Video Diary Feb 20, 2015 – Tai Chi, Meeting Viewers & Line-Cutters

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  1. Sorry to hear…just keep still in the line, don`t mind! Keep your mind as on a beach doing Tai Chi. Maybe next time with that bamboo stick, for the line in this pizza place…!? 😉

  2. If it’s helpful at all, whenever I get upset or offended by people, I just look towards my beautiful Filipina and think: “Beauty is the best revenge”.
     So I’d say that you’re very well qualified to think that, as well 🙂

  3. This rudeness or “bastps” is inherent with some Filipinos, especially in the cities..Don’t take it to seriously, not all Pinoys are like this..Those who do this are mostlly low educated and ignorant…It happens everywhere….

  4. I meant “bastos”, which is Finoy for ill-mannered and rude….Line cutting is “bastos”..peeping toms are “bastos”. groping a female is “bastos”…disrespect for elders is also “bastos”…Now you are really experiencing some of the unpopular Finoy traits, needles to say is part of the expat journey.
    Cheers Henry and Ingat kamo bro….

  5. Yes, I have experienced that several times in a grocery store when there.  Many are not conscious that there is someone ahead of them or if they are, they just rush up and ignore the one ahead of them.

    1. @Frank Mraz it’s “possible” some people are jealous that she’s “with a foreigner” and they aren’t. but two of the line-cutters were young males and the other an older filipino woman. i’d expect it more from someone lyn’s age/gender if jealousy was the motive.

    2. Since you said “Lyn and I”, I am wondering if Lyn is persona non grada with some people there ??? Sorry Lyn…only a personal observation…

    1. @RHOK Hardenup when in a hurry, or a crowded place.. we all wish we could just skip forward and go to the front of the line. but that’s what differentiates ‘decent’ people from ‘rude’ people.. a choice.

  6. I did happened to me too years ago in Cebu. My personal assesment is…it’s the foodplace staff that needs costumer service training. That is why, I told myself when I’m going to have a service business in the Phils. I need to train my staff the do’s and don’ts. 

    1. @Batibot étoile most of the hires for these type of kiosk jobs are taking about the lowest pay in an already low pay scale here. (about 120p/day) the owners don’t seem to know much about customer service, they just bought the franchise, turned the key and expect it to make money. so that’s the backdrop of the situation. the kiosk attendant isn’t all that motivated to confront anyone, just does whatever is pushed on her the most it seems.

  7. Perhaps you really notice things like this over here because as a whole, Filipino’s are just so usually chilled out and very friendly so it comes more of a shock when it happens…Still not good though when you have done the decent thing and been patient!

    1. I am sure that this bad behavior is an unwanted  by-product of the Philippine virtue for tolerance. In a society where people are less likely to criticize others; the aggressive and intolerant few are emboldened and have free reign to do as they wish. This is pure bullying! Little wonder that it affected you like it did.

    2. @steve tarros well, by that logic it would be a victim’s fault for their house getting robbed. i didn’t cause the person to be rude. i was just going about, living my life and being respectful of those around me. the line-cutting was a choice THEY made. how i handle it ‘after the fact’ hardly makes it my fault or not. gotta disagree.

    3. It is certainly not henry his fault.

      The storeclerk ,needs to speak up to every customer and ask ‘who was the first in line?

      Thats how it  works ,in a normal situation.

      And with welltrained/well manored employees.

      If the storeclerk isnt retarded ,and pays attention,she or he would also have seen that henry was first.

       Storeclerk decides to shut it , because the storeclerk doesnt want the situation to turn bad. 

      -1 to the storeclerk.

