Video Diary, Aug 30th, 2014 – Back To Square One

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  1. Best of luck with you there….at least now you know so you are able to move forward and not feel like you are in limbo. You had mentioned before about looking for or not finding the monkey’s…try Palawan. They are there. Myself, looking forward to another PH getaway with my better half in a few weeks. I think she has Boracay on her to do list. A happy wife is a happy life! Thanks for everything you do there. When I get to feeling a little home sick for the PH, always nice to watch some of you’r work. Hope you are enjoying life and wishing you the best from Georgia.

    1. @truckinken71 i’m glad to be of some help.  🙂   knowing what i know now about the situation, i am glad i didn’t just drop her abruptly.  we had some good conversation over the phone, finally got things to where they need to  be.

  2. Prudence and candor (cautiously) are commendable.  At 57, I’m still scarred from my first “emotional investment” at 20.  It’s just a fact — I seldom think of it, but it will lurk.  Uprated.

  3. Henry, the thing I like about you and your Videos is the open heart that you show everyone about who you are. You lay your life out in the open for everyone to see. Not Very many people could do that. You’re also very articulate and very comfortable and who you are. I get great joy each day at following your life and your stories and your adventures. Please keep it up.

  4. Hi Henry Just a thought for the young lady Jinki, has she given consideration about seeking professional help to deal with the after effects this Japanese guy has left her with ? Otherwise she could be blighted if not scarred for life & unable to move her life on from where she is becalmed at present…….We all are aware as we get older life just evaporates before our eyes !! take care 

  5. Keep the spirit up Henry! Nice hair cut by the way 🙂
    All I can say is: Go for what you truly want. What is your heart telling you? That’s what you really desire.
    Keep enjoying life and be happy in the process. You are doing well Henry, well done!
    I enjoy your videos.

  6. Hello. Try to visits other places not only Dumaguete hey u never know. Palawan, Davao city, General santos city, Koronadal city, Bacolod , Iloilo city,,,go check it out,,,,,,,,good luck

  7. Poor girl…. shes only 20 she has a lot of soul searching and growing up to do… and 2 months is only 8weeks.. that’s not a long time compared to the trauma you described… Good luck to you as well Henry!

  8. Sounds like a good time for a road trip somewhere, so you have a chance to clear your head and experience some new sights.  When I was single, sometimes I just needed to change my scenery from time to time, so that I redirected my thoughts away from feeling alone.  Ingat Henry!

    1. @Idahovandal4ever two days after jinky’s change of plans, i did exactly that.  i got on my bike and rode about 4 hours out from dumaguete. i got caught in the rain, met a bunch of people (including Rex, the surfboard guy) and just got ‘out’ to clear my head.  i came back exhausted after 2 days, but it seemed to help.

  9. Good morning Henry. .let’s just hope Jinki has a change of heart, personality I think she will, just going to take some time. There is a song by the grateful dead called All good things in all good time. Your videos are the flash light on my hard hat,so yes they do have lots of meaning and I look forward to every new post. I’m coming to Cebu pretty soon then to Bohol and Dumaguete hope we can hook up for a day at oceans 23. Im recovering from ankle surgery, soon as I am released I will book my flight.

    1. @Eric Ander she still says she wants to be with me, in the future.. ‘sometime’ when she is ready.  i’m open to that.  but in the meanwhile, life is life and i am open to what comes my way.  i’ll just have to see how it goes.

  10. Hi Henry.
    A couple of observations. First, you look like you have lost quite a bit of weight. Maybe it is just your postion in relation to the camera. Also, you’re demeanor seems more subdued. Your energy doesn’t seem to be at it’s usual high level in this video, Maybe you just had a tiring day. 

    I recently heard a video comment made by a young, american woman living in South Korea. She said the men there often displayed disrespect for foreign women but not South Korean women. While in Japan during my military service I got a similar impression about Japanese men toward foreign women. Two young, filipinas told me about the callousness they experienced from men of these two nationalities after they gave their virginity to them. Perhaps they had atypical encounters I don’t know. I suspect that some men from any country, often treat women ( maybe everyone) foreign to them with less respect.

    Anyway Henry, stay positve. At sometime you’ll be with the right woman for you and then you’ll be grateful you were still available how ever long it took.


