Vietnam’s most delicious snack. Banh tieu.

Only 5k vnd at Aeon mall.



  1. When you show food/snacks etc. you have to eat them , film yourself or film other people eating it, describing what they’re eating. This video was literally pointless. People watch for reaction, description etc.

  2. That was freaking short , anyway you did it again mate .πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ™βœŒοΈπŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜β€οΈ.

  3. Mom looks happier now, I think she is warming up to you Troy. The little girl is so happy; she is skipping and jumping around, life is beginning to feel normal for her.

  4. I went all over Vietnam looking for banh tieu. It was a joke I was having with my guides. I actually did get it in D1 πŸ™‚ … I get plenty in Philadelphia USA

  5. An abrupt ending…
    I expect we will see more. It was soo good to see the mum smile broadly entering the centre. She is beginning to trust Troy. ❀

  6. If they truly have no place, how about we chip in monthly rent and register daughter into local school. Having financial burden off Mom shoulders is a huge weight off and schooling for brighter future for daughter. How much is rent at a decent place in the area?

  7. Troy, youtube terminated, Stefan Molyneux’s account, yesterday, 6/29/30. Do you know of him and what do you think of people who think critically and how it contends with what is going on in the world, right now in regards to these violent groups in the United States and abroad?

  8. Intersting how mom’s face just lit up on entering the mall – like a kid in fairyland. I do hope mom can get to a better place emotionally and mentally. It is the best chance for both of them. Troy’s comments about being in school uniform made me laugh. In the UK, my generation (and those before me) school uniform was our Sunday best.out fit. Invariably our most expensive outfit. I can remeber trips up to London with my father when I was in my early teens – to visit steam locomotive sheds of all things – and there I am in the photographs wearing my best school uniform as people dressed up to go travelling in those days. My, how things have changed.

  9. Finally saw a big small from mom. She seems to like the mall and food court. You should keep bringing mom there. The girl is always lively and sweet. Bumping to them you won’t know they have a problem.
    Troy is watching his diet.

  10. Yes, someone should take this small bubbly and very confident little button (girl) in as a Foster Child and look after them well. I wish if I have that kind of extra dough to undertake such a task.

  11. Troy, have you ever thought of giving them a bit more information about the donor? It probably feels quite distant and conceptual to hear only a name that gave them money. Maybe if the donor sends a photo or tells a couple of sentences about them could help?

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