Vietnam Cost of Living – Monthly Budget

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  2. Hi Reekay, thanks for the update. It is very important information to know before you make the decision on whether or not you want to move anywhere. Take care of yourself and try to have fun.

  3. Very good video and very informitive information on your buget.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Enjoy your adventures in Vietnam Reekay.πŸ‘

  4. i would have to ad beer and smokes,reekay i know you don’t smoke or drink much but if you could please stick your head in some where and look at prices,buddy mate,haha

  5. Hey Henry…I’m going to look at an apartment about 10 minutes from the airport. I took a Grab Bike there yesterday and checked it out. I’m meeting the owner there today. $220 per month. My budget will be about $700 per month. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Reekay I do have questions for you, how is the infrastructure there, is the electric reliable? Are you allowed to access all sires on the internet, it is an oppressive country?

  7. Oh gosh!!! You live like a king in Vietnam. I just watched your video about your expenses in Vietnam and I see that it is not bad at all, with the high standard of living that you are living there. It looks like it is a lot better than the Philippines. The only negative I guess is that english language is not that common. Other than that Vietnam looks great!!!

  8. Hello Reekay, thanks for the update, you have a beautiful place to live in with restaurant’s & stores close by, hope to see more of the city in other videos soon, take care an God bless you and your family always. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡»πŸ‡³

  9. Great job Henry. I went to Vietnam last year for just two weeks. I’ve learned so much from watching your videos. One thing for sure, I would not purchase or drive a motorbike in Vietnam and I’ve been riding for years in the states and in Thailand/Pattaya. Now that I’m older it just worries me. Good for you for having the courage! Have a great time and I’m excited to see what you show us next time.
    PS, as far as health care I’d fly to Thailand for my visa runs and stay for a couple of weeks. I have health issues to monitor.
    Take care of your self.

  10. Thanks for the info, doing a great job. After doing a lot of research on line. I came to about the same thing. A couple of hundred extra for a fairly nice place on or near the beach included with some extras, in Da Nang.

  11. Thanks Reekay. As usual you’ve given really good information for many of us to ponder. I was fairly convinced that I would move from Mexico to Philippines, but I had been toying with the idea of checking out Vietnam before I commit to it. I have stayed in Thailand before and I’m still thinking about that as a possibility as well. The more info I can get helps me to make a decision like that, so once again, thanks.

  12. What about health insurance, doctor’s visits, dental work, pharmaceutical products/meds, clothes, haircuts, entertainment? None of that was included in your budget. Shouldn’t it be?

  13. Thanks for the Vietnam videos. I stopped watching you because your content was getting old when you were covering the Philippines. You’re back at the top of my list on videos I watch. Keep up the good work and original content about Vietnam. Thanks

  14. Wow Reekay I’m really impressed with that cheap budget especially with the clean apartment you currently have there. It would even be cheaper for me since I wouldn’t be getting a scooter. I’m sitting at $1750 for the Philippines so I’m guessing I’d be sitting at 🎸ROCKST🌟R Status🎸 by moving to Vietnam 😎 ….Looking forward to your next videos, be safe brother!

  15. Really good video… I’m currently in Thailand, and looking for an alternative. After living here for 6 years. Again… Those are the viedeos I look for. Real money!

  16. Great video, Henry! If you plan to spend significant time – 6 months(+) – in Cambo, during high season, you might consider buying a motorbike, in good shape, in HCMC or Hanoi & flipping it in one of the big 3 – Siem Reap/Phnom Penh/Sihanoukville – for a profit. The provisos are that Cambodians ignore red lights & that, after March or before November, there aren’t a lot of foreigners who don’t already have cars or bikes. You can use the same bike in Vietnam, Laos, & Cambo, without complications, however, taking it to Thailand is very difficult. Good luck!

  17. But are you going to just walk around or sit at home you are not going to see any attractions or see a movie? How about dates with the ladies you aren’t that old yet?

  18. Hello Henry and great savings that you are sticking to! Just out of curiosity, when it comes to large payments in terms of Vietnam Dong (like the rent), does it take long to count all your money to 8,150,000 Dong? More precisely, on these large amounts, how are the bills made? In 20’s, 50’s 100’s or more?

  19. we have a word in Coronado for $662.74 for monthly expenses… FREE. while I have enjoyed the ‘travel paradigm’ with a home base of the island for about 6 years, as of this year, I am LASER focused on moving to Vietnam… for some reason This Year I am not “at home” here any longer… amidst the earning potential over the next 8 years (that we chatted about) I’m at the stage of reviewing what Quality of Life really means for me… and its all coming up Phu Quoc!! (can you say that on TV?) GREAT VIDEO man. Miss you brother! These videos are AWESOME. Thank you.