    4. Yup, if the counter person does not say something, you must say something. happens to me all the time. About a 50/50 shot if the counter person will take charge or not.  It’s a power/status thing. Same thing driving.. they cut and pass whenever they please and expect you to move for them

  8. Line cutting – well…….it’s all in the mind – what you make of it – sure it’s annoying – so are a lot of other things – ask yourself – are YOU in a hurry? and are you gonna ruin your day / life over it – not worth it – relax, breathe in deep – smile…….;-.)…..let the sun shine in…..:-)

  9. This would really piss me off also. Look at it this way Henry , your in another country with a beautiful Lady younger than you. I cannot read the minds of the servers . The only thing I can comment is that they will take care of their own first. Were any of the other customers locals or expats? Hang in there Buddy !!

  10. Living in Hawaii all my life I think it’s only happened twice where a person cut in front of me.  If there is a long line then the person who cuts will hear about it very loudly.  I’m curious to know how long it would take me to go ballistic if this happened constantly to me.

  11. Gota laugh it off Henry,,,anger frustration simple annoyance.we can laugh at it then it brings yourself joy,haha.Nice guys finish..well 2nd or third,,hehe,,,,ok,ok,,maybe it’s the exercise and diet,,they didn’t see you…lol…how bout,,,” Things that make ya go hmmm,,,” funny thing is I forget what you were in line for,,,now if you were recording then you would have evidence for the P.L.A.C.E. ( Philippine Linecutters Abroad Code Enforcement ) ok last joke,,I’m make shirts for you and Ned ” The Dues Brothers”,,,love you guys thanks for vids Dumaguete bros

  12. It’s not just the PI Hank, it’s all Asian countries… The little fuckers will barge in front of you anywhere, leaving you standing there biting your tongue… It happened to me yesterday… I went to one of my favorite restaurants and was standing there waiting to be seated… In walks another group and when the hostess came, she seated them first… Still standing there as the hostess seated the first group, another group arrives and when the hostess returned, she began to seat this group next, until I made it clear I was there before either group arrived and if they want my business, they will seat me next… You have to stand up for yourself and elbow your way in to get service because they simple don’t care… BTW, I live in Thailand…  

  13. henry this happens in every country of the world.

    a. it is done in many cases (but thats my personal experience) by  older women.

    b. they assume you dont have the balls ,to speak up right away.

    c. when you react on them ;they always act like ”they hadnt seen you”.

    They very well know it (because before they cutting the line,they first observe you ,to calculate their chances) .

    And just assume you will not react immediately ,and when u do; they just act as if they are stupid.

  14. Thanks for sharing. Ruse is everywhere.

    For Lynn’s upset stomach try 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. In 30 minutes she will be good as new. This works great for most upset stomachs.

    1. @Jim D i’ll give that a try. i’ve used apple cider vinegar (gargling) to stop a dry cough. works for about an hour, enough to get to sleep. 🙂

  15. I was just sharing your experience with the line cutters with my wife. She explained to me that senior citizens in the Philippines are not required to wait in line. In fact, they are entitled to a 20% discount on their bill provided that they display their senior card issued by the government.

    I hope this makes the experience more understandable when senior do this. Thanks again for making and sharing the videos.

    1. Wow. Can you imagine if in America we had rules like that? Only if you’re an American can you be considered a senior citizen? What does your nationality have to do with it? As long as you are residing legally it should make no difference.

    2. @Mark Sauer 60 yrs is considered senior citizen already here in the Philippines. You can apply for a senior citizen card already to avail of the perks and benefits given to senior citizens here like free entrance to movie theaters, 20% off restaurants, etc etc.

    3. I don’t consider someone age 40-50 a “senior citizen” quite yet. Maybe at like age 65 or 70. But come on! If you can walk a mall, you can stand in line.

  16. Hi Henry, I have been following your channel with interest for some time now. I have been in Thailand for 24 years but now looking to make the move to the Philippines later this year.

    The line cutting you mention, in the UK we call it Pushing In (same thing) 🙂 anyway just to let you know it is the same thing here in Thailand and like you say the older gender are the most guilty. 

    I can’t help thinking that Philippines like Thailand locals get preferred treatment in certain situations.

