Udon Thani Is Not For Me – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 2

#UdonThani #Isaan #Thailand
My thoughts on Udon Thani…


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  1. All that time looking for a long sleeve shirt and the first day out you don’t have it on sunburn sunburn sunburn. It’s a good day it was overcast day

  2. Just started watching love the videos. Would you say a place like that would be better to meet a good woman to Seattle down with . Pretty but good girl ?

  3. I’m not sure you would have liked it all that much no matter what. That said, it sure seemed like you picked a bad time to go exploring. Lol… Nothing seemed to be working out

  4. Check out Fishing Life hack channel. Thats how you live in a place like this. You will find things to do to occupy your spare time or make a living.

  5. 9:40 That was hilarious although i kinda felt bad for the guy, could have been his wife/girlfriends bike haha. That look on the pink bike guy was ‘oh you wanna go?’

  6. Hi Dude I enjoyed your video,,,,it was high drama but still interesting.
    The towns and villages around Udon are actually quite developed.
    Slip across the Mekong and go on some if the roads less travelled in Laos, now thats a different story.

  7. Nothing up here except parents looking after their daughters kids while the daughter works at a tourist resort down south. Dry as a biscuit at the mo as we are in drought yet again. Only destination is anywhere there is water. Where’s the long sleeves haha, only stops windburn not sunburn unless it is UV treated. Khon Kaen is much more modern, stay safe.

  8. Esaan is great for cultural exploration . So many historical sites and its tradition is very unique. Not for someone who look for typical tourists activities. This region is an anthropological treasure.

  9. I know you said you don’t plan things, and just go with the flow. I plan shit, once I land I go with the flow, but I secure the rooms, the entertainment, leave some wiggle room to go with the flow. I hope you trip taught you some of that 😉

  10. all about the journey! SO TRUE! I have been heading roughly somewhere, saw something on way & had great time exploring something interesting, but on flip side, I have got to my destination, said screw that, it sucked & then went riding to new adventures.

    I used to take a coin, flip it over a map, where it landed was my destination, but it may suck, or you may be sidetracked along the way to a different adventure, but its all about the adventure!

    as for the area too flat, I love “mountain carving” but I dont race anymore, but I like playing in the curves on mountains, eve when I was street racing I liked a several mile section, my favorite was a 10 mile section that I used for paying my tuition for college, lol, the 1/4 mile was never my speciality.

    are there any areas that were not devastated by the 2004 TSUNAMI? I was talking to a woman nearly everyday from Indonesia, & never spoke to after, I assume she lost her life, as several countries were devastated.

  11. Your only lost if you have to be somewhere, everything else is an adventure, lived here since 2004 ,and really it’s hard to live out in the sticks, keep up the great content .

  12. Helmet flip…love it! Since I’ve never been to Thailand and unfortunately probably never will…all your videos are of super interest and never a failure. Your sense of humor is the best. See ya tomorrow!

  13. Told you it sucks.
    Its the main bargirl breeding ground, so next time you meet one from udon, you can say you been there and have something extra to talk about.

  14. Hello Chad I mentioned earlier that not a lot doing in Udon Thani. I was only there for a few days had a mate in the government hospital near the park you were in. So didn’t get about to see much, looks like I didn’t miss too much. But as you say a good town for us older farang to sit back in. Take care and cha cha on the bike ok?

  15. I just tbink its a bad time to go there. Usually more tourists than you think in Udon Thani. But because of the pandemic not any right now. They also have a small lake where you can rent a bamboo floating raft. You can order beer and food and just chill and swim for hours. Pretty cool actually

  16. In general, to enjoy Isaan as a tourist you need to seek out National Parks and temples. Right now I think National Parks are closed. Isaan, and all over Thailand, there are the most amazing temples not on the tourist map. You sometimes just have to stumble upon them. Festivals in Isaan can be interesting because they are very rural and “authentic?”. In any case, you won’t be seeing any festivals this time the Covid shutdown either.

  17. Chad’s life description… Buy’s long sleeve shirt to stop sunburn, doesn’t wear it, get’s sunburn, regrets it, swears to avoid next time….Repeat

  18. I lived there for six months with my wife and her family.Couldn’t wait to leave.They ate bugs and rats almost every day.I ate pot noddles and cried alot.😭

  19. Make sure you go to the glass skywalk, in Sang Khom, or come for a coffee at my place in Ban Phue, I’ve ridden about 70,000km around Issan, some awesome roads going East, Pete

  20. If you go to isaan. Roi-Et is one of the best interesting provinces. Temple Wat Tham pha nam thip is very beautiful. It’s on the top of the mountain. It’s about 80 km. from Roi-et city.

  21. Dude, make sure you close the latch on your helmet every time. Don’t go Thai style… Loving the tour!.. 😀

  22. I always slept for entire road trip when we pass rural province
    it does give serene vibe but noting to do there aside from visit temple
    I need to do some research or local specialty dish tho… that my only motivation orz
    the photogenic scene can be found in most unexpected place but that also hard to find
    ( but that made it worthy )

    Bangkok does have everything…

  23. Everybody here is continually on social media like the West. The Esan Thais are not disavantaged and backward. They are people just like the rest of us. Their lives are envolved in the same dramas and melodrama as ours. Bobby

  24. I bet it’s nice to get some travelling in finally after this COVID BS. I want to rent a scooter in Thailand and do this one day. Looks like an awesome experience!

  25. It may be boring for you so far compared to life in BKK or other places however your journey (not the destination) will prove to be a grand adventure for we the viewers and you as well. Safe travels my guy!

  26. I live in Chiangmai and I visit Udon once a year to be in an area with less tourist. But normally if you visit Nong Kai border crossing to Laos you see a lot more tourists. Udon is more busy usually but do not forget than we are still in covid restrictions. Most fun place and parks not open yet. I did not know about the “beach” either. It will be an interesting tour . Issan Covid19 Tour.

  27. Keep in mind, you’re visiting a twice bombed city. First, the economy has been hosed for the last year. Then, the stupid virus happened. This town is a blast when it’s up and running. But, sadly, the last time that was the case was about two years ago. The bars are closed, in the bar scene is second only to Pattaya. There is normally great food and restaurants, a lot of them are still closed or you have to access them on foodpanda. The whole city is just barely holding on to life. That’s what you’re experiencing now. Trust me. It’s awesome normally.

  28. Isaan have many place to go brother. People they go there for mountain waterfall something like that it neighboring to Laos . try red lotus sea it beautiful

  29. How did u go to province as COVID controlling right now every province lock down each other , not allow cross to other province specially from Bangkok to any province u need to be isolated 14 days in house

  30. A lot of us who live in Thailand haven’t been travelling outside our own province – how have you managed to get up north? You should know things are closed if you live here, so not really surprising.

  31. I went to Udon Thani and Nong Khai in 1985 before the border with Laos was opened up. The only white people I saw for several weeks were some American veterans in a VFW post in one of the cities.
    You’re a thrill seeker passing a truck on the left on a scooter.

  32. Hi , I am one of those expats retired and living in Udonthani CITY for seven years now, yes it does not have beaches or mountains, but it is a Great place to live,it is also one of the safest places to live in Thailand, we do not have big floods or earthquakes, and the air pollution is not as bad as the North West,and we can fly to many places very cheaply if we want beaches or Mountains.

    If you have time,you could go to the Ho Chi Minh museum out on the Kudjab road to the west of Udon, not far outside the City,and not far from where you are staying is the Chinese cultural centre, where you can learn about the our City and have a nice break in the tea room.

    Hope you had a good time, sorry the park was closed. Best Wishes and safe journey.

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