UPDATE – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour

Might be another day or two until the Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour resumes. I was giving updates on the community tab of my channel but a lot of people were missing those…

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Shipping container resort: Chick Resort Khao Kho


  1. Shit that sucks dude good luck with getting your data back, you may be able to remove the hard drive from the broken laptop and use a patch cable to recover your Data..

  2. Since u use iPhone to film all your video why don’t buy an iPad Pro to edit all your video? And u just need to purchase video editing apps

  3. Sorry about your laptop. That just sucks! Could you have a friend here in the US ship you a “used” laptop? Are the taxes on “used” electronics the same as new electronics?

  4. I wanted to ask you if there’s a big bike/ Harley Dresser ect culture in Thailand. I’ve been blown away by all the wild auto performance videos. Knowing the Thai’s go all out when they get into something, I’m curious if you’ve seen any of the bike culture. Thanks

  5. Sorry to hear of your laptop troubles Chad. I had several PC’s and laptops fixed in Thailand, the people in those little repair shops are very knowledgeable and very cheap. They might be able to revive your machine. So long as the motherboard is still working and the screen is good they can replace any faulty ancillary items. Got to be worth a try. BTW, use cloud storage for at least all your important stuff. Google Drive (comes free with Gmail), MS Outlook, and Dropbox all do a small allowance for free. I use MS OneDrive as my main storage. Whenever I have to set up a new PC I install OneDrive then leave it to sync and it brings all your files onto your new machine. I think I pay about $6 a month for 1TB of storage and I get all, the MS Office products with it.

  6. 4 years of bouncing around on scooters, getting beer spilled in it, having bar girls knock it off the pillow, sitting around in 100 degree weather(with 96% humidity) and generally being abused like a suitcase in a Samsonite commercial, I’d say that you got your money’s worth out of that jewel.

  7. Why don’t you try to edit on your iphone? Your videos never use complicated transition right? Editing on iphone is great. I am doing it all the time.

    My recommended app for editing on iphone: Lumafusion

  8. Hi Chad! Have you tried resetting the BIOS? You would need to go into your computer’s settings before your operating system starts up (during reboot – normally F2 but check what your screen shows you). Unless you are running some fancy custom settings on your computer, resetting the BIOS basically re-installs default settings for all your hardware and rolls back to standard drivers. This is a really good way of getting faulty USB ports to work again. If it still does not work after this then you have a hardware failure in your USB connection wiring or the USB socket component itself. Hope that helps if you have not already tried it. Love your tour and your videos dude!

  9. There is bound to be a really cheap store in KK that might be able to fix it at very low cost, or at least take it in part exchange on a new one.
    Worth a try!

  10. Hi Chad,first ask to the guy at the store if he or someone that he know can fix your laptop (it will be cheaper to buy one in BBK)and because It happened several times to me,you can recover your data from your laptop,you need to open it and take out the hard drive and then plug it on your new computer like an external Hd!!and because you are in Thailand just ask to the guy from the store if he can do it or if he know someone who can do it!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  11. Worry not, nothing is lost. Take the hard drive out and get a SATA to USB cable, they only cost few dollars and treat it as an external one when you get a new laptop. Until then use your mobile to edit the videos, even simple YouCut will do for now. Your content is great no mater the edit quality.

  12. Brow shit happens sorry to hear about your laptop. But want to say if this make you day more better I watch all your videos I think you make a great job. 💪

  13. Have you thought about investing in a NAS? If you have someone back home who would be willing to host it for you it would be a great backup solution.

  14. Don’t mess with the P.C. JUNK. Go buy an Apple laptop. A lot more stable and works every time.
    After you get your Apple working, view some good porn, go to the bar and have a happy ending and you will forget all about your PC blues. Then get up brush yourself off and get on that horse and ride. ( ride to the next town up north.) signed Dr Ben.

  15. Man! Sorry to hear that. I know what’s its like to lose a pc lap top. You always use it when you need it most. That’s why I use Mac. Once you go Mac, you never go back? Maybe. (shoulder shrug)

  16. Good luck Buddy, my netbook is 8 years old Acer aspire one, bought in Thailand, still works fine,only needed new battery, but I found repair shops very hit and miss here! Can’t admit if they don’t or can’t fix it!!! Can go on for weeks, best advice keep windows updates off if using fake software,

  17. Bro you’ll almost definitely be able to rescue your drives with all your files on them. It mightn’t be an impossible fix either. Even if you buy a new one, keep that one with you!

  18. Mate u can buy asus zephyrus g14 with 7th generation amd chip for 47500 baht in Thailand. It’s cheaper Then US. It’s 14″ monster for editors.

  19. Sorry to hear about the laptop issues Chad…I ‘m pretty sure you’ll find a capable replacement and will be back in the editing cave busting out more awesome content…thanks for the vlogs bro…

  20. I was literally going to ask you: Should I bring my US laptop, what is the cost difference? Can you get it from Amazon directly there? I really have no idea.

  21. Would having a Amazon or Azure Workstation be a better idea? You upload your info and simply remote to it, install your apps, works just like a regular workstation and web based. Good in a pinch. Not sure on the performance for video editing. You don’t pay for it when its off either and just sitting there. Good to have it as a backup idea. Amazon Work Spaces I think is what its called.

  22. WOW!!! I love the creativity of this resort!!! For something stuck in the middle of farmland, it very creative and innovative. How is the food in the resort?
    BTW- I hope all goes well with your Pc hunt, maybe you can get a PC tech to get into the hard drive of your crashed PC.

