Walk and Talk: Rizal Park and Manila Hotel

Sunday morning exploring Manila’s Rizal park and Manila’s, Manila Hotel Breakfast Buffet.


  1. Hi Tim. You look great. Try not to layover in China on your flight to Califonia. My friend came back from Bankok laying over in China. Couldn’t catch his transit flight due to excessive security mesures. Ciao Bro

  2. Tim everyone has a past and everyone deserves another chance.. I hope you get to see your kid when you go to California.. You seem like a great person..

  3. Hey Tim you have overwhelming people on your side, the positives outweigh the negatives. Your videos are really great to see Tim, you’re a real trooper. Enjoy, live the dream.

  4. “Quid Pro Quo”😘😄😅🤔
    Oh you stop😄it. My husband’s ❤️ BP rise to the roof everytime he hears it from Fox News. I Loved Your Family. 😊

  5. Hey Tim new subscriber also American married to Pina we live north of you in albuera Leyte what did you find out about your 13a resident I’m looking to do same we also had child about same time my wife is big fan

  6. Hi tim been trying to speak to you on your live streams but could not find out how you seem to be settling down well,hope you chrissy and baby are doing well.I do watch all your videos waiting for next live stream.

  7. You know Tim Ignore the haters none of us are perfect I know I make mistakes all the time after all we are just human.As for Chrissy she is such a sweet girl you are lucky to have her just as she is to have you and your Baby Dale is a beautiful blessing to you both.Tim have you gone to the doctor you have had that cough for a long time

  8. Hey Tim, I am a new subscriber but and old viewer. My name is Mike Amaris from Yorktown Heights NY. Congratulations to U and Kristin on the birth of your new baby. Like your blogs, and will be moving to the Makati Area of Manila where my girlfriend lives. Once I am there will see about getting together and visit with U. Again the bestest regards to your new family.

  9. Wait what? You have a son in America. Man I now understand more why you feel down most of the times afar. That sucks man hope you can see him and spend time with him.

  10. I know you mentioned that plot of land near your rental home Tim , but take your time ,, I very much doubt you will want to live there full time , you need civilisation like most of us and I am sure you allready know that in the back of your mind . I have got some nice screen shots to paint from your video with the guy coming over for the first time , will message over to you when Ive done . Not sure why other than jealousy anyone is making nasty comments over you .

  11. I took the “Burnie” thing as a bit of reverse psychology…..aka… reverse sarcasm. LOL EDIT—–Manila is so very beautiful!!!! But a $30 breakfast is too rich for my blood. I’m too cheap for that.

  12. Ha Ha pretend Selfie good one … A trip to California will be a great time hopefully see your other son. Your future is bright as you progress through life. I like how the plants look and trees so tropical. Nice to see since i live in London Ontario Canada. If they drank Whiskey it will cure the lungs. I had bad pneumonia once in my life years back and i just took whiskey straight up before bed and next morning lungs were dry no green inflamation.. Yes it works. Keep some in your medicine cabinet. 🙂 amazing historic Manila Hotel. Great Buffet too Yum.. Cheers Tim

  13. My girlfriend and some of my friends keep saying stay out of Manila because pollution. They all live in that are. Do you think its better to skip and meet them in the province? I’m planing a trip this year after this virus is under control.

  14. Whilst running I saw corona chasing u with face mask on waiting to exhale all its virus especially into ur breath so be aware bro just kidding bro

  15. run fat boy run ha ha lol I cracked up when he said that running the intersection. Your losing weight bro. Doing well. All that walking is going to further your calories burn 🙂

  16. 1500 php for breakfast is alot even if it is a buffet. Thats NZ$45.00. Id be happy to spend 25-30 but not 45. Btw , Im sure in China they dont have access youtube and also other social media like fb. They only allow thier own that they can monitor

  17. Did you feel discriminated when you were sitting away from the rest of the buffet eaters? The food looked yummy. I hope that you will be able to see your son when you visit California.

  18. Hello sir I have asking you if it’s ok ..only my asking is. Wat means if the foregnier give ring in in the woman.. bcz that’s happened to me he give me the ring and very buetyfull and I’m happy cz only now experience to all of my life.. but he cannot romantic only ask that’s love our no… Sorry if I can’t talk good in English .. I only to know if that foregnier seruise if he give ring here woman.. even no romantic and effort..

  19. Wow $30 for breakfast and no omelette Bar ☹️😩😢 that my friend was most expensive breakfast I have seen and I am no young kid in my 60’s

  20. Happy Monday Tim! Yes, Rizal Park…I like it…if you don’t mind a few homeless people and sometimes the smell of urine. I have spend days in the park playing chess (You almost walked to the chess area of the park). I was a tournament chess player and those who play there are very strong…I would say Expert to Master level players. The Jose Rizal monument usually has an Honor Guard posted…it is on the level of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Manila Hotel…my favorite hotel in Manila…Sunday the breakfast buffet is very busy. When I am there, I go down the breakfast at 6 am. Hardly a line then for sure! You did get a good seat in the Café Ilang-Ilang…that area by the windows is usually full. I know, it is a bit further from the food, but you have a view of the pool area. They do make omelettes, awesome omelettes…sometimes you just have to ask. They also serve fresh brewed coffee. I feel you didn’t get the full experience…and I feel sad for that.

  21. Good video….Thanks for going to buffet at Manila Hotel I agree not a good deal at all….I live in Cebu City and the best breakfast buffet for the money is the Quest Hotel across from Ayala mall..600P They have huge platters of bacon and ham next to omelette station lots of fresh fruit all the juice and a big carving station…It has lots of fresh bread and toasters the girls really love it…

  22. Damn man I was just at Luneta park a few days ago while visiting my girlfriend in Manila and mentioned to her I wish we could see you and Chrisy. I can’t believe you are there only a few days later. I’ll be back in June for a few weeks so maybe we will go to your province to check things out. Fun content as always!

  23. Awesome Tim, if only you had more time to venture further into the Park Dr. Jose Rizal who you will see most days as he is the face on your 1 Peso coin!!! But once your stomach is rumbling for that 4* breakfast you better run ha ha ha, keep up the good work Bro, I should be back over in a few month : @ )

  24. Wonderful dash through Rizal Park, through the traffic, and into breakfast without omelette 🙂 it is nice to see you out and about, and had to chuckle at some of your tongue in cheek mispronunciation so. I can imagine the purists leaping for the keyboard. Still, a good way of smoking out the infidel. Hope you can get your paperwork done smoothly and collect some trinkets for the Lady Queen back with Sir Dale. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi. Tim am so happy when I see you walking in the Rizal Park. And it’s not so much people walking in the streets. You are my favorite vlogers and I like your wife crissy..

  26. Watch out for the hookers because they’ll pickpocket you Tim they’ll be two or three around you two will distract you in the third one will pickpocket you

  27. “Ok now, I’ve wandered into the kitchen, that’s the wrong way”…. this made me laugh 😆… great vlog Tim… Cheers from Perth Australia 👍

  28. Bernie has lived off the government more than anyone I can think of other than Nancy Pelosi. Go Bernie the socialist old geezer! Free everything for everyone! Let’s all be happily poor with government cheese.

  29. Hi Tim, That’s Cafe Ilang-Ilang. They do have an omelet station there. You just missed it by a hair. It’s right by the wall to the east of the cafe the last time I was there. I’m obssessed with the vlog by the way. Got here thru Harald’s video; the one with the lady boys dance competition on Tangkaan beach. That was hilarious as AF! Keep it up big man!

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