Việt Kiều Mỹ SAMANTHA PHAM cứu đói người già ở Saigon.

Thanks to Samantha Pham.



  1. Samantha Pham người việt hải ngoại giúp cho những người không may mắn còn ở v n, không phải hội từ thiện.

    1. Pretty sure it’s the old bloke from yesterday that was riding around with him into the alleyways. Think he did something similar in alleyway as well

  2. I support giving food over money but do these people even have a way to cook them? Water, pot, and somewhere tor cook. Or are they sitting on some stoop trying to swallow uncooked crunchy dry noodles thinking “Thanks Troy”?

    1. jim beam They manage to feed themselves, and I don’t think they’re dropping into KFC on a regular basis. Just about everyone has a place to sleep and a place to cook, even if it’s only a temporary shared room. However, I think I would still give them money cos I reckon they know how to buy calories more efficiently than Troy. Also, many need meds.

  3. “since he looks like he can work” you did not give someone money. It is you channel dude and I respect all your decisions…but deciding just by how someone looks potentially puts you on a very slippery slope

    1. @Dylan Rodrigues Does not matter from what country the conversation is about,there are just too many health problems that people have that are impossible to notice JUST BY LOOKING AT SOMEONE !

  4. I like the new format, giving food to help, taking them to purchase something they need, keep it up troy and samantha.
    Only a box of noodles lost in this video, you are getting better. I hope the epilogue was not just begging for more.
    ♫♫♫ Bắp xào, bắp nướng, khoai lang nướng, hột gà nướng, hột vịt lộn, hột vịt dữa, trứng cút lộn, bắp xào, vịt lộn xào me đây… ♫♫♫

  5. I am glad that you have finally heeded my request for buying a meal for the needy. Thank you and those who help you to carry on with the charity works.

  6. Be careful of these dark alleys Troy you might get bum rushed lol. Your camera man keeps putting you in awkward positions, I think he wants to be a director lool but some times you might meet great people in these alley ways so don’t let it get you down. Number 11111 that old lady was really cute to

    1. @Thirdeyeboy85 Rams Gotcha…I live in the US, but go to Vietnam multiple times each year and I constantly get asked how safe is it or if I’ve ever been a victim of a crime there. A lot of people still have misperception of Vietnam, since their standard of living is a tenth of Americans.

    2. Many people end up missing in Vietnam and China. Organs are a big business. Why are there so many organ transplants in those countries but there are a huge long waiting lists in other countries. Becareful ya’ll. 😆

    3. Lol I was joking about getting rushed most Vietnamese ppl are really nice as you can see in Troy’s videos but ppl will try to get money from you if they see you giving others it’s not always easy to differentiate who is most in need just have to do your best

    4. Have been to Vietnam? You’re not going to get bum rushed unless you got into a drunken argument with someone in a bar. And it won’t be an older, shorter person, than you. If anything, you have to watch the groups of young teen punks, not the older generation

  7. I enjoy watching you appear personally in front of camera in your videos, as well sometimes added music giving an authentic touch,you are such a sweet person to be doing this,Jehovah will pay u back three fold!!

  8. A million Thanks to Troy, this is Samantha Pham. It was hilarious you had them pronounce my name, I was cracking up so hard. But in the future, you could just use my Vietnamese name Hong Huong, so they don’t have to struggle so much:) I wish I could join you in this crusade and do this every day of my life, mingling with our fellow brothers and sisters in need. All that you do, definitely gives people hope and it lifts up their spirit. But most importantly, the personal intimate conversations you share with each individual is very special. For those who do not speak Vietnamese, Troy speaks to them with kindness, humility and dignity. When you get them to smile and laugh, it always makes my day. Troy is a great human being, we all are not prefect. Let’s continue to motivate this man and give him positive comments to strengthen his spirit so he can continue to carry on this challenging and sometimes dangerous work. Imagine what we all can do in numbers if we became his Patreon and only donate $1 each, with 49K subscribers we all can make a huge difference without compromising our livelihood yet being a part of a blessing to so many others. I will start today and be Troy’s Patreon. Who would like to join me in this cause? Please thumbs up if you became a Patreon and joined me to stand behind Troy’s work? I pray the rosary everyday and will keep you in my prayers and thank you for opening up your heart, may the peace of Christ be present in all of us, God Bless our soul.

    1. @Senorpa02 Thank you so much! Thank you for your support as well, it will make a difference in someone’s life more than we can imagine. May you have the guidance and blessings of the Lord in all you do.

    2. Sam Pham, Hong Huong, Thank you for what you are doing through Troy. Through your deeds God will know you. Say a small prayer for me. Logos is rising.