    If I do head over to Dumaguete, Ill buy you a coffee on the boardwalk for a chat.

  17. Only experienced line cutting once at Birmingham Airport (UK), same as yourself cashier had his back to me, and this guy just cut in, I had to say something I did get an apology. 
    But in Italy ( Both my parents are Italian I speak excellent Italian) it happens all the time, the supermarkets have got around this with signs and by putting simple barriers which funnel the customers in single file.
    I was in Davao in September 2014 (returning end of March YIPPEE) I never experienced any queue jumping, only cashiers talking for ages after they have served someone and there is a queue of people waiting to get served, Im afraid I just left the queue put my shopping down and walked out the supermarket, this was at Lanang Premier Mall in Davao

  18. I got a lot of stuff in my storage unit and I would like to give it to the people of the Philippines. How do I go about finding an organization that can take some of my stuff? I rather give it to people who really need it than to just sell it.
    Ebony Man…Out.

  19. I just want to make a comment…about my experience…I  met you on the boardwalk a couple of days ago….Anyway I met a girl on, we met at 5.30, then at 6pm her alarm went off and she left,,,, I went through an intense 30 minute interrogation….I guess I failed the interview,,,, but she liked your business card…

  20. About the line cutting.  I was in line for a Siquijor ticket yesterday,,,,and the line shifted,,, I left and came back when there was no line and was the last on the boat….but it has been that way for years in the philiippines….

  21. my view on that is that there are people not necessarily always females but that they are NOT used to following a particular order or line. Most of the time is that these people have no education or are used to informal rudeness where people go to a market (as you notice in a wet market where anyone just cuts through and just tries to haggle as fast as they could), like it was a first come, first serve situation. They do not conform to a natural order of things and just jump in because people are just used to that. I know it’s rude but that’s how these people don’t have a care in the world and they only think about themselves, with the notion of, I got here before you did or I spoke to the vendor before you because you could not make up your mind, kind of thing so I’m being served first before you. That’s just the way they are, rude and without a care in the world, and the attitude, I’m first. As if it’s always a competition with someone for them, Im better, I get serve first, I have more street smarts, I get to be first, you’re a foreigner, I’m from this town so I get served first or I know this vendor and I frequent their store so I’m getting served first before you do. You’re not from around here, you stay in the back of the line, I’ll cut in front of you because I speak Filipino more than you kinda attitude. Just rude rude rude. Maybe that’s how they really are, and there are a lot of Filipinos that are plain rude and have no manners. It stems from their upbringing specially if they grew up in a low low income, high crime area where people drink alcohol everyday, gamble everyday, where selling drugs, prostitution and stealing is a common practice amongst the locals, you will notice that it is also more common to see a lot of these locals have no decent manners. Just be aware of it. It’s a common thing for these type of people.  I feel embarrassed by it already but hey, they are out there. Not every Filipino is courteous, and polite with nice manners. There are some that have that badass attitude whether female or male. Just a way of life.

  22. Hi Henry…is good to hear your fine and running into other expats there.  Nice you and Lyn are working out together well….Hope she gets better.  Take care & God bless.

  23. i have noticed its mostly older woman 30+who have no manners .i think they think they are entitled to do anything they want.and your right its all countries .good kick in the ass may help lol

  24. LifeBeyondTheSea I remember mostly the elder ladies from my Singapore years, singles and a group of them at a time in public parks doing Tai Chi, it reminded me of a form of martial arts – but in slow motion.  I remember seeing a Chinese movie where the Master made his pupil learn Tai Chi and the pupil thought it was ridiculous and for ‘old people’.  But just as in the movie Karate kid – he made ‘moves’ on his pupil and the pupil responded in normal speed.  Martial arts is the discipline of the mind, spirit and body and as well as breathing exercises.  Similar to Tai Chi.  Its great to hear you meeting other expats and I think Ned and Michele are wonderful.  I follow them as well on here and Fb. 
    In my opinion the reason for rude people that seems to be a growing trend is in our fast past world of fast food, fast cars, internet and getting everything NOW.  Patience really is a virtue and it seems to be getting lost – along with respect.  In our days we were taught to respect our elders and each other.  Glad you touched upon that subject here and on Fb where I also replied.  I bet you didn’t think you would get quite that response!?!   Sadly – Evidently it is a growing problem and not getting any better.
    Hope Lyn is feeling better! 

