Was I Arrested and Booked? Every Man has a Story ,Old Dog New Tricks in the Philippines

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Was I Arrested and Booked? Every Man has a Story, Old Dog New Tricks in the Philippines@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I chat with my friend Mark about the time I was arrested and other related tales from the edge


  1. I was raised in San Fernando Valley and the police were notorious for exactly what you were talking about. If he even looked at it a cop driving by they will whip around and guaranteed pull you over and harass you.

  2. I was glad to hear about your experience with law enforcement and was curious if you had any problems obtaining a visa when you applied to come to the P.I. with your police record or was it ignored because it was not a felony where you would have served time in prison.

  3. Man, you guys don’t got nothing on me. Even though I ended up working in Law Enforcement, and eventually ended up becoming a Firefighter/EMT, I still have 10 times the number of run-in’s with Police. Especially when I was younger, but I know what a crossbar hotel is. Even wrote a song about it, and its on my page.

  4. I grew up in Reseda, following along geographically. Porter ranch, 405, rampart, Devonshire division. Not missing it.

  5. Under the backseat of my friends father’s car was a whole lot of beer that caused the seat to move around a lot .Well anyhow to make a long story short all of us ended up in the crowbar hotel with our parents called.When all the dust settled on future “trips” we hid the booze better

  6. Sad thing is about the American system with Policing is that with the amount of technology out there, they still do things the round-a-bout way, like doing those tests that should of been phased out many many years ago, but they still remain today!

  7. I moved back to the small town in USA where I grew up, the first two months I was pulled over twice, once for going through a red light did not happen and once for going 15mph over speed limit, did not happen. I yelled at the second cop said I have not been pulled over in 30 years, I move here and I get pulled over twice in a short time, I said what going on here, do I have to move out of here. Cop denied anything was going on, both time was given a warning. now I have a horrible impression of the police in this town

  8. My buddy was a new cop in Florida and he said on his first day his cop buddies shut down part of the highway just so they could race their cop cars up and down the section they shut down. Most were even drinking…

  9. The only opinion a cop in England can offer is that you’re drunk. Everything else has to be about things they’d seen. But for drunk, “His eyes were glazed, his speech was slurred, he was unsteady on his feet his breath smelled of alcohol, he was drunk, your worship”.

  10. My pal the cop went to the states, hung out with cops, and learned the field sobriety tests. I passed after 14 pints of beer, including several of “Skullsplitter”: 6% alcohol. I’ve got quite a good liver.

  11. The US is odd. Being lifted for a misdemeanor really doesn’t mean much. Most police forces say that you can’t have so many such arrests as to suggest contempt for the law. But you can be a cop with misdemeanor convictions. I watched “Jail” one night and this headteacher was howling that his life was over, and they said, “It’s legally like a parking ticket”.

  12. Time warp! I really enjoyed your story of your experience with the law as a struggling 20yo in LA. you tell it in such a humorous relaxed lighthearted fashion as if it happened yesterday. it took me back in time & gave me insight how things worked then. your story would make basis for a movie. love your well timed chuckle too & Marks insights. He is such a good listener. more stories please from that era pls!

  13. funny thing the only time I have ever been thrown in jail was in the Philippines, way back in days long past, for curfew violation. Big time crook LOL.
    back in the days where the Presidents closets were full of shoes.

  14. It used to be that most cops were regular guys but more and more have been indoctrinated into military style nazi police these days…at least in America.

  15. There will always be good police & bad cops. As hard as departments try to recruit using phycological testing & interviewing some idiots will always slip through the process & those bad apples can drag good cops into their criminal ways especially if they have been on the force for years & are trusted to train others. Personally the only troubles I have ever had with the police were all when I was young & out having fun as a young Canadian single male, enough said about that…for now. I have been stopped while driving in the U.S. a few times but the police treated me with respect, still issued me a ticket (speeding) but they were very polite.

  16. I was stopped many times in my old used cars when I lived in North Hollywood, Ca than in 1985 at 24 years old I purchased my first new car a Trans Am, and from then on was never stopped by the LAPD again so what Pual is saying is true if you have a nice car they know you have money or at least pay more taxes so unless you act like a total idiot you are okay. Take care guys, Mike

  17. I often wonder why truly innocent people dont obtain a machine gun and start killing the police or at least find the cop that did them wrong and take it to the streets

  18. Sorry but i’m not interested in this kinda problems. Not relevant for us actual or future to be expats in the Phillipines. Thumbs down.

  19. Hey Paul. Here is a funny one for you. Many years ago, I was living in Minneapolis and was at a dinner party. One of the ladies who was from Peru tells of her experience of 1st time driving in the US. She was nearly home when a police car puts the sirens on her but instead of pulling to the side, she panics because she does not know English so she presses on the gas and races home in search of her husband for him to speak to the police. But we all roared in laughter especially when the officer explained that one of her tail lights was out.

  20. Not a statement about race: the police are TOTALLY out of control in the USA . If they acted the way they do in other countries people would show up at their house and kick their ass

  21. Great story, but don’t think it was Rampart Div that did the arrest…more likely to be Devonshire Div. I lived in Northridge my area later became Porter Ranch for 53 years. Rampart was in Hollywood and became famous as Paul said through books written by Joseph Wambaugh and also movies. The Feds cleaned it up but it took years. Anyway enjoy your videos sorry to nitpick

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