

  3. This was difficult to watch. I Came here optimistic I’ll leave here aware but depressed. Like my father used to say ” When you’re going through hell, keep going “.

  4. Thank you so much Stephen
    for giving us this information. Please continue to update about this horrible virus. All the best to your staff members 🖐

  5. why doesnt anyone talk about our immune system? thats what heals the disease if we are healthy and dont eat crap and sugar ,. and we exercise and have vit d3 and vit c and zinc

  6. Hey Stephen. I wanted to express my appreciation for your well-lead interviews. I haven’t researched your background but you do seem to have mastered the art of the interview. Plus, I find it refreshing to hear unhyped, noteworthy information presented. Another great interview.

  7. Another reason why American experts sound like idiots is that the reporters only ask political questions. No one in America is concerned with science but rather just the blame game. Let’s get to the facts!

  8. @Asian Boss – this excellent interview needs subtitles for Asian countries, for example Indonesia 🇮🇩 🙏🏽. Also clip/soundbite highlights for important bits.

  9. Thanks for the talk, again another enlightening lesson from vaccination point of view. My take from the talk is; the viruses are here to stay, and the beacon of infections are humans and animals and family gatherings from people coming back from oversea will have to postpone for the foreseeable future. So to protect others and ourselves require our responsible actions. So, please give another talk on the new normal in times of outbreak so we can prepare ourselves and the kids for it. I know Taiwan are teaching new methods of isolation and hygiene for protocols for kids at school, South Korea are implementing voting in midst of pandemic with masks and gloves protocols. But there isn’t much information on how to protect kids except hygiene and if they get it they just have milder symptoms and become carriers. Also since we are still in the midst of the outbreak, we haven’t reach the calm after the storm to discuss trauma handlings for the front lines and those who lost their family members suddenly from the virus . Thus now prevention is cure for those who haven’t gotten it, and those who gotten it and recovered to still wear masks and self monitor in case the virus are too little to detect / themselves are healthy carriers.

  10. Asian Boss, you deserve more subs. I really appreciate the work and effort you put in every video you make. I will always support you guys in any way (by not skipping ads lol). Hope you guys stay safe and healthy.

  11. The best thing about this interview is based on the fact that thanks to the fact that they were able to contact an expert on the subject whose knowledge has been very helpful. Both me and my family will continue to wait patiently for the vaccine and while taking the measures. Thank you very much I will keep you updated on your next interviews.

  12. Great Interview!

    But I believe they shouldn’t test the vaccines on animals,
    BUT instead on those who are pedophiles, murders, ect, especially if they wanna see how the human body response!

  13. Thanks to Cells at Work! and Dr. Hope’s Sicknotes (especially his reacts to series), someone like me could understand the scientist’s insightful sharing better.

    *thank you Asian Boss for another great content 🙏🏼

  14. Thank you for this video! Very informative and important. Now I laugh even harder at our President who thinks a few million pesos of reward is enough for anyone to develop a vaccine. The research funding is much more complicated and costs so much more. I hope he stops with that ridiculous offer.

  15. Myself and ?? others have been waiting for such a well spoken, complete and understandable description of the probable process of COVID vaccine development. So many others speak of months to a possible solution. Many, in fact, explain that the greatest resistance is/will be from Insurers & agency red tape.
    In Canada Gov. announced 2/3$ billion for research in Canada. They speak of “Discovering” vs development/engineering of it.
    “93% failure rate” early stage – that’s sobering. Is that why labs all around world will seemingly act wholly independently?

  16. Dr. Kim is so impressive! Thanks for bringing us this great educational interview. Dr. Kim is an absolute expert and a gifted teacher; he’s able to make complex science understandable. Science in the US has been cut off at the neck by the Moron-in-Chief. Dr. Birx has embarrassed herself and ruined her reputation with her support of Rump. Public health officials whom stand up to Rump and undercut his spewing face reassignment or marginalization. Please use household cleaners as directed on the package label and do not introduce UV light sources into body cavities! It’s sad to have to write that but it needs to be said time and time again so nobody gets hurt.

  17. Is it just me?… but when the doctor is explaining about the cells, antibodies etc. I am imagining it like I am watching Cells at work. Super informative.

  18. informative and great interview! enjoyed listening to Dr Kim .. Hope IVI will get more funding to find a vaccine that will help millions and millions of people around the world !!

  19. 🤔 then why do so many ‘just as educated and more’ disagree with what this guy is saying abou ‘Covid-19’ and why aren’t they interviewed, by Mainstream that is!

