Various Thoughts While Walking in Boracay – Philippines

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    1. It depends of course… I am sure it is easier to walk around once you get to a place like Boracay, but i am currently several thousand miles away from there.  In places like Manila and Cebu, there are hundreds of condos and apartments for rent on Craigs list, Olx, and many other websites. In those cities, it is not much different shopping for an apartment than in the usa, as it seems most people are listing their condos/apartments (at least the nicer ones) online.  

      …it costs very little to place an add and they get hundreds more viewers than if they just had a “for rent’ sign in front of their rental.

      …Although many times the owner will place the ad, it is also common for an agent to place it and will be getting a commission of one month’s rent for finding the renter.   It is of course always better to rent directly from the owner, and cut out the middle man…but that is not possible in all instances.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines How did you come up on that figure ?  I’ve been looking at places to rent long-term on boracay..but there is not much online…

    3. @edwinodus i didn’t get to check out long-term apartments, but i’m thinking a single guy could swing it for about $1,900 a month on a budget.  not near the beach and not fine-dining every day, but enough to enjoy and explore boracay long-term.

  1. I am sorry but Boracay is my most favorite place in the world, my Filipina wife and I will be there from NJ 12/26 for the 7th time, never felt more safe and never had as good a time anywhere else in the World, been to almost every state, most of Western Europe, Boracay is the best!

    1. @buckslaw my favorite place (so far). i also really enjoyed the kawasan falls in moalboal, that was beautiful.  i’ll have to get to palawan eventually.  🙂

  2. It’s amazing how much the blonde woman stands out in that environment. I wonder who she was, if she lives there or is visiting the resorts….interesting none the less.

  3. I don’t know if I should be happy or disturbed by that little boy lol. But overall, thanks for the info! And the white sand is so nice. Where do you live ur stuff when u go swimming?

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