  25.  I would like to know if this is a bigger problem in the smaller city’s and towns opposed to Manila? I just do not have this problem when I visit, we are mostly in Manila or some resort. Could It just be lack of education? Does this happen in and around big college campuses?
    Or more in the lesser towns?
    6 hrs · Like

  26. Hey Henry, hope you find the chest cam to video your Tai-Chi practice.  As for me, I’ve found that Yoga works for my mind and body exercise.  Sorry to hear about your experience with the aggressive nature of “some” people in Philippines.  Its not the norm, but it does happen.  If you ever go to New York, you will find the same aggressive people step in front and steal a taxi when you have been waiting.  When I traveled before, I would have the western approach of waiting, but then I would realized that does not apply worldwide.  If only people were just nice to each other all the times.  Take care and Thanks!          

  27. I Experienced this at Manila mercury drug store. We were all lining up and then this 54 year old lady stood at the exit lane and jumped ahead of 6 people in line. I was about to yell at her, but I’m trying to be a good person.

    Also at Japan, Osaka, Universal studio this past Saturday. My wife and I were walking and got in line, then to my surprise, I saw this two asian tourist couple like us cut in line right in front of us.

    1. @keytrixz trying my best to be civil. Back when I was in the military, 9 years ago, i would have punched that dude right in the face no question ask. I would have felt great, but I don’t want to be a dick now a days.

    2. I was about to go ape style. I was holding my self back not to ruin our trip. What made me go nuts was she kept bumping into me with her back pack. I told her off with an angry voice in English explicitly how I felt, but I think the message was not understood. They didn’t understand English. She and her boyfriend couldn’t even look at me. It just felt uncomfortable for the both parties. I didnt want to escalate it to a fight which I have no problem with, but I’m trying my best to be civil these days. Back in high school, 20 years ago, I would have punched that guy in the face, no questions asked.

  28. That’s pretty mild — try going to the UAE – there you will have people cut in front of you, and if you say something they will just be all “pffft” and go back to what they were doing

  29. Hello Henry. My fiancé was just off work and having breakfast at McDonalds. You and Ned were sitting next to her talking and having breakfast. She recognized you because I told her about your videos. I’m going to be there in July. Hope to see you.

    1. @Arizonaoverlander small world! 🙂 yah, ned and i were there this morning. a few minutes
      later another viewer, Larry and his g/f ran into us as well. 🙂

  30. About the line cutting: Happens to me ALL the time. And our western minds are like “what the Fu&K”?. Senior Citizen lines and disabled lines at the mall. Same thing, a lot of Filipinos don’t honor it. No consideration for those who legitimately needs it. Same things with the disabled parking spaces. Many many drivers use the parking space and you see them hop, skip and jump out of their cars. Again, zero consideration for handicapped individuals who will need the space or senior citizens. Im sorry to say but there are a lot of disrespectful Filipinos. A lot of Filipinos claim to be educated but at times their actions indicate otherwise. Or claim to be religious, god this god that, but they are rude as hell. NOT ALL Filipinos but many. Sorry to those who are butt hurt by my comment but the truth hurts. Youre NOT alone Kuya Henry. I battle the same issues almost ALL the time when me wife and kids go out. Im learning to control and ignore it. Sometimes its just a loss cause…. Sometimes when you vent and speak your mind, theyll even laugh at you probably saying in the their tiny minds “Stupid American”. but really theyre the once that has something wrong with them. Its happened to me plenty of times. At first I use to get all pissed and yell out “hey, what the heck”? but it happens so frequent that you just learn how to tell yourself “FujK it its useless”.!! I feel your pain. And the locals look at us like silly Americans trying to make a big stink about everything and we just want things to be done our way coz we come from the United States…. its not even about that… its about RESPECT. Good manners , good conduct and just plain consideration and courtesy to others… youre not alone, Kuya Henry. another silly American here on the same boat as you.

