Video Diary, Mar 17th 2015 – Still Peeling the Onion

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  1. Hi Henry..
    What you were doing on the escalator is what I used to tell my kids to do when they were little….Up and down for ever…Always knew where to find them when shopping was done….Thanks for the memories…
    PS..Looks as if you are still doing good..

    1. No Syd!…I think his exercise is holding up the selfie-stick…Just got to get him to change over hands before he gets big biceps on one arm,,,LOL….

  2. ya my son comes next month and i think he will get a lil culture shock because he has never flew on a plane or been outside the usa but i think it will be a great learning experience for him and he is 22 so not so worried he a big boy so that will be ok can you message me of fb i got a ? about the throw away ticket. but we are going to go around he will be here months and i dont want to see him waste his money i been here 2.5 yrs also but when i first came you could only stay 18 months in country then they changed it to 36 months being single so not so sure about if he even needs the throw away ticket but it was less than $100 for the throw away ticket because you will never use it. and i dont want him wasting his money because he just going to extend anyway i do your first extend you have to get the alien card which was 6 months from entry

  3. We appreciate you and lyns sacrifices for the videos,,tell her thanks from us 🙂 dont make a habit of those stairs they might start charging expats,,lol,,,

    1. @Noli Perfecto if i did ride it for say.. 3 hours, i wonder what excuse security would provide for asking me to stop riding it. hmmm.

  4. Someone mentioned …hamster…spinning wheel…or something like so. If I could set mine to that speed, if only. Sooner or later perhaps :).

  5. Henry, I love your videos. You have a great on-screen presence.

    I just booked my third trip to the Cebu City area for mid-April. I was there for 10 days in December and 10 days in January. I’m a 62 yo guy, haven’t applied to SS. I have a couple of income streams, so I’m looking  to hold off on SS until I’m 66. This time I’m checking out Dumaguete and Bohol. Going to see some Docs in Cebu and see if the meds I take are available.

    Your vids have been very helpful. They got my butt on the plane and over there. For me, there is no more excuses. The time is now. Of course, my 25 yo Filipina helps “ease” the transition. 

  6. If I’m not wrong, I noticed 3 other foreigners on this video alone. Is that place somewhat a tourist destination or an expat haven or something? Seems interesting in there.

  7. Looks like you’ve lost some weight there buddy boy hahaha Lyn keeping you healthy as well as Tai Chi? Keep up the good work Henry….4 months will soon be 6, then 12 😉

  8. I like your analogy of “peeling the onion”. I lived in Cagayan De Oro for only 5 months but I can relate to how you describe learning new facets of the culture there. The escalator ride fits perfectly because to me, the society there seems stuck in an up and down circle of motion where the people and experiences come and go; when they think they have reached the top, they just turn around and go back down–just to start over and climb again.

    I like your videos Henry. Thanks

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines That’s very true in my case i realize i am more happier and i am always happy when i am in my home town Tanzania (Dar-es-salaam) than here in U.K (Birmingham).In term of social,people being friendly it’s actually worse than California as i found out few years ago people were quite friendly isshh when i was in L.A ,bit better than where i live here in U.K. By the way i will be visiting CEBU next month for 18 days hopefully i will love it.

    2. @Richard Nyak i would say the most striking thing about the PH that has been positive is the focus on ‘today’. while the culture here has it’s own reasons for looking at life in the ‘now’, for me it’s been a recalibration from the stressful “living in the future” mentality i’d become used to in california. here they have a saying, “bahala na”, which roughly translates, “whatever will be, will be”, or “come what may”. some speak it in a defeatest manner. others speak it in a view that is trusting in God’s providence. for me, it’s simply been less stressful to live in the now.

  9. Maybe they’ll put a turnstile at the top and bottom of every escalator in the Philippines. Charge 10 pesos, and call it “The Reekay”. You would be famous. 

  10. I agree with you about learning the culture and lifestyle of the Philippines or any new culture for that fact.  I was told once that “you cannot judge a culture by your own.. it would be completely be unfair”.  
    Love your show dude.. keep up the good work!

  11. Haha do you have a fetish for riding escalators. I was getting travel sickness up and down up and down. Lol. I find your travel documentaries very helpful in understanding a little of the culture etc. thank you.

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