    1. @Jon M i haven’t weighed myself but i’m sure i’ve lost weight since april and i broke up two months ago.  when she was here i would eat regularly.  when i’m living alone, i may go until 3pm (like today) and i still haven’t had breakfast for the ‘general’ disposition japanese men have towards the darker skinned filipinas.. everything i’ve heard is that it is not good.  a buddy of mine who live in japan over a year said the men there told him filipinas was more like play-thing mistresses for them, but not wife-material due to the darker skin.  i’m sure there are exceptions to this, but that is the generality i keep getting, especially among wealthy japanese men who feel culturally expected to have a japanese wife.

  11. Cheer up. Good things need time, as my grand mum always told me. And time bring new things in life. Mostly unexpected and that’s what make life exciting. I guess i will be in Manila by end of October. 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Marriage is a serious thing. That for need to be 100% sure the girl is the right partner for the rest of the life. Butterfly feeling can absolutely not to be trusted. They maybe gone quickly and things change in an unexpected way. But i needn’t to tell you what you already know. 🙂

    2. @Jorg Reiling yah.. i’m willing to wait it out.  most of my biggest mistakes were commitments i rushed into.  i’m all for ‘starting a relationship’.. but commitments like marriage are something else entirely.

  12. Hello Henry….to explain, my friend flew to Cebu the other day to meet someone he thought was the right one.  However she was not and he is there almost all alone.  I thought maybe, if you are willing and at your convenience, you could call his temporary cell phone local number and give him some encouragement.  He is a good friend and would do anything for anyone.  Thanks for your consideration to this matter.  Rick

  13. time to move on Henry,  best of luck my friend,  but i do have another question, i know i have asked you many in the past but i have spoken to some filipinas online and the stories i hear are outlandishly incredible, but in listening to you about Jinkys ex /bf,  that he disappeared,   and i hear alot of younger filipinas get pregnant and cant ever find the man again,  so,   if that so with men there—-,  then why have you stated that if you date one girl and then try with another , that they will find out—– when the guys there get the girls pregnant and disappear, AND NO  one ever finds these guys , they are dead beat dads, unless its all an online lies from these girls that i have spoken with……  any comment?  thanks

    1. @BenFern kay in jinky’s case, the guy returned to japan and disconnected his phones.  but for most pinays, it’s some local filipino boy, horny with a lot of time on his hands who ends up getting her pregnant and then bailing on the responsibility.  it’s epidemic here.. i see single moms EVERY place i go.  as for finding the father.. he either skips to another island or just hides out at his parents house.. most of them are 16-25 and haven’t got a pesos to their name so.. even finding them there’s no money to be had for child support.  it’s a very cruel dynamic, especially when you add in the religious aversion to birth control.  the smart young filipinas at least go on the pill. 

    2. No it is not lies, Ben.  Making poor choices with local guys, getting knocked-up and then the loser disappears, is very common.  “Popping cherries,” as local guys call it, is somewhat of a sport.  Pinays love bad boys, just as in Western societies.  Alcoholism and domestic abuse run rampant, also.  Young ladies come to expect it because they saw their dad’s smashed all of the time and using Mom for a punching bag.

      If you don’t drink or drink lightly, you will get noticed because so many Pinays find it unusual.       

    3. While the “coconut telegraph” is active and well, it usually covers only the immediate area. Say one city or town. If the situation takes place on one of the larger provinces(islands), it is quite easy for the ex b/f to relocate a fair distance away or even move to another province. Thus he effectively disappears.

  14. Aw that’s kind of sad,but at least you know what happen there,thanks for sharing,I hope you do one a week that would be cool,that’s a good thing just take it ez for a while 🙂

  15. Hello.Henry,help Jinky as much as you can,she need your friendship wisdom & advise so bad,don’t leave her in that conditions, good luck Henry,i love your videos.

  16. There must  be a lot of people on the short end of a failed relationship that never really know what the hell happened.  Hopefully, Jinky took the courage to be honest with you. I have found for myself, everyone should give themselves considerable time after a divorce or traumatic relationship. It’s not healthy for anyone and unfortunately there are women years down the road that can’t let go of the baggage. I truly wish there weren’t so many scumbag men out there. The nice guys often get hurt later on.

    1. @Glenn McGee i tried reasoning with jinky, telling her, “why should the two of us suffer for the wrong someone else did?”  but it’s just not time for her yet so, even though it sucks on a practical level.. best thing for her is she heals up emotionally.

  17. Hey dudes chill out! 🍻🍢 Just keep on collcting girls and at the end of the day, you sellect the right one for you. Be safe!💪.