  31. Henry I’ve  been watching you videos for some time and enjoying them. You kind of got me hooked on “expat in the Philippines videos”. My wife is from there,  we got married there about five years ago in 2010. Should you guys marry at some time I think you will be amazed at the low cost of marrying in the Philippines is. 

    Regarding the budding in line thing.

    It appears nobody has set you straight on the cultural bases for this,  and there is one,  that hasn’t been explained, that it is an accepted practice. 

    Filipinos try to avoid conflict and confrontation I think too often as a cultural practice as nobody has explained this to you yet, probably thinking you will be confrontational.

     There is a cultural bases in that seniors / elders are considered to have this privilege to bud in ahead of line (your not in America Henry; – there are cultural differences and realities).

     I’m about the same age you are,  I think almost to a tee.

    Getting a bit long in tooth and creaky boned, I think this is quite respectful to elders.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if in the US people / the culture accepted this practice for your mother also who is getting on with age.

    My wife being Filipina does like Lynn and doesn’t explain these things. I have had some of the “moods” / “silence” issues as Ned addresses in a few videos. But it was never explained to me as a cultural practice. Sometimes people in a different cultures just assume you must know these things as with line budding also (that is only acceptable for elders / seniors).

    I will say Filipinos do a very poor job in explaining these cultural things to foreigners, I’ll give you that for sure!   

    The lady in the grocery store was following an accepted practice of respect for seniors.

    Think about it,  and I’ll bet you being a good son might wish your mother in the US got this same  respect. (Call it the seniors bud in perk for old age and a long life, -standing in line is hard as we get older). Where old creaky bones could get a brake from the line up.

    I know some foreigners agreed with you,  but they don’t get the “respect your elders culture” of the Philippines.

    I think it sad we lost that respect.

     I’ll bet once you reflect on this,  you will see the point. These  (older/seniors) mean no offense.

    You are without family,  so some of these things you still need to learn. I would think that Latino culture must still have some of this respect your elders element also.
    Anyways I enjoy your videos have a good day.
    Nice to touch base with you.


    1. @edwinodus as of dec/2014.. the new limit is 36 months (3 years). then leave for 24 hours, return and extend another 36 months (usually 2 months at a time, about 3,000 pesos each renewal).

  32. As soon as he bumped you – you should have played on and bumped and tackled him to the ground… and then kicked his head through the goal posts – unless someone blows the whistle.. you should never stop play. Who cares if you get sin binned … you were on the bench anyway.

  33. I get ‘cut’ in a line up at least once a week..damn rights I feel obligated to
    let them know  its my opinion it is our duty to let the cashier
    know AND the ignorant / selfish people’s acting on the cutting in line.
    Its no different trying to teach a child between right and wrong.
    Or like a tricycle driver trying to screw you over…to make a right for the next guy..

  34. Yesss, i agree, the far majority (my experiences) of the cut in was the loud/proud
    boisterous older female that has no problem to cut in line…meanwhile, her
    husband stands far back…all quiet with his hands in his pockets lol

  35. Line cutting, open a door for one person, ten pass through you are holding the door for your family….good to hear you are practicing tai chi. I am an avid martial artist, and deeply love the Philippines and its people. 

  36. You and Lyn need to try to spread out and try to take up the whole counter, so no one can cut. Hope you have a great week!
    Video request: I saw a video that stated there were aprox. 5000 foreigners in Dumaguete. Do you see rent and prices going up there? Do you ever feel as a foreigner you may get a higher price rather than a local?  Thanks in advance! 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Some of the tourist attractions already charge more for foreigners than for locals, I’ve seen it quite a few times there.  As for prices going up, that 5000 number is the same number I heard 12 yrs ago when I first started going there, but with Henry and Ned giving it all the exposure that number could go up some, and prices could rise a little, but not enough to affect the average foreigner from retiring there.