  20. Hola Reekay, I enjoy your channel and relate to you very well on many levels. There are so many living and relationship options outside of the USA. I have traveled to SEA many times, but now getting serious of making a move soon. Your January expenditures total less than what I spend just in liability insurance for the month. I am sick & tired of the high costs here in California: sky high property taxes, high Income taxes, and Liberal Politicians sticking it to us to fund their BS! Keep up the great work! Pete

  21. Thanks for the accurate info. Are there any taxes? What is the difference between there and the Philippines for comparative services, if that is even possible? TIA

  22. Thank You. Great video on cost of living! I’m not sure of your age but add on 100 to 150 a month for healthcare insurance. I’m not familiar with grab bikes but is it an app for scooter taxi’s or just hailing them from the street?

  23. Great content as always. I would like to see a video on how you got your visa there and the difference between leaving the country every 90 days and why you need a visa.

  24. The one year business visa for foreigners (non-US citizen) has been suspended. The agent told me it’s temporary and that this has happened before. But when it will be reinstated no one knows. Just an heads up.

  25. Love your videos. Would be interested in info about health care options. Such as doctors, dentists, hospitals. Costs and quality. I know you are new in area. But if you learn anything it might make for a video. Be safe. I wish you the best.

  26. Nice budget. Although you didn’t show it, I am assuming you have an emergency fund for various possible issues, to include medical care. And also funds for going out, entertainment, etc. Thanks for sharing. Dude, you ROCK!!! Awesome!!!!

  27. Incredible bang for the buck for living in a more developed big city/country.
    Check out the beautiful beach towns along the coast such as Nha Trang and Da Nang.

  28. I made a couple of comments regarding the reliability of the electrical grid and the Internet in Vietnam, which have both been surprisingly good during the month I’ve been here. Based upon an experience I had yesterday, I think one big weakness in the infrastructure here is the road network. We traveled back from west of Can Tho to Cu Chi using an experienced driver who makes similar runs several times weekly, but we got caught in horrible traffic caused by people returning home after the Tet holiday. The numerous traffic jams and a three–hour back up at the ferry crossing in Long Xuyen turned a 200 km road trip into a 19-hour endurance test. The trip south earlier in the week probably took about five hours and would have been quite a bit shorter without the Long Xuyen ferry crossing. If my wife and I ever visit her relatives near Can Tho again, we would probably fly instead of drive.

  29. Is this $800.00 more than or less than what you would spend in the Philippines?In other words, how does this number compare with what you have spent in the Philippines all else equal?

  30. I’m confused. One purchases a 1 year visa and still has to make a border run every 90 days ? Sounds like a money grab and hassle all combined into one. I would think with the 1 year visa , boom , you’re set for 1 entire year before having to make a border run.

  31. Hi Reekay, I know that you are not a drinker. Can you compare and contrast Vietnamese beer? I enjoy San Migal and Red Horse in the Philippines. How much is beer in Vietnam in the market verse in a restaurant?

  32. So, to include any health issues..or unforeseen costs.. a thousand a month US.. is more than enuf…I mean 220 for health.. which would be a savings too if not used.. and you could have two and a half roughly by years end.. if not dramas… Then you could just keep it going… (good idea) or treat yourself with some of it for a special trip or occasion. But yeah.. doubt you could live that nicely in Thailand. My only concern is the ease of meeting a lady… in VN… and if you did…..then more or less double the cost of living.. Even then.. it is only 24 grand a year.

  33. Wow great video. After migrating here in the Philippines in September you make a strong case for Vietnam. Here in the Philippines they really nickle and dime you and the expenses start to add up. I look forward to your future videos and expenses. Are you going to show videos of like the mall and just basically the atmosphere there. How accepting are they for foreigners. Thank you for the great videos.

  34. Thank you, very good video. I was thinking about the Phillipines, but Vietnam seems very interesting now. I was wondering about the cost of health insurance because you did not mention it. Since i am Canadian, if I move there, I will need it eventually.

  35. Reekay, I have to say that is cheaper there than here really if you think about it. Dining out, and groceries, and your internet, just for internet I pay both Pldt and globe. 48 USD. Great video

  36. As ReeKay mentioned, If you are not an experienced motorcyclist you really, really want to strongly consider NOT ridding in Vietnam. I drove a bike every day while in both Thailand and the Philippines so I am extremely used to unconventional southeast Asia rules of the road so to speak. Even so, I may not ride while in Vietnam, not because it is any more dangerous….not at all. Its just an unnecessary risk that I will not need to take while there.

  37. β€œUS travelers can only stay for a maximum of 90 days in Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. You can stay for 6 months if the purpose of the stay is to visit relatives. One year for business purposes.” Since I am Vietnamese American with a 5-year visa, a custom officer probably assumes that I am there to visit relatives, and thus always gives me 6 months. I wonder if you can claim to be visiting relatives and get to stay for 6 months too.

  38. Thats really affordable. And you have plenty to do right. Im coming to VN. When i can. I think i prefer Hoi Anh area. Its closer to the beach as well. What do you think.

  39. Thanks for sharing that Henry , really interesting. That looks like a pretty good standard of living for the money .
    Very nice apartment, with good and free internet , good food and cheap transport . Glad you are enjoying your time there .

  40. Rickay i know this is off the subject topic but need to ask you, when you were living in Valencia Dumaguete with lynn in a small cute home can you tell me what was the name of that housing community?? Valencia is a great place.