    1. @Balguerville Drumz De Torres there’s a saying, “too much honey makes the stomach sick.”  ha!  believe me, i’ve hit the point before where i just could not handle even one more girl in my life.  since then i took a sabbatical and began focusing on something with more substance.   kinda reminds me of the time here i bought 10 bags of gummi-worms and ate half of it in one sitting.  later on, was not a good idea.

  18. Either a girl is into you or she’s not. I never believe any bs about former bf or not ready for new relationships. If a girl is into you, she’ll be ready. Don’t worry about it; move on.


    2. I actually believe VERY STRONGLY this is true. And this I learned after decades. There’s that show “she’s just not that into you.” Because even women that have been through things (and I work with and counsel many women) they still have that sixth sense and know when a guy is right, no matter what the timing. Not only that, the one guy mentioned BRAD PITT. Here is some truth; You take any woman who claims I’m not ready because of my last bf and you let her favorite movie star, singer, fantasy crush, SERIOUSLY show interest in her, SHE will be packing as fast as a 20 yr inmate getting parole tomorrow. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO HENRY, I just don’t believe that bs either.

  19. Keep your head up!!  As always wishing you the best!  I’m glad you finally received the answers that you deserve and need!  Yes, please keep on doing your thing.  Thanks again for sharing with all of us.  I believe  good things happen to those who are patient and wait.

    1. @thienmiller thanks.. i’m sure things will work out eventually.  or i’ll die first, one of the two.  in the meanwhile, i’ll keep my eyes/ears open to any solid possibilities.   🙂

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh schitt Henry!  She just broke up two months ago with a guy that used her as a punching bag?  Total waste of time.  She is damaged goods.  You don’t want to be her rebound relationship.  

    I must disagree with you, Brother Henry, as far as her being a possibility in the future either.  I stay away from Pinays that have been abused, as it produces much of that “baggage” that we have talked about on numerous past occasions.  I think it was a poor recommendation, also, based on her being severely abused.

    But it all worked out great.  God Bless and keep the faith! 

    1. Easy Steven!  No need to get your little panties in a twit.  When dealing with as many domestics as I have over the last 25 years, you discover that being whole again is not always possible.  A small, but statistically significant percentage of ladies repeat the pattern: they saw their Mom being abused by their Dad.  They are abused by their BF/husband.  It continues in the next relationship, etc.  They cannot be in a relationship with a guy that is NOT abusive.  Remember, domestic violence is often (but not always) as mutual dance of sickness and destruction.  Hence the “damaged goods.”  Just something to be aware of when you come across these young ladies, as such abusive relationships are very common in the PH.

      Your “rebound” comparison is “Apples/Oranges”–UNLESS Henry’s last GF kicked the shit out of him.  Hey some guys are into “discipline.”  LOL.

      Now, we’ll talk about “race horses” and “seppuku” in another thread.  Nice distraction technique, BTW.  LOL!

    2. @DemocracyDoctor1 i’m truly in no hurry with her.  my main concern is that she eventually is whole again as best as possible.  however long that takes.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I feel yah, Henry.  Just be careful as it’s not always possible to fully heal if the abuse was severe enough.

    4. @DemocracyDoctor1 each day i still text with jinky, or call once a day to talk.  nothing about the ‘relationship’.. just asking how she’s doing, daily kind of everyday stuff.  i have a different slant on people.  i’m not looking for the ‘best’ person so much as the best person for me.  i won’t refuse friendship or a possible relationship with a woman just because she’s had some prior pain, comes from poverty or whatever.  the only criteria that matters to me is her character and whether or not she loves ‘me’ in particular.  jinky is a good person.  she needs time to heal.  i’d hate to have my own past held against me when it’s nothing more these days than ‘the past’.

  21. Hi Henry just my view of this…..Sounds like Jinky has been abused thats not good it can take years to get over that and some never get over it. So if you hook up with her it will be hard work .
    I met a lady many years ago who was a victim of abuse and it seemed like she was over it but it led to hard work in our relationship. It sounds like in the past you have had your share of bad relationships and maybe its better to find a lady with a little baggage not one thats badly damaged.
    I hope she heals but as i said she might never get over it. I guess you feel a connection with this girl but once you find another she will be a memory. Good luck with this i can see by your body language in your video that you are a bit down. Take care there in Dumaguete.

