UPDATE – NO Mandatory Medical Insurance for O-A Visas

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  1. Off topic but You mention about the vans and changing to medium size buses….
    It’s the using phones while driving that’s the problem…again this week while texting people die in a mini van..

  2. They want all OA’s to have insurance is what I was told at Immigration recently. Plus I was told Direct Deposit of at least 65,000THB monthly.Cannot use Debit card inside Bank to transfer. Can I use a recurring payment directly from my U.S bank to my bangkok Bank?

  3. Update on retiring in Cambodia. Been here for 20 days. Got an apartment, bank account and a PO Box. Also got a 1 year multi entry retirement visa. It was so easy. took all my documents with me and did not need to bring them. All they wanted was my passport.a picture my address in Cambodia phone number and $295.00 US dollars. That was it. Picked up visa 11 business later. Very very simple. Thanks to Lucky Lucky motorcycle Co.

  4. The Update is true but so is this: Breaking news. If you have an OA retirement Visa from outside Thailand and want to renew in Thailand you WILL REQUIRE MEDICAL INSURANCE.
    This is currently for the OA visa only and will not effect Non O retirement visas!

  5. Chok dii :~)
    Will Thailand accept US Medicare/Medicaid as being insured?
    Medical insurance in VN is a great topic. Thanks yet again!

  6. There is no use pissing and moaning about all this stuff. If you want to live there you have to comply. Simple as that. It’s just some paperwork, one day at immigration every few months and as JC says if you don’t have 25 grand for the requirements at 50 plus years old your doing it hard. You can’t live there.

  7. For the Essential Plan, the premiums are as follows:/ David Shield

    58 – $142
    56-60 Year

    63 – $173

    67 – $211

    72 – $295 71-75

    Regarding and accidents, injuries, or illnesses you are covered so long as there is a hospitalization involved since this is a hospitalization only plan.

    We do cover two doctor consultations up to $75 each, as well as medications up to $300 in the first year only.

    Im 55 and got the offer of 1704 US/ 50600 bath/1,2 million US cover 1 year, at David Shield and i got a offer from Pacific Cross 48600 bath/ 5 million Baht 1 year


    As i see it pacific cross is a bit cheap the first 10 years 55-65 and the next 10 years is David Shield it, over a 20 year period the price is almost the same but the cover is the big difference ,you can get the price for pacific cross down by using deductible option and 20 % of if you are not sick for 3 years,but the base price is the same.

  8. Thailand visa requirements are constantly changing. You know that. You even said you would no longer make videos discussing visa requirements because they change and you don’t want people to be misled by info in your videos which might be dated once changes take place, so why this video? I’m confused here.

  9. Since JC is also talking about health care & insurance in this video,I thought I’d mention an excellent western dental clinic I found in Hanoi.Peace Dental clinic.Dr Abel graduated from Indiana University dental school.I got 3 implants,a porcelain bridge,a porcelain crown,a half crown and some major periodontal work for around$5500.Sounds like a lot until you consider what it would cost at home.He did a beautiful job& painless!

  10. Thanks for the long time awaited positive news. I also hope they will accept a regular health insurance, because in my opinion everybody need one. I will have an option for a health insurance from the government of Norway. But it cover less and cost much more than your insurance. So I will go the same route as you do, JC and get a proper health insurance when I make the move.

  11. Good update JC…. I have an O-A visa from Canada. Came into Thailand Aug 22nd (3 days ago). I was going to stay for the year, but decided on only a 3 month trip for now. Pacific Blue Cross in Canada gave me a 1 year Health Insurance policy, good anywhere in Asia, for up to 120 days out-of-country at a time. It covers up to 10 million dollars Canadian, all inclusive. Cost was $759 Canadian. No deductible mentioned. I’m 62, a smoker, no medical problems to speak of. Pre-existing conditions are not covered, of course. Yes, always an option!

  12. Everything is for NOW and not for the future and until Thailand makes it clear and states what they will require it’s still a maybe now but maybe not later, and maybe that’s just Thailand (TIT). I’m going to spend a year in Vietnam and enjoy this next year, watching and waiting on Thailands immigration policies, as the table note said, have a nice day and enjoy every moment of your adventure, Ah yes, said the Zen master <- that is the biggest truth said here today, "enjoy every moment of your adventure".

  13. Simple solution for the Thai authorities if they want to make sure long stay foreigners have the ability to pay for an medical emergency, —— OA visa holders have 90 days after arrival to either (a) get the required amount of medical insurance, or (b) have 800,000 baht deposited in a Thai bank. Problem solved. Tourists can get 90 days without medical insurance, so whats the difference? And in any case, one could get travel insurance for the first 90 days if required.

