Update On COVID-19 Vaccine Price & Schedule From A Leading Vaccine Expert | STAY CURIOUS #30

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  1. The IVI is spun off WHO . . massively funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.. The vaccines are all being developed by private companies, so what exactly are they doing with their billions?.

  2. Thank you for everything you do, Asian Boss. I like receiving fair and unbiased information on issues, be they big or small, known or unknown. Thank you for talking about these things, and especially this long, in-depth dive into a potential Covid vaccine.

  3. I have been following both his previous interviews and things turned out to be as he predicted. I wish more people would listen to this interview series. As always great job Asian Boss!!

  4. I wondering when the COVID-19 vaccine will ready and when this virus will end? I really want to end this virus. So, we can go back to our normal lifestyle and don’t need to wear mask anymore. Sigh. And I really need thanks for Asian Boss for interview some experts like him. I really enjoy to hear this interview. 🙏.

  5. As someone who lives in Idiotland (Sweden), virtually no one wears a mask here. It doesn’t help that the national media tells the population that masks don’t work. (Yes, seriously. SVT has told the public that masks don’t work). The Swedish government doesn’t care about protecting the population either. On top of that, people here are just too stupid to protect themselves.

  6. Thank you so much for having Dr. Kim on again. In a world of fake news it’s comforting to hear the truth, however cautiously optimistic it might be.

  7. Small observation.
    The man knows how to wear a tie.
    Half Windsor, Good Knot size, no frivolous crease, even, central, not loose.
    Shows attention to detail.

  8. What’s so tragic is how the politicians, medical scientists, doctors, health ministers, medias are playing up the fear about Covid-19 even though the virus has 99.96% survival rate. PCR tests are never to be used for detecting Covid-19 because it only detects the antigen of several common rhinovirus, including the common cold virus. Testing positive for antigen doesn’t mean you are infected or are ill with Covid-19. Not to mention countless amount of waste generated by the endless testing, masks, protective gowns, etc. Greta would scream “How dare you!” when seeing how many barrels of oil have been used to produce the one-time use packages for PCR tests, masks, clear partition films or sheets, etc. Since the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated, how can the vaccine developers and manufacturers claim to have vaccines ready in one short year when it normally takes seven to fifteen years from first development to the market? The statistics have been manipulated grievously to spread the fear and to support the political positions on removing gradually and incrementally our freedoms, liberties, and rights. Wake up, you have been played up!

  9. Asian Boss Journalist: I don’t think anyone would be dumb enough to question vaccines. Me: GOOD JOURNALISM MAN! Don’t ask questions about the ingredients or any negative side effects vaccines cause such as death and permanent neurological damage, just keep your goddamn mouth shut and listen to the government.

  10. What a disgusting bug eyed creep. He is not going to mention that 59 people in South Korea died from the flu vaccine just recently? He’s just going to shill for vaccines? Ew.

  11. Can you bring a report about the situation in Sweden? You know, that country that had no lockdowns, no mandatory masks, no curfew and no other restrictions and still have almost no Covid deaths? Would be amazing to see AsianBoss investigate the fishy situation…

  12. From 40:10 onwards – what i wanted to know after getting the vaccine, is will the person vaccinated still able to infect others, if he/she is exposed to the virus. Because many people after vaccination, may not wear masks, keep safe distancing and go back to life as per before covid, then get infected carries the virus though his/her body may be immune. SO in this case will he/she still able to infect others?

  13. Asian Boss never fails to make us the smartest people on world issues. No lie, I can’t wait to flex my knowledge on my friends who agrue aimlessly on the topic of this pandemic😂💪🏾🔥

  14. This video is honestly incredibly good! I just wished it were cut in clips so it was easier to share. Short clips about specific questions would be appreciated!

  15. I won’t take the vaccine. Do you what happened in the US the last time they rushed out a flu vaccine? More people died of the vaccine than died of the flu. My mother-in-law ran the local government vaccine station; she had to shut it down ASAP when the numbers came out. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s hard fact.

