Unlimited Chicken Mukbang Feat. Tina Yong // How to Get 3 Million Subscribers.

We had the honor of having a chat with a huge Beauty YouTuber, Tina Yong! What kind of wisdom can someone with 3 million subscribers impart on us? Find out as we eat unlimited Dakgalbi (닭갈비)!

Restaurant Name:

Copy and paste that into Naver Map when you come to Korea and you can pick the location you want to go to!

We also did a SUPER SPICY Chicken challenge with Tina Yong!
Watch here it:

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  1. The food looks so good 😍 I’ve had Pha before and it’s really good. But yes the beansprots are really long compared to the ones in pha. (First comment)

  2. Yum, I love dakgalbi! I wonder how the original would taste mixed with the soy sauce one 🤔? I feel like it would be the best of both worlds! Once again great video guys!

  3. I’ll finally be coming to Seoul next week. Luckily I have 3 weeks to kill before classes start so I’ll definitely be checking this place out! Would love to seoul recommendation video by you guys. I know there’s a lot but I think my tastes align a lot with y’alls haha

  4. Boyyyy I went to one of those buffets in my town and then it closed ㅠㅠ This video is so beautiful to see yummy yummy. The jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Freaking nearly 3 million subs! Also, makeup baggies are Cuuuttee! Maybe I’ll actually start watching a beauty channel

  5. Woah! Awesome crossover. I was so surprised to see the notifications as I sub to both of your channels! I really enjoy your work, I especially love how you use such an honest and genuine approach towards things. We can see how you love it there and want to share that with us but also you don’t hold back on the realities such as the prejudiced treatment towards foreigners and “ugly” people. Please keep this up, guys! It’s refreshing to see as most channels focus on just the positives of the country.
    Recently there was terrible news about a transgender student who has received overwhelming backlash and outright bigoted bullying for being accepted into an all female college. And the worst offenders weren’t from the college higher ups as you’d imagine, she actually was accepted without problems by them. The main body of antagonism actually came from her peers, her fellow students… I wonder if you’d like to do a video regarding this as I know Korea is still very far behind the West regarding the subject of TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE.

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