Upper East Kalayaan, Subic Bay, Philippines.

Upper East Kalayaan, Subic Bay, Philippines.


  1. Thanks for the VDO. Good work out! It is crazy, you are walking with a mask in a neighbourhood where you see nearly no-one else around, The world is becoming insane. And it seems that no-one is questioning the measures imposed by the governments on its citizens. It looks like only Sweden is somewhat sensible.

  2. Mark my word no speed train 17 meters or 17k meters is ever gonna be under that housing division. Elon musk has learned to make money selling science fiction ideas that people get enthused about. Never gonna happen and especially not now. The population my be lessened so much it doesn’t have the tax base or the actual necessity anymore.

  3. Subic!!! Our family LOVES Subic so much! We always look forward to your Subic videos (really the reason we started watching your vids). Makes us feel we are back there. Keep it up!

  4. Peter great job it was a pleasure to be out on your walk I really think your workout routine is doing you alot good buddy you seem quite carm and relaxed you are in your element buddy? Your out and about vlogging and giving us some great content your last two west and east have been great!!!!! Your back Peter!!!! Your getting fit and your channel will reflect that I’m really looking forward to your next one? Thank you!!!!!!

  5. When duplex neighbors cant agree on the same color what disaster. Duplexes were never meant to be owned by two different people. One owner live in and lease or a mother in law suite or a landlord owns entire unit.What a risk buying one side of a duplex. If the phillipines allowed this lease option everywhere these properties would rop by 80 %. The only reason they command their price is the stupid no foriegn owned property BS. I’d rather just lease a piece of land for 50 years that is unrestricted. At the end of 50 years my kids could elect to sign another 50 year lease, Have the land owner reimburse for the improvements to the land(being the house I built). The contract would allow that if the landowner didnt want to essentially buy the house or the lien holder to the material on the property that my kids had first option to find another buyer or if they choose to they could w ik there move the structure or bulldoze the fucking thing if the land owner doesnt want to play ball. No one own land in this world. All u aussie sodnt own land the Queen of England owns it. America same thing. You don’t own something that can be taken if you dint make the payment. e.g. real estate property taxes.

  6. Pete how do the majority of these people afford living there. And the world changing what do you see happening as all this infrastructure and niche financial markets evaporate globally. I am a person who makes tax free 39k a year on US VA disability. I could see living there if mortgages were available but not otherwise. Putting all my nest egg and paying cash seems risky also. But as far as locals not expats or te chinamen who live there what do these Filipinos do. Are they the sari sari magnants who run numerous chains or 7 11 owners, I understand they’re a developing economy or they were it just surprises me how they manage

  7. Masks cause excess carbon dioxide, accumulation to hypoxia, reduced blood oxygen levels and puts your immune system under stress because you cannot exhale the virus so it will travel into the brain – In essence the increase the risk of infections. Masks for surgeons ect… are to prevent contamination of the sterile operating field.

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