1. What have Elle And I been doing during our time during this time you ask? Well, after our two week quarantine at Tayaysan after our escape from Cebu, Oslob, we decided to open up an Eatery to sell Western Style Hamburgers and authentic Chicago style loaded pizza In Nabilog. 13 hours a day working the last 4 weeks is starting to pay off. Our burgers are making a huge impact on the locals, as they have never tasted anything so delicious. Lame kayo. And the pizza, well, all I can say is it is nice to have fresh ingredients and REAL MOZZARELLA CHEESE pizza, on our home made hand tossed, herb infused, pizza dough made fresh daily. Elle and I have to make 2 trips a month to Dumaguete to gets supplies. So Ned that’s what we have been doing. Take a road trip up to Nabilog and try the food, you will swear your back in the States. Andre from Dumaguete has come up several times with his Filipina and they love the food and the beautiful mountain drive to get here.

    Nabilog Hamburger House
    Best Burgers in all of Negros Oriental!!!!!!

  2. I do understand and the past at you did live in hawaii in fact close to where i live very close. What is the reason you left hawaii

  3. Not as strict right now in QC but that can change overnight netflix has been awseome for me plus if you know anyone in the states that has xfinity you can watch most of those shows (even live) on any device but you need to use a vpn ( currently I use a free one)

  4. If you like blues-rock guitar, like Stevie Ray, Gary Moore, etc.., then check out TAJ FARRANT on youtube, the 11 year old Aussie prodigy. He will be the best blues rocker of all time someday! Unbelievable!

  5. Workout daily and listen to some good podcast 👌 Joe Rogan .Sam Harris . Useful idiots. Hidden brain .and the late great Christopher hitchens

  6. Biogesic = paracetamol only
    Bioflu = Phenylephrine HCl, Chlorphenamine Maleate and Paracetamol
    The bioflu ingredients are decongestants and anti histamines with pain relief of paracetamol, hence why it feels better when you have flu like symptoms.

  7. First I’ve heard on you being a father. Congrats Ned!! Been following for a couple years on and off. Really appreciate your live and learn mentality. I’ve been here in Olongapo City now for 1.5 years and I’m finally starting to conform to this new lifestyle. I enjoy going out to accomplish 4 tasks and coming home hours later only completing one!Lol

  8. I had a feeling that you were ex military, retired US Army here in Quezon City 11 months now. I watch many bloggers, listen to podcasts, fast 60 hours a week as I am diabetic. !Lost 30 pounds since living here, need to lose another 30. I am 66 so restricted to the house day 128 for me. Will keep you, Chichay and your future child in our thoughts

  9. Ned ….I’m with you on facebook. I canceled my account with fb some 3+ yrs ago. Too many fake friends and a HUGE waste of time. Only problem is ….most people say ..contact me on facebook. I guess they forget what emails are for. I sure do agree with a comment here ….social media is OUT OF CONTROL !! Hang in there Ned, this too shall pass.

  10. Walter White was a very evil man. He was an egotist that wanted everything his way. He didn’t care who he hurt or killed to get what he wanted. I’ve watched all episodes 3 times and I still feel bad that Walter died. What does that make me?

  11. I’m trying to find out details regarding the august 1st allowing foreigners. What is the source of that information? I have a pending(frozen) 13A visa at the embassy in Chicago. Hoping I can find more details on if they will also unfreeze issuance of long term visa. Was supposed to already be moved to Ph, but this malady has unhinged all life. What can we do haha. Praying for your healthy upcoming child!

  12. There are 5 types of Dengue the worst one is hemophagocytic which is like ebola it causes you to bleed internally. I myself stay in at night have screens on the windows a big 2 ft. mosquito incinerator plus citronella candles. I have been in the Philippines since 2012 and have not had dengue knock on wood. good luck with the lotion and stay sane.

  13. I’m dying to spend time in the Philippines.. 1st step seems to be allowing Long Term Visa holders, not sure how long it will be. before American’s are allowed back? But I’m hopefully by January?
    Curt in Las Vegas.. long time viewer.

  14. An American who understands and likes Monty Python. A gross generalisation I know but I have found Americans on the whole don’t get the Monty Python/British humour.

  15. I guess everyone has a breaking point whether accumulated or immediate in life .
    It can happen anytime in life ,I always was a happy person staying to myself mostly but as soon as I was made to lock in place it made me a bit angry.
    But it’s through cooperation we help all of our neighbors and relatives ,stay safe always and wear a mask , practice good distances.

  16. I was going to ask you about your parents, glad they are ok. My father is 95 and lives with my sisters. My partner was carrying a medicine ball in front of her with our second son and had to have a C-section because there was no way she was going to have the baby normally like our first son.

