UPDATE I Hate Corona!

Vlog#831 Update on what is happening During the current situation here. I don’t like this Restriction, but trying to make the best of it. Every day things are changing except our current restrictions. We have been punished by this nasty Virus with the end starting over like a bad dream. As much as we have notime for this, we must continue to stay positive and strong.
Thailand Update ( English at end) : https://youtu.be/ra-j8h39PxY
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  1. Need some more Canadians there for the alcohol… Some of our richest family made their original fortunes during the US prohibition period – running… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. The same in Australia every 3 months I also donate with the Red Cross 480ml of blood and it is the only donation which dont cost money and they give you snacks at the end, The only way to donate more is plasma but so far have 76 donations looking foward to hit the 100 mark mild stone.

  3. Suppose to be a two day window starting tomorrow for alcohol sales. But I think it will depend upon what province your in.
    There is going to be a lot of stale beer at the distributor if they don’t move it out.
    Stay safe.

  4. At 71, loving the simple village life here near Phu Khaoi in Chaiyaphum?. My connection for my evening beers is still viable. Was hoping we were to going to get a two day buying spree to replenish but now I donโ€™t know.

  5. Hi Chuck and Paige how are you putting ups the same happening here down under in Oz was looking forward to having a holiday again in November but it seems we will still have international flight restrictions in place I checked with AirAsia and you can’t even make any bookings I hope everything goes well with you there smile in the world smiles with you ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  6. We are opening things up in Texas. We also have more cases than ever. It doesnโ€™t make sense, our risk of getting and passing it is higher but government says letโ€™s open. What really was the point

  7. Lolololololololol weโ€™ve been doing full lockdown for 5 weeks welcome to reality of how hard it is lucky I can watch you for some mental relief ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

  8. Hi Chuck, enjoy your vlogs. Iโ€™m living in BKK the last 10years and I do not trust these low corona virus figures the government are releasing. Thailandโ€™s economy is heavily reliant on tourism, manipulating the figures could easily be a coverup to bring back tourists faster. That being said, the Thai people are following the rules obeying the curfew. Unfortunately, here in BKK with its dense population social distancing is impossible. Suicide rates are rising too and there is a depressed feeling throughout the city. Weโ€™ll bounce back though

  9. So 22,941 people in 2019 in Thailand were killed in traffic deaths (or 441 people every week). I’ve seen no action from the government to curtail that recurring death rate. And Thailand has had the worst transportation death rate in the world for more than a decade. So 238 people, most with an existing medical conditions and with an average age of 78.9 years old died from a virus. And the government’s idea is to destroy the economy to solve this problem? Leave it to politicians in any country to think that is a logical solution.

    Hey, I have an idea. Shut down an entire economy to save 238 lives over many months while destroying your economy and ignore the 441 people who die every WEEK of every MONTH of every YEAR in perpetuity because of the lack of logical and enforced traffic laws. Sounds logical to me. Kill your economy and hype something that kills less people in 3 months than die in traffic accidents every week. So where are the Thai police and government officials speaking out about traffic deaths?

    Yet the politicians have learned they can control huge groups of people simply by scaring them. But if 238 people died of Covid-19 in Thailand in the last 2 months but 3,822 died from traffic deaths, then why are you allowing a government to control your thought process, activities, and freedoms? Did the government force you to stay at home when 10000% more people were dying every day, every week, every month, every year from traffic deaths?

    Don’t be a sheep. Sheep are easy to control & manipulate. You allow a government to control you for a 90 day death rate that is less than the existing transportation death rate in the same country for 3 days. And that recurs every day, every week, every month, every year. It’s amazing in the information age when people have access to data how easy it is to control entire populations of people. But everyone from the poorest person on the planet to you (the reader of this comment) has complete access to this information. So why are you freaking out?

    And I question the intelligence of people who continue to focus on this tiny problem while ignoring much larger and recurring problems. It shows that mind is easily manipulated. So don’t be one of those people. Find your own sources of data. Analyze this problem in comparisons to recurring problems. And then make your own decisions from your research.

    Why don’t I see 42 videos a day about the traffic deaths in Thailand? That is a much more serious problem. It proves people are being manipulated by government and medias sources. And that makes me sad. And I’m not calling out Chuck. He’s a victim of this information overload like all of us. The question is will we allow media and government bureaucrats manipulate us into a behaviors based on illogical premises. If I did that, I would never drive or fly anywhere.

    People are so easy to manipulate. Who knew in the “internet age” you could manipulate the entire global population with such a minimal concern.

