Update: Some Bad News & A Silver Lining – Food Aid, Condo Housing & Covid Cases

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  1. LINKS…
    No More Money For Food Aid.. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/money/economy/749563/duterte-no-more-money-for-food-financial-assistance/story/?just_in=
    Philippines Property Market.. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-08-02/virus-threatens-property-s-dominance-of-philippine-stock-market
    100,000 Cases in the PH.. https://news.yahoo.com/amphtml/philippines-virus-cases-top-100-084849111.html
    PH Covid Cases & Deaths.. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/philippines/

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  2. We should never underestimate covid although the recovery is high, many have reported nasty long term problems , mostly regarding blood clots in vital organs and the brain.
    In the UK our experience has not been good after lockdown numbers went down but as soon as it was lifted it’s already starting to run rampant the winter is looking especially serious, the only silver lining is a vaccine is looking 6 months away.
    No good news for me here for seeing my fiance in Cebu.

  3. If Philippine’s with the longest lockdown has covid19 data that is bad compared to many other countries, then imagine how much worse would the data be if it had the shortest lockdown

  4. Social distance and masks dont do any good. Been shown wearing masks cut down your oxygen levels and you rebreath back in bacteria’s they are meant to be expelled from your lungs.

  5. Reekay, I’m glad that you caught on to the propaganda that the media puts out about high number of total virus cases instead of current virus cases or total deaths and survival rate. Neither does the media ever mention the false positives from the inaccurate test kits, meaning, testing positive doesn’t mean that you have the virus. The situation is presented in the most fear-enhancing way.

  6. In my humble opinion, the world will not beat this virus. Just like the flu, CV will go on for many decades to come or longer. The only way to live with this as a human society is to let it run its course, do our best to prevent spread and vaccinate when available. Life can and will go on around the world.

  7. Interesting perspective on this. I’m hoping you’re right that Duterte is signaling things must open. As a local business owner I believe a lot will have to change for the economy to truly open. I’ve been paying for an office to stay empty for more than 4 months, though I’m fortunate most of my employees can work from home. Filipinos, at least here in Cebu City, still have no affordable public transportation to travel to work. There are also still checkpoints everywhere, making it difficult for people to even be able to walk to work if they are close enough to do so. The jury is still out for me if Cebu City will stay in GCQ and progress to the less strict MGCQ. Manila is going backwards to MECQ tomorrow.

  8. I agree. This year was bad on all countries and our beloved Philippines because of their economic situation before it hit has brought all this to light.

  9. I didn’t think PI had any assists left? Thought The Big C had already bought 70% of PI. The rest goes to Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, last but not least USA. Just a observation. Love PI hope to be back there when able to but this looks to be a huge breaking point for PI and it’s foreseeable future as even a 3rd world country.

  10. Reekay, this is one of your more informative and positive (silver lining) videos in a while. Some of my Filipino friends have been telling me for several days, the economy and travel will need to open soon.

  11. I’m sure you know but your two percent estimates on mortality assumes that everyone that is infected got tested and everyone who got tested who was infected got a positive result. We both know that’s not true. True morality rate is likely well less than one percent. Overreaction by governments worldwide

  12. Vietnam is a different story altogether then other countries like the Philippines. What Veitnam did was “overreact” early on in the pandemic when others did not take the pandemic serious. Veitnam has a long history of dealing with infectious diseaes as do the people so they have alot of respect for these diseases and overreacted early on.
    Veitnam shut down in early january with only 2 deaths in China, held anyone entering the country in quaratine for 14 days with government paying for this. 40% of confirmed cases were those in quarantine who did not know they had the virus, they were young and healthy and had they not held them they would have been out spreading the disease which has a HIGH SPREAD RATE to many others and Veitnam would be in the same boat as Philippines.
    Veitnam also violated peoples rights in their response. They shutdown entire areas once covid 19 was found, not allowing anyone to go in or out. Veitnam also fined and prosecuted people for not obeying the government. But because the government controls the media you may not know these things. And even with all that said , we don’t even know if the numbers Veitnam reports if they are true or not as government controls the media.
    Based on what Veitnam did, by overeacting early, it is far to late for the Philippines to do what Veitnam did, you can not compare the 2 countries as though the Philippines can now at this point react the same way Veitnam does .
    It’s to late for the Philippines and other countries to be like Veitnam.

  13. Interesting charts, I’m not sure they represent all that’s going on. You didn’t mention the other big news story came out this morning on Philippines. Now that the Philippines has slowly began opening things up the health care system is ready to collapsd, interesting that opening things up brought this about. A group of 80 docotors representing 80,000 doctors and 1 million nurses signed a petetion for help from the goverment because hospitals are ready to collapse. So we can see what happens if they open things up.
    You again mention low death rate but not high spread rate, hospitals ready to collapse are indicative of high spread rate once things begin opening up.
    I think you Reekay along with many others have a bias with covid 19, and you post information that supports your bias. You can not seem to wrap your head around high spread rate and overwelmed health care systems , your stuck on low death rate as though that is the only information that matters.

