Video Diary; Mar 7th, 2015 – New Project, No Catastrophes, Monster Crabs

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  1. Glad to hear your happy 🙂 Thanks for adding me on Single friends of Reekay 🙂 Look forward to seeing you in the Philippines one day (y)

    1. @Outback Dave i feel super fortunate. i have my goals and projects.. but in all else i am very content and satisfied with the way things are right now. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy things are working out for you and lyn, it’s funny when I was watching your cooking I though to myself you should make a cooking show lol ☺

  3. Hi there, Reekay. I just wanted to say that I’ve watched a few of your videos… Your content is responsibly presented and your opinions are measured, and that is why I subscribed. I’m an Fil-Am born in the US, speak little Tagalog, and for all practical purposes, I definitely consider myself American. I have been back to the Philippines 5 times, and I’ll be back there soon later this month! Question: What are you using to record and edit your videos?

    1. @LeeForLife thanks. i try to be as fair as possible. it’s not all white sands and umbrella drinks, but it’s not all bad either. 🙂

  4. Man that’s gotta make one heck of a crab cake Henry!
    Guess it takes a pretty big pot to steam those bad boys?
    Do the coconuts give em a little bit of a sweet taste?

    Also I hope they didn’t eat those dogs

  5. Way to go Reekay…..Congrats on the milestone. Hoping to travel in June and see my gf graduate from Culinary school in June. Very insightful videos have helped me get ready for what to expect both good and bad. She lives in Lubao, Pampamga so really doubt ill run into you. Just wanted to give u props. Thanks so much.

  6. Best wishes on your new cooking channel. I see it as a great public health service if you can get more people to cook there own wholesome meals. I live in an area where there are a lot of super obese women in their twenties and I surmise that they are eating too much fast food and think cooking is nuking a hot pocket.

    BTW I saw one of those crabs up close and they are pretty freaky. 

  7. I really loved your background. I wasn’t even listening your conversation… it’s so relaxing, therapeutic, peaceful (maybe), but it’s full of nature… 

    1. @Roberta Rodriguez there are some places in valencia that are just so quiet and serene, with a great view. some of it is in my 500th video. lots of great places to relax if you look around.

  8. I’d like to make a suggestion for the cooking channel ,, most people are intimidated by cooking fish… maybe you could show a few different styles or techniques.

  9. Interesting, however I noticed you mentioned “there’s a really good group, and a really good dispersion of expats and Filipinas”. I would think since you are living in the Philippines, part of that group would have included Filipino men. Is there a reason for that or is it a reflection of expat life in the Philippines? “Just curious…

    1. @Mel Perez it seems to be the women (filipinas) who are far more active on facebook than the men. among the males, i’d say (with filipinos) the active age-range is probably between 15-23. after that, not too many older
      filipino men as active on fb compared to the filipinas. also, filipinas are interested in networking online via social media to meet expat men. but the filipino men.. they aren’t looking for expat women and have no interest in chatting with expat men either, so that’s another factor.

  10. Hi Henry,
    One of my many adventures while cruising the world was to go on a coconut crab hunt. Coconut crabs are delicious as their main intake is coconut meat. It is one of the reason coconut crabs have such fearsome claws. Imagine the strength it takes to de-husk a coconut with nothing but your fingers.   I did this on the atoll of Suvorov in the northern Cook Islands at 13 17 S x 163 07 W. The government keeps caretakers on the atoll to assist the many cruisers who pass through the group every year. The atoll is not inhabited.
    About once a week we all go to one of the motus on the “hunt”. We are allowed to take one crab each and it must be of sufficient size. Each person must capture their own crab and dispatch it…this is not for the squeamish as the crabs are tough.
    Later in the day after a snorkeling expedition to spear fish in the lagoon we return to the main motu and start to prepare for the big feast. Everyone makes a dish(pot luck) on their own boat and goes to the motu where the caretakers have prepared the fish and crabs. Everybody shares the food and good times of being on a small slice of heaven out in the never-never land of the south Pacific.
    Sorry folks the only way to get there is on your own boat. No ferries, no flights, no roads.
    Take care and keep ’em cooking

  11. Been watching your blogs since I came here in Cyprus 7 mos ago..just send a request joining your group @fb ..hope u will accept me..thanks..btw. I like your videos a lot..

  12. Hey Henry ,a question about the coconut crabs can you eat them? are they edible? being from Maryland originally I am thinking crab cakes :0)

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