Walk’n’Talk : THONG NAI PAN YAI BEACH | KOH PHANGAN | THAILAND : #gratitudeAttitude

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  1. There is an old saying in the south, “…8 rains, and 4 sun shines…” in a day and that is normal. Be aware Mike, the south will goes in to the Monsoon season in the November. Take care and have a good one.

  2. It speaks well of you to look past your own happiness within a bad situation. Empathy is a good thing, Mike. We as individuals can’t do much to solve these problems. Being helpless is frustrating. Well, it’s either that or those piles of nuts mean enormous squirrels have become squatters in those cottages ! Trust your instincts, but I wouldn’t take any chances ! Rain might not be your biggest problem ! Take care.

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