    1. @paul chambers i haven’t been sleeping or eating as i should lately, i guess it’s catching up with me.  but i’m feeling much better the last few days after taking a road trip and getting out to the movies more often.  🙂

    1. @DreamRubycon i haven’t noticed since i don’t see the changes so much.  i only have one mirror in the apartment and most of my attention on the vids is in editing so.. i’ll have to weigh myself sometime to figure out how much i’ve lost.  🙂

  22. Sorry to here it didn’t work out the way it was suppose too. I think you will find the one that is rite for you when you are not looking . If I was you I would just enjoy yourself and have fun doing what You want too. Your a good person Henry and I wish you the best .
    I think I just wrote everything you said in your vid . Lol
    Your footage at the skateboard event with the Go-Pro was awesome .

  23. There are some very solid people here that follow you and I appreciate them as well.  It’s awesome that you take a moment to express your gratitude for the advice and well wishes of your viewers … without even mentioning a few of the nut jobs and a-holes that are lurking in the shadows of your “comments section” these days. I guess it comes with the territory.  Well done … you always focus on the positive.  You’re a class act Henry. 

    1. @Grant Bedard Thanks Grant, I really enjoy your comments as well.  BTW, I stumbled upon your message a while back and I appreciate it. I never responded because I don’t know how to go back and find it again … not too familiar with youtube.  I didn’t even realize you could send messages… ha!  Thanks again buddy.

    2. Hey Scott -you seem like such a good down to earth pragmatist. More
      people should be patient, and philosophical like you are. We’d live in
      a much better world. I enjoy your comments Scott. ( Grant -in- Canada)

    3. @Scott Williamson thanks.  i won’t allow posts that are racist, hateful or personal attacks.  but i do allow posts even if they are contrary or uncomfortable.  i’m willing to hear it all, consider it all and then make my own decisions.  and people are free to comment on those contrarian views as well.

  24. looks like you’re losing weight, Henry.     as with, jinky i say all’s well that ends well.   i think with all that she has been through the fact that you are asking her or that she has to move to another location to start a new relationship scares her the most.   her family and her friends are her  lifeline and i am guessing that if poop hits the fan she fears she’ll be left holding the bag.  
    if sucks to invest all in love and come up empty especially when we wear our heart on our sleeve.

     i am willing to BET she would be more apt to getting into a relationship with you if you  made the effort to move there. she won’t ask you that herself but its what  she’s thinking.  i BET

  25. Good luck Henry and wish you all the best. Really enjoyed watching your videos.
    Sorry to hear about Jinky . My husband is a Japanese. He is very good guy and very wonderful husband.

    1. @Ederlyn Uyama that is excellent.  it’s difficult to say that ‘all’ in any group are one way or the other.  people are still individuals and have their own choices.  🙂

  26. Hey Henry…I have been watching your videos a while now and I think you have been helping a lot of people. With that said I think you need to step back some and take some of your on advice.Yes I don’t know all the back story, but young millenials girls, 18 to 25 year old are getting their notions of romance from various forms of global media now. Yes she is in the Philippines. .but not immune from Western media notions..(which is not bad)My observations tell me that you move a little to fast. I am 50 my in America never been married. .but if I was I dating a 22 year old from the Philippines. .I would expect kids from her at some point if she is that young. So if you want someone who’s life is just beginning…you must be patient otherwise move own. Remember like it or not you have had a full life. Two marriages. .kids…job…moved to the Philippines. Wow that’s a lot. A 20 year old young woman is sorting a lot of stuff with her emotions and her logic constructs..(which she might not listen as much). You have a full reference set to define
    reality…she does not. You are an explorer..but young 20 to 22 year female today is an explorer and a want a be mother possibly…that is complex. My advice is based on the fact that the women are honest and not scammers..You will be fine..just stay focused, but learn to truly enjoy yourself without companionship…A woman is part of your completion..the other is you finding you.

    1. @JackTripper i’ve been doing a lot of thinking and am modifying “who i am looking for”.  still refining, but i’ll share it the right time comes.  🙂

  27. I don’t know Henry there seems to be a lot of negativity out there when it comes to you new friend Dinky, it takes a long time to get over and abusive relationship and sometime  years of therapy, the fact that you are willing to give it some time shows a  lot of  character on your part.. I’ve always been of the belief that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Good luck.

