Việt Kiều Mỹ Cứu Đói Dân Sài Gòn. Saigon ngay nay.

Thanks to Quang Nguyen.



  1. Seems like you got attacked by vultures towards the end of the video.
    Except for the first handicapped guy, and less so for the garbage lady. all the others seemed ungrateful. The lady with the small kid wearing red at the end snatched the 300k without sharing as per your request.

  2. Crazy, like a gang of vultures surrounding a carcass, better to stay near the streets and help a few people that you know are more deserving than someone that needs help with her pregnancy.

  3. I like it that you are giving out noodles, Troy. At least you know it is going into their stomachs, as compared to cash. It makes the video more interesting. That alley is like the alley of vultures, suddenly they hop out of nowhere to pounce and peck you. 😁 I think I sound a bit unkind here, cos I am not so much in that needy condition, but thinking back to my childhood,I still probably would not be so demanding. 👍👍👍 Good work, Troy. High demands, here.

  4. Those ladies in the alleyway should have grabbed you guys in good give you a scare.that would have been awesome.!.you need to go back there soon.

  5. It is your choosing of who you random select, don’t give in like a bitch for a referral, just hand out with a small note an GTFO. The whole village is gonna pounce on you! When I visited in 2016, I donated and when someone pointed at me that i was passing free money, I just took that portion back and said you fuked yourself on this free money, and handed to the person next to her, just to show and make an example out of her.

  6. This is how you decide? I think you need to make better decisions, you know it is going to be problematic, you live and reside in Vietnam, should know this by now.

  7. Stripe shirt woman is bitchy in her way of communicating
    . Not sure if it is urgency or thinking it is government issued money rather than volunteerism.

  8. Well that turned into a shit show quick . Once she started screaming for the pack , I think I would have hauled ass. Be safe out there man, don’t wanna see anything bad happen to you.

  9. Wow all those alley tight turns, your partner is a good rider! I have no doubt those people are very poor otherwise they won’t have lived there! Great video as always!

  10. She lead you down an urban labyrinth tailor made for classic “L-Shaped ambushes. It’s good that you guys didn’t come out of there with a hundred sprung leaks, minus the motorbike and anything else you had with you. What cast-iron balls you guys have; a mark of a bad ass soldier. Stay frosty Bro’.

  11. The comment from one of the previous videos about your blunt sarcasm I felt was justified. Especially after seeing this video.

    It’s much more of a relief to see a video like this without all that extra flavouring you put in. We wouldn’t be the only ones to be turned off from your blunt sarcasm which is a shame because as the previous person mentioned, your efforts underneath it all are amazing. I know you don’t want to draw cheesy af sob stories but you don’t have to, just show it for what it is.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S, I dunno about those people in the alley, bloody bludgers mate, so demanding.

  12. Got took to the hood lol, people are struggling but they were taking it a bit far, stick to the one on ones in the main streets! Take care young man of your health as well !!

  13. i did not like that lady who dragged you in that dark alley, i understand people need money and are struggling but the way she did that was not sincere. please do not go back there again.

  14. What the fuck was that!?!?! People demanding better carry a knife and pepper spray cus these so called people are VERY desperate and will kill you for a few Penny’s!!! You got my respect for sure!!!! Your to trust worthy and it seems like you are getting took for your donations..they think your rich and that’s a Big problem!!! Please please don’t go down no Ally’s or back streets especially in the night!!! Maybe you should be thinking of another district where people are not as bad as wherever you are!! God bless you and stay healthy and SAFE!!!!!

  15. Hi Troy, I appreciate all your hard work and efforts in helping people suffering from poverty in Vietnam. You have a great heart and that’s so nice of you, Troy!!

    Sadly to say that I was so disappointed watching this video today. You could have helped a lot of people who are truly in poverty instead of throwing money out of the window to these scammers. Most of the people you helped later in the video are gonna spend the free cash on gambling, smoking, … Imaging donating funds to you and you end up giving it to wrong places like this :(.

    You were a victim of scammers and I hope to assist your journey with some tips so you could reach those who are truly suffering from destitution.

    1. Do not let the people who you’re trying help know that you or your funds come from America( or any foreign country). Doing that is like telling them you have a lot of money and you gonna make a rain on them. Sadly, in the video, you repeating that mistake many times from 5:03.