  23. FYI if you get a Office 365 Small Business account, about $5 per user, you get 1 TB of storage per user and another 1 TB of storage aggregate for Sharepoint. You can sync your local data to it and it will upload changes automatically or on a schedule. What I am getting at is that you should NEVER have all your data just on a laptop, especially unencrypted. Can you tell I work in tech?

  24. Man Traveling with a laptop, They take a beating. Chad I am sorry I am unable to help support your channel monetarily, Why not buy a used one, I am sure that they have some awesome IT guys in Thailand that do to computers what the car guys do.

  25. Sorry about your laptop,

    Probably the easiest to find option in Thailand (from being there last year) is a Samsung laptop, something like the Notebook 9 pro might be a good option, it’s got good specs and good reviews (only thing I can’t comment on is the GPU since I’m more familiar with building desktops)

    If you can find an MSI laptop they also have fantastic specs /good build quality and are one of the best laptop options imo

    Since you’re editing photos/videos of course the color accuracy/quality of the display is going to be key, along with a solid GPU, 16gb ram, + i7 cpu or equivalent

    Good luck today / hope you’re able to find a nice laptop for your work & content creation
    I really enjoy your videos

  26. Laptop or not, still good content. I was going to suggest fixing the laptop, but yeah, it’s time for a new one. Remove hard drive from old and put it into an adapter so you can read it from your new machine. Good luck!

  27. I have a lenovo Yoga X380- And it’s a beast- You getting 4 years of HEAVY use is pretty good- But you are right- Time to move on!!! Good luck bud.

  28. Bummer… I have a Lenovo laptop I bought in 2011, use it infrequently bcuz it is like starting a lawnmower…

    Kinda take it for granted tho’… GL on the laptop hunt, probs good chad-19 deals r now…

  29. It’s a necessary business expense. Bummer that it hit while you’re out enjoying upcountry. Central KK PowerBuy should have what you need.

  30. Chad, there is no need to rush. Please make sure you have an up to date good anti virus software. I almost lost my Lenovo A 10 Tablet years ago when it encountered a rare virus in Taiwan. There are many bugs floating around overseas that we do not have in United States.

  31. you can always harvest, ram cpu, and hdd from the old lenovo and transfer them over to a lower spec model. check for socket and ram compatibility.

  32. I currently have an IBM Thinkpad T60 this thing is as old as me I think and I’m 55 I’m pretty sure my wife ran over it once with her car (dont ask ) I’m getting a fancy newer one but this ol gal has a damn tank.

  33. Spewing man, did you try a scannow /sfc 🙁 should have reached out. Hope you find a new laptop, bargain with them over at ITCity at the mall there mate. Btw for your intro just download a youtube clip and pull it down to your machine and cut it out, easy fixed mate. Also get a USB HDD caddy and pull your current HDD out and you’ll be able to recover your old data that way, if its wiped then I’ll send you a program to restore your data, will be easy… Let me know on Insta if you need a hand.

  34. RIP for your Lenovo Yoga….if ever you need help on fixing your old laptop…buzz me i might be able to help with my work experience…:)

  35. I feel for you man! If you cannot get it repaired you can fit the dead Lenovo’s internal drive into an external enclosure. They you can plug it into new PC and access your old data.

  36. I feel for ya man, I absolutely hate the chore that is getting a new computer back to where the old one was. On the bright side though everything should run faster and quicker, so better in the long run. When you get a chance can you show us what they have done with those containers, I’m intrigued.

  37. What if your business purchased it and DHL it to you?

    With everything going on I ordered carbon fiber for the evo. It was from Taipei Taiwan and shoot i got it in 3 or 4 days. I ordered from Florida and Canada and still got my Taiwan package sooner to Ohio.

  38. hi,,,i understand what you are saying,,but i would let someone look at your laptop to see if it can be fixed,,ive had a laptop i got on line sent to thailand cheaper than buying one in the shop there,,but im sure you know what your doing there more than me giving you advice,,,get a few beers in and some snacks when you get your new laptop when your installing everything,,,also you could get someone there to help you sort it all…lol

  39. Not a uncommon story… Lots of stuff or machines tend to break down very quick in Thailand…

    Hope you still can retrieve data from the old laptop

  40. That’s ruff man, but before you throw away your old laptop, take out the hard drive, all of your stuff should still be there and possibly working fine in another computer.

  41. Damm the phone trick didn’t work. Dont give up on it entirely a new SSD and Battery should get it running again {First try a Battery and ensure the SSD is set correctly in the BIOS if you have been in there.}. I haven’t seen the inside of the Yoga but you should always have two drives if you are video editing on SSD. Only using one drive causes them to wear out 4X faster. I would say though that for bullet proof durability not all SSD are equal. Drop the cash on a Good Samsung and don’t mess around even the Intel units can prove flaky when filled. If it is at more than half filled most of the time editing they also wear out fast. A mechanical SATA 3 drive will always outlast a SSD. Sadly Lenovo isn’t what it used to be in the days when it was an IBM supplier.
    Looking forward to the next update, I could think of worse places to be stuck in.

  42. If the hard drive isn’t damaged, it’s possible to take it out and copy your files to a new laptop. A decent laptop repair shop can take the SSD/2.5inch HDD out and use a Sata to USB adapter to transfer the files. Additionally, just put the hard drive in an external case that connects with USB to the new laptop so you can use it like an external HD/SSD.

  43. Good luck, man! I think we would be fine with a waiting a few extra days while you get this laptop situation sorted out correctly instead of rushing to the mall to get an overpriced laptop. What about sending money to a friend or relative in the united states then having them order a laptop at US prices, then shipping it to you like a normal package? Yes it would take extra time but it would save you like, a grand, right?

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