  14. I 100 percent agree with you Reekay! I just feel so bad for the people of the Philippines for many reasons. Thankfully, my Filipino wife and her son are here in the US with me since April 2019. After seeing how the Philippine government has poorly handled this situation, I am having second thoughts on our plans to retire there in about 10 years. Great to hear your logical thoughts.

  15. Good grief. Killing your country’s economy for under 3,000 deaths. Sweden didn’t quarantine or even require the silly masks and they are doing very well. Much more people are going to get sick and die from killing the economy.

  16. Thank you for the update on the Philippines, Reekay, yes you and us, can see that something does not add up with the quarantine and Cases, I can read and get your mental Signals without to much talking and writing, keep us updated on the Philippines.

  17. We’re having the same issues.
    Deaths are way down even though the case numbers are raising.
    Here, there is an insensitive to report high numbers due to government reimbursements.

    It’s also being used as a political tool.
    Personally, I haven’t stopped working. I work in the public transportation field and we’re essential.
    Good luck and best wishes to everyone there.
    Eventually we’ll pull ourselves out of this.

  18. I agree with you! I’m a Cebu City resident. Philippines should open up already! Quarantining and locking down for way too long is only making peoples financial issues worse. So there’s no other way around this but to open up and just wear mask, physical distance and wash hands. Way too high recovery rate and they’re acting like it’s a worse thing!

  19. Scientifically, they have never isolated any CV19 Virus using any Gold standard testing method to prove it even exists. So they are testing for RNA, which means anyone can test pos even when they are healthy. Been a complete Haox and scam from the beginning. So much so that they have had to lie about what people are actually dying of trying to inflate numbers. And actually even when using their over inflated death rates humans still have over a 99% chance of surviving whatever virus or other deaths causes they are relating to this so called CV19 virus. People need to wake up, masks are very unhealthy, do nothing to prevent flu viruses. and this has all been planned out well in advance. Cares Act written a year ago, patent on corona virus a year ago, event 201 last year before China out break. How many lies and false flag events until the majority say no more? They are silencing Medical professionals, sensoring all social media, the fed is bailing out all banks and large corporations, and flooding the stock markets with trillions of fake fiat currency, while shutting down most of the worlds economy. Everyone in every Country.better get more prepared because this plandemic is being pushed to the extreme.

  20. Good analysis of situation here – This is starting to look more like a way to control and subjugate the people. I just wonder how much is politically motivate. Really feeling like a police state here now.

  21. The president is gonna have to reopen. Honestly I believe the cases would have been worse if they stayed open. Especially how they love to congregate there. Since PI relies on tourism I can see them taking a path like the Dominican Republic is doing which is mandatory masks, curfews and stop large gatherings. I’ve had family members catch COVID-19 and it was the worst sickness they’ve ever had. Also we don’t know that even if they did survive what future issues they would have behind it.

  22. I agree that the Philippines need to go back to work along with other countries so that the Filipinos can go back to work in those countries so that they can send money back home.

  23. Exactly, no more money for food, financial assistance. So they really have to let people to go back to their works to earn money since the Government cannot support people especially poor People. But instead they are limiting people movements, like here in Manila now we will be placed under MECQ again, starting tomorrow. Means, It will be stricter again, I do understand that frontliners are tired already but that’s their job, that’s their profession with or without covid. People need to go back to their work again. !!! And to be honest the covid thing here in the Philippines they are making it sounds worse .. A friend of my friend he was about to leave the country last week he’s a seafarer, he passed all his medical exam, the last one was the covid test, so from province he drove and travelled to get here in Manila for covid test, he only had a bit cough and cold and lol he was positive in covid, so now he’s staying here in Manila for 14 days. But he’s strong like a carabao lmao,🙈🤣🤣💪 So I don’t really think that covid test are accurate …

  24. When I bought my airplane ticket and paid for hotels up front (in full) back in early March for my vacation in December I felt very confident that all of this would be over before then. With less than 4 months to go I’ve still got my fingers crossed and am hoping for the best but it’s not looking too good.

  25. Henry you may have missed it?………….Doctors & frontliners in Manila begged Duterte to lockdown again, as the hospitals are overrun.

  26. Some doctors have been saying that 85 to 95% of the people who get COVID-19 will not need any medical attention. Even some people with underlying health issues that get COVID-19 are surviving it. But this is the MADNESS of the 100% Club. We are going to bankrupt our country trying to save 100% of the people. COVID-19 is real, but this is a media feeding frenzy putting fear into the masses. Its going to come down to what it always does come down to, MONEY. 😷😷💰💰💰💰🍷🍷

  27. Hi Henry! Manila and our area, Cavite, is going back on MECQ tomorrow on August 4th to August 18th. Lockdown for us starting tomorrow again with Military checkpoints.

  28. When the hospitals get full, wish they already are, people whit non corona problems will start to die too bc there Is no room for them, so the 2% death will go up very fast.

