Vietnam’s culture will not last.

The same traits that led to Vietnam’s material rise will result in its spiritual fall. Ie. USA pop culture engineered by the select few. It de graded America and is set to do the same in Vietnam.



  1. Past is past. China is a huge threat to Vietnam now. Vietnam is booming now because of being open to the west. China is way worse that the USA and the west. Look at what’s happening in the south China seas.

  2. the only view of america the strong hard working vietnamese have is that you live more comfortably in america everyone wants to live more comfortably.

  3. Troy, it appears you never been to America, especially L.A., So. Cal, NYC, etc. You don’t know what you are talking about…..America is the best country in the world. There is no comparison. Everyone, including you, want to be an American citizen!

  4. Just let people choose. It’s their culture to do with what they please. If you want a culture to stay frozen in time, you needn’t look any further than North Korea.

  5. I think it´s great that modern Vietnamese are non-ideological. It was the American obsession with defeating communism that led to so many deaths. And it is patriotism and nationalism that keeps the game going. I hope Vietnam loses some of its culture by blending with other peoples. Trade and commercialism have their own evils, of course, but those are preferable to the nationalism and xenophobia of Trump and Al Quaida and all those fools who can´t wait for another war of ideology.

  6. The mentality of most Vietnamese perceive anything foreign to be of superior quality. I am not sure where this might stem from. For example, Vietnamese would select foreign brands because they firmly believe in their superior quality compared to domestic brands.

  7. I was in veitnam last Nov 2019, I am a 6ft 2 inch white guy and had lots of local ppl shaking my hand, smiles and very friendly. When you bash America remember to bash the idiots that got us into this war over 55 years ag. So Remember America we lost over 50,000 ppl and millikns of americans serve in Veitnam with the idea they were helping the ppl of the south. It did not invade but were invited? However that worked. It was a sensless war and yes, millions died because of it.

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