    1. @Anthony M Macias Sr i’m willing to believe it’s from good intentions based on what little information i share.  i don’t divulge everything because i do respect jinky’s privacy and personal pains.  i don’t want people really knowing her by sight and pointing her out.  she needs personal time.  🙂

  28. Henry, I’m glad to hear you got some closure so you’re not wondering why, which can gnaw at the mind.  I hope Jinky is able to work through her past expeirences and comes out stronger for it instead of it defining who she is.  I came close to marrying a girl from Cebu who’d experienced a similar experience with her ex Pinoy boyfriend.  She had been out of the relationship for about 5 years and had done a considerable amount of healing but the experience ended up defining relationships for her.  She had never really regained the ability to trust a man again and always in the back of her mind she wondered if I was going to do the same thing.  This really affected our relationship to the point where it was better if we went our seperate ways.  I’m now married to a wonderful filipina who is 19 years my junior and we’re very happy.  Keep your chin up and stay optimistic and everything will work out for you.

  29. Hey Henry, long time no talk to. When I first visited the Philippines I wasn’t even interested in finding someone. I went with two friends and each time they found someone to travel with. I was so enamored with the country that I didn’t even care about a companion. It wasn’t until my third trip two years later that I met Cheryl. I am very happy with her and I love her entire family. Just keep doing what you are doing and life has a way of unfolding for you. As usual i enjoy all of your videos. 

    1. @hecman22 you’re a lucky guy, from what i observed cheryl is a wonderful woman and deeply loves you.  i hope to have the same thing at the right time.  for now, i think i’m just pulling away from any ideas of a ‘relationship’ (so to speak) and just gonna find someone steady for ‘companionship’.  who knows, it may even transition with time.  time will tell.

    1. Maybe get with Ned and Michelle,im sure she has some friends in the area that she could put a good word in for ya and an intro.The other thing to think about if looking for the old fashioned wonderful pinay wife is to look off the beaten path out of the way of the tourist locations.Yes the adventure only begins with finding the right one.

  30. Dear Henry! You’re really a nice person to your expression realistically. Time and tide wait for none and really it’s a nice sunny day waiting to have a look at! You love the natural Philippines as well as your life.

    1. @Khalilur Rahman every day here is pretty much an adventure.  i meet so many people, both expats and locals.. or discover some new place to visit.  never a dull moment.  ha!

  31. And beside for everybody else who think that age is a problem to find a younger long term partner. In the Philippines it’s about personality and that’s why i think Henry will be in good hands soon. A splendid fellow.

    1. @Jack Reaster very true.  too many times i went into town just to do a task and.. it ends up being something totally unplanned.  ha!

  32. I am so surprised to hear that many think its the age difference REALLY? I would not have imagined that would be an issue for your core audience? That issue NEVER enters my mind as the problem. Anywho, I can’t go a DAY WITHOUT these videos. Not one day. So Thanks. By the way for about a month now, I would have bet the ranch that you are a Pisces? Do I keep my ranch or do I start packing?   🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
       Me too March,1964, born and raised in Los Angeles. And I do, put a lot of stock in that spiritual science (lol) which is why I sort of had a feeling NOT based upon your love for the water but more on your way with people,and how you deal in relationships; which is very close to how I am. We water people do have to tread with caution. We feel deeply and are MOST of the time are TO giving; sometimes to a fault. But enough of that, just glad I get to keep the ranch. YOU Henry are a SUPERB GUY. I know you have been told that but it beckons to be repeated. Blessings.

    2. @Israel & Julieta E. i was born in february so, i’m a water person.  i don’t put much stock into astrology, but i do love the water.. any water, swimming pool, shower, ocean.. doesn’t matter.  to me, water is just such a force of nature that literally absorbs right into your skin as you’re in it.  fascinating stuff.  bruce lee spent time in his tao talking about “be like water”.   🙂

  33. I can sense that jinky is a better personality match with you from other’s. but the problem is that she just barely breakup relationships with her boyfriend So, ÃÃ no sir. As expert do not involved with a kind of relationship specially with a 20 years old girl who will never forget here first love.l am in ur age & i can feel u. you deserve better. in the other hand april also is not kind of person for long term relationship with all respect for all, even with your jealousy for her. I can see you brother, (avatar)

    1. @blue53861 i’m still hoping for ‘that call’ from jinky.  but i can’t center my life on waiting for the phone to ring.  🙁