  17. haha I work in a factory building semi-trailers w/a guy that was a marine. he’s in his 50s. said while off duty on the ship they played D&D–nothing else to do. I said you look like 1 of the guys that would beat up guys that played D&D. I played it as a teen. now he and I play World of Warcraft w/other work friends

  18. Hi Ned. Small question, I just read in a forum that despite all these various passes they don’t really have these check points any more. The guy said it’s has become more or less the same like wearing a helmet in Dumaguete. Meaning nobody really cares or follows the law. Is this true ?

  19. Minor correction…..As of August 1, it’s actually not tourist being allowed to enter, rather foreigners that already have long term visas. Hopefully tourism will resume soon as well. Get well soon…..

  20. Crazy is always optional. Life in all its glory depends on how you respond to anything. Focus on one side or the other and you will find what your looking for. bitter and angry, or better. Every day.

  21. good vid bro.
    personally i’m content here, next island over🌴.
    you’re making me relive all my Army memories lol 😂
    love my Off lotion too. and AC.
    and asawa!!!! cheers 🍻

  22. If I left the philippines many people that i support would go back into poverty. If not for them I would already be gone. Much is good but the age thing pisses me off. Over 60 and under 20 not allowed out. Try to grt a person to accept that in the USA.

  23. May not be exciting but it is peaceful. You just dont know what alot of ppl would give to have that. Ive just been watching the new lady “filipina pea” shes gonna be popular in a few.

  24. Ps. How do you find expats here who are moderates instead of crazy conservative conspiracy nuts. Every conversation here ends with me saying, “Hey, would you look at the time.” And then excuse myself and hightail as fast as I can.

  25. I’m feeling really closed off here in the providences mostly because the internet sucks. I’m frustrated. Not suicidal yet but definitely leaning towards homicidal. Grrrrr

  26. Yeah August 1st foreigners can enter if you have permanent resident visa and can pay for quarantine test and motel…about $3500.00…$10000.00 for visa and must have $13000.00 in bank account

  27. That’s exactly what the devil worshipping New World Order globalists want is for everyone to believe that every time they get a sniffle a pain or a cough or a cold that it is the virus that Corona and that’s a scam, people get sick we already know the facts are that the common flu kills more people every year than this virus ever did people are over responding but that’s exactly what the Deep State devil worshippers want they want to kill you and bring you to your knees so that you’ll take those shots which is full of Abominations human aborted baby DNA chemicals solvents everything to make you sick and die, the Bill Gates shot or whoever is coming up with one it has the patent Mark of 666 the mark of the beast the Antichrist we know what the Bible says about receiving the mark of the beast you will lose God’s favor and be destroyed with Satan. And then you’ve got the other people that know it’s a crock of s*** the coronavirus and that all of this propaganda and lies . It is designed to bring the world to its knees and bring in and roll out the red carpet for the Antichrist yes the Great Tribulation is nearing and so is the pre-tribulation rapture the returning of Our Lord to take us up with him, choose between strong delusion and Truth there are documentaries on YouTube all over the place exposing the corruption and the conspiracies and telling the truth about the virus check them out please

  28. Hang in there take your vitamins good exercise and fresh air those masks are very unhealthy and they do not stop viruses it’s all a joke anyways what kind of guitars that back there is that a guild I’ve got an acoustic Guild I’ve had for many years, maybe a little music for your soul hope you’re feeling better eat a lot of green leafy vegetables it’s very healthy especially organic ones good luck y’all, Mark southern Missouri Ozarks USA

  29. Ned… I’m ex navy. I wasn’t personally cited in SOF mag, but indirectly mentioned during the Grenada skirmish. Our job was to keep boats from entering or departing the islands… i was ordered to shoot my .50 cal infront of a boat that kept avoiding our blockade. The journalists inside this boat wrote about the rounds zipping by his boat.

    Also, here in Bulacan, we don’t have restrictions as of July 1. Today I’m going to a music shop that finally opened… either buying a newer guitar or at the least, a set of needed strings

  30. Well for me I’ve been working the whole time. We had about 20 guys get sick at my fire department 2 months ago and now we’ve got another wave getting sick again.

    We also have a 45 Acre Farm with 25 cows, 45 goats and 200 more smaller animals and a garden.

    I also train about 8 to 10 dogs a month for basic obedience.
    So I’m needing a break like apparently everyone else is getting. 😆 🤣

    Oh yeah and we have a year and half baby Phil/Am boy with twin girls to be born in 1 month. So no break i guess 😕

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