  14. Your a great guy, excellent information! But I lived in CHIANG MAI for 10yrs ! The good days r definitely over in THAILAND! They don’t really like us as a whole! ,We are only ATM cards to them! Living in Mexico for the same prices! JC U are great, the best of luck!!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH

  15. In my old job, we used to joke about “flavour of the month”. Some new rule or procedure would come down from management; it would last for a while, then you’d stop hearing about it. It also sounds like the Thai government is employing “trial balloons”, which are standard operating procedure for many governments.

  16. Great breaking news JC, this news will make a lot of people breathe easier, but I totally agree, insurance is an absolute must have. Hope you guys are enjoying Vietnam, see you when you get back.

  17. JC just discovered that Vietnam has tightened their banking regulations around the beginning of July this year so that you now need to show residency to get a bank account. Luckily my Timo account is safe as I’m an existing customer. Tea house you did the video from looks very chilled.

  18. Hey JC and Nat. Thanks for the update. I’ve been planning on getting my O-A visa soon and have been following this. Keep up the great work with your videos!

  19. Where are you? Northern Vietnam? Jackets/coats on.
    If nothing else, expats need accident insurance. Available through banks.
    Don’t you need the 800,000 THB in a Thai bank if you have an O/A visa?

  20. ………..yippee….!!!…….There’s one horror story after another about insurance companies “NOT PAYING” when the bill comes due…….. That $ 150/mo in premiums people may as well have kept in their pockets…….

  21. Remember not long ago when Americans would fly to Asia to have surgery. That’s obsolete now that we have Obamacare. Laws do make a difference.

  22. Hey JC thank you for the update. It appears that many expats (or expats to be) seem more concerned about the currency issues and where they are headed in the future with Brexit, Trumps/China’s Trade war, continual dropping interest rates worldwide, etc. There are many ways to live cheaper in Thailand I realise. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Acting without Thinking, typical Thailand. I’ve been here in Thailand for 18 years and have seen this again & again, a law made and law enforcement not enforcing the law, life goes on as usual. Best to not panic like I read so many westerners replying on Thaivisa.com. Just stay informed as much as possible and network as often as you can. I just lay low and don’t stick my mouth out there like the person who made a petition against the TM30. There’s always an option!!!!!!!

  24. Of course you still need 800 thousand or 65 thousand a month. Why do people take notice of people on youtube who struggle to be understood.
    But good to know you dont need insurance and never will, or you might but you might not.
    Thats what you are taking notice of.

  25. Heads up for any expat working in Vietnam I had a big meeting with the tax department last week. For the last 10 years companies have paid 3% per expat to the compulsory community healthcare. However in 2022, this will change. All companies will be paying 17% and a further 8% will be deducted from salary. This is going to change the game big time. I already pay 30% tax because I’m in a high salary bracket, so in 2022 it will be 38%, plus 17% from my company. Just something to consider.

  26. Thanks for sharing the topic of health insurance, did you say something about we can show prof of money in our Americans bank instead of Thailand

  27. If the Thai government wants my advice – which they don’t! – require the 800,000 in the account, require it to be a fixed term account (no early access), and make sure the visa ends before access to the account is possible. That way there’s at least 800,000 that a hospital can ask the court to seize pending the resolution of the bill.

  28. Again a “storm in a glass of water”. And when so many vloggers scream: “End of the world”!, we have you to calm everything down. And I agree, one should HAVE insurance. You never know what will happen tomorrow or even 1 hour from now. Better save than sorry.

  29. Health insurance is definitely worth it – IF – it actually covers actual issues and does not exclude pre-existing conditions and, of course, if the cost is reasonably affordable.

  30. JC and Nat, good stuff as always. I most appreciate that whenever the internet panics because Thailand is changing something you are the calm in the storm. I see that many vloggers disparage you but they contribute unnecessarily to the problem. As you say, there is always an option. Stay calm and work with the system to find that option. I am happy every day that I am a part of the member family as retirement approaches in Thailand for me. Thank you.

  31. I guess the theory that the Thai government wants all the expats to leave is blown out of water. Those evil raisin faced old expat mongers in Issan with bar girls as one channel called them. His words not mine All more drama for views nothing more. Some of the Thai vloggers themselves will be eating their words come morning. I thought much the same nothing much if anything was going to happen. Personally i believe its better to put the money aside in something you can gain good interest in. Thanks for the quick updated report JC !

  32. Fantastic!

    I have travel insurance (for now) and will likely get regular health insurance shortly but it is nice to know that they fixed this issue.

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