  20. Really thankful to Asian boss…for the accurate information.
    Science and medicine made so simple to reach out to common people…tonnes of thanks 👍

  21. So have they confirmed at what point is a COVID patient infectious to others? Because what he stated in 3:16 about infectious people with little symptoms differ a little from the other Korean doctor mentioned that people are making infectious 2 days before severe symptoms show?…

  22. Excellent presentation!

    It is my belief and as harsh as it may seem that when the Covid-19 virus was detected in Wuhan, that is where the complete lock down should have been instigated, unfortunately, this was not the case and peoples from all over the world were systematically allowed to travel from there (Wuhan) which then allowed it to spread to innocent people throughout the World, because our respective governments allowed this situation and the present restrictions to happen they should be bearing the full accountability for the speed and subsequent spread of the Covid-19 Virus. That should also include the costs of proper burial of those innocent’s who have, unfortunately, lost their lives because of this virus.

    Furthermore, the leaders of the governments should be publicly apologizing for this inability to look sufficiently forward at the risk involved in allowing the exodus of the international population and the subsequent spread of the virus. I think it is time to stop the political finger pointing of who is to blame and for them to publicly accept that they were all to blame and finally come together to find a way to actually get this Vaccine developed! Once that is done make sure the cost’s of the Vaccine are completely covered for the populace of the planet.

    This is of course only my personal opinion come about from my own reading and watching of the available material on the current situation with Covid-19. Fred Christie, a citizen of the world…

  23. In my view,all education systems should integrate pandemic practises to schools…maybe less people would act like ignorant retards. Just a thought

  24. Dr Kim’s livelihood depends on receiving vaccine funding, which is why he talks about money so much. He cannot be considered a completely impartial source of information.

    Save a LOT of time and money by testing on death-row prisoners.

  25. this guy , and his organization, is a shill for the vaccine industry. absolutely biased and one sided. of course, with a plastic hashtag like that on the background, it couldnt’ be otherwise. every word he says is basically an advertisement for big pharma and for people to please please please listen to me and get injected with vaccines.

    what about a differing opinion next time?

  26. Thank you AsianBoss. We need more doctors and scientists to lead the conversations regarding Covid-19. And crazy he names Dr. Birx. Dr. Birx, we need you to PLEASE SPEAK UP 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  27. The related officials of the CDC should watch this so amazing interview if they don’t want to be knucklehead experts in front of All Americans.

  28. Nothing here about injecting disinfectant though…. I wonder why..

    Jokes aside there was huge information here. great video and very informative

  29. Thank you so much for this. Although this is sobering information I find it reassuring that such an intelligent man is working hard for all of us.

  30. Coved-19 vaccines should go first to health care workers and areas who got highly infected. I also hope that Governments are very aware of the safety of any kind of cure/vaccines, before offering it to the population. This approval should be part of the WHO in my opinion.

  31. What a well educated and informed person he is! You would really want to go to one of his lectures just to listen to him talk about all his knowledge and experience regarding anything. Asian Boss 👍

  32. Good, informative and calm interview in general. However, i’m appaled as how this specialist deliberately uses death rates of 2% in his “herd immunity” answer, when it’s widely proven with all serology studies that the virus is much more widespread than previously thought and the real mortality rate is way below 1%, some studies pointing to a 0.2 to 0.5%. Numbers are very different from what he’s saying.

  33. I really want to ask experts like these how much greed plays a part in this – like how likely is it there’s already a cure for HIV but it’s far more profitable to create “treatments” for people to continually make money off them rather than a one-time fee for the cure….

  34. Great interview⭐🙏👍
    00:20 Dr Kim IDI on international Global health vaccine research, SARS, isolation effects, Covid minimal symptoms, transmit issues, disease protect against disease, vaccine antivirus trains immune system, like army defense force, heat may kill, germs, protein that fight infections antibodies, killer cells or helper cells
    5:30 Killer cells vs Helper cells, white blood cells, cells train to fight virus, smallpox, highly specifics, directed at pathogens, testing to increase dose to get response
    8:20 Vaccine response dosages, booster, body adapts to living with germs.
    9:20 Why vaccine research takes many years? Body makes antibodies killer cells, 2nd infection are met with antibodies to fight virus, HIV doesnt work that way.
    11:00 HIV vaccine difficulties since virus changes proteins & has many types of HIV virus.

  35. why not have an opposing point of view. MIT doctor andrew kaufman explains, along with other docs, the problems with vaccines historically. very poor history, no liability for damages to big pharma but billions in damages paid out for damage by big pharma through secret court. Vaccines are not tested at all. totally dangerous and full of toxic materials that are even listed on their label. bill gates was responsible, according to many, for the polio vaccine in India. those vaccines caused serious injury to half a million kids. India kicked him out of the country and now we listen to this non expert,non doctor so he can do the same thing to us -no thanks.just because an “expert” sounds like mr rogers does not mean we can trust him. The CDC foundation is a private organization. Fight mandated vaccines.

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