    2. Do not hold or show a ton of cash in front of their sight. You’ve could have put them in the envelopes before starting your trip and It wouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. What’s the point of doing so when you’re already show them the amount they’re gonna get at 5:35. A random guy could rob it in less than 30 seconds and causes you physical harm.

    3. Use your instinct to determine who are truly in need of your help, Troy!! Obviously, you could tell that the lady were trying to get AS MUCH AS she could from you at 5:59 since the time she called a guy who works as a gangster come to get free cash.

    4. Do not follow and ‘obey’ whatever they tell you to do. Another mistake is when you kept following her all the way down and ended up being surrounded by strangers trying to scam you for money with their stupid excuses/reasons. Even kids know that they shouldn’t follow strangers in such neighborhoods. You never know whether an attack or – robbery could happens or not. Especially when they already know you have a lot of cash in your pocket and you (used to) live(d) in a foreign country.

    5. I strongly recommend you to help people with( hot/canned) food and essentials instead of cash. I understand that it’s challenging to carry many stuff on just 1 motorbike but you could always corporate with your friends to make a trip with you. I’m pretty sure that there are some young Vietnamese who would happy to assist you as well and you could grow your connection and gain more supporters too.

    6. Just a tiny thing to keep you safe: People could tell that you come from a foreign country right away just by hearing your Viet’s voice so you might not want to let them hear you speaking in English( or any language other than Vietnamese) since bad people tend to rob foreigners.

    Troy, you’re a great man and I wish you could continue delivering joy and happiness to those in need. Thank you for what you are doing, Troy.

    1. Relax, Troy is testing grounds. He knows what went wrong. He’ll agree to what you say. Personally I think the driver/helper was cause of things going wrong.

  16. Troy, you have a good heart, but be more careful next time with who you deal with. Don’t trust heroin addict. Alway go with your first instinct. If you give to the poor people anything, they would say thanks to you so many times and never ask you to give them more. I love to watch your videos. You are doing an amazing work.

  17. My suggestion to Troy is to give to the people living on the street that you actually see working by collecting trash or cans rather than giving to those living in a house.

  18. Don’t sweat it Troy. You can’t see the future, and your donors don’t expect you to do everything perfectly. Besides, sketchy or not, all of those who recieved a hand from this excursion needed help, especially the pregnant woman. Just keep up the good work. Everyone knows that you’re doing your best in situations where it is damn near impossible for everything to turn out like a feel-good TV program, so just keep yourself safe and live to fight another day.

  19. Stop giving money to people on the streets man pretty much maybe only a few people you have gave money to does something for them. It’s better when you give a little girl a bicycle or a crippled old man money that trying to work. But I hate seeing videos were people abuse you and you let it happen. Stop giving people money because they look poor they do that to themselves. I’ve been poor most of my life and still am but I dont ask a damn thing from other people would I take a hand out hell yes would i ask for it hell no. From now on if someone ask you for money tell them to get fucking bent, do what you want with it not what someone tells you.

  20. This lady has no right to boss you around to give people money. I understand shes poor and those living in her neighborhood are poor and shes trying to help them out too, but the way she went about it makes me uneasy.

  21. Troy, After you saw her call that gangster on the scooter you still went with her into the alley? You could tell all the time she was manipulative, ungrateful and not deserving. Best is to stick with the lottery sellers and other hard working people.

  22. that guy who’s helping you donating the box of noodles and cash seems like he’s in a hurry.. This kinda killed the moment for you to really connect with the person you’re helping

  23. This time, you gave money to the wrong people, a lot of unworthy people in this clip. You should learn it the next time, don’t be easy on everyone, find out first if they are worth it or not.

  24. Stick to the main streets in future Troy, That could have gone seriously wrong in so many ways they were just a load of grabbing rude ignorant people ! No more alleys from now on Pal put your safety first.

  25. that lady and the dude turning up felt more like a mugging than anything, jeez, super sketchy. Edit: Only got worse the longer I watched. Careful dude, that could have got bad.

  26. It’s not a good sign when you offer help to someone and they start to give you a list of other people you should help. None of these people appeared sick or crippled. Great work as always Troy, stay safe buddy.