  29. What would be informative would be to know how much the treatments for the virus compares to other like illnesses that have been dealt with yearly. Is it substantially more taxing? Additionally, what is difficult to quantify is to what extent recent efforts have kept the illness from being much worse? Certainly, the efforts are over the top more extensive compared to other infections that aren’t approached with such aggressive and thorough actions. We just can’t say what it would be like if nothing extraordinary had been done. If it’s back to business as usual, we very well may find out, but if it turns out to be a mistake it’s going to be a Herculean effort to put the genie back into the bottle.

    The medical infrastructure here isn’t comparable to most western countries. The question has been, at least partially, how can the Philippines best afford to deal with this? Quarantine versus health care, prevention versus treatment? I believe decisions were made based on the reality of what exists today. Tomorrow has arrived and everyone should be holding their breath.

    Here in Dumaguete, from what I’ve been able to glean, the isolation had been effective, but is now experiencing cracks as certain specific groups of people have been allowed back into the province. That’s an argument for another day, but it does present an interesting bit of verifiable fact.

  30. Don’t forget about Melbourne Australia they just did another 6 week super strict lockdown all the way till almost October just today so it’s just not the Philippines

  31. It’s too bad the Philippines doesn’t have a world reserve currency, if the did, they would just push a few buttons and turn a few knobs in the basement of the Treasury Department and trillions of dollars pop out for Congress and the President to spend!

  32. Anyone that still thinks that this is Ebola needs to start looking at the REAL facts (science). The deaths on the roads, Dengue and other viruses far out way C-vid but they (the agenda) are using it to put fear into everyone so the people take the vaccine just to be able to get back to normal. Problem is that the vaccine is not what you think it’s going to be with their intention to depopulate and track. The elite don’t care about lives. It’s all about control. The big reset! I mean what are they thinking when they tell a married couple to hold a piece of perspex between them while on a bike? They are trying to piss people off into submission until they beg for the vaccine. No doubt someone is also getting a large brown envelope from the WHO to put these rules in place. We’re screwed!
    EDIT. And don’t forget, the 100,000 cases is not true information. That’s based on the people that they have tested. You can x that by 10 of which would make the death rate nothing to worry about. As for the people that have actually died. Was it ‘FROM’ or ‘WITH’ C-vid? Going off everything I’ve seen (I don’t mean TV), hardly anyone has died FROM C-vid but rather had it when they died of other illnesses.
    It’s all a scam!

  33. Hi Reekay, I kind of agree that in Philippines it makes sense to open up. But I don’t agree that Philippines’ quarantine is gold standard. It is real quarantine for all the condos. But in Filipino Barangay area all aunties kept chismising around the local sarisari store, younger Filipinos played basketball and all drank together, they shared what they cooked to their neighbors. I saw these things happening over video. These are not usual in western countries. Philippines like any other developing high density countries always had a huge chance to have a high level of COVID19 infection.

  34. Sad ! Think of all the thousands of overseas workers that came back and now they are not sending money but adding to the cost for each.family. During this lock down on my island the poor only received three kilos of rice sometimes. I fed many family and gave as much help as i could and it is still on going.

  35. Totally agree with your assessment…..there is no other choice but to open up the economy with common sense precautions of course…..Covid is here to stay anyway….even if the death rate goes up another two points with opening up….no assistance to the poor will produce much more death and chaos.

  36. Vaccine are not required to be better than 50 percent effective….hidin with Joe Biden in the bomb shelter is not going to get it…google it…Under recently released federal guidelines, a COVID-19 vaccine can be authorized for use if it is safe and proves effective in as few as 50% of those who receive it. And “effective” doesn’t necessarily mean stopping people from getting sick from COVID-19. It means minimizing its most serious symptoms, experts say.

  37. They were very strict with the quarantine in the beginning it was expected to be much worse, now 2000 deaths out of 130 million people (I think the pop.) is so minute less then .00002 or something is a big relief but no reason to be paranoid just continue to be very careful around groups of people let the people work again.Another positive the virus does not live long in the heat n sunlight. Congrats to the Philippines for doing a spectacular job 👍Thanks Reekay God Bless the Philippines

  38. So I just sold a condo and closed at BPI today ahead of the ecq tomorrow…and got out plus 25%…less transactions costs of 11%…but still in positive territory.

  39. You so correct, the creazy lockdown and Barangays compulsory pass prevented people to have some minimal way to make money. Also money was not allocated to obtain proper medical protection and equipment for the health care system that was already deficient before covid. So sad for the hard working people of the Philippines.

  40. No further deaths in Scotland for 16 days now. Businesses re-opening, still social distancing, mask wearing etc. I’ts the only way forward until we find a solution.

  41. That’s why Manila just went to MECQ AGAIN From September 2 I’ll be looking at 28 days quarantine here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 when I come back from Taiwan 🇹🇼 for my visa run. This whole quarantine thing is going to kill me. Take away my freedom to go out of my room to go different places

  42. Hi Reekay, it’s going to get worse unless we get out of lockdown to a “normal” situation under strict rules on mask wearing, sanitation and social distancing and everybody back to work.

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