  16. Thank you Steve for sharing another educational interview of Dr. Jerome Kim.
    His information about the COVID-19 helped me to understand the situation from your interview 5 months ago.
    I hope they can make the vaccine in large volume to be able to provide all over the world.
    Wishing all people to be safe and well.

  17. 🙂 Great, great interview. It is much more informative to hear all this from a scientist than from a politician. Someone who speaks with the rawness of the truth, who tells us the real state of things and not what we want to hear. This interview has to reach more people. As always, very good Stephen, asking specific questions and allowing the interviewee to speak and explain widely. Dr. Kim, thank you so much for the time and the explanation. Quality content. 👏👏👏👏 Greetings from México.

  18. We in Brazil, have the worst president, EVERRR!! He said this week that, the Brazilian should stop being sissies, and stop being scared of Covid! He literally said that!!! We couldn’t have a worse president! He really doesn’t care. It’s scary!

  19. Thank you so much. I feel more informed after watching your videos with Dr. Kim. He seems honest and that he cares about people no matter where we live. I would trust his words if he said a certain vaccine was safe. Thank you both for all of the information.

  20. I am pro-baxx for the original baxx method our ancestors used thousands of years ago. Modern baxx mixes carcinogenic chemicals, metals and aborted fetal tissue in order to have exclusive patent rights. They are greedy.

    Please do your own research on modern baxxine and pharma If you care about your money, health, and ability to have healthy offspring.

    How can we expect objective and critical science from a man profiting from the baxxine Institute?

    Transgenerational studies are needed to prove safety of any pharma creation, including baxxines.

    There are scientists from Oxford and Stanford who have already declared there is no need for a baxxine for this “pandemic”. These scientists do not get attention because they do not serve corrupt corporations and gov.

    Most people will reconsider If they do their own objective research.

    Do not expect a scientist or politician will show up on a screen and tell the world “western medicine is a big fraud, modern baxxines are toxic!”

    It will not happen because corrupt corporations and special interest groups own science and most of journalism.

    Stop outsourcing truth and start trusting in your own intellectual potential and build your immune system the natural way.

  21. Due to the pandemic the conspiracy theorists are going ham, like the government purposely killing their citizens and other nonsense, crazy times we are living in

  22. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold millions in stock on same day of vaccine reveal.


    You idiots better wake up to this nonsense. Vaccines are just another method to control you.

  23. Will this be on your Spanish Asian Boss channel. Would like to share with my spanish speaking relatives! Also, when will you interview again the professor who does research, really enjoyed hearing him speak and all his knowledge.

  24. If you take that vaxxine you’re out of your mind!! You have NO idea what’s in it and there is NO way to know the long term affects. And if you let them force the first one on you, you will forever be a government guinea pig!! They will vaxx you any time they feel like it with whatever they want and you will NEVER again be able to say NO!!

  25. Vaccine -when will you come
    We all are waiting for you badly hope we will see you soon
    Wish that vaccine will be here if we call it like this 😭

  26. These talks are my favorite out of any news source. So nice hearing ppl talk directly and thoroughly about covid instead of it being treated like a political trigger word here in the US.

  27. WHO is primarily funded by Bilm Gates who’s prime goal is to depopulate the human race. Not to mention this Covid 19 vaccine is a step towards ID 2020 to check and track your health records, location, basically no privacy. This agenda is real people!

  28. Problem, reaction, solution..all part of the plan folks. Please wake up the NWO is in progress right now! The gov is slowly taking away our rights through this pland3mic can you not see this? High rates of false positives on covid tests, mandatory masking (which has no evidence based science that it’s effective) not to mention the harmful chemicals in the masks that people wear all day. Next, will be forced mandatory Covid 19 vaccinations. People of Korea and around the World fight back against this tyranny!

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