  34. I think your doing the right thing here Henry. By staying in touch
    is the way to go, as she may need some time to right the ship,
    and get her mind back together again. I wouldn’t harbor any great
    expectations though. After dating hundreds of girls in my time, I’ve
    found there are women that are attracted to violence and guys that
    abuse them–and they will keep going back for more.( not in the
    majority- but quite a few of them) I think they grow out of it eventually,
    but in a lot of cases, it’s usually to late, as they’ve gotten a lot older.
    These women usually have had violent fathers, or were abused as
    girls, and also had very dysfunctional families. It’s very hard to have a
    relationship with girl like this, especially if your a normal down to earth
    guy just looking for a loving relationship. I distinctly remember one girl
    like this in my dating life–“drop dead gorgeous”- but totally crazy. She
    could drink a 26 oz bottle of whiskey in 4-5 hours-“no problem”, and
    smoke a ton of pot to boot. That is one girl, I’ll never forget–and she
    was also abused by her father, and always went with abusive boyfriends
    after that. ( almost like she liked it, and was very attracted to the excitement
    that violence brings along with it) I still liked her though—go figure ??? I
    don’t think a relationship like that could last though.
        Who really knows with Jinky though–you really can’t tell, til you get to know
    her over a period of time. You’ve got nothing to lose by staying in touch, and
    maybe she’ll come around one day. ( don’t count on it though) May be very
    worth your time, to go visit her from time to time and see what happens. With
    all the young girls out there Henry, there may be some better matches for you,
    and girls that haven’t been emotionally damaged like Jinky has been. You
    seem to have a well balanced easy going personality, and hopefully you’ll
    find a girl, that’s similar to your personality. I’m sure you will–good luck Henry.

    1. @Grant Bedard yes.  i’ve been staying in touch with her via text daily.  just gonna take it day by day and see how it goes.

  35. I like your video, you gave so much info..You should go visit our island of Biliran Don’t settle down yet. Explore more places and meet more people..

  36. I feel for yah! Been there, done that (all here in the states). It sucks to go through but it gets better and we tend to learn from those experiences. Square one is a great place to start from again! Hope to see you in December when I come to visit my love. 🙂

    1. @Jim Jimm thanks.  but around here in the ph, it does not pay to be too ‘gwapo’.  ha!  filipinas figure the better looking you are, the less faithful you will be.  they ‘want’ that foreigner with the big belly.. hoping no one else will take him away.  kinda kidding.. but there is some truth to it, i’ve heard it from several filipinas in private.

  37. I have a lot of nieces, cousins and friends I can introduce you to. Joke lang! 🙂 I’m sure you will find that special someone, sooner or later. In the mean time, enjoy being a bachelor!

  38. You say she saw your video blogs. Maybe she doesn’t want to be in a reality show where she feel she may end up in a reality show lol. Or maybe you over analyze too much. Or maybe those potential partners feels they would end up in a microscope. Maybe you need to understand the culture more.

  39. Benjamin Ortiz:  trust me, because of my life being on this channel and because i get about 2 or 4 expats a week who approach me (and some filipinos) recognizing me from here, i discussed my online life with jinky in detail.  and i told her that i would be keeping her off the channel for the most part, maybe just a cameo in the background, to maintain her privacy.  so.. no, she was not concerned with being on a ‘reality show’ at all.  this was not about that or culture.  it was personal.  her last b/f physically abused her and she thought she was passed it, but she emotionally wasn’t.  she still wants to have the relationship with me, but doesn’t know ‘when’ she will be ready.

  40. This kind of things is really take time to move on..but i guess if you really love can still wait..but time is gold..were getting old so fast..I wish I meet you.hehe..its difficult to wait things.with out assurance..just go on with with life..enjoy and he happy.god bless.

  41. Dude she is not ready and I worry she will keep you hanging. She is 20 and sounds very naive about things. More so that she is playing you. 2 months after any relationship even a good one is way to soon. Giving her space is one thing but holding on like a love struck puppy is another. But what do I know. I think you should be looking for slightly older such as 27 or so just do to the maturity level.
    In ending I also plan on dumagute as my home base when I retire. Enjoy watching your videos. …john

  42. Hi Henry .  It’s Gibby agian from Canada . One thing that i have learned from dating is that women know before we do . And if your girl could not be with you .Well she knew that before ! This is a good thing for you . I know that if women want something they will go to the wall for it . And if she won’t then she is not what you need in your life . If you think women are weak ….you  are wrong ,they are very strong at heart .And they plan everything tolal     Gibby

    1. @Gib Handson i so agree with you on this.  in fact, if there’s a lack of interest from a woman, lack of affection, etc., only sometimes is it because she is ‘shy’ or not yet comfortable.  most times, “she’s just not into you”.  and that sucks.

  43. Another great video,I have my travel vlog channel im trying to get out there! if you or your subscribers get chance could you check it out please,Much love.

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