    2. @lumpialife lyn wouldn’t take up much space. 🙂 she’s about 90 pounds. as for rents, i’d say that with duma’s popularity, higher rents is inevitable. basic law of the free market. as a foreigner the only time i seem to get overcharged is either with taxis, tricycles or merkados that don’t post a set price per kilo. in duma i have my own ride and the merkados here posts the price.. so i get the same rate as anybody else in the main merkado. but in moalboal, no price posted and i got overcharged there.

  37. I am from New Jersey and I occasionally I become the ugly American when anyone behaves lke that, I don’t tolerate it here and won’t tolerate it there, I find that raising your voice and shaming these people really works.  Filipinos don’t like big fat white guys calling them out, my wife just looks at me with that Filipino shyness and smirks. I get loud, I mean really loud, not abussive but loud and it works….:)

  38. It goes both ways. Some people take too long to choose from the menu, making everybody wait on them. Which I think is a different kind of rude. What I do is I stand at the back and take my time to make my choice, then I stand in line when I’m ready to order.

    1. @Roger Pantuca that”s what i tend to do as well. i’ve taken note before.. i can complete my order at a fast food here in the ph in under 45 seconds often, a minute at the latest. others can drag it out for two to three minutes, which passes like an eternity in fast-food time.

  39. For starters I love Philippines. But I was surprised too when I saw how common line-cutting, or queue jumping is. The only time I bothered to say something was when a pinoy guy in his late 30’s or early 40’s barged an old pinay lady out of the way. Lucky she grabbed a chair before she totally fell down. I told him off, for not having any respect and let the elder lady go first. I think it’s a survival habit when there is a lot of people in a small place. So it’s seen as “if you snooze, you lose” so to speak. They are not bad people, just trying to survive and get ahead.       

  40. I tried to donate to other countries and you are telling me that people are just crooks. This is really messed up. I am trying to do good in the world and it seems like the rich only get richer and the poor get poorer. Maybe I should just rent a U-Hual and load it up and go to skid row in Los Angeles and give it to the homeless. Wow, okay, thanks for your advice. I will just keep it in storage because I think the entire country is going to collapse real soon economically. I think we will all be on a barter system soon. Hey, if you need anything, let me know and lets see if I can seen you some stuff. Thanks a bunch…Ebony Man..Out!!!

  41. Yes every where but im sorry I would make a scene really I think some pinoys just don’t think they like kano’s  or white people and it has happened to me few times and I make them ashamed them some don’t care like it the way they are .

  42. I know the comments on FB got a little heated. I saw that coming. But as you said… no excuse for being rude, whether you are here, the USA, or anywhere else on this great planet. It is no surprise though when I read your story. I’ve seen it a hundred times here. Same demographic most of the time. I do speak up, but last time I asked the cashier if she always disregards patrons who have been standing patiently in line in favor of rude pushy people or force their way in. As always here in the PI, she just looked at me with confusion and blank stare. They just don’t know how to handle confrontation. Hence… that’s why most don’t speak up.

  43. When i was in the China Airport same thing happened to me trying to get my order, I was not as silent as you. I blurted out, “What the fu** am I inadvisable?” The girl behind the counter seen I was not happy and then she snapped on the guy, saying don’t be rude, he was next. So I gave her a nice tip. 

  44. Another topic for more “friendly” rants, huh?  LOL!   This is the PERFECT occasion to handle such an event by being as OBNOXIOUS as the line-jumper and as possible!  INSIST that the shameful, lame cashier help the line-jumper first, because, after all, they were there long BEFORE you.