  10. Asian women don’t worry and generally give a , how to say , a generalized translation for their husbands because they often give things that they cannot control a lower importance for their life

  11. LMAO all this virus talk even here they were talking about health issues and how screwed a person would be. When they asked me what i thought i just said well i’m diabetic i have high blood pressure and i also have seasonal asthma. LOL so as my pals sat there and listen, one chirps up we have a winner he’s our canary in the mine. So yes i know exactly where i stand in this virus lottery and i’m still gonna live my life to the best of the situation as it stands. So to all who watch LIVE your life, LOVE your friends and families, ENJOY life to the fullest for you never know when this life will end. So enjoy yourselves to the fullest coming from a CANARY in the mine of life during this time of uncertainty.

  12. Hopefully it works,but US FDA is authorizing the drug Remdivisor that looks promising so far.Dr.Fauci so far is impressed with the results.

  13. Yes it’s an inconvenience, but people need to stop whingeing and being selfish.
    Remember our ancestors had to go off and fight in war, with some never to go back home.
    We are just being told to sit at home for a few months and ride it out.
    Anyway, chin up and hopefully this will end soon.

  14. Texas is loosening up a but now. Still cannot find face masks but they are mandatory, I bought a few home from Thailand in February so ok for now. Only came home to pay Tax but Thailand locked down 4 days before my return flight. Cypress and Magnolia are OK. Also EVA called me to give a complete refund, GREAT AIRLINE.

  15. If the party animal mafia girls don’t get alcohol look out. Maybe go see your pharmacy friend and drop a relaxer in their kool aid. ( love the mafia!)

  16. I hate Corona too… and this virus thing isnโ€™t great either, seems everyone has their โ€œconnectionโ€ 555 the monks with a truck loaded with beer made me lol but I wasnโ€™t shocked, hang in there Chuckee I believe it will be over much sooner for you guys than it will here. Many blessings to you, Paige and family ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
    Cheers ๐Ÿป

  17. Yes here in Oz they havent had 1 case out west of the 2 big eastern states but still have them under the same restrictions asthe eastern seaboard a little bit silly I think as most towns are small they would know straight away if someone new popped up, so dont see why they have to come under the same.

  18. nearly cabin fever chuck, Paige will keep you calm, think they are going to allow alcohol sales fri and sat, then close it down again, may differ from province to province. stay safe

  19. Whereโ€™d you get your haircut Chuck? Looks good. Here in British Columbia barbers are still shut down and many of us are getting pretty shaggy. Iโ€™m contemplating a ponytail myself.

  20. Hi Chuck, the back patio looks nice,table for two just need a bar fringe stacked with Leo.
    Life is pretty boring here in Sydney as well, unable to do much. I am still working a few days
    As a casual at my old job since I retired almost 2 years ago but I am hanging to get over and
    Start my adventures from my new home in Surin.

  21. Hey Chuck. Love how you stick to your guns and keep the racy intro to your vlogs. Seems so absurd at this time of pandemic and uncertainty yet, gives us hope that we will go back to normal at some point in the distant future!

  22. Get some surgical tubing and a gas can. Made wine and beer with that for many years in Saudi. You can make some decent stuff. There are plenty of recipes on the internet.

  23. google keywords “how to brew your own beer” “how to brew your own wine” However, by the time you make your first palatable batch, the ban will be done…lol

  24. i tried to give blood, but low blood pressure stopped it. Massachusetts extended stay at home till May 18th with curfew. Cambridge imposed a 300.00-1000.00 fine for not wearing a mask.

  25. Chuck,I am just saying maybe the police will ask you where did you get the beer from.you already said you dident have any and then a bottle was on the table.Shops where I live won’t sell beer they could get into trouble.I am just trying to help.

  26. Australia is starting to open up, just a bit but at least we can still get alcohol, even if they did ban sales I live in a 2 bedroom unit above a pub and the owner is a friend so…………… ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. i thought you got kicked off the “adult table” 555 and yes…you have to wait until you’re here for 6 months before you give here. I checked into it awhile back when i was looking for a place to donate

  28. The PM has taken away the authority from all 77 province governors, no mayor has any power, there is only ONE BOSS, do you know who I am ??there is NO window, the booze ban is extended,

  29. State of emergency extended until 31 May including the sale of alcohol. I can’t fly back to Australia until July. Ok though, staying with my partner in Suphan Buri.

  30. Hey hi Chuck and Paige…I don’t know if you heard or not but supposedly the Philippines aren’t going to let anybody in until January of 2021

  31. Chuck go get a still from Amazon or lazzatta or whatever, you could do it.. that would make for some great videos…” Chuck’s moonshine” …. Boy you’d be popular around town…

  32. Do you really need alcohol that bad. Sounds like the no alcohol rule is really causing you a hard time. Time to ask yourself if you have a problem.

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