  27. Yea, that was a mistake – wretched woman only sees some charity as an opportunity for everyone she knows to get some until you are milked dry… Mind you, I’m not saying that they don’t need or deserve help…

  28. I dont know how long you have been here in Vietnam and how much you are understand about Vietnamese people. For better you should have a colleague is local citizens go with and help you to know who is really need to help. Because in Vietnam have lots of drug addicts on street and look poor. And also should you put Viet subtitles on your video and your Vietnam bank account too ( because lots of Vietnamese like to watch your video and wanna help people too but they don’t really understand at all and how to use paypal)

  29. The lady in red that got the last 300k, didn’t even have the decency to say thank you and started asking Troy to give each person 100k. She later asked him to pay for her pregnancy. I know they are poor but what an ungrateful bunch.

  30. You should have fled away.Why would you give money to those ungrateful people. That lady was acting like she was in charge of money and was distributing it on her own.

  31. Right when you gave that first lady the box of noodles and she began demanding and calling people over for free money that was your major sign to gtf outta that place but instead you lingered on and then proceeded to follow her. BIG MISTAKE!! You shouldn’t have gave her the money let alone 300 vnd.

  32. When Troy and the other dude showed up in that alley and when people realized they were donating money and doing some charity, they looked like that one kid who opens a pack of chips in class and everybody surrounds him to get some too xD man, gotta be strong to know when to say no to those kind of people, I mean you’re not the Messiah who can multiply fish either but anyways, god job as always dude !!

  33. People that ask for money are mostly those who are lazy and have no responsibility, u shoudnt give that man with a scooter that money
    And that woman man …
    i would like to see u just go to a random neighborhood and talk to them go to their home and if u have a good feeling about helping them out do it

    1. Probably because of his helper. That influenced his decision making. The guy was telling Troy who to give money too. He should just be quiet and just assist Troy with the boxes and that is all. Live and learn, I am sure Troy wont’ be such a push over after this experience.

  34. This helper seems to be taking over the decision making. You did very well by yourself and judged allright.
    I’m not sure what his “angle” is…..
    Don’t let him be the one to hand out the money. You do it.

  35. It is like people that have the nerve to to ask to “borrow” your things, those kinds of people usually will not have the decency to return them.

  36. I reckon talk to them first, make a judgement and give after you have had some time to access them and deemed them deserving. That second lady took you for granted.

  37. OMG I cannot stand that lady @ 5:06, its only a few second in and I cannot stand her already. She seam very ungrateful and annoying. She even tell people to come and get money and noodle because she think you need to help out more and have an endless amount of money to give out. What a greedy bitch! She is also telling you how to do your job like telling you to give that dude some money.

    Atleast say Thank You and be appreciated you old hag! This is not some charities where he can help the whole neighborhood. I feel really bad for you at the end there where every bloody neighbor come and ask for free hand out. Make me lost a bit of hope in Saigon.

  38. This guy is giving money to the wrong people. I know a guy in Vietnam that doesn’t make youtube videos of his charity where he goes around feeding homeless animals and people. These video was “I need new content, I’ll give it to anyone right now”

  39. Ohh man, what a wild ride that was! I was very uncomfortable and scared for you. I think you trusted your helper to be a good judge of character but hes clueless. Trust your first instinct! At the same time… I’m glad you weren’t alone because that could have gotten so much uglier. Money wasn’t completely wasted as the money will be used, video was entertaining .. maybe even good enough to go viral so you’ll get more support ☺

  40. Imagine if these people discovered your channel and saw how awful they looked. They should watch some of your other videos. Little children could teach them how to behave..

  41. One time I gave 2.7 million vnd to a girl in Saigon because her young child was sick.. U would assume she happy I helped.. 3 days later she complained I had not given her enough money.

  42. I don’t have a heart, maybe that is why I watch these videos, trying to learn from Master Troy. But I do have a brain cell or two still firing, as soon as the bike pulled up and the chick stood right in front of you blocking you in, spidey senses went nuts. NEVER NEVER go along with people like that always bully you way to freedom even it means running over crackhead in front of you. You were lucky, they know about you, and the fact you have money and give it away. They (as in fakes, fraudsters and fuckheads) will be waiting for their opportunity again, stay in the light Troy that is were you belong now. The darkness holds more than just shadows. Peace Brother. Stay Safe.

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