    Now, a geezer is a special time to twist the “knife:”  Insist that the cashier help the geezer, because even though they look like death warmed over, they’re really ONLY 100. 

  45. Hi Henry,  I have been watching your videos for quite sometime now and I love it….I’m a pinoy living in Chicago for the past 20 years… are a very good guy and you did the right thing by just staying calm when someone cut you off the line…but you could have done better when you pointed that out nicely with the sales lady that you were in the line first….we all are responsible for helping this very bad attitude to be changed….Have a great week ahead and post more videos of your  beautiful life down there in sunny Philippines 🙂

  46. My wife is from the Dumaguete, and while she is a very polite person, she will speak up and say something if somebody cuts in line, while we are in the Philippines, but wont say anything when were in the U.S., but I will, so we kinda got both places covered. I feel the same way you do, I wont say anything while in Dumaguete because I don’t want to offend anyone, but I would be bothered by it.

  47. Yes, clerks/cashiers in the Philippines (from Luzon to Mindanao) will serve the line-cutter if you do not say anything.

    My experience(s) with line-cutters there have been the same.  For example, line cutting only occurred when there was significant gap between me and the person ahead of me. Each time, I politely let the line-cutter know that I was in line, and each and every time they moved out of my way, without any rancor.  

    1. That’s true.  Line-cutting is not done with intent and is not considered rude in most Asian cultures.  When someone stands back and leaves a gap in line, it means that person is done and is no longer in line to place an order.

  48. from looking at old photos from around the Philippines from say 1980s and before  the Pilipino USED to have more orderly lines/queues.
    I have in counted it many times also   and the worst place is at the Manila airport waiting for a taxi   long lines of people  then whole families just walk straight out of the airport go to the WRONG end of the line and all hope into a taxi…while the airport security/police just stand there watching  grrrrrr    
    any way  thanks for the great vids  and hope lyn is feeling better 
    Amping  🙂

  49. Until you stand up for yourself it will continue to affect you.  In the past your described that you didn’t like to be taken advantage of.  So say to them “I was here before you, get behind me and wait”.

  50. There are always people trying to cut in line, it happens everywhere. The difference seems to be that the cashiers in the USA simply don’t allow line cutting and will usually call them on it. However in the Philippines I believe the cashiers are much more reserved and have a non confrontational mindset and therefore allow it to happen. As long as the line cutters continue to get served it is not going to change.

  51. Having said that I will go out of my way to allow someone to go ahead of me in line if they are older, have just a few items or even a mom with kids, but cutting in line is normally not tolerated in the USA.

  52. reekey  you know  Im also from L A  and it seems to be everywhere, I havent read all the comments but I usually just leave and tell others  not to spend their monies there, life’s too short to put up with these rude people, karma is alive and living in the world, it will turn around on them . peace to you and lyn,,, mike d….

    1. @Mike Doukas if i did that, i’d cut myself off from all the vendors and good food i want. the cashiers get paid very low wages and aren’t about to stick their neck out to be confrontational. it’s the line-cutters who are the real culprit, they created the situation. there’s only one movie theater in duma, i’d never see movies again if i stopped going there due to one line-cutter.

  53. Good day to you Henry, It’s Good to know your practicing Tai Chi it’s very good for you, You must have patience with yourself it takes time and practice. I have been viewing your videos for some time now. I realy appreciate the information and you sharing your life beyond the sea. Right now, I live on the East Coast where its very cold at this time. I do plan on coming to the Philippines it will be my second trip there and I will be looking forward in meeting with you.

    My quick responds to your comment. In life there are all kinds of people. That day or evening unfortunately you and Lynn had to encounter the rude ones. But as you know life goes on have fun and enjoy…                          

    Bright Moments,
    Nogomo K.

  54. I was only there for about 2 months but would guess that it happened at least7 to 10 times it is a pet peeve for me. The last straw was at the airport I just kept cutting the guy off. the que had straps up so he couldn’t really get around me but did continue to try

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