Video Diary, Feb 11, 2015; Return to Plantasia, Tai Chi & My Birthday

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  1. I agree with you about not being in the middle of other’s relationships. Too annoying. My finacee is Pinay as well from Isabela and I have worked hard to keep out her sister’s business.

    I practice martial arts as well and getting back into it after being hurt is painful. I agree with you that getting back into it is always difficult. Every time that I resume with my katana or gladius I am sore for a day or two. The bo is the same way. My finacee has said that when I am there she wants to learn some katas as well,

    You are 52? You don’t look it! Happy belated birthday!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Better to stay the heck out of such situations or there will be the devil to pay. My finacee is a superb woman who is learning to be more assertive around me. Some guys are just boors who should never be allowed out in public without a shock collar on. Anyway, I look forward to being there permanently soon.

    2. with the guy who was dating lyn’s cousin, i KNEW there was something not kosher with him the first ten minutes we sat down to dinner.  he was overbearing, loud and never gave his date a chance to feel comfortable speaking.  he created one awkward situation after another.  i later ran into his ex/gf and heard her side of the story, which i took with a grain of salt.  but then when i saw photos of him with two other girls and still messaging them only days ago.. i advised lyn’s cousin to drop him and told him to never bother us again.   i swear, some guys just have no clue what the word, ‘exclusive’ means.  

  2. Belated happy birthday Henry, things seem to be falling perfectly into place in your life now and it’s showing in your videos where you seem to have found a happy contented balance both within yourself and together with your beautiful girlfriend. I’m so happy and wish you both well 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Henry. Nice to see someone out there with integrity, you did the right and honourable thing. Take it easy with your new found Tai chi and tai kwon do – great exercise.

  4. It’s a shame that some people think your way is their way, my wife said she thought it was wrong with older men and young girls, I said “You do know your ten years older then me don’t you?”…lol…and my ex was five years older then me, when it comes to attraction age should be the least thing to matter, s long as it’s legal…lol

  5. Henry,

    As for the guys you know its hit or miss with expats. I own some bar interests here in Thailand and you can only imagine the guys I need to interact with! You learn to say,” I gotta take off have a good day mate.” etc etc..Just the way it works abroad and they will always be more sadly..


    1. @Steve A yah, there’s a loser here in duma that i refuse to even share the same room with. cheats on his wife, drinks all day, never looks like he even bathes. total waste of space.

  6. What about the aswang legend is there any truth about myth. I had a filipina girl friend told me she use to bite her ex husband at night and he never realize it because he didn’t feel it. I’m very much interested in this woman but I have my reservation. She also said she would never do that to me. Help me with this if you can?

    1. Thank you your response.Yes there is a lot of superstition there but you know as superstition goes you never know whats true are myth the aswang is a very believable legend there in the Philippines. Thank you for response just the same

    2. as for your situation, don’t sweat it.  it’s par for the course here in the PH.  a buddy of mine is married to a wonderful woman.  and yet, when his wife was pregnant, she wouldn’t sleep near the window because she was convinced a “wak wak” evil spirit would sneak by and steal her baby.  so my buddy just moved the bed to the other side of the room, had a beer and life went on.  🙂

    3. @Michael White i walked the province at night for months, on bohol. if there were any strange creatures in the PH, i’d have encountered them. you’re more likely to run into weirdness at Mango Square, in Cebu. ha! but it is amazing the level of superstition that’s taken seriously here.

  7. happy birthday  Henry , all the best to you and Lyn……I enjoy your videos . I turn 50 next month and you have inspired me to come see the Philippines. ps my son has just married a nice girl from there and she is very sweet, keep up the good life .

  8. Feliz cumpleanos – Maayong adlawng natawhan – or as we Tagalogs would say : Maligayang Bati Sa Iyong Kaarawan -HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you there and many more blessed years ahead.
    Pag nakikita an mga videos mo, nagagalak ako lagi.. 

  9. Sorry I missed your birthday, so Happy Happy Happy Birthday,  I think your videos are the bomb.  While  I’m here in San Jacinto, I’ll be visiting Lake Perris in March and I’ll dedicate my first Bass to you…. Ha ha ha.  I don’t know much about the people you had to block in the past but I’m sure if you had to block them, then you had pretty good reason to. I’m am not a fan multiple G/F  for any reason.  It’s just too much drama and being in a foreign country doesn’t  help much either.  Hope the Tai Chi works for you.  I’m approaching 60 years of age, out of shape, and it would be like me returning back to boxing.  Ha ha the best I can do at that is watching Pacmans Highlights .   Good luck finding your way out of there LOL.  It does look like a nice place to walk and relax.  and I hope the best for you and Lyn.

    1. @Dan Torres thanks. 🙂 wow.. i remember going to lake perris my first time, back around 1980 when it was first opened to the public. there’s a carnival there once a year as well, went to that maybe 4 years ago. wishin’ you good fishin’.

  10. Happy birthday Henry.  May you live to see many more.  As to the men that you had to cut out of yours and Lyn’s lives, good riddance to them.  It will only be a matter of time before some of these people will experience serious consequences of taking advantage of these trusting women.

  11. So Sad,  who would have any beef with you ?  Everyone chooses to live their lives how they want.  Forget those people and move on.  Your doing the right thing and living it your way , as it should be.  Happy Belated Bday, although i did say that in FB ,,,,
    Take care Bud,  hope we meet when i get a chance to go there  ,  Do you have to pay to get into Plantasia?  I didnt see anyone else there……

    1. @BenFern kay no entry fee for Plantasia. but they do rent out the party facility for private functions. not sure what they charge, but most places are very, very reasonable.

  12. I have to say…Valentine day is just so girlie…I play the game took wife out to dinner, flowers…now I am so tired.   Why can’t we make V-Day a day the whole family stays home and BBQ’s….God would be so much fun.   Anyway…gotta make the wife happy….:)

  13. Belated, but still a happy birthday anniversary Henry!

    Do you include any endurance types exercises (i.e., running, swimming, biking, etc…) in your physical fitness regimen?

  14. Hey Henry Happy belated Birthday…. Like you I’m at an age where things of other persons interest is not that of mine (cheating)…Be you is all that you can do when it comes to things of that nature.   Glad you return to Plantasia, this video was much more enjoyable.  Be Happy and Enjoy Life!!!

  15. Such beautiful places in Dumaguete…no crowds, no huslt and bustle like in Manila, The weather is manageable,,,clean air compared to the metros…..Happy Birthday Henry..I’m having mine on the 19th of Feb… Hope to see you on or about Dec 2015…I love your videos!
    Thanx again!

  16. I’m planning a trip in August what is your advice to bring. If this lady likes me I might stay. My retirement is 1500$ / month is that adequate???

    1. Hey thanks for getting back to me. I really enjoy you vlog . I’m a retired Chef and my girl is in the Philippines army. When she retires in 8 years she wants to move to Palawan where her family owns 30 hectares on the beach..She wants to build a resort and guess who will be cooking. Anyway when or if I get there I’d like to take you and Lyn out to dinner. AILYN is stationed at fort Bonaficio in Manila but she’s going to tour me throughout the islands when I get there once again thanks for the helpful videos,

    2. @Stanley Orzel $1,500 for a single man is good. and still do-able for a couple, no kids. as for what to bring.. “as little as possible” is how i try to do it. you won’t need many long pants, no sweaters or jackets. ha! choose a good, strong backpack.. a good backpack is a way of life here.

  17. You have my support on the personal issues. Remember where you are and thank whoever you wish to thank for all the good things. After watching several of your videos I have determined that you’r a good guy. Your doing a wonderful job here on YouTube.

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