  9. I don’t know the relationship between you and your helper, so this is just guesswork. But I think that you were making more impact when you were control and decision-maker on who to select exclusively.

    I agree about the helper not making it easy on you by saying things like “give him money” at the wrong time and making it more awkward.

    The limited resources that you receive can be better invested perhaps By selecting candidates or family supporting candidates. I feel like the last couple of videos have been shot gun giveaways that will have fading impact if any on good karma or outcome of the recipient.

    I really like the earlier videos were five or six minutes of content or spent on individual backstory or understanding meaningful needs that need to be met. School, investment into a micro business like a sales cart or lotto bulk to resell… Things like that seem to have lasting effect in my opinion.

    Still, thank you very much for your bravery and perseverance.

    1. Funding Gym I agree. The helper is straight out blunt and is not tactile how he approaches the situation. He is not smooth at all.

    2. Yes, he seems to be just giving money away without any story of the persons circumstances.
      Giving money for the sake of giving money…

    3. I concur. I think religious people make a bad name out of their so-called generosity. People should give, simple because they could, and the help should go toward all truly deserving help (poor kids or elderly working from dawn to dusk, earning barely enough to buy a kilo of rice, etc)… not just for those into Stone Age superstitions of one kind of another.

  10. 👍old people that still work and little kid work and don’t even have money to go school ,I love it when you helping those people needed,best good karma will come to you,and 😇,don’t help middle lady like yesterday don’t work and take more drama to you.make me feel better when you put needed smile on there face,keep it up troy,I’ll keep you in touch when the federal send my $1,200 stimulus check,I’ll wire you money to help more people.

  11. So appropriate giving them a box of noodles in time of lockdowns. Noodles are versatile, can be eaten cooked or as is. I like your helper, he’s a cool guy! Bravo to Samatha for sponsoring to help these poor people!

  12. I like how he listened to the lady for so long. So many people probably don’t give her the time of day, or hold a conversation with her, as most elderly can be known to ramble. Just a couple of minutes engaging can meaning nothing to us sometimes, but to the elderly it can mean a lot.

  13. Back in the dark ages, tribes didn’t really like one another. But this is 2020. It’s sad to see this still hasn’t changes in 3rd world countries. All I hear is the south hates the north. This ethnic groups hates or disparages the other group. Saigonese vs Hanoians. The ones with this accent are lazier than the ones with the other accent. The ones from this town is more doggy than the ones from the other town. There’s just not unity in the Asian community. That’s why the whites will always rule the world. Regardless of the country, all white countries are united. While all Asian countries hate one another.

    1. Macky, do you know Irish history? We don’t much like the English. And then there’s the Polish who don’t much like the Russians. Please do more research before saying things that make you look like an uneducated fool.

    2. Yes I look to the love and unity shown across White Europe during WW1 and WW2, or the compassion between Serbs and Croatians in the Balkan wars. Northern Ireland, another showcase of white peoples love. Ukraine and Russia. I could go on.

  14. Dude, just because they reside in Saigon doesn’t make them Saigonese. Most of them are migrants from small towns since Saigon offers a lot more opportunities to make a living.

  15. Everyone should realise that charity is a hit and miss affair, and if it goes wrong sometimes, well that’s only a tiny setback in the bigger scheme of things. Bill Gates (biggest charity donor in world history) said “it’s a lot harder to give money away effectively than it is to earn it”. Carnegie said it too.

  16. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it troy , these people are born into a life of struggle and hardship that even the poorest in the west could ever know , I can’t think of a life more rewarding than what your doing troy , may the knowledge of that inspire you to keep doing the good you are doing , love and peace buddy !

  17. Troy, pls ask older folks where have they been during the war? Wonder how this lady picked up few words in english, bet many hide personal stories, it could be great for them to share and for us to listen. Just saying

  18. The elderly lady just needed a chat to feel included in society & ‘what’s going on’ & she should be granted respect as an elder in any case – so well done Troy for your patience, politeness & deference.

  19. So, are we all ignoring the fact that Troy told the lady that his “mojo” level is low, and she suggested him to eat more greens and tomatoes to bring the level back up? Haha, lmao, Troy, you go boy!!!!

  20. Dont get hitch to a girl from the north, they’re cunning / mean / … That old lady sure told you a lot toward the end, if you need help with what she said translated let me know.

  21. Your helper is a dick….you need the girls from the slum near the river to assist you, they would smell bullshit at 500 yards!! Great stuff as always young man!

  22. 1963 to 1973 she would have been 30 – 40…………..ahhhhh so thats where the bit of english comes from……especially the: “I am single” the old girl is still work’in it.

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