We are Leaving our Apartment , Let’s get Together one More Time for Fun June 28, 2020

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We are Leaving our Apartment , Let’s get Together one More Time for Fun June 28, 2020 @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. am all in to date your wife’s sis sign me up add me to facebook Chevasirons will be arriving to cebu as soon as the virus is over and flights are open Pittsburgh PA

  2. Paul – You are a Lucky Man !!! Thanks for sharing with us the Fun and Laughter of you and so many pretty Filipinas in the Old Dog Apartment. Looking forward to seeing your new videos in the new place !!

  3. Wow, even today in Philippines society, they still gather like that. Way back in 1991. I remember best friends of my girlfriend use to gather around like that and enjoy the life. That is big importance in the Philippines, carefree and not much drama.

  4. My girlfriend drank alot of shots of tequla against my wishes, later she was in a stupa, roleing around on the ground and shiting on herself, O what a mess .no more tequla since ..

  5. Hint: when you move to your new place, keep the same backdrop, yellow bird, wall art, everything. People have a need for familiarity in this time of distress, especially now during this pandemic – love you guys !

  6. Hi Paul,,
    I would love for you to pass a message on to maria Catherine for me,, please can you tell her that I would love to be in contact with her
    I am John from the UK…………

  7. Yeah I remember Ann’s interview the other day, hey I was wondering if I could ask her a question, I’m looking at some diving equipment and I was just wondering what would be a good regulator and BC?

  8. I want to hear about drunken baby Mae now,,, weve all shamed ourselves,,, so when yove settled in your new doghouse,,, spill the beans on Mae,,, and good luck in your new compound.

  9. Great video Paul…you are picking up, right where Hugh Hefner left off…what a beautiful group of ladies. I hope they are still single in March, when I get to Dumaguete…Mary Katherine is stunning😍

  10. Looking forward to seeing you and Mae’s new apartment. You guys take care and keep up the good work on your videos. I hope you and all of your friends are healthy and doing well. You’re a good guy, Paul and as always, all the best from Germany.
    – Dave

  11. I think the Chickens had some Tequila !!! hes been on his back for most of the interviews lol !! Nice one you old dog!!! you shouldnt be giving pretty girls lollipops !!! Good luck in the move, dont forget the chicken hes somewhere at the back of the sofa lol Hail the Chicken!!!

  12. Good luck with your move uncle Paul. I will be waiting for your video my friend. Mae looks so cool with her shades. What a beautiful bunch of Filipinas. 😊😊😊😊

  13. Nice to see that Mae have good and cute funny friends. I prefer Baby Mae with no reflective glasses. Her eyes are beautiful. Good luck bin your new apartment.

  14. Wow last show at the OldDog Apt – where it all started. It was like watching Johnny Carson’s last show in 1992. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your new place.

  15. Hello Paul and Mae … Best wishes on your new place together! You should make a moving video and show everyone your new place . Take care and god bless

  16. Very enjoyable Paul. I’ll have some tequila and mescal in one of my videos when I get to Mexico and dedicate it to baby Mae. 6 weeks and counting, OD!

  17. Another great couch interview πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..If those walls could talk 🀭🀭….Marie and Anne again 😊😊..Good luck with the move ..

  18. Hey Paul still very interested in Maria Catherine II’m currently in Vietnam but will be relocating to the Philippines when the opportunity presents itself

  19. Paul, you have a gift to make folks look funny with your humor. I catch myself smiling when i watch your videos and your laugh cracks me up. The best in your new Apt.

  20. Does Ann have a professional contact? I’m planning to come to the Philippines as soon as we’re allowed to travel, and I’d like to get my scuba certification.

  21. Wow, Great show Paul. I really like Maria Catherine and I like kids too. I plan to move there and visit there as soon as COVID is finished.

  22. Let’s get this channel going with a full bikini contest!
    I still have a crush on a Ann… Would she prefer to live in the Philippines or America?

  23. Hi Paul, great video at the last day at the old dog pound. I enjoy the video dearly with the girls especially given them lollipops but you forgot to give baby Mae a lollipop. Looking forward for the new video at the new compound. God bless you both because you are a joy to watch.

  24. WOW Paul! Way to wrap it up with so many interviewees in attendance and Gaylord peeking over the couch. Many may disagree but I have grown accustomed to the painting above your couch like a prop on a set. LOL Thank you for sharing with us and can’t wait to see the new place. God bless everyone!

  25. PAUL …Good luck with the move. I’m seriously interested in Maria Katherine. I have no facebook. Been too busy doing volunteer work in Thailand, but moving to Filippines as soon as travel allows. Been following you, I’m also interested this apt complex your moving out of. Need a place nice place when I get there. How can we briefly chat? ….Blessings friend

  26. Hi Paul,I subscribed to baby Mae to support her channel.Paul I am retired here in the Philippines in Cebu but I can travel,I am a diver,so tell Ann I will be needing her services soon.ineed a diving partner.

  27. Paul you are the new George Burns a beautiful young lady on each arm. It’s great to see Mae has gone Hollywood with the sunglasses. Great job guys.

  28. Smiles all around! Great job once again Paul. All those ladies seem so nice, with fantastic personalities. Am sure the ladies looking for someone will find a special guy soon. Remember, if you guys ever get the chance to come to Thailand I have a room for you here in Chiang Mai. Take care, be safe.

  29. Hello maria katherine. Im also single. Im an American from Houston texas. Im 42 years old and i think your really nice. I know you have a daughter and its ok. I would treat you and your daughter with love and respect. How can i meet you. My name is roberto medina.

  30. As always you two have the most fun. Hope your move goes great with no surprises or breakage! Hmmm…. Tequila. I think we all have a good idea about that story! 😁

  31. wooow paul you do a great job..interviewing a lot of beautiful girls on your youtube land…happy to see you always smile and laughing.thats make you young and dont feel getting old..keep up the good work paul..

  32. Hi Paul, hope everything goes well with your move to the new location with Mae.

    Not so good to hear you blaspheme the name of Lord Jesus Paul. Chris in Australia.

  33. Paul, when you said, here comes trouble, I knew exactly who it was. Lol. Such a lovely, pretty lady and someone who I am very proud of for her determination in life

  34. Hello Paul,
    I’m a big fan of your videos, very entertaining and informative. Do you have an email I can contact you? I’ll be moving to Dumaguete as soon as travel ban is over. I hope to meet a nice Filipina and start a business with her there. It would be great to meet you and Mae and the gang..

  35. Hi Paul, tell your (girl friends) that I am single and will be coming to your beautiful place to find myself a honey in the Phillipines. And as I mentioned in your previous video, it would be great pleasure to meet you.

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