  41. Excellent budget review and very helpful. I think you covered all of the basic and expected budget items and things can be adjusted accordingly. Many thanks Reekay.

  42. I was there 1st lol I brought the babies out of Saigon April 26th 1975 last flight out before Ho Chi Minh City only people left there were the CIA and the Marines at the US Embassy

  43. I’m seriously considering Vietnam as my next vacation after watching your videos that’s a good budget for a month good video.

  44. Wow, that data is eye opening. Actually, compared to the cost of living in the UK it’s mind blowing. Thanks for the financial data. Cheers 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  45. I can tell you we are in no less than 2k a month with all you mention . …and the wifi APESTA UNA MIERDA ..te contare mas de mis expensas ..saludos

  46. Never forget your Mom’s birthday πŸ™‚ Had to smile when you talk about hiring a scooter πŸ™‚ Not for the faint of heart , yet that is mostly for Saigon and Hanoi . For the rest of the country is acceptable .
    My first stop there was Hue , busy , yes , yet still acceptable .
    Hanoi , not πŸ™‚
    I got the busy part in Bkk , Hanoi is different .
    Caught a Vina Sun taxi there .
    Hired a scooter in Hoi An,Da Lat and Phu Quoc , was a breeze .
    A well balanced view πŸ™‚
    As you say , might be cheaper on the outskirts , just if you are wanting to be around D1 , you will commute .
    Going from D3 to D12 took forever almost , more than an hour . .
    I forget the drive from D3 to D7 πŸ™‚ Even from D3 to D1 was 20 -30 mins
    A very nice area though , lots of new buildings .
    Your spot looks great , wifi at home and most places you visit πŸ™‚
    I saw when you bought your scooter , was reasonable . And place under your flat to park at night ?
    While am not looking to re locate there any time soon , would be the first place I would go πŸ™‚
    Keep on having fun .

  47. Just my opinion, but this is way high! I lived in Costa Rica for less than 400 a month. Im in South Dakota and live here on less than 900 a month no problem.

  48. Phone? I will be in Da Nang in 10 days. Three months there. Then to Thailand 1 month, then Philippines. Buy one there or not? As to the “chip” ? What type of that should I get.? Secondary, a guide and or translator. I have seen on line companies, well I am going to help orphanages in the area. I am doing this on my own,(God put it on my heart) to help “agent orange children “. You give good advise. I could use your information.

  49. Sounds alot cheaper but isn’t gas like 1 something a litre, almost 4 litres in a gallon alot for gas but that’s just what I heard,2.29 a gallon where I am

  50. A critical post about the real cost of living, it’s far from being that cheap :

    Also, there is problems with the toxicity of food in VN :

    I guess it happen also in the other in development countries. You have to be careful. It’s cheap for a reason.
    I don’t even speak about the effect of air pollution on health and the road accidents :

    I do not post to demotivate people to go there but just to warn, and to balance with the often too idealist videos/blogs about VN (I lived there 5 months and did quite long research on the benefit of living there) and others in development countries.

  51. Thank you so much Reekay. This video could not have come at a better time for me as I’m playing on moving to Vietnam in the next several months. I’m retired from the Air Force and your budget spreadsheets really put things into real life perspective (as opposed to the Cost of Living Websites which tend to address these issues in more general and highly variable terms). Well done!

  52. Good video. I’m curious why you opted for the 1 year tourist visa which requires border runs instead of a 1 year business visa that doesn’t afaik.

  53. In the Phils there are backup solution for internet such as Globe pocket wifi or HomeWifi. is there a backup in Vietnam? very important to me. ??

  54. hello reekay, i am thinking to follow your trail. tks for sharing this important budget info. one burning question. what is the best way to transfer fund or access my fund it the fund is in another country, in my case is in the u.s., while in viet nam. probably unwise to bring lots of cash on hand. tks

  55. Wow ,you have seen the light mate .I’m so happy you found a good place to live ,the woman are better ,I think I will subscribe again now ,hope we meet when I go back .

  56. Great video, but anybody who lives in any country without health insurance either has a lot of cash in the bank or is an absolute risk taking moron

  57. $662? That is literally nothing. According to my calculations, I make about 306,000,000 VND per month. Damn, I could go there and live like the top 1%.

  58. what would be a 2 bedroom … like at a really nice aria if you could put 1800$ into it .. what would you do …, baby sea view or even 10000 $ a month with security … or any under ground parking … could that be done with 1000$ a month and internet and maid … I’m in then

  59. A couple of years ago, 2017, I stayed in Long Xuyen Vietnam for 3 months on a much lesser budget than perhaps renting a house??. Long Xuyen is about 5 hours from Ho Chi Minh City. How? I stayed in a motel “Phuong Nam Hotel” for less than $11.00 / day. The motel eas very clean, hot water, included excellent Wifi, HBO, nice AC, and for a few dollars I had my cloth washed.. I also ate for less than $5.00 / day..

  60. Vietnam is waaaay overpriced for dusty hotel style living rooms. For example $400 a month anywhere else in SEA would get you a condo with a pool or gym. For $400 you